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  1. hmmmmmmmmmm ......................... what happen to romance and the excitement of meeting up after a long absence .......................... how mundane, tsk, tsk, tsk .............. Well, NAIA International Terminal 1 is no Casablanca and I am no Humphrey Bogart. :) Any suggestions on how to make the meeting after a long absence at the hotel more romantic? My girlfriend mentioned pasalobo ??, a gift when you go to visit someone?
  2. I will be meeting my gf at the hotel. At first she insisted on meeting me at the airport but she had never met anyone at the international terminal before. After describing the greeting area to her I was finally able to convince her to meet at the hotel. Thank you to all the forum members who responded.
  3. After spending almost 24 hours traveling and not having seen my girlfriend in 5 months I expect I would rather save time than money and go for the airport taxi.
  4. Thats the direction I was leaning. Thank you for the confirmation.
  5. I will be flying to the Philippines soon to reunite with my girlfriend. She would like to meet me at the airport but hasn't done this before. As I recall from my first visit those meeting arrivals at Terminal 1 are pushed out beyond the airport road where the taxis and hotel shuttles do pickups. Are there taxi stands close by beyond the greeters area to get a reputable taxi? Would it be easier to just meet her at the hotel in Makati? Thanks for your input! Earthdome
  6. It's like finally heading home after a long deployment. Yeah, you know the drill......it's channel fever time! You got that right. Only difference is I am too old to get into a wrestling match on the floor of the crews lounge due to channel fever. I wanna do my wrestling after I "dock" in Manila.
  7. 10-12 months before I can make the move. But only 12 days until I land in Manila and reunite with my girlfriend for a 10 day visit. :dance:
  8. I just went to HR Friday to find out more about retirement. The discussion was all good news. When I retire my retiree health insurance coverage is worldwide though I have to pay up front then submit copies of the bills for reimbursement. Even when I reach 65 and Medicare becomes primary coverage I can maintain a retiree gap insurance that covers me worldwide when medicare would not pay, and at a reasonable cost. Great news for my likely retirement to the Philippines.I also found out that there is a big drop in my retiree health insurance monthly premiums if I work just another seven months. So it looks like everything is on track to make the move sometime next spring.
  9. Nice that you included an animation to explain check clearing, annoying that it included audio that started playing when I viewed this page. sorry.......... i dont control the presentation, i just copy and past the website (im not internet savy) Right. One thing you could have done is link to the presentation rather than embedding it in the page.No harm done.
  10. Nice that you included an animation to explain check clearing, annoying that it included audio that started playing when I viewed this page.
  11. A couple more things to consider for why few americans are retiring to the Philippines:All of the countries south of the border are close to the same time zone as the US.Travel is much less expensive going south than half way across the world.I see the Philippines as being attractive for permanent relocation. It provides a less expensive starting point to explore other parts of asia.Travel is too expensive for most snowbirds to visit during the US winter.
  12. From the research I did last summer, Capital One was rated highly for use internationally for credit cards, low fees and good exchange rates.Here is a google search for recent articles on this:http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=best+credit+card+for+international+travel&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
  13. Thanks for the research Bob.I have slightly reduced but still barely in the normal range heart function after a small heart attack 2 years ago, one where nothing corrective could be done since the blockage was in a heart artery too small for a stent or angioplasty. I am looking forward to retiring to the philippines in the next year which will hopefully reduce stress and give me no excuses for not getting the necessary exercise for heart health. Yeah, thats the ticket, more horizontal workouts. ;)
  14. Sure would be nice to have more details.Such as what are the requirements to obtain the six month retirement visa. Just age? If so, what age?Since I am still single I was dreading going through the whole tourist visa merry go round after I move and didn't want to jump into the SRRV program until I have spent enough time in the Philippines to be sure of my decision to stay.This retirement visa could make my life much easier when I make the move.
  15. So close, but I will miss the opportunity to make new friends April 20. I arrive in Manila just a few days later.
  16. earthdome

    Saving Face

    Amen brother!Having employees who will not only tell the truth when asked but let you know when they screwed up is vital. You can't fix a mistake or take actions to improve quality if you don't know about it. People make mistakes. A good employee will learn from their mistakes.
  17. That looks like just a temporary problem with one of the pirate bay servers. When uncle 'Snoopy' takes down a website they like to redirect you to one of their web pages with an official notification.
  18. I will be in Phil for 10 days in late April and may be able to attend depending on how the date of the get together works with my other plans.
  19. I purchased travel insurance with medical and evacuation coverage for $46.62 with two weeks coverage online from http://www.squaremouth.com/ for the insurer Seven Corners.I made sure I had copies of the policy in my luggage and in my wallet to ensure that if something happened those treating me would find that I had medical coverage. The policy listed a toll free phone number which could be used outside the US to contact the insurance provider.The policy provided up to $50,000 in emergency medical/dental coverage with $250 deductible plus up to $300,000 for medical evacuation & repatriation. It included other common travel insurance coverage for trip interruption, baggage and life insurance.
  20. Most of Judy's and my friends and relatives in PI have a slim and short frame. Probably caused bytheir diet or lack thereof. For those that have enough to blow extra on food intake have a pot belly.Prime example are the typical PNP and the rich and powerful. Many Filipino-Chinese have a Buddhapot belly, a sign of living well I guess......I am 5'11" and 145lbs, the most I have ever weighed. My filipina girlfriend mentions from time to time that I need to eat more and get FAT.Perhaps that is a cultural thing where those who have a bit of fat are viewed as being more successful in the Philippines, whereas in the west those with a hardbody from the gym are seen as being more successful.Me, I am just genetically predisposed to be skinny. But working on that pot belly for my girlfriend!
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