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  1. Bring metric tools if they are of quality. I say this as an American who almost exclusively had Imperial tools. I do guitar work and had to buy several metric sets right away.
  2. What I found quickly (not about AC, but still the same) is that while all the major players have technicians, it doesn't mean they do authorised warranty work (IOW paid for by the manufacturer). I bought an oven, had what I hoped was a minor problem, went back to the store to be told that another store was the only authorised warranty repair centre in Dumaguete. Now they made it clear that once I am out of warranty, they had a technician that could work on my oven but not if I wanted the repair to be under warranty. I suppose this is true in the US as well; not everyone who sells a unit is the authored warranty service for that unit. But it sure is convenient when they are one in the same.
  3. I had a barista at the local Starbucks for a couple years before my wife came to the US and we married. We always talked (at least the pleasantries). Finally one day I looked at her and realised she was Filipina. I told her I was going to the Philippines to meet a girl, who I might possibly marry. Turns out the barista was not only from the same town in Leyte where Janet was working and going to school, she went to the same college. Small small world. When Janet arrived they immediately became best buddies.
  4. Citi Hardware. Not sure if all brands of their water heaters have free installation but some do. They actually were quite helpful in designing a water system that would support what we were doing (tub and shower).
  5. The local stores here in Dumaguete carry a number of brands made (OK maybe made) in Germany, the UK and Asia. So they are readily available here and there is a decent selection. The place I bought from provides free installation.
  6. You do realise the inherent humour in the example you gave. Only in the Philippines is there a booming business repairing CD players. Only in the Philippines would the parts in a CD player be deemed so valuable that they're worthy of theft by the CD technician. And only in the Philippines would a neighbor advise you not to use a technician to repair a valued CD player as the tech was likely running a profitable, big time peso generating CD parts theft ring :)
  7. In US theft from stores is a multi-billion dollar annual industry. Most stores have sensors so that when you steal a siren goes off. Is that lack of trust or the reality of retail business. Frankly I prefer a human face to a siren wailing :)
  8. There are two types of polls that call themselves happiness polls. One (such as the one quoted here) takes a handful of criteria like income, health care, education, etc. and makes an "objective" determination. Needless to say the Philippines won't rank highly in such a poll. The other type of poll that I see, is an annual poll of people's relative happiness as in "are you happy/unhappy with your life, etc." No surprise here either; the Philippines consistently ranks high.
  9. Unfortunately many times when the power goes out mine does not turn on. A couple weeks ago it was so dark I banged my head on the railing as I curse the damn light. Why didn't it come on? Because my darling wife had unplugged it :)
  10. davewe

    Why oh Why

    The question is how long is he away. If he is in PI for 2 months and then the rest of the year in his country, this seems a scenario consistent with cheating, no matter how long they have been together.
  11. The US makes you file if you have over $10k at any time during the calendar year in a foreign bank of financial entity. I assume it's to track potential illegal financial activities abroad.
  12. The FBAR form is pretty simple. Took me all of 10 minutes to fill out and file this year.
  13. You're retiring? Really? I read many of your posts and don't recall your ever mentioning this - lol. Anyway congrats. I'm coming on two years and haven't missed work for a second!
  14. Last time I checked, in order to have a curb you actually have to have a sidewalk - that leaves Dumaguete out :)
  15. I use the BB privilege and it's quite easy. The only thing to remember is to ask for it when you get to the head of the line. I have known 2 friends who just assumed that since they were together with their wives in the line they would be stamped and it didn't happen. So just have your wife say she wants the BB privilege for you both.
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