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  1. I can agree on certain things if it is a private arrangement But if Insurance I have little tale, I had a bang and as the car is fully comp I put in a claim Ok so the Insurance company asked 3 Quotes, I did and submitted them to the Office. 10 days later I had a call, Sir, We have chosen So and So Company, Ok and if ok with you our Claims assessor will come and Pick up your car at xyz on abc. the job will be 4 days OK, then? he will then pick you up and take you to the company and you will both examine the Work and on agreeing that all is OK, you both sign the disclaimer and you can drive your car home and we will pay the Company. What is the problem? absolutely None and I was nowhere near the Job, Sometimes we have to trust
  2. Yes Gary I agree but my thoughts are based on what a Friends daughter was told at the Seminar as she wanted a passport in here married name, That as he was a Chinese National and she a Resident Filipina, things may change due to the Uncertainty of The current issues with regard to China,( although I am sue it was not said outright but implied) also I am sure, that they will not keep it to just Chinese but a Blanket enforcement thought out, I hope not but............ Things are certainly going to change I feel
  3. Officially Viking it is More than 1 year for the Spouse to be out of the Philippines but this has been relaxed for many years. I get the impression though that this could revert with what is going on
  4. Yes! had one and now I understand why it was so expensive if they were imported but our senior Officers almost demanded for the work it was to perform, I guess they were Imported?
  5. My prepaid is 240 peso per Month and it works fine until a situation such as today
  6. Yes AK! To have post paid in this house with 3 adult filipinas it would cost me a Fortune
  7. Seems that the Globe automated reload system went down at 6.30am this morning all back now but we as a family have now lost our promo Packages and have to start all over again
  8. Has anyone else had a problem with Loading any of Globe Services Today, since 8 am I am getting Bagdown notices
  9. look mate BTW one day I feel sure you will need a Public Ride licensed or not then we shall not hear about this of course now for me, I will be as this helps no one not even You and I
  10. Did you National highway between cities. The arteries of commerce. Clogged with the fat embolism of a trike or a multicab that has no place to be. is what you said my friend
  11. Every bit of Public Transport with a Licenced route has a right to be on that route ( well to my mind anyway) Take a route to please others would result in additional costs, then who would the moaners be? "Some of the People some of the time" springs to mind
  12. Now I remember the early days of you being here Robert, when you actually needed to ride on one these and there are Millions that have that need Daily, Said with the greatest respect But....................................
  13. No HK it has a seperate icon for wi-fi, Internet and Hotspots, I keep them all off until I need them, If I should turn on FB for instance it overrides all and I then have to turn them Off again, as I said I am no Techky but this has stopped all my Problems
  14. I had a similar problem and I am no Techky using a Samsung A7 ( Android) that I don't get on with in the main, I was gobbling Battery power and data, When my daughter came home from Uni she showed me how to solve the Problem ( on my phone at least) Draw a finger from the top of the screen and expose the icons, one of them was a "Mobile Data" icon with an up and down arrow, if lit up it was on, click and the light went out and closed the Data. Have you got this on yours OMW? if so Try it
  15. Aye and that is the root course of many things in just about anything we discuss yet most all just accept it, Laws we can nothing about but in our day to day Life Well
  16. I hear you Bruce and sympathise but Noise is one thing, personal hygiene is another
  17. But I was there and it was sorted Now Mike lets hear your views on the issue for Instance do you let your Kids or anyone Comb Hair at the meal table? because this is the issue not about a man running a Buisness
  18. I tend to think the Point has been Missed My Friend Not about Business or the needs of owners and management but Manners
  19. I was going to put this in the Filipina Forum but it is not just the ladies at all, We sat down for Lunch yesterday and as the Food arrived so did a couple of Youngsters on the next table to ours which was very Close, So we began to eat when the Girl takes out her comb and starts to comb her hair, Dropping stands about the Table and some on ours, I just looked at her and she said Problema? yep I said, I did not order Human hair or any hair for Lunch, Right over her head it went, Then F....k me if the Boy borrowed her Comb and did the Same, I called the Staff and to my surprise they were asked to leave having been told we have CR's here. Of course there were words said But.......................... Table manners are just not taught here at all in my view
  20. Food for a joke here Young man but................................ The Dog needs walking
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