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  1. Seems the push was not hard enough then Lordy, Lordy that should never Happen Dip bags should always have a man attached to the end of the Chain, now there is food for thought, any bags missing? they normally have a security tag Number
  2. Whilst I am not from the US, I Tend to think that like many forms and such sent out it matters not the date on it. Thing is not the date raised it is all about the date sent, recently i was informed by the UK pension department that many letters are printed for dispersal then block Held until they have enough to comply with Postal Contracts, this has a big bearing on dates printed and dates sent. JMHO
  3. Negative thoughts but Honestly meant, Sad to say that very little is as reliable as people make out and guarantees, well how long is a piece of String,
  4. Of course we have proof of this or we just listening to Contractors / workers gossip
  5. Actually, the neighbours I have are just getting on with their life, They, over the years, have had so much hardship this is just another day which is maybe just another reason why, they don't dwell too much on the Tomorrows
  6. Very sound advice here, Not to go further than thought I wonder if the Uk is now considered on it's own on this ; President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to cut diplomatic ties with the countries comprising the European Union Just a Thought
  7. Tampo time is the time I actually assert my reason for being here, for PEACE not silliness. On these occasions I do have the LAST word and they know when I am annoyed.
  8. That is who we use so you will do well there my Friend
  9. How ironic, as this thread has moved on today I had our Dirty Kitchen Gas go outside, when the guy arrived he said I can't/won't change the Bottle as the Pipes is Brittle and cracked due to the sun, Ok so go get a new piece, 20 mins later he returned and fixed a new pipe even wrapping it in Kitchen Foil to help keep the direct sunlight of the Exposed Bit, Just goes to show that at least here in Dumaguete they are Gas Safety conscious , apart from the 100 peso for the Pipe the service was Free and as always tested and adjusted the Ignition and Jets
  10. Kevin ( @sonjack2847) told me this Morning he was told to off his Modem for 5/10 mins and when it comes back up it should be Fime, I tried it and it is indeed a lot better
  11. Jim mate the whole of Negros is like you describe they said Yesterday that it would be for 72 Hours
  12. Apparently all the different suppliers have different valve Heads/types
  13. I as with others hope it will and last longer than 6 months to a year or we will hear shouts about of Bad work I for one am sure which it seems, is perfect for Tom Now, this was my initial thought, we will see
  14. It is a positive Post Dan, I have been here long enough to know that wood warps especially outside, I think you have missed the point about all Toms work/workers were the best Until.. and this started with his great Contractor ! Bad Materials makes a Bad job, in the end and Tom is always talking Budget restraints, Sorry Tom. I am not having a Bash at you on this but the end, time end result, End of
  15. Fine Tom but when the Wood warps and things get distorted you may well regret saying this It looks good now but...................
  16. Seems a Little unfair my friend, as you may know, The Uk actually ( to some degree) encourage it, we have a Social Security agreement with the PI that pays us as per the UK rules and gives us Yearly rises, Seems a little un Commonwealth on this issue from OZ You all paid in why should it matter where you spend your Dosh, Yes it can be said it keeps the cash in OZ But.........................
  17. They will round them up in the end as they did when the Pope Visited and cage them, it will be the only way Bad But......................
  18. I believe member @sonjack2847 has one maybe he can enlighten you a little
  19. I wonder what tales would come forward if Autopsies were carried out on supposide Covid deaths ? So from one fat bugger to another Care to explain just what you mean by this? With greatest respect it sounds you prefer Fiction to Fact which of course, Theories rarely contain
  20. So why are we fat buggers still alive and kicking, No my friend, I have now Stopped reading Studies, the studies only want (once again) To Start doom and Gloom Theories so that more Rubbish can be sold in forms supposedly to support Healthy Living
  21. I know Personally of Three recent deaths that stated covid19 on the Death Certificate, all male and all over 65, None of them were smokers, Big Drinkers and none of them Obese so what Conclusions can we draw from this? Panic Management comes to mind, Time the Scientists went back to the Drawing boards perhaps Many many mistakes and excuses have been made by bad scientific Let's push on and win the race ( Sod the Torpedoes comes to mind) Just at this time My Doctor is telling me not to have any Vaccine especially where there is if any, proof of Clotting, As a Stroke survivor clotting would most likely Kill me, so........................................ for me, they need to sort out their problems instead of Rushing to make a $ or 2 As to any passport I will be issued a medical Cert of Negative testing and a reason for not having a vaccine, This is me so YMMV, Be safe G & G's
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