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  1. I'd sideswipe a coupla jeepnies and flatten a few more triskicads if I happen to spot a Whataburger!
  2. I ate at the new BK in Ayala the other day. Had the Whopper meal. Hamburger and french fries were terrible.Not like the BK back in the states. The Coca Cola wasn't bad. I'll stick with McDonalds for burgers. Like S & R for pizza and french fries at their deli. They will eveen make fresh french fries with no salt if you request it.
  3. Might help to state which Gaisano Mall you will be close to. There are quite a few here. Is it a Fiesta, Capital, Grand? Which town?
  4. Here in PI, just because you buy in bulk doesn't necessarily mean its cheaper, at whatever place you are shopping. If you see an item being sold in bulk, do the calculations. It might just be cheaper to buy several single items than several of the same items packaged together. Also, if an item shows to be on sale on the shelf, double check BEFORE you leave the store that you paid the sale price. And....check expiration dates on everything.
  5. You could always try looking for a Filipina there in Indiana. FInd a Filipino grocery store or restaurant and the titas working there will be throwing girls at you! (More than likely her daughters or nieces)
  6. The one on the SRP has only been opened a little while, maybe they are still working the kinks out. Thanks for the review, though. It was thrown up very fast and it doesn't look like much of an establishment. I'm not sure if they even have an indoor/aircon area. Looks like a pavillion to me, from the highway anyway.
  7. I drive in the Cebu area. The most important thing to remember is that the locals have not been "formally" taught to drive as in the US or western cultures. My way of driving (and subsequent stress level) has lowered since I was told this by a Swiss guy I met recently. I now see why they drive between lanes, blow horns all the time, etc. They have never been taught the right way. Now, with all this said... I do still get pissed off and wonder WTH sometimes. Try to remember the bold words above, I know its hard.
  8. Cafe laguna is a great place to eat. For fast food, we recently ate at Bon Chon (sp?) and were really impressed. The fish and chips is pretty good. The Bulgogi is good, as well. They have a cole slaw/kimchi side order that is very good, too.
  9. Had there been any other complaints about the steps? Was Marco Polo trying to cut corners by not correcting known problems? What are ALL the facts? Just playing the devil's advocate. I like Marco Polo.
  10. Let us know. Are yall still near Talisay? We've moved out close to Tabunok from Banilad. Back where I worked in Houston, we had a Mexican lady come around on payday Friday mornings and sell pork and chicken tamales. Man, I would always get a dozen pork and some green homemade salsa and eat half the dozen with black coffee in my office, then the other half for lunch.
  11. Jack, when are yall thinking about doing that? Some tamales sure sound good.
  12. I'd be willing to attend if its close to Cebu City.
  13. I'm from Texas. After I found out my wife was pregnant with our baby girl, I got my legal license to carry. I was ALWAYS armed when outside our home (most times inside, as well ). My main objective was to protect my wife, my baby, and me. I had training in-class re: how and when to use a firearm. I had no qualms about shooting to kill anyone threatening harm to my family, or me. I'm in the Philippines now. I can't own a firearm. However, my wife can and will own one soon, perhaps several. Everytime we go out, I am armed with the best defense that I can provide to my family. I have bee
  14. No, my wife speaks perfect English. And as for acknowledging someone saying Hi, then I guess it was my mistake for trying to be friendly. It's as if some foreigners go out of their way to be rude to other foreigners. Maybe they were like me and friendly in the beginning but saw it did no good. C'est la vie! Maybe I used the wrong word: rude. Maybe "ignore" is more along the lines of what I'm saying.
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