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  1. Just wondering if there is a Good Venue to watch The Autumn Internationals today in the Cebu City area or nearby ? Paul from Cebu Ex Pat Services suggested The Emerald Isle! Is that where "The Craic" is today ??I shall take Advice from The experienced members in this regard !! Cheers Boys Mike...
  2. Hello Guys, I too am on the look-out for a cheapish rental Apartment having just landed after a long process and a lot of almost sorted business which finally came to fruition except for the payment price posts being moved at the eleventh hour (sh*t happens) etc, This delay caused my intended place to be taken, so it leaves me still looking for another place (furnished unless I want to sit and sleep on the floor) So if there's any decent places going cheap as Tweetie Pie used to tweet I would be very interested to find out! My details are in my Profile but I will repeat my cell No. here again
  3. What a strange man you are Bruce, you don't seem to have a Good Word to say about anything on here, I bet those lovely people in The Phils just can't wait to have you back for another Moany Vacation !! Met your type all over the World, and I quickly move on to some more pleasant people. The Ugly American as in a previous Thread seems to have somewhat surfaced again !! Not that I'm anti USA, just quite particular in my outlook, Ya'll know what I mean ! I bet the fingers will be itching to' Like' my post, but I fear the keys won't be hit for fear of speaking out, never mind, I've addressed
  4. Retired in Samar, All the Best in Happy retirement now that it has finally come round for you ! I see you come from a certain Town which produced a fairly "Famous Rock n Roll " singer !! Anywhere close by to the original and less salubrious family encampment than that of The Grander 'Graceland'...
  5. :unsure: Hi Bob, Hope the withdrawal symptons have eased up a bit now and you've stopped chomping at the furniture if there's any left !! :unsure: Humphrey Bogard and John Huston only survived ( sickness) in the making of The African Queen because they only drank Whiskey ( Irish ) spelling. All the crew and fellow (Foreign) actors were laid up with the severe runs, Yes JJ it's pretty grim out there, never appealed much to me, all that disease and the like. Looking forward without any reservations to PI. And as far as Whiskey is concerned and Bourbon of course never to be taken
  6. A med passport is only a diary to record, keep record of anything received in this Dept, and as far as your advice goes on not taking precautions in this way, I will take advice, as I have from my Health Clinic, Prevention is better than cure in my World, others are obviously free to choose their own health decisions for themselves !! No doubt some will follow your advice, Whoever they shall be...
  7. ducecoop if I may add to your banter, I went to my Doc /nurse she checked it out on her PC it had a Global data info, what to give you for where etc, The Phils, ie Cebu is not regarded as much of a risk,however some parts were worse (Jungle mountain parts) I said no just Urban/semi urban for me. She gave me an inoculation passport just for my benefit. Cost = Zero, I shall miss the British National Health Service as I'm sure fellow Brits will too !!!
  8. Bob / Jake, on the subject of Golf in my 20s I visited Toronto my Ex Pat friend suggested 18 holes having played only half a dozen times relayed this only to be told yeh same as us two so we set off. Teeing off I was told by some Golf addict previously, 1st Tee only give it 3/4 and stay on the fairway, so as told I managed to do as instructed and scored a 6 on a par 4 not too bad for a rookie ! 2nd hole, Par 3, The Greenkeeper, having watched some of our previous attempts, was mowing the grass on the 2nd green stopped his mower and turned off his engine lit up a ciggy and waved us to play, My
  9. Squeeze Me, did someone say that there is a Menage a Trois for sale ? As I'm possibly thinking of getting a Bird for the house, and normally you have to get your own cage, don't you ?? Teh, he >>> Well it is Monday after all, I know, soppy as a wet flannel. :dance:
  10. Bingbangbin, I got their leaflet in with a correspondance Visa return from The Philippine Embassy and looked at it with suspicion, for a start their admin fee was I beleive $1400 for what ? I thought if I wish to go down the road of filing retirement papers to avoid Visa renewels I should wait till I go to my required destination, talk to others see whats best and get a local legal clever dicky who doesn't charge for you to keep his Ferrari on the road. As life tells us if it looks iffy then it probably is iffy.
  11. It was reported that The upcoming tour to Australia later on this year sold out in a matter of 15mins. A record, one would expect.Rivalry between The cream of British Isles rugby and The Southern Hemisphere has never been keener and Australia will do their utmost to make The Tests less enjoyable and less welcoming than the hospitality that I'm sure will be afforded to The Touring side. Even with alcohol prices high in The Australia's, this will not deter a record number of travelling fans to follow, draped in Red for Danger and with one aim to put right the defeat of the last Lions Tour ther
  12. I have read several posts that have your phone already unlocked !! Is there not a booth or shop that unlocks any phone on the cheap ??? Most mobile (cell) phone outlets charge a fee of $22 in the UK or so to unlock , sometimes more than the cost of a new phone !! As I was going to bring some old phones to give away when I went to Cebu and keep a couple for personal use, but if it's not possible to unlock cheaply I will ditch all and buy Cheapo in Cebu. ANY IDEAS OF DIFFERENT PLZ INFORM TA>>>
  13. I'd gladly pay a small fine to share that cell and after you Jake do my best to impress on him how his actions are intolerable to others. When The Ugly American proceeds to shoo me away as he's bored of this subject then and only then Jake Limotta kicks in and I'm Robert Di Niro as screen fighter. Give me 5mins just 5mins>>>>>>>>>> Wise words Bruce, I shall try that to incorporate that into my Grey matter in future !!!
  14. That's a shame, I'm from the 70s school of Lady Garden I like to drink from the Hairy Chalice as The saying goes !!! :cheersty:
  15. They especially like the single minded attitude in the Greek Island of Zante when my daughter who was 14yrs old went to the local shop to phone her friend back in England to relay how lovely it was in Lithakia etc, when the local 25yr old stud /waiter /malaka hassled her non stop to take a drive with him in his Flash car I was ignorant of this till I overheard her telling my girl-friends son about this paedophile malaka, needless to say I by now well topped up with Local retsina (strong) marched off to the adjescent Taverna to confront this individual, me being 6' 1" and well built,
  16. Yeh that's what I suspected, after all Cebu is not New Delhi or Bombay. Depends where I end up renting, it might be scooter & when drinking is involved Taxi for those occasions, I'm not a real biker just something to move my big Ass around quickly as I say 200cc is ample fast for me. I got your 'Check Photo' post that's the second time now thats happened, late 70s I worked as an Electrician in a 5* London Hotel and being an outgoing type had a good relationship with all of the staff , one day I was stopped in my tracks walking through the main kitchen on the scrounge f
  17. O M G , I have just checked out the Photo Sacre Bleu, Mon ami, I thought it was Mrs Jake, a big double lesson has been learnt today by yours Truly thats for sure / Next time check for Meat & Two veg, good job I knw I'm 100% hetro or that would have knocked me for six, in cricket terms I have been bowled a googly !!!!!!! :unsure:
  18. A true Professional, it's good to see he's on top of his Staff...
  19. Thanks again Bob, Very clear and concise, Pretty much getting the (sp) understanding of the the situation more and more, good. Bruce posted to me about informing passport control 21 days confidently as I'm not a proficient liar that was not really an option On another note, as you seem clued up on things I was going to ask what are the + and - on buying a scooter to get around on costs / safety / hassle theft, seeing the Jeepney photo earlier my hunger for the 'Easy Rider' open road has been let's say been put on the back burner !!! Wouldn't mind awfully using that part
  20. I'm not bad at keeping upright myself when things start to 'Rock n Roll ' so if Juicy Lucy needs a bit more training so as to get her Motion certificate up to date, she can do worse I'm sure as far as Instructors go, just a friendly offer as its' in mycharacter to assist whenever I can. What a nice plant you have ! :dance:
  21. That's going to cause problems 1, No where to put your loose change, well, not many ! 2, No standing whilst the bus is in motion. Otherwise you might be jerked about a bit. 3, Do you have to stick your hand out to get it to stop ?
  22. Hi Bruce, As I'm still green about the gills and didn't want to stray from regulations set down I phoned the High Commission in London to find out my requirements The Governer General told me herself what is your purpose for Visa I stated retirement she said you must have a return ticket so I thought I don't want to waste a Cebu/London flight so I said can I get a Cebu/Kuala Lumpar as the return she said yes but if it's your 1st time to the PI you can only get a( single Visa) then go to Kuala Lumpar from PI then go to Embassy there to get a multi visa in my passport that she said is allowed,
  23. I know it's an old thread an all, but when I reach Cebu I will offer my O- blood for similar Emergencys as a regular blood doner it will be donated readily for that purpose, and as it can be used for all blood types it;s always in demand I'm told, okay
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