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  1. There's no reason she and the child will have a problem. She's a 10 year Green card holder, so she will go back on the regular schedule. Now whether and how he can resolve this to ever be able to return to the Philippines I do not know. But there is no reason to believe she will have a problem with the US.
  2. Again my knowledge is limited and I don't expect my friend to divulge the details - and I totally understand that. But other friends told my wife that he knows the reason and it is something that occurred when he was young. Who knows if this is true and what it might be. The point is he apparently was not flagged for nothing, but why it reared its head now and not on past visits is debatable. Sorry I can't give a definitive answer; my guess is I will never know for sure. I still am totally convinced that he's a good man but we all make mistakes when we are young.
  3. Ok to clarify. They are married and live in the US. She came a week ahead of him. But there are now rumors that the reason is known. Just a guess - he has a teen daughter and an ex-wife and there were tensions - but that’s just a guess. I do tend to fall on the side of if you’re flagged it’s probably not random.
  4. Hesitant to post this but I really want the info. Friends from the US were scheduled to meet us this week. The wife and child came a week early with my buddy still at work following a week later, after which we were to all meet. It all blew up and it took a couple days to get any of the story. Apparently when he arrived he was flagged by Immigration. Now mind you, he has been to PI before (including last year), has a Filipina wife and child. They took him into the back room and apparently the questions were about pedophilia and human trafficking issues. Sounds like no one told him any specifics about why he was flagged. In the end Immigration arranged to send him back home. I have heard such stories before but always assumed that either there was a hidden reason or someone who had reported the foreigner. This guys is a squeaky clean, blue collar type. I don't even think he had a Filipina GF before he got married. I think they've been married 7-8 years. I know when he got home he contacted the embassy or consulate to try to get answers. Opinions on what happened and what can be done?
  5. Having recently had our rental house broken into, I would still say I feel relatively safe here. After all I got robbed several times over a 40+ year period in the US. That said there are still cultural difference even when it comes to burglary, and huge differences when it comes to how to best protect yourself and property. In the US the mantra is to have guns (and no I'm not encouraging on argument on that subject). In the Philippines it's walls, dogs, and CCTVs
  6. Having just gone through the process a year ago I can tell you it's not as easy as it appears - one of the reasons I retired in the Philippines. Most major expenses are fixed: mortgage/rent, utilities, car payment. Even if I wanted to downsize by selling the house, average apartment rent in the city I lived was $1200 - so I wasn't gonna save anything by downsizing. As to the insane amounts the financial advisors recommend you accumulate, other than the obvious (they want their piece of the pie) the standard methodology is that if you don't want your IRA/401k to disappear long before you die, the recommendation is not to spend over 4% annually of what you have. That way whether the market goes up or down, in the long run you will still maintain most of your retirement savings. So if you saved a million (and I sure as hell didn't) you could take $40k per year out. Add Social Security and you have a very nice lifestyle. But if you saved 12k in your retirement fund (as the average American does) you're screwed. Work until 67? Not many companies let you do that anymore. I retired at 64 and in a division of 1000 employees I was the oldest. There was no way I was gonna make it till 67 at that job or any one like it. So I proactively retired, sold the house, and was in the Philippines 2 months later.
  7. davewe

    Our(well her) new house

    It's a share share situation. I think we had the whole crew the other day. Looked like the entire barangay was out there pouring concrete and laying blocks.
  8. davewe

    Memory and its Fallibility

    Apparently couples therapy brings it all out :)
  9. davewe

    Memory and its Fallibility

    About 45 years ago, while a student, I was robbed at knife point by someone that I vaguely knew from the neighborhood where I lived. I was positive he was going to kill me - which was his intention - to scare and intimidate. After an hour of scouring the apt. I shared with 2 fellow students, he tied me up, locked the door and left. I got out of the ropes in about an hour and instantly fell asleep. The next morning I yelled and screamed and got let out of my apt. I immediately went to a payphone and called the police. I was scared to death and rambled incoherently but it was important to get it down right away. What's odd (going back to Dave's original question) is that now over 40 years later there are aspects of the robbery that I remember like it was yesterday. But I no longer remember the guy's name or what he looked like. I could run into him tomorrow (unlikely in the Philippines) and never know. The memory does play tricks. I know for sure that I was robbed and robbed violently but I would hate to give testimony based on my faulty memory.
  10. davewe

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    We on for October 11?
  11. davewe

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    Here's my story after living in Dumaguete for 14 months. We go out to lunch and dinner a lot.There are I dare say a couple of restaurants we have been to 25 times or more in those 14 months and a large handful of restaurants we've visited 10+ times. We are 20 peso tippers. Once in a while if the bill is high, I might go to 40-50 pesos. I have never had an instance where anyone mistreated us because we had not left some large, American-style tip. On the contrary the staff at many of these restaurants know us, like us and give good service (most of the time). Frankly I suspect the 20P is higher than their normal tip. Whatever - that's not my issue. The beauty of our system is we don't have to calculate, debate, divide a tip if out with other couples, or try to determine what the service was worth - I am too old for such stress and just leave my 20 and go.
  12. Thats what I always did. Exchanged some in the airport and more at a bank later for a better rate. It's just so much easier and convenient. I bought adapter plugs before my first trip but never used them. Nearly every hotel and for that matter most rental apartments and houses take American plugs. But voltage is a different story. Your phone and computer are variable voltage but many electrical items are not.
  13. davewe

    Our(well her) new house

    Well I am a stupid foreigner (at least when it comes to construction methods), Kev, so will have my wife tell them how to do it lol.
  14. davewe

    Our(well her) new house

    BTW, for those interested in Kevin's contractor, he's gonna spend the next year building a home for me and the wife. Work has already begun - the fence is 1st. Kevin was very happy and so far I am too. He's a together young man with all the contacts needed from attorneys to designers, etc. BTW, I have already begun recording videos and intend to document the entire process - if I live through it!
  15. No no no. I'm not talking about Filipinos. I'm talking about other expats (usually younger).