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  1. MANILA, Philippines — The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Tuesday said over 3,000 aliens were deported in 2020 for violations of the Philippine immigration laws. MANILA, Philippines — The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Tuesday said over 3,000 aliens were deported in 2020 for violations of the Philippine immigration laws. According to BI Commissioner Jaime Morente, out of the total 3,219 aliens who were deported last year, 3,009 were Chinese. Meanwhile, around 60 deportees were Vietnamese, 40 Koreans, 25 Americans, 20 Japanese,12 Indians, and five Pakistanis. “
  2. The now 3.000 peso fine may have something to do with it
  3. On a lighter note, With all the new vaccines coming to the Fore, each it seems with a Differing % of Success I wonder if this may be visible at anyones next or subsequent visit to the Medical Centre ;
  4. Well I can't see that someones getting on a Plane ( Internationally ) in the near Future then, certainly without some sort of Medical Certificate, Especially when get back to the proposed new Normal. But.......................
  5. Could have been worse if we had been on the Boulevard; masks on Head Ready EH?
  6. Odd everyone eligible has the right to Vote but then even the poor can be greedy & it seems many can be bought so However I don't like Politics of any nature and of any Country Then I see little point in continuing this Topic so I am
  7. But many do but then, we are not talking Promotion here are we ? we are talking Elected persons and that to me is a whole different ball game
  8. I ask only because during the day I see 00's of them in our Purok YET! at night they all seen to get home to Roost and rarely do we hear neighbours saying I have chickens missing, SO! do they find their way home on their own? Sounds funny maybe but give it some thought EH? Of Course I mean missing not Stolen, That I know, can happen
  9. But Kev if they that that we would no one to curse at and you know we like a Good curse sometimes
  10. Very much so Dumaguete is getting tougher and tougher although we were not out after Curfew others were;
  11. So there we were having a leisurely afternoon beer when, in come 2 Health enforcers, checking the Bar Logs and tracing stuff, we were all saying nice to see them doing the job they are paid for, BUT and there is always a but eh? when they were leaving the Bar man came over to our table and said the Enforcers had said you must wear a mask but you may lower it over your chin to drink. you never saw so many grown men run for the car or bike to get their mask. the rest of us took them from Pockets, hats or where ever to put them on. Sorry but as I sit here it is Soooo Funny & it was co
  12. Well as far as I can make out that is not including the actual extension, I am sure that any of those that have to have done it may ( or maynot) chip in and say what was the procedure and cost, For me, I am so pleased I chose the way i went for my 13a, Unfortunately we do have members that can't go that way for one reason or another but now find Life a Bitch
  13. Things may be Different now, here in Dumaguete it is costing 25.000+ peso to have a 6 month extension over the 3 years stay. Just as a matter of Interest, are you near or at your 3 year time? not that I am particularly interested but more fuel to the Fire so to speak Odd really, I have never heard of any BI Office having cells, they are normally take to a Police Station. awaiting a Court appearance
  14. It usually comes out n the Wash, we have to remember that some of them will want to leave at some time thet the S...t will hit the Fan when they go for an ECC, then we have the estranged Marriages/relationships I understand that there is a reward for information about overstaying Foreigners
  15. That is what I am getting at, they can catch the Asians quite easily but the Westerners are more tuned up to evade the Radar until we get a situation like we have at present & then we will read about those that have raised their head in talking too loud at times without thinking I know 2 in particular here in Dumaguete that are facing a dilemma over this 3 year issue,
  16. With Reporting time on us & BI playing games in some Offices over Extensions ( including the 3 year rule) I sit and wonder how many Expats and Tourists will be caught out this year? They never seem to know how many Foreigners are here at any one time but to me, this is the time that BI could/should catch the naughties BI have made it clear they will be Hard But................ I wonder
  17. Nah! Love my Girls too much and just love my "Jack in the Box" Terry, just hover on the jack in the box
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