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  1. There are many things found Internet to resolve these problem but it really is no a one size fits all, I am not too sure that we should be dishing out recommendations other than what works for us individually, As I said in an earlier post,it is not necessary just water retention as found on Googled things will tell us but there may be a deeper hidden reason it happens. I still maintain that anyone with recurring Ankle and foot swelling should get it checked out by a Doctor. JMHO But.....................
  2. Point taken Geoff But how often do we see the barber clean/sterilize scissors or clipper heads? combs even
  3. I don't get them from her but I can say that I know quite a few here that would get the Tampo thrown their way
  4. My thoughts exactly But....................................9/10 times the Pout wins
  5. Our 500 meter Lot was purchased as a 2nd Sale from a much Larger leased Lot of some 2,500 meters. This larger Lot is inhabited by 3/4 families with something like 13 Houses to house all the kids and the like. Whist some do work ( construction, DOA, ,Lee Plaza and Chin Loong)) they have a very enterprising community. The main activity is a Chicharon Frying Area ( which can be a bind if the wind changes) A motorcycle Repair Area and a take in washing ( laundy) Area, The Community will never be Rich but neither do or will they starve We have been here for 7 years now and apart from Wakes and the like, I personally have had little to do with them ( My bad). I took my wifes older Red Kawasaki around earlier Today to have the Brakes cleaned out, while I was there the Elder of the community showed me around and as the Topic Title portrays, I was Both Surprised and enamoured at what really goes on round there, at the time the teenage Boys were roasting a Pig for lechon in the Open area at the Bottom of the Lot ( they do this for the Locals for pennies) In this day and age given the severity of Living for the people. My hat goes off to these neighbours we have and I Can see now why they can but don't always do, walk with their heads held High as being part of a community that will pull together and meet the Hardships that other communities I have seen don't seem to do Kevin (sonjack) and others have seen and met on occasions some of these people and I am sure will agree they are Really nice people. Ok it is a little bit of Trivia from Jack but it is nice when I or any of us can say Well done to our neighbours who are probably richer than we are in Humility/ humanity and family togetherness
  6. Photo Really only put up as conversation Starter but nice to see it discussed, I was wondering when @JJReyes will pop up as of course he does this in Real life 24/7 and I think we all enjoy his stories of Life on the Move I wonder if this could be the answer to @stevewool and where to live as he like to move about so Much
  7. Does anyone else have a wife/ GF who makes plans but keeps them to herself until 10 mins before they decide we are going to do or go anywhere? whilst many of us have the thought, do we understand our Ladies but I have to ask myself and now you fellow members, Do/will they ever understand us
  8. Jim my friend, I would still get your BP tested, many pharmacies will do it for you some free and some maybe a tiny charge. As it appears to happen during your travel. You may have a problem that needs to be looked into. Swollen feet many times means you have a blockage in the extremities JMHO
  9. There are days when I just Don't like some people but I will give them a little time to mend the error of their words Jack Morning All
  10. with snacks, Bye till the Morning
  11. Done and dusted I believe. Back to the grime of England, ready now I see planning their visit to The PI So he says! But............... "Do bears"?
  12. That is somewhere were are NOT or had you forgot that
  13. Both are pretty non existent down here
  14. Who needs a Hotel when you got one of these? mind you not a lot of use in Dumaguete, Where would you park it?; I wish we would need our @Dave Hounddriver to drive it for us
  15. Just a thought for those with a Garden or room for Pot Plants;
  16. Well I guess it is no strange thing that as we get older, we do tend to Forget things, Misplace things and just generally get mixed up at times. When I got home from the last monthly meet, Put my Change in my Drawer with the exception of a 100 & 20 peso notes that I would need in the Morning. The next Lunchtime I wanted to go to the Store and YEP! No 100 note just a 20. I knew it was there the night before and We trust our helper explicitly. When Azon came home from work that night I asked smiling, Hey. were you 100 short in your accounting last night and borrow my 100 was the Reply. OK, now this was well over a week ago and not really missing the 100 ( just a nuisance not knowing) I never gave it a thought. Today as my wife is at home she was helping our helper to clean and she decided to clean Our bedroom. Ok, I thought. Now each week I print something, anything, to keep the printer inks/head free and flowing I should be annoyed really but it seems that a duster or cloth has passed over my Scanner printer for this period of time, when my wife lifted the Lid of the scanner to wipe the Glass, There was my 100 that I had forgotten I photocopied and forgot to remove. While Retirement is Great it has its Downsides as we age.
  17. I think I will just leave this here
  18. Best I can do this morning due to Forum problems but have a look at this page http://www.pldt.com/news-center/article/2014/07/22/pldt-fiber-expansion-in-bohol-to-boost-bpo-and-tourism-industries#.XLkvaokzbcc Hope you get sorted My friend, you may need to trawl the page to get to contacts you need. Jack
  19. On a more serious note and no jokes it seems a "culture club" thing, Ladies Parlours prefer Effeminate hairdressers and I doubt a Straight guy would get a Job and as with this, male Barbers prefer Straight men as Hairdresser ( Clippermen) but that's OK because deep down I am a Little Homophobic ( maybe that is wrong) In the Main I tend to think that this is an Area that dispels the easy Filipina theory in that as my wife told me, she and many of her friends do not like to be touched by men they don't know ( Straight I guess) and thus are quite at ease with the Effeminate men. As I often say we know where we are and it is what it is OH! I know one or two here would prefere Lady Clippers but I fear it will be a fairly long and arduous task to find one on the main street type male hairdressers But................................ JMHO Jack
  20. My friend a sweeping Statement that can imply you have first had knowledge but each to our own Sorry no offence meant but with my ladies doing the Churchy stuff I get left on my own and my humour gets you know, true to life
  21. Then my Friend I personally think you are being silly at the very Least, Low Pulse rates in the Legs and feet can be a serious thing Take it from a Stroke survivor
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