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  1. Yep Scott ,that is the only way he can get a BB, If and when he applies for the 13a Probationary Permanent Visa, Bi will tell him How long he'll have to continue extending For me it was only 1 month But we all know YMMMV
  2. Scott, you can convert a BB to a 9a at any BI office But a BB can Only be given at a point of Entry, did you mean converting a BB to a 9a ( Tourist?)
  3. Time to act then in my Mind But IT, If you can say these things here to Total Strangers I have to wonder if you have actually sat and said it all to the SO, we all get to a similar stage in our relationships and it is only by talking that you will ever get to the Root cause, maybe, a few days away just you and the Wife will yeald some basis to continue because my Friend, if things don't change they will surely stay as they are It is easy for us to reply and post our thoughts/advice but only you and she can come up with a solution, Have you honestly sat and thought just what do You want because only you can answer that, Not harsh talk but realistic Best of luck with this remembering that no one ever said, life was easy
  4. It was just a thought as the 3 Hinge method is Good at times and creates further problems later, They are all carpenters? but never seem to get the Hinges to fit Properly and this can lead to "Warping" They fit Top First then bottom and then struggle to bend the Door to Fit instead of fitting the Hinges to fit the Door (IMHO)
  5. Silly as it sounds Steve but have you made sure, that all 3 hinge pins are Firmly in Place?
  6. Service Charges are to me an affront to Staff. We all have to pay the Service charge if there is one But We can never be sure what % the staff get if any, so as it is the Staff that do the Front of House Job, they get a Tip, and I might Add it is usually only 30 peso Max, anymore can get silly, say 20 tables served at Lunch with tips coming is a good boost to whatever meagre salary they get
  7. Steve, to the Pages of wisdom where knowledge has been exhausted But Postings go on to make you feel at home and one of us.
  8. Naw Steve, tried to unwarp a few Friends of Late but I Don't think it would work on Doors mate, you can't fix Stupid
  9. That did not surprise me as many sometimes don't Look in the right place But the HQ is in Davao so you need to skirt around to find these things out
  10. Beware the Grammar Police Cometh At some point
  11. Knew a Plasterer many years ago that only did perfect work when Pissed
  12. Got 67.03 from PNB this morning But the Page rate is 66. 17 seems the Euro is Holding at 56.1 Early days though EH?
  13. to the Philippines where complaints mean Nothing
  14. Well mate, with that address, you have told us you must have a few Bob ($) and I guess your ladies will know also
  15. Here my Friend it is called FACE (Or to them, loss of) and should never be employed when talking to/down a Filipino worker
  16. Aye and linger with their hands in His Pockets
  17. Ever tried to get into a Jollibee or chowking at 11.30ish each day & that food is not Quality, sorry BJ But.................
  18. No Internet then but on TV in the late 50's and early 60's + we had our UK TV Cooks, One couple in Particular was Fanny Cradock and her Husband John, Household names then for Recipes. anyone Remember them. Gordon Ramsay was a Football apprentice then I would guess
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