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  1. For good or bad I have had to travel to Cebu City on a number of occasions over the last year, always in condos. As others have suggested the bathtub requirement might be your toughest one. The only place we stayed with a tub was at the Marco Polo Residences. Surprisingly the cost met your upper limit requirement and there was a tub. That said not all condos there have a tub. The other issue I notice is that if you are staying a full month instead of 26 days, getting a discount on AirBNB can save you plenty. We're in a condo right now that was 50% off because we booked for a month.
  2. As the OP, my original concern was if the cremation rule was true how would it impact a society in which the methods of burial are so important. If a society creates rules intending to "save" people and unintentionally those rules do the opposite - well, that's a problem. IOW, if older people and their families do not want to go to the hospital for fear that they will be found positive and end up cremated, that doesn't help contact tracing or reducing the spread. Human being are clever enough to get around governmental edicts and it behooves the governments to anticipate the unintended consequences of their (often stupid) rules. For example yesterday in NYC, the live TV show, Saturday Night Live, skirted the local rules by paying each audience member $150 and claiming that member an "extra." They skirted the rules for their own benefit. In short any rule that encourages people not to get tested is a bad rule. There's a lot of bad rules around, and not just in the Philippines.
  3. This is a story from a friend of mine. His MIL is mid 70s with a life threatening chronic condition that requires constant treatment. She fell yesterday and cut her head. Her daughter (not my friends wife) took her to the hospital for stitches. She had a fever and the doctor declared the symptoms were Covid. The daughter said she'd just cut herself and had the chronic condition and that was the reason for the fever. They did the rapid test which was negative. The doctor ignored the result saying, "that test is inaccurate," insisting that the woman must be checked into the Covid ward. The daughter said, "then we will leave," and the doctor refused to release the woman. The woman is now terrified that she will die in the hospital and terrified that she will not get proper treatment for her actual issues. It strikes me that this is happening all over the world; that we have one diagnosis and ignore anything else. But my real question is, do medical professionals really think the rapid test is worthless? I assume if she had tested positive the doctor would have said, "see - she has it." BTW they have not performed the swab test; not sure if it is available there. This all scares me more than a little. If I had an accident or another health issue can I trust a hospital to treat it or are they so consumed with finding Covid that they would ignore the actual illness?
  4. My wife's Lolo died a few days ago of non-Covid causes. It brought up several discussions with my wife and she swears the following is true; and a couple other have confirmed. In the PI if you go to the hospital and test positive and then die (of whatever cause) they will automatically cremate you. For this reason many elderly people close to death (and their families) do not want to go to the hospital, for fear of cremation and that they will not be able to have a viewing and proper burial. If true this would be devastating in finding additional Covid patients and contact tracing. Does anyone know for sure?
  5. Quote "Even as the pandemic's origins have remained a mystery, the Chinese laborers have previously been suggested as a source of the disease. Historian Christopher Langford has shown that China suffered a lower mortality rate from the Spanish flu than other nations did, suggesting some immunity was at large in the population because of earlier exposure to the virus. In the new report, Humphries finds archival evidence that a respiratory illness that struck northern China in November 1917 was identified a year later by Chinese health officials as identical to the Spanish flu." The current assumption is that the Chinese are cooking the books and that their deaths are far higher than reported. Quite possible. It's also possible that their numbers are relatively accurate but that as in the quote above they'd already had outbreaks and a certain amount of her immunity. The importance of knowing this is that experts are using the China experience to demonstrate how to flatten the curve. But what if their curve is flatter because they's already seen Covid-19 before November 2019?
  6. True under normal circumstances - but this ain't normal. Now, as I said I certainly do not expect this to happen for the reason you state and others. But I have to believe the millions of people who have and will lose their jobs also vote and sooner or later will want the society and their jobs to be made whole again. Hard decisions may have to be made and there will be a balance of some kind between the medical, economic and societal priorities.
  7. For the past 3 years whenever anyone asked me about American politics my answer was always something sarcastic like, "I don't care as long as the Social Security check clears." It got a laugh or a nod of the head. But I can't help but wonder what we'd feel like if a few months from now our respective governments or former employers came to us and said, "We're broke. There's no more pension." I suspect we'd all want them to find the money. Now I don't think this is gonna happen; I'm fundamentally a positive person. I also don't think millions are going to die of Covid-19 with the measures we are taking. But a month or two from now some very difficult decisions are gonna have to be made and some of those criteria will be economic and social, as well as medical. This disease is not going to be defeated by governments. It can only be defeated by all individuals religiously following protocols. Become hand Nazis.
  8. Having done it (online dating) and eventually married one of my "chat mates," the best advise I can give is to find a mentor. This is even more important than finding a girl, which let's face it, can be done easily - but finding the right girl is not so easy. I got very lucky and found my mentor who lived a couple hours away from me. He and his wife helped me navigate the tough online waters. Otherwise, I would have just drowned, overwhelmed by it all. But here's the important thing: find a like-minded mentor. There are guys online who are looking to marry, looking to find a vacation girl friend, and looking to find as many girl friends as they think they can handle. Know what you want and find someone who has done it. Anyone can get online and chat with girls. Not everyone can successfully get what they want - and what you want. I wish you the best of luck - it is a great adventure.
  9. I own an Ecosport and already gave the OP my opinion in PM. What I will say publicly is that any purchaser has to be self-aware enough to know what he needs and doesn't need, what meets the requirements of the environment here, and of course what he can afford. Several people mentioned their preference for Japanese cars over Ford. I agree. If I could have found a comparable Honda or Toyota I would have bought one. But there is no comparable Honda or Toyota for the price or anywhere near the price of the Ecosport. What I would also say is to make sure your dealer is relatively close to you and competent (or semi-competent). Unlike the US where you may have 5-10 Ford dealerships in your city, you are going to have to rely on your dealership here for warranty work. Good luck. I've enjoyed mine but understand that to a certain degree it's a crap shoot.
  10. Thank goodness hammering is not often involved in lutherie, otherwise I'd have no thumbs lol.
  11. Based on Mike J's list above I am usually a #1 style tipper. But I recently had an experience on the other side of the fence. You see I build and work on guitars and other instruments. When I moved to Dumaguete it sort of happened organically. People would see me on FB and send me a message asking if I could set up or fix their instrument. Eventually I started charging a small amount: a fraction of what comparable work in the US would cost. I wanted to have fees that Filipinos and retired expats could afford. Currently my clientele is 60-40 foreigners to Filipinos. Anyway, recently I had a Filipino customer. He was very happy with what I did for his instrument and gave me an extra 50P. I was flattered - honoured really. Generally we assume the tipping dynamic in a restaurant is: we the customers have the money and the waiter/waitress does not. Yet in this case I was tipped despite being (probably) better off financially than the customer. I have no great conclusion but it was a nice experience.
  12. However he ensures the girl does not return is still asking for trouble.
  13. There will be once the friend of the FIL has Steve whacked. Honestly Steve, reporting what you consider immoral activities in the home can get you seriously in trouble. Think long and hard about it.
  14. Having recently built two houses and seen more scaffolds go up and down than I ever imagined I would ever see, in our experience it is done with nails not screws. I am sure there are exceptions but not from what I have seen here. They pull it apart and put sections back together for the next bit of scaffolding. The nails will get re-used. In my experience you're better off simply getting the workers what they ask for. I gave up trying to tell them I had a better way and besides, often the better way either requires materials that are tough to get or in the end doesn't end up being so much better. Suggest to them if you wish, but I would recommend getting them what they want and are used to.
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