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  1. Worth a read; https://transferwise.com/gb/blog/dual-citizenship-philippines
  2. How about on the Roof of the Rental Jim or even On Platforms around the Garden
  3. Member @sonjack2847 recently Bought and had one Installed maybe he can throw some light on the Current pricing
  4. Always a Good Motto for me and should be for others " Never be in the wrong place at the wrong time, saying the wrong thing to the wrong People"
  5. Now Tom that is a real PUN, I wonder if you realised that LOL
  6. Sorry but in research, it has been provided by all the members that come and Visit us the 2nd Thursday of the Month, DUMAGUETE, still has the torch alight. Come on Down and Try The Ambiance of REAL people not just Keyboard Warriors
  7. Oh "Harry" comes at Times he is an Honorary member and even bought a round
  8. Fair to say though that it IS one of 3 major Prison Hospitals in the UK for the Criminally Insane. whole lot of Difference to a Prison of Norm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadmoor_Hospital
  9. No not Personally but within the Family and close Friends Claims have been Paid with Little Fuss + Our Bank PNB + Noreco II ( Electric Company) use them and we have been Guided by all I mention In addition to our vehicles we have the House and Contents Insured with them also. Just a note. Every 2 years they send a loss adjuster up to the House for reappraisals. To me that is Sound Service.
  10. Third Party is Mandatory and comes with you LTO Registration. Fully Comprehensive Insurance you have to buy in addition, For me, Standard Insurance Company is best
  11. In the main the reason for many Water Problems is the word FLAT, yes Flat is what it is but it seems that many that build do not have a gradient Flat roof, maybe 2 inch to zero is Good to run off Water But No Flat is Flat, with a Gradient and making sure there are no Bellies up there Things, would so Different. I have a Llanni (open Area Terrace) which is two way Graded as I say 2 inch to Zero and that is working Fine. Just a thought for those now building and of course it is not too late to Put a Screed gradient on the existing Roof or any area exposed to Water then Treat it as needed. It will still be a Flat area but with a Gradient ( Unnoticeable) for Water to run off Such is my input to date.
  12. I think OMW you can do the Paperwork at a Branch Office and maybe Pay but it will have to go to Intramuros to be actioned
  13. People squatted centuries before the Toilet pan was Invented Just saying, maybe it is us that is wrong
  14. Tom you're putting Foundations around Tree Roots?
  15. Here we Go, Conflicting Stories, In the Op's original link it stated NO cases confirmed, Now we have 2 dated prior to the Link we are discussing, Someone is Dressing things To whose advantage EH?
  16. Well Tom, these Rivers have been Polluted for Years and only now do they test for something that has not been around for Years, Why? we should be asking
  17. From Mikes Post of course But with there being no confirmed cases could this just be over Media/ and Medical Scaremongering. Governments like to keep the people in a the State Fear, I make no light talk of this Dreadful Disease ( which I saw plenty of in the 50's in the UK) but then, I tend to think this type of Reporting covers a deeper State of Fear that may not raise it's head, while we ( and The Locals) fear for Health rather than see what has also happened within Hours of this story, Yet another Price Hike in Fuel. I am not normally politically motivated but of Late, it Seems that Mr President always finds a reason for other fears to cover what he has done.
  18. Jack Peterson


    What like this do you Mean?
  19. I guess My Friend you mean sell a good bacon cos my daughter once told me that Pigs make Bacon ( she was about 7)
  20. That Tom, is where Lawyers make a lot of their Money Loopholes
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