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    Anything that holds my Attention, Just a Normal Guy, eager to Learn More for my Future and share with Others, where I can. I have an Interest in Brass cleaning, that I will Pursue, when I retire. My new garden will be calling me too.

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  1. We fed ours at 6.30 am when cool and all ate, Sleeping now as one would expect but it is Hot now already so I am thinking coughs soon if they venture out into the garden to hide under the trees and things.Grrrr kids and Dogs EH?
  2. My 4 are not eating again and I am now sure it is this heat. at the same time while I am here, Kev, is Skye coughing a lot?
  3. Nah! I said this Not Kev sorry mate fat finger fatigue fiddling with me wallet
  4. Well is it any Surprise here or anywhere really? a 4+ day holiday that no one in command ever seems to deal with before the event. No cash at ATM's, Little good foods ( just the crap they can't sell in the main shopping days) 3 Gas stations out of Unleaded, and a cancelled Meeting because the man to be met has decided to take more time off so now his time will be out of Stock for some days. Moaning ? Kin right I am, I managed to get through this Arduous 4+ day Weekend with Forethought, why can't they ( those in charge) Wife went to the cemetery to visit her Mamas grave no Candles because they all were sold over Easter ( Ever thought of holding some back for the Normal Monday gathering of people doing their Homage (Especially on Easter Monday) but I forget they don't Celebrate Easter Monday here, so more reason to have stock for those that will go for the Respect day at cemetaries Rant over But............................... Jack Morning all
  5. Wish I could only spend 10 peso on the A/C. My wife said thank You but daughter was a Little miffed as she thinks Ma is youthful still but has no sister here
  6. The guy has just shown me what they have cleaned off the Fan Blades, it transpire that it in addition to the dust there is a lot of grease, no doubt from the atmosphere from the Chicharon frying area next door and the Dirty kitchen directly behind the exterior wall of our Lot, the neighbour has just started to cook and you can see the smoke coming over the wall and surrounding the Outside compressor unit which is about 3 meters high, Not a lot we can do about that but ask them to move their cooking range, Little hope of that I guess "More fun" comes to mind, Not Oh why, does life have to be difficult?
  7. So on top of the 503 thing Today, I have a Dust problem. Had to have Polaris ( A/C Engineers) up because my 1 hp A/C unit is not coping at the Inverter. We had it Cleaned only February but with the dry arid dust the fans are clogged, appears that during the day they pick up the surrounding dust and at night there is enough condensation in the Unit to turn it into a mulch, this drys and the the Fans don't expel air properly. No big deal apart from the cost but the Room it is in is used all day and in this heat a stand fan just doesn't cut it Hey Ho ain't life Grand Still at 800 for the Clean worth every penny and only put us out for a while.Another Hour and I will be a happy Chappy again
  8. Way, way back in the 60's there was a film call "The days of the Triffids" where Plants stole all the Electricity and everything came to a Standstill, anything that used electrical Power. It is therefore my belief that they have come back and thus we are getting these 503's. Joking here of course But................... hey come on Guys & gal's, what if
  9. Sorry to hear this Bob but as we know, it is not that uncommon of late ( Well in recent years in my experience here)
  10. Odd you should mention this Mike as it is something we will probably do do this week ( kev and I [sonjack & me LOL] can't' say it would be every Month but.............
  11. Bob mate, I don't wish to appear Rude and OTT but did you not tell us you have a Daughter somewhere in all this? What happened?
  12. Maybe there should be a warning in the car about the Headlamp Indicator lights
  13. I agree with you and as with many things everything is everyone else's problem but theirs
  14. Mainly because they are only concerned about their own safety and not anyone else's, most have never been taught good and safe Road manners. It is has always been like this as long as I have been here BUT better that than NO Lights at all
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