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    Anything that holds my Attention, Just a Normal Guy, eager to Learn More for my Future and share with Others, where I can. I have an Interest in Brass cleaning, that I will Pursue, when I retire. My new garden will be calling me too.

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  1. Jack Peterson

    XMAS agggggggggggggh What's the date?

    I have learned (Learnt) to cope with much of the Customs here but this one just gnaws at me Today is the 18th of November and all weekend we have had this. I am no Scrooge BUT!
  2. So after some 6 + years, we have got rid of the Remaining bare lights around the House. Our Sparky has just gone and left us with now all Light fittings up and working, ( No doubt photos will follow as soon as Azon has done her walk around with camera. Not too interesting for many I guess but for me, a closure on eyesores, Jack Afternoon All
  3. Jack Peterson

    Brexit turmoil

    We have been there before think WWI & WWII, then got back up only to let the EU takes us Down but we will be back up in No time
  4. That is my question answered Thank You
  5. Hmmm so will the International law of 90 days on an out of Country licence stand? cos if you are going to do all 50 days that is going to take a lot longer
  6. Jack Peterson

    Brexit turmoil

    No one is going to Punish Switzerland ever, they are after all, the EU Bankers
  7. Jack Peterson


    Cruising for a Bruisin talk mate
  8. Jack Peterson

    Brexit turmoil

    Other words just not necessary
  9. Jack Peterson

    Our(well her) new house

    Works for us, 6 years here now and only 1 incident 1 year or so ago the black one can be evil and the Lab you just don't mess with But as you say, it is mainly opportunists in this Area and I believe it will be for Kevin once he is up and Running
  10. Jack Peterson

    Our(well her) new house

    Because they don't have bars and think it is all funny but There day will come maybe out of order sometimes but when I see Funny, I get that urge to be Funny Sorry mate to offend
  11. Jack Peterson

    Our(well her) new house

    Sorry mate but I don't understand where you are coming from, I am joking about this, what is it you mean? what negative comments, did I miss something?
  12. Worth Remembering here,that Land grab is about the Top Motive for Murder in the Philippines We should all pay due diligence in these matters
  13. Jack Peterson

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    If you can drink Red horse for Breakfast like my neighbours do, then I think you are in for a medal
  14. Hmmm yes all good on this Part but Azon and I are a little concerned about Trisha and her Stand in all this as she is of course illegitimate and according to the Rules only gets 50% so we are now working with the Halls of Justice to see what we can do. Sod letting the family have the other 50%