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  1. I am NOT defending anyone here But my wife tells me that many printers are being lent out by Companies ( hers have lent out 5 to date) also many more belong to the DOH and City Health Departments and moved about as needed to the various locations on vaccine days
  2. Mike, No URL Not like to you and your nimble fingers
  3. JC I am not too sure that would be possible at this time JMHO my friend, By the way, remit of me but
  4. Sticks and stones matey now go and play with the other children or
  5. Too right as you well know it is all you do wherever you go EH?
  6. OH! no probs there JD, he will have another account already and waiting Trolls always do we have seen them before. Sorry JGF But.............................
  7. Whilst this is True Mike, it will not be possible if the OP is OUT of the PI as he will need his Passport there and here
  8. Always! beware of any Foreigner Collective meetings on anything Political, They have a BIG Brother attitude here and I think it is wrong to Post such things here IMHO
  9. Yes this so, I have a very long time good friend who, with his then Thai Wife paid some 250k each for the Quota Visa
  10. Just a note here that at this time we in Dumaguete area seem to be on the OK side because we are on many Restrictions
  11. There is always some truth in Chismis mate, Rumours always have an element of truth in them
  12. Ahh come of Geoff, we all know that the Man will do what he wants to make a name for Himself before he goes, Marcos did it and this guy will follow that route. Think Mindanao for one instance of I will do what I want
  13. COVID !! Martial law by another name, Like I said right from the Start Trust me, Negative thought But.......................
  14. Most Reported things are based on Information gained, if people ( and we know they do) make a bad or No report we are never going to get true Figures
  15. I always use JRS, UK about 6/7 days Cost can be around 2.800 always been happy
  16. Surely the BI Do not issue a Retirement Visa is that not the province of another Agency
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