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  1. To me, it seems that we can set the rules prior to eating out. something our Locals and Family find it hard to do is Ask questions. So you want to invite out set the scene first, Who Pays?
  2. On that I can agree and it seems that no one really has an answer, I changed my Diets, on and off meds and upped and downed Exercise to no real effect so For me, confusion is my state of play
  3. I can understand that, they were brought up with them just as we can miss a Supermarket We are about the same give or take but unless she's doing a big Shop she can get all locally for daily needs
  4. NAH! Mileage and Memory
  5. You don't count on this as the Biggest rule breaker of recent times.
  6. More Political crap from the Resident Political SPAM merchant come on @Jollygoodfellow @Old55
  7. Where there is a will there will be a way even if it is Trial and error, usually rats and mice will only venture into the unknown if they sense a Food trail, for me, Clean out the Cupboard with a can of canned Air and remove all traces of anything especially Droppings,then do whatever you can to block the offending Hole/s and hope for the best But if at first and all that
  8. Of Course they will but if the OP can't get access to the Hole conventional methods are not going be much use so Plan "B comes into play do it from the other side as I suggested with Expanding foam, If poison impregnated foam can be sourced then the blighters won't live long will they?
  9. Maybe it is me but I am finding it strange how we get to talk about the problems encountered in the US when the OP @Ice Patrol was asking about Cards here in the Philippines
  10. We have them but most of us have dogs and that can be Fatal
  11. Expanding Foam Liquid? I read that some have a rat deterrent chemical in it
  12. Well guys I will put it like this. I Listen to my Doctor who has been keeping me going for many years and ( I Trust her ) she is 60+ herself) She tells me what I should and should not take and How things react against each other. For me, apart from my Stroke maintenance I am doing Fine and it would seem my Immune system is working Fine, So I will be as with many things there is no one size fits all Jack Morning All
  13. Yet, many Doctors throughout the World will tell you that inoculations at our age are pretty much useless, Our immune system is pretty much set and with this you will become ill
  14. It is Mark the First language of my Wifes Company, Anyone caught answering a Phone in Bisaya, is reprimanded
  15. Gary on this we must be careful as it is the VISA in it that is important. Just saying
  16. I think it was called INDEPENDENCE, Nothing more Sinister As with INDIA, PAKISTAN and ISRAEL and a couple of others, History I think they call it
  17. I am wondering what people thought they were investing in, I mean, Not as if it was a Commodity
  18. Gary I am glad you asked as I was afraid I would be the Only one not to know
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