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  1. davewe

    Very sick wife

    Well now that Bigmac has found out the unfortunate truth and heard all the words of wisdom, the only thing to consider for him is where to go from here. And of course Bigmac, I have to say how sorry I am for you. We all know how it must hurt. Let's consider the directions you might go: "They are all scammers." I have known several people who have gone from naive love of a Filipina, gotten hurt, and then globalised the problem by stating that everyone is bad. It's not true. There are many good women here; and plenty of bad ones. And like most things in life, most people are somewhere in the middle. "I'm gonna get revenge." Yep, you could try to do that. Waste more years; waste more money. Potentially make it so that you can never return to the Philippines. You're too old (so am I) to waste your time; move on! "Old + young doesn't work." Not true. Most of the Fil-Am couples I knew in the US had significant age gaps. Most of the couples I know here in the Philippines have even larger gaps. It still comes down to the woman you choose and it still comes down to using good common sense. "I'll find another Filipina." Yep, you can definitely do that. I did. Most of us have. The question you have to ask yourself is - what did I learn and what will I do differently? In the Philippines it's often a matter of degree. We accept the reality that the kid on the street asking for 5 pesos may or may not be legit; but who cares its 5 pesos. But in a country where almost no one has big money when someone (even a wife) asks for big money, an alarm should go off. You have to question, investigate, and question again. Now I am not just trying to blame the victim. But when someone (even a wife) asks for big money (and $2000/month is big money in the Philippines) assume it's a bad situation. Long Distance Relationships: I've done it and many of us have. But it's fraught with dangers. Are you looking for a vacation gf or another wife? If the latter, are you going to bring her to the US, retire in the Philippines, or a little bit of both (that's what I did)? In any of the scenarios there are dangers - but a hell of a lot of fun too. Enjoy the ride if you decide to saddle up again - but keep your hand clenched to your wallet.
  2. Just thought I'd share this experience for those thinking it's the beginning of the year and time to pay for PhilHealth. We went to the 2nd floor of Robinsons in Duma, as we always do. There's a PhilHealth booth there and next to it a place to pay. The place to pay, which we have used several times had a sign that said they were not taking payments. Now I am not sure whether this was a permanent we are not taking payments or just temporary we are not taking payments. "Where can we pay?" I asked and was directed to Western Union. Went to Western Union where my wife paid easily. Went to pay for my foreigner PhilHealth at 17k for the year. The computer came up showing they required another form. I explained I never needed this form before. Sorry Sir, we cannot take your payment without it. Went back to the PhilHealth office and was told I should not need that form; it's for retired employees where employer paid for PhilHealth. The lady was nice enough to close her desk and walk with me to Western Union where she explained that I don't need the form. But their computer says I do, they told her and would not take my payment. Thinking this might just be the girls at Western Union I went downstairs to Robinsons customer service where they take bill payments including Philhealth. They typed everything in and then suddenly said the computer said I needed the same form Western Union asked for. The next day I went to the main PhilHealth office where I had no problems and am good to go for another year. But I thought I'd report this glitch for those intending to go pay at the mall soon. Save yourself a headache and go directly to the main office.
  3. davewe

    Choosing a location to live low budget

    There are a number of guys on this very forum who live on a budget of around $1000/month or even less, so it can be done. Ultimately you know what you have to have, what you'd like to have and things that aren't necessary. So dependant on what you really need you can make it in a provincial area or even smaller cities like Dumaguete. Since you work online I assume Internet speed and quality might be important to you. That can limit you as to where to live.
  4. So I'm confused. If he doesn't want to go to the U.S. is your motivation to convince him that it is in his long run benefit to get an education in the US or is your goal just to get him to come so that your wife will be happy?
  5. There's a reason that steel reinforced concrete is king here. Your issue is not just finding materials that are not common here but the skilled labor to work on American style construction. Whether for the initial build or repairs in the future, sooner to later you will need Filipino labor. I lived in the NW part of the US where wood is king and I love wood. But I wouldn't seriously consider building with it here.
  6. davewe

    More Discussion On Tipping

    I have to disagree a bit here. We go to restaurants a lot and while I don't examine every Filipino around to know what the percentages are, I do see many Filipinos tip. As to my own tipping, no one has ever glared at me because I didn't tip or didn't tip enough. When I tip at restaurants everyone seems very appreciative. Of course it's possible that old age means I don't notice the glaring :)
  7. davewe

    Very sick wife

    The OP is a new member and unfortunately does not know the dynamic of the forum. Therefore most of the comments are the standard 3 or 4 answers: 1. The wife to be is a scammer. Now it's possible - it does happen - but it's also quite possible (even likely) that she is not. 2. The doctors and the medical establishment in the Philippines are all incompetent. Not true. Some are of course just as some are the world over. As I recall the wife to be went to St. Luke's which is a pretty good place to start. 3. Someone is ripping them off for the cost of B12 injections. Again it's possible, but the reality is that unlike many things, drugs and vitamins are not cheap in the Philippines. It's also possible that the girl went to the source she was told to go to without research as to whether there were cheaper alternatives. My Solutions Based on the Above Three: 1. Have her send to you whatever documentation you can from her chart: diagnosis, blood work, what was prescribed, etc. If the documentation looks legit it probably is - although I've heard stories of sophisticated girls who faked them. Getting these docs will also help the OP in really determining what might be going on medically. 2. Yes, a 2nd opinion is reasonable, particularly since the diagnosis is relatively rare. Again this requires her to go back to Manila or Cebu but it seems worth it. 3. If the B12 is truly necessary, try to change over to pills and shop for the best prices. That won't solve the financial crisis but might slow it down a bit. My best to the OP and here's hoping it isn't Hodgkins.
  8. Things have changed a lot in the US. Yes the police will come but in many cases they will or can do nothing. The last two times we called the police before we moved to the Philippines 1.5 years ago, they came quickly but refused to do anything. In one case a clearly stoned and/or psychotic man was going up and down the block trying to get into houses, yelling and threatening. The cops basically said until he hurt someone or actually broke in somewhere they could do nothing. The old cliche I attempted to use "he's on my property trespassing" is no longer valid legally where I lived. So yes - after you're a corpse they will investigate. Before then you're on your own. And BTW, in the above instance they made it clear that if I took things into my own hands, I'd be the one carted off to jail.
  9. davewe

    Alternative cereals

    No, but I like puffed rice also. I'll check those out.
  10. davewe

    Alternative cereals

    I have yet to find Chex cereals in Duma. You'd think Rice Chex would go over big here lol.
  11. Was it introduced in May 2018 or passed? Big difference.
  12. There's no reason she and the child will have a problem. She's a 10 year Green card holder, so she will go back on the regular schedule. Now whether and how he can resolve this to ever be able to return to the Philippines I do not know. But there is no reason to believe she will have a problem with the US.
  13. Again my knowledge is limited and I don't expect my friend to divulge the details - and I totally understand that. But other friends told my wife that he knows the reason and it is something that occurred when he was young. Who knows if this is true and what it might be. The point is he apparently was not flagged for nothing, but why it reared its head now and not on past visits is debatable. Sorry I can't give a definitive answer; my guess is I will never know for sure. I still am totally convinced that he's a good man but we all make mistakes when we are young.
  14. Ok to clarify. They are married and live in the US. She came a week ahead of him. But there are now rumors that the reason is known. Just a guess - he has a teen daughter and an ex-wife and there were tensions - but that’s just a guess. I do tend to fall on the side of if you’re flagged it’s probably not random.