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  1. Unfortunately many times when the power goes out mine does not turn on. A couple weeks ago it was so dark I banged my head on the railing as I curse the damn light. Why didn't it come on? Because my darling wife had unplugged it :)
  2. davewe

    Why oh Why

    The question is how long is he away. If he is in PI for 2 months and then the rest of the year in his country, this seems a scenario consistent with cheating, no matter how long they have been together.
  3. The US makes you file if you have over $10k at any time during the calendar year in a foreign bank of financial entity. I assume it's to track potential illegal financial activities abroad.
  4. The FBAR form is pretty simple. Took me all of 10 minutes to fill out and file this year.
  5. You're retiring? Really? I read many of your posts and don't recall your ever mentioning this - lol. Anyway congrats. I'm coming on two years and haven't missed work for a second!
  6. Last time I checked, in order to have a curb you actually have to have a sidewalk - that leaves Dumaguete out :)
  7. I use the BB privilege and it's quite easy. The only thing to remember is to ask for it when you get to the head of the line. I have known 2 friends who just assumed that since they were together with their wives in the line they would be stamped and it didn't happen. So just have your wife say she wants the BB privilege for you both.
  8. For the sake of complete accuracy it was 5 pounds 12 ounces. A real cutie - meaning he looks more like Noime lol.
  9. This was one area where I am glad I kept an open mind until I moved here. Janet and I initially wanted an SUV. She loved the bigger SUVs and I leaned toward a mid sized SUV. My thought was to buy a 5-6 year old SUV. Now despite the fact that Dumaguete is swarming with SUVs it only took a few weeks living here to realise it was ridiculous for us. Driving narrow, congested one lane streets in an SUV was not going to be the driving experience I wanted to have. And looking at used car prices made me realise that the savings for buying a 5 year old Toyota or Honda would not be worth it. So I did what I used to do in the US. I hit all the major dealerships and test drove some of the vehicles I liked and that might meet our budget. I found a vehicle I liked and that was about the same price as the used SUVs I thought I wanted. It's big enough to see over much of the traffic but small enough to be nimble in traffic. So I would recommend not getting to married any any particular vehicle until you settle in and experience the driving in your area.
  10. There has to be at least 100 reasons that a Westerner might be driven crazy in the Philippines and want to eventually repatriate. But the breaking point for the OP cracked me up. I can't recall getting any stink eye in the Philippines; in all likelihood I am too old to notice. The closest I have gotten is a few scumbag expats who leer at my wife. I will say that there are plenty of expats here whose behaviour is such that they might deserve a little stink eye, but again I rarely see it. Most people here are very friendly to me; whether there true attitude or a faked attitude I really don't care. But in the US? Stink eye galore. When the OP said something to the effect that because Americans are used to mixed marriages, we're not judgmental, I almost fell to the floor laughing. I've been married 3 times (not bragging, it's just reality) and none of the wives were white. I've seen and heard lots of nastiness. Now I will say that most people try hard but if you hang around them often enough you see the real attitude. I remember my manager (a good guy who liked my work) humorously (he thought) refer to me as Woody Allen, I assume because I had married a younger Asian woman, not because of pedophilia. My African American ex-wife was fired from her Afro-centric job because she had married a white guy; they didn't even try to hide the fact that that was why she was fired. Janet can tell you a dozen funny stories about attitudes of egalitarian Americans. Maybe a blog piece on the topic would be good. All this said, I wish the OP well in his repatriation. Enjoy what the US has to offer. But expect to see some stink eye and get some nasty comments.
  11. Well now that Bigmac has found out the unfortunate truth and heard all the words of wisdom, the only thing to consider for him is where to go from here. And of course Bigmac, I have to say how sorry I am for you. We all know how it must hurt. Let's consider the directions you might go: "They are all scammers." I have known several people who have gone from naive love of a Filipina, gotten hurt, and then globalised the problem by stating that everyone is bad. It's not true. There are many good women here; and plenty of bad ones. And like most things in life, most people are somewhere in the middle. "I'm gonna get revenge." Yep, you could try to do that. Waste more years; waste more money. Potentially make it so that you can never return to the Philippines. You're too old (so am I) to waste your time; move on! "Old + young doesn't work." Not true. Most of the Fil-Am couples I knew in the US had significant age gaps. Most of the couples I know here in the Philippines have even larger gaps. It still comes down to the woman you choose and it still comes down to using good common sense. "I'll find another Filipina." Yep, you can definitely do that. I did. Most of us have. The question you have to ask yourself is - what did I learn and what will I do differently? In the Philippines it's often a matter of degree. We accept the reality that the kid on the street asking for 5 pesos may or may not be legit; but who cares its 5 pesos. But in a country where almost no one has big money when someone (even a wife) asks for big money, an alarm should go off. You have to question, investigate, and question again. Now I am not just trying to blame the victim. But when someone (even a wife) asks for big money (and $2000/month is big money in the Philippines) assume it's a bad situation. Long Distance Relationships: I've done it and many of us have. But it's fraught with dangers. Are you looking for a vacation gf or another wife? If the latter, are you going to bring her to the US, retire in the Philippines, or a little bit of both (that's what I did)? In any of the scenarios there are dangers - but a hell of a lot of fun too. Enjoy the ride if you decide to saddle up again - but keep your hand clenched to your wallet.
  12. Just thought I'd share this experience for those thinking it's the beginning of the year and time to pay for PhilHealth. We went to the 2nd floor of Robinsons in Duma, as we always do. There's a PhilHealth booth there and next to it a place to pay. The place to pay, which we have used several times had a sign that said they were not taking payments. Now I am not sure whether this was a permanent we are not taking payments or just temporary we are not taking payments. "Where can we pay?" I asked and was directed to Western Union. Went to Western Union where my wife paid easily. Went to pay for my foreigner PhilHealth at 17k for the year. The computer came up showing they required another form. I explained I never needed this form before. Sorry Sir, we cannot take your payment without it. Went back to the PhilHealth office and was told I should not need that form; it's for retired employees where employer paid for PhilHealth. The lady was nice enough to close her desk and walk with me to Western Union where she explained that I don't need the form. But their computer says I do, they told her and would not take my payment. Thinking this might just be the girls at Western Union I went downstairs to Robinsons customer service where they take bill payments including Philhealth. They typed everything in and then suddenly said the computer said I needed the same form Western Union asked for. The next day I went to the main PhilHealth office where I had no problems and am good to go for another year. But I thought I'd report this glitch for those intending to go pay at the mall soon. Save yourself a headache and go directly to the main office.
  13. There are a number of guys on this very forum who live on a budget of around $1000/month or even less, so it can be done. Ultimately you know what you have to have, what you'd like to have and things that aren't necessary. So dependant on what you really need you can make it in a provincial area or even smaller cities like Dumaguete. Since you work online I assume Internet speed and quality might be important to you. That can limit you as to where to live.
  14. So I'm confused. If he doesn't want to go to the U.S. is your motivation to convince him that it is in his long run benefit to get an education in the US or is your goal just to get him to come so that your wife will be happy?
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