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  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Quite the triple wammy. Funny how cancer and heart problems often go together. Both my brother and I had a similar experience, heart and cancer health problems at the same time. For me I have been cancer free for over 9 years and my heart hasn't given out yet.
  2. The flu shot isn't for everyone. I am allergic. My first and only flu shot when I was in US Navy bootcamp resulted in both my hands and feet going numb. Seems that many of the flu vaccines are created using chicken eggs and as a child I was allergic to eggs. However it is is made must concentrate what I was allergic to.
  3. Check the settings on your TV. Some include a setting for sound delay so you can better match the video to the audio.
  4. Then the transfer didn't go through paypal. You transferred it directly from you bank to their bank account. Perhaps at some points in this transaction you were on a fake paypal website. I would never buy anything of any significant value without doing it in person or with a very reputable business that you can verify. What happened to you sounds similar to a common internet scam. https://www.experian.com/blogs/ask-experian/fbi-warns-of-scam-targeting-car-buyers/ Sorry to hear you got scammed.
  5. Arrest or kill a low or high level drug dealer and you have just created a job opportunity for the next one. Often in the US when there is a big take down of a major drug ring street violence will increase for a few months as the lower level drug gangs fight it out to see who gets the former dealers territory to become the next major drug dealer. This is a never ending cycle as long as drugs are illegal and their is a huge profit to made from the black market.
  6. That is why any crypto currencies you have on an exchange which are not being actively traded by you should be moved to a private wallet that you control the keys for rather than leaving it on an exchange. As the saying goes for crypto currencies. Not your keys not your crypto. Of course there are risks to holding your own keys where you can lose them so best do your research and understand the risks of both and how best to protect your crypto assets.
  7. Of course you should do your due diligence and understand what you are investing in. With regards to crypto as a techie, computer programmer, etc. I understand the technology but also understand how volatile the price can be on such a speculative asset. At 10 years old it has matured a great deal more than the early adopters thought it would. There now are a growing number of investment firms who are hedging their bets by obtaining small positions in bitcoin and some of the better established 'alt coins' as they are called.
  8. With the caveat to only invest money you can afford to lose, the price of bitcoin got down to $3150 USD last Nov 2018 and within the last month was back up to $14,000 USD. Currently trading at $9900. So you could have made a tidy profit.
  9. My family doctor recommended I see an orthopedist who after seeing xrays of my spine recommended the physical therapy. If that hadn't work, spinal injections with last resort of spinal surgery. I know several people who have had stem cell treatments for their spine which have worked for them to reduce back pain.
  10. Economic growth can effect population growth. For a very poor country economic growth which results in better infrastructure for water, food, power, etc. can increase population growth. But as the economy modernizes even further population growth starts declining.
  11. That works great until the one time when there is a glitch and the payment can't be made resulting in late fee's, etc. I like to pay at least 2-3 business days before a bill is due just to ensure I have time to resolve any payment issues if there is a glitch.
  12. I pay as much as I can online also. Everything except my credit card payments are paid by a 1.5% cashback visa card. I just wait until the new billing cycle starts on the visa then do the payments. Doesn't matter what day since it is on the new billing cycle and since I always pay my credit card in full each month, there are no fees.
  13. Wow. I was wondering why your treatment required a few days stay at the hospital. That explains it. Hope this round of treatment finally takes care of that for you.
  14. Glad to hear everything went well. Thanks for the report.
  15. Boiling does not get rid of heavy metals like lead. Unless you capture the steam and distill it.
  16. Good idea. I wouldn't drink the tap water unless water from your taps tested clean. Even if the water company is producing potable water there is no guarantee that it is not picking up bad stuff like lead or bacteria in the pipes somewhere between the water plant and your house.
  17. I wonder if that would be legally binding. Seems you are being forced to sign that under duress. Of course 'they' make the laws and the case would go before 'their' judges. So just go sit on the 'group W' bench and wait for the blind judge to call your case.
  18. That is in line with what I saw 4 years ago in Baguio. New condo prices were approximately 100k pesos per sqm. Seems that price at that time was pretty common across most larger cities in the Philippines.
  19. We live in a small US midwest city, population a bit over 100k, a nice place with many white collar jobs. Yesterday we were at a local park close to where we live which has a small lake with a small beach. Our 17 month old daughter loves the water and in addition to the beach there are nice fountains for her to play in. At 11 in the morning we started hearing sirens. At least 12 police cars and 2 ambulances came and stopped across from the park. It was an active shooter with two people wounded and so far the shooter has not been caught. We weren't in any immediate danger but it was pretty darn close to where we were. The shooter ran and fortunately ran away from the park. Glad to hear everything was ok for you and your family Jack.
  20. Perhaps it is related to what passport was used to enter the Philippines. If she entered on her Philippine passport then she has no entry stamp on the foreign passport, hence an overstay situation. But is she entered on her foreign passport then the rules for BB or tourist apply. i.e. the rules depend on which passport is used to enter the country. Though she might be able to enter on a foreign passport but then leave on the PH one.
  21. It was interesting to watch old black and white filipino movies, kind of like old US western cowboy movies, where the US Calvary were the bad guys.
  22. A couple of time when filling out paperwork in the Philippines I was asked if my mother was Chinese since my middle name is "Lee".
  23. Tagalog is a regional language, but originally only in the area around Manila. Most filipino's in the northern third of Luzon speak Ilocano and may speak a local language. Of course tagalog is becoming more common in other areas over time.
  24. Now you know why filipino's go around unplugging things all the time. Most homes don't have proper grounds which increases the chance of electrical/electronic equipment getting damaged from an electrical storm.
  25. I know all about false flag incidents from the past. Wouldn't surprise me with these recent incidents. Even for false flag incidents those responsible have a motive driven by either greed or power. Yeah, maybe those types are bat s--- crazy.
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