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  1. Well is it me or or has the plot lost its lustre?
  2. RAF Chinook!??????????????
  3. I would have thought that this type of issue would require an amendment at least, to the constitution
  4. As I said, It is up to US ( everyone) that should be Happy enough with what we are willing to pay, many people are still in never, never land and believe the Top Money paid must be best and of course, we know ( or should know) when we are being conned with Top end prices. Me! i am fairly middle of any range and that suits me but that's me
  5. I tend to think many of us are just not realising we really do get what we are prepared to pay for, I shopped in decent places in and around Dumaguete and have a 3 piece suite maybe a tad over the odds for some 8 years now but as I said,:You will get what you are prepared to pay for" What was that old saying with regard to labour can apply to many things " Pay peanuts, you get monkeys, we (the foreigner) CAN afford what we want without getting Stuffed, if we shop around a Little IMHO
  6. There is a saying here especially at fiesta times " everything has a value to someone"
  7. The Burning Question from Dumaguete is, Will we get to see you this trip?
  8. There has always been confusion on Extensions because many do not realise they are calendar months and not specific date related just a thought/ opinion
  9. It was over this last weekend Dave, even in Mall food Courts
  10. To apply for a 13a the poster would need and prove they are living together as a married Couple. It is the wife that applies in Real terms
  11. I presume you will be coming back for a visit on you own then Young man
  12. You can apply for a compassionate continuance of you 13a Jim but it would be only granted while the kids are still in full time Education after that I am not sure what would Happen. Of course should you remarry then you would need to do the whole 13a thing again with a new petitioner. Such is my Understanding
  13. Now here I have to disagree, It is ( To me) all done online. I went to Today With an appointment,in and Out in 10 mins and the receipt was on the screen printed with no Copy required So what are we saying here? Things are different with a National situation?
  14. You're Agenda is just Stirring the Pot as Per but as you seem to have Broad Shoulders and a very bad memory
  15. OMW I am not stupid at all BUT just at this time, You are not making sense BUT again, you are doing the Grateful ed thing, you want to leave the PI just Go and leave the rest of to be happy here, I don't care, what any of you think Of me but at this time Your Agenda is not Understood? or is it?
  16. Your point being? or you just posting to put you post count up basically OMW what you say is just Slur because it don't fit your Agenda and I believe you do have an Agenda
  17. That my Friend is why most of us sane people Build ourselves a home
  18. Geoff we 13a's are monitored by our Little Lady wives daily mate
  19. So very true Graham But my watchword which can be taken as Advice is " Never be in the wrong Place at the wrong time, saying the wrong thing to the wrong people or Person" keeping a low profile is always best, never talking about or showing big amounts of Cash and or expensive stuff
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