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  1. Now here I have to disagree, It is ( To me) all done online. I went to Today With an appointment,in and Out in 10 mins and the receipt was on the screen printed with no Copy required So what are we saying here? Things are different with a National situation?
  2. You're Agenda is just Stirring the Pot as Per but as you seem to have Broad Shoulders and a very bad memory
  3. OMW I am not stupid at all BUT just at this time, You are not making sense BUT again, you are doing the Grateful ed thing, you want to leave the PI just Go and leave the rest of to be happy here, I don't care, what any of you think Of me but at this time Your Agenda is not Understood? or is it?
  4. Your point being? or you just posting to put you post count up basically OMW what you say is just Slur because it don't fit your Agenda and I believe you do have an Agenda
  5. That my Friend is why most of us sane people Build ourselves a home
  6. Geoff we 13a's are monitored by our Little Lady wives daily mate
  7. So very true Graham But my watchword which can be taken as Advice is " Never be in the wrong Place at the wrong time, saying the wrong thing to the wrong people or Person" keeping a low profile is always best, never talking about or showing big amounts of Cash and or expensive stuff
  8. We might say, that is things don't change they will stay as they are AND They do!
  9. Boots on the ground will teach you it is what it is. I think My friend you don't understand how things work here but to quote a phrase ( as you seem to like quotes) "You ain't in Kansas no more". A somewhat Negative Ist Posting mate, I wonder how many times you have been to the Philippines? With utmost respect I think if you carry on in that negative way you are going to be very disappointed with life here. Today and Cash is King, Tomorrow never seems to come for our beloved people here. Negative ? No mate realistic. Best of luck to you But..................... Not in the Philippines is change welcome and on that note to show my Better side today to the Forum
  10. Seems I had a problem so please read my last Post
  11. Oh come on LM that is the nature of their business, anything else is done to a Survey and Due diligence of the Buyer
  12. Ah BUT that is the nature if their business, What else should they be interested in, Other things are down to a Survey and due diligence of the Buyer
  13. Time moves on "F" it may well be now that you could need proof of address This can be obtained by a Barangay Clearance or a Police Clearance, Can we take it that you have not made the move to The Philippines yet?
  14. The UK has a reciprocal Social Insurance agreement with Philippines ( and has for the last 40+ years) all you need to do is write to them giving your address here and should you want to be paid into a Local Bank give the account details to them. We get the yearly increases here because of the agreement But ( and there is always a but eh?) that is the only benefit we can get, although having said that, If you are married there is a death benefit Via the UK Embassy that your wife can apply for. The exact figure I am not sure about but it used to be around 3.000 pound for burial and then Further help for a period of up to 2.5 years? Depending on which system of the DWP you are on she may be able to claim some of your pension, The New system does not Cater for this unfortunately, The new system is Pensions after 2016 Hope this Helps
  15. Yep, I applied for my 2nd 13a in 2013 after losing it in 2010. You just apply in the normal way. Providing you did not lose it for a bad reason, from personal knowledge, I see no reason for the application to not be accepted
  16. No jim i did it it through my Lawyer in Cebu, never left my armchair Cost me 15.000+ but No hassle took 2 months
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