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    Anything that holds my Attention, Just a Normal Guy, eager to Learn More for my Future and share with Others, where I can. I have an Interest in Brass cleaning, that I will Pursue, when I retire. My new garden will be calling me too.

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  1. In Spain with regard to Gibraltar it is called LLanito. Quite common amongst Spanish speaking Areas which The Philippines is to a large degree
  2. I thought you were quiet of late, Those electric Motors are quiet As you know a Scouser will say, Dis Electric Motor
  3. Every now and then this question comes up in out House. "Is this OK for Tonight (or Whatever). Apart from when my daughter is at home to advise "Bully" me I wear what is comfortable and Clean ( although I do get a ribbing at times). To some of my wifes friends and Family they say OH! in that again? but can any of you relate to this Photo, Both Smart but does it really relate to wealth?(either way) For me No, But any comments.
  4. English is Great in England until you venture North then it can get Tricky, Just as a taste I offer the "Yorkshire Hole" and the Further North you go the worse it gets, Now in Scotland many need a Translator
  5. Oh Well maybe after you have finished your Renovations Iv'e had Plenty and never a problem but then I know who my friends are to Invite
  6. Mike, many say that Airlink uses PLDT Transmissions so if PLDT goes down so will Airlink . Just a thought
  7. No Frown Dave a Big smile as I am getting what I want from whoever has caused the problem that was known about for a long time, As I have said before the way the Electricity is delivered hers is abysmal to say the least, We know that will not change so my words the the GM of the Utility Company on Friday were your engineers knew there could be a problem and it was Reported. OK so now we have got that sorted. We now have to sort out the problem of a damaged Unit, If it is your fault I look to you to renew that Unit. Obviously they (Both GM's) have spoken and as I say up is going a whole new Unit and Compressor, As long as I am not paying then I am happy so I sit while they ( Installers) eat and I sit here with a But my Friend I do thank you for you Comments although not for me today as Today, I am a winner
  8. Today I have our Local large Supplier and Installer of A/C Units here, They cleaned on Saturday but Found a Large Fault in the Compressor Unit that has Killed the Motherboard, This was brought on by Fluctuations in Power voltage even though we have our own Transformer. We Found out that the Power Company are still just twisting Wires and taping them, So when we had our cables tested (2 weeks ago) we were told by the Engineer we need the proper Jointers or it may damage the A/C unit. It did so now as the Unit concerned is still under warranty, They are changing the Whole issue. We Blame the Utility company as does the unit supplier but for me they can solve that themselves, We just want a Unit that runs well don't need as may cleans and visits and will run above the 18c that it has been for months. No way was the room at 18 c as the unit was hurt by this fluctuation of voltage and was struggling all the time then just cutting out. OK so my purpose of telling you this is so that any one with A/C's ( @jimeve) that are doing strange things, check the cables to see if they are jointed right. If not it may cause a Burnout of the Motherboard. The Electric Company know that they are not doing the right thing and should be informed Just a Heads up G & G's Jack Just to Add that all my Power cables coming to the House are now Joined with a proper Joint unit. Moral: get it Tested and sorted
  9. To me, it seems that we can set the rules prior to eating out. something our Locals and Family find it hard to do is Ask questions. So you want to invite out set the scene first, Who Pays?
  10. On that I can agree and it seems that no one really has an answer, I changed my Diets, on and off meds and upped and downed Exercise to no real effect so For me, confusion is my state of play
  11. I can understand that, they were brought up with them just as we can miss a Supermarket We are about the same give or take but unless she's doing a big Shop she can get all locally for daily needs
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