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    Anything that holds my Attention, Just a Normal Guy, eager to Learn More for my Future and share with Others, where I can. I have an Interest in Brass cleaning, that I will Pursue, when I retire. My new garden will be calling me too.

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  1. Why is the Vatican considered a country? It was granted the status of a country due to the Lateran treaty to end a period of political and religious turmoil within Italy between the church and government. The Kingdom of Italy and the Papal States were fighting over the control of land in mainland Italy, Rome in particular. https://carpediemrome.com/is-vatican-city-a-country/
  2. Sad indeed Tom and Condolences to "L" and the Family and you of course But Given the current bad reporting on Deaths, I Would ask what the DC said, Morbid as it is and I do apologize for asking but given what we are reading of late I do think it is an important indication of the truth we sometimes are asked to believe, again My family send Condolences and hope "L" can get through this
  3. Who pays the Nurses for this or do they do it for free and DU30 gets the vaccine, No such thing as a free Lunch
  4. We have 3 legged ones, i don't know what they taste like as I have never caught one
  5. Yes that is correct, it is also used to gauge the Total Voltage possible requirement of the House to eliminate possible Overloading, That is why plans of Electrical circuits are presented to Planning authorities or should be
  6. Which is why I asked the question on legality Manila have said NO. My friend has no problem going Home but his return is in Question because although he has a Home and a Child here, there seems to be no precedent set for this they say they have But...................... pp @Eddie1
  7. So why is a member here being told No more 6 month extension, He has had One after his 3 years is up and has to leave soon, Manila has told him and his Agent, No More you have to Go (Really am asking for a Friend)
  8. So Bruce maybe you can get a 2nd 6 month, because many can't?
  9. Well for me, those that want to go live somewhere other than here ( at least 2 don't) just go and leave us to discuss what happens here ( cos it is where we are,) Sounds like people shouting the Odds about leaving the Forum, Why shout, just leave Want to live in a another Country, for me just Do It and be done EH?
  10. Well I am confused a Little, What the F...k has the situation in Israel or Palestine got to do with people wanting to get into/ back to the Philippines. If they have a problem let them sort it out, For me and I think many more, it is what is happening here that matters or am I just Thinking aloud? BTW Folks,I have a confession to make. Sometimes, I fake my sarcasm.
  11. Yes mate, above the Transformer is an Open Fuse ( a Big one) and there I think is your problem of Electric starvation the heavy rain has maybe caused it to close its circuits to protect it
  12. The Transformer you need to contact Noreco II, After the Meter will be down to you I am afraid. If nothing has Tripped then I tend to think you are being starved from the Transformer that has closed down to protect itself, Best of Luck mate such is life, I have asked for some advice for you but all my contacts are out I think but may have an answer later
  13. Does transformer have fuse? All transformers are connected to the common secondary circuit through secondary fuses. The purpose of these fuses is to disconnect a faulty transformer from the secondary circuit. Jim it could be that you Transformer fuse got over wet and went into safe mode ( shutting down the transformer for a while) with just enough power for the nearest line,ie the Guest house, Why dry maybe resetting itself to safe Load apparently this can Happen, if it happens again then ,for me, get it checked
  14. Did you had a problem there before though, just thinking aloud here, if nothing trips seems nothing getting through but if the Guest house was Ok then I don't know but still a good idea to have the Transformer checked, could have lost Oil and got overloaded/ overheated and cut out as I said Mate just a thought, if I get a chance I will talk to one of the Engineers to see what they say.
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