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  1. Thank goodness hammering is not often involved in lutherie, otherwise I'd have no thumbs lol.
  2. Based on Mike J's list above I am usually a #1 style tipper. But I recently had an experience on the other side of the fence. You see I build and work on guitars and other instruments. When I moved to Dumaguete it sort of happened organically. People would see me on FB and send me a message asking if I could set up or fix their instrument. Eventually I started charging a small amount: a fraction of what comparable work in the US would cost. I wanted to have fees that Filipinos and retired expats could afford. Currently my clientele is 60-40 foreigners to Filipinos. Anyway, recently I had a Filipino customer. He was very happy with what I did for his instrument and gave me an extra 50P. I was flattered - honoured really. Generally we assume the tipping dynamic in a restaurant is: we the customers have the money and the waiter/waitress does not. Yet in this case I was tipped despite being (probably) better off financially than the customer. I have no great conclusion but it was a nice experience.
  3. However he ensures the girl does not return is still asking for trouble.
  4. There will be once the friend of the FIL has Steve whacked. Honestly Steve, reporting what you consider immoral activities in the home can get you seriously in trouble. Think long and hard about it.
  5. Having recently built two houses and seen more scaffolds go up and down than I ever imagined I would ever see, in our experience it is done with nails not screws. I am sure there are exceptions but not from what I have seen here. They pull it apart and put sections back together for the next bit of scaffolding. The nails will get re-used. In my experience you're better off simply getting the workers what they ask for. I gave up trying to tell them I had a better way and besides, often the better way either requires materials that are tough to get or in the end doesn't end up being so much better. Suggest to them if you wish, but I would recommend getting them what they want and are used to.
  6. Several places in Valencia that post 30 or 35 and one on the National Hwy. on the way to Bacong that I've used also at that price. In the end all it means is that I throw a few more pesos as a tip.
  7. 30-35P at the couple places I go to.
  8. As I understand it most all rules for filing are the same whether you live in the US or abroad. As I said I always file out of habit, but here's the rules: "Not all Americans need to file a federal tax return. Those who don’t earn enough in income aren’t required to by law. Whether you make the cut depends on your filing status and age. Single filers must file a return if they earn at least:: $12,000 if under 65; $13,600 if 65 or older Married filing jointly filers must file a return if they earn at least:: $24,000 if both spouses are under 65; $25,300 if one spouse is under 65 and one is 65 or older; $26,600 if both spouses are 65 or older"
  9. FreeTaxUSA for me. Very easy. For what you describe it will take you little more than a few minutes. In reality you probably do not need to file but I always do out of habit.
  10. Driving, like so many things, is absolutely, positively cultural. I remember going to Vietnam some years ago. My buddy told me to watch out for motor bikes that drove on the sidewalks. I assumed he was exaggerating. Sure enough the first day I am waiting on the sidewalk for a traffic light to walk across the street when a motor cycle zoomed behind me. For the next week I developed eyes in the back of my head to look out for cycles behind me on the sidewalks. What was weird was that within a few days I had adjusted and gotten completely used to it; survival instinct I suppose. The same was true when I lived in New York City as a student. Absolutely the most insane drivers and pedestrians in the world. Some of the things I witnessed on the roads of NYC have been indelibly etched in my brain. But New Yorkers thought their behaviour was perfectly normal. What I find more strange than Filipino driving habits is how so many foreigners have adjusted and do the same thing. A while back, out of curiousity I spent an hour or two counting motorcycle drivers and how many were wearing their helmets. The end result? 5% of Filipinos were wearing helmets - 95% were not obeying the law. 12% of foreigners were wearing helmets. These were people from cultures where helmet laws are enforced and who in most cases can afford a good helmet. Yet 88% of those people on that particular day were not wearing a helmet. So I'm a bit cynical about foreigners complaining about Filipino driving habits. We're better, but not as good as we think we are. In short I assume everyone's a lousy driver and act accordingly. Glad your wife's doing OK!
  11. Since we've defined Paradise as just relating to the girl situation, I'll address that. I think it's still sort of a paradise. I base that on a couple factors: 1. As a mid to late 50s guy in the US I was divorced and most of the time single. This despite a good job, decent money, nice house, car. etc. Almost all my divorced peers were in the same boat and I am sure most of them still are alone. 2. Now that I live in the Philippines I have observed a number of my friends change partners. None of them, despite advancing years, have had a problem getting another girl, and often did so quickly. I can think of only one guy who has chosen to remain single and focus on other aspects of his retired life. But I'm confident he wouldn't have a problem if and when he wants another girl. A couple of interesting (to me) dynamics. Since I live in Dumaguete with a big foreigner population, it's certainly different than a small provincial area. That said, based on #2 above I feel confident that if something happened to my marriage I could find someone else, if I wanted to. But guess what; my wife knows the same thing. There's enough foreigners here that I think she knows she would not be alone. I actually think this equality is a good thing. The other dynamic I find interesting is the attitude not of Filipinas toward age but of most expats. Most believe that their younger wife/partner is a good Filipina interested in more than just his money. Yet most of them also say that most Filipinas are only interested in the money. IOW, their thought process is "I have a good one - my friends are with gold diggers." It's a funny dynamic.
  12. I am a woodworker and instrument maker. While the skill level is all over the map here, the biggest issue is wood drying. Hardwoods take years to air dry. In the West they are mostly kiln dried nowadays. If a hardwood is not properly dried it is likely to crack under changes in humidity, no matter what the skill level of the craftsman is. For example my buddy had a dining room table made. They wanted to use 4 boards for the top. He wanted 3 to have less seams. They agreed. One board cracked a few months later. When he asked for a repair, they said it was his fault for trying to use 3 boards instead of 4. In reality the fault was improperly dried woods.
  13. They are pretty common and not expensive. But yes I had to buy two since one "disappeared."
  14. I reluctantly loaned out a few tools to my workers - drills and bits mostly. At first they were so terrified of breaking or losing the foreigners tools that they babied them needlessly. Later on they realised they would not be shot for a broken bit so used them as needed. Of course only a few of the more skilled guys could use power tools. One guy I loaned a hand plane to, but he was about the only guy I would trust with a tool I valued. This said I agree with Dave that in many cases they are faster with hand tools or falling apart power tools than your quality tools.
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