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  1. I do apologize but this is the best thing that Microsoft has done. If I was Microsoft I would make Windows unusable if those updates were not installed. I worked for Sega during the Dreamcast days and software piracy destroyed them. You dont want the updates then dont use the OS
  2. Its only security updates that are installed automatically.but they are numbered so you can't miss one
  3. I haven't installed Windows 10. I'll wait till the very large update due in October before installing
  4. Sadly, Windows 10 Is Stealing Your Bandwidth 'By Default' — Disable It Immediately One thing to be aware of in Windows 10 After installing Windows 10, Feeling like your Internet Bandwidth is dropping away? Windows 10 is stealing your network bandwidth. Along with the privacy features related to Wi-Fi Sense, Windows 10 users should check for another hidden by default feature that uses your network bandwidth to share updates with other Windows 10 users across the Internet. Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 29 and offered a free upgrade to Windows 7,8 and 8.1 users, and for anyone who wants to download it. But, handling millions of simultaneous 3.5GB downloads is quite difficult for the company. So, in order to cope up with the issue, Microsoft has baked a new feature into its latest desktop operating system that uses the torrent-style approach to obtain software updates, allowing Windows 10 users to download updates from other users. Windows 10 is Stealing your Internet Bandwidth The feature, known as Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO), is initially designed to help users get faster software updates, which is quite a good idea to handle massive internet traffic of up to 40 Terabits per second (TBps). WUDO works a lot like torrents work. Your computer running Windows 10 is used as part of a peer-to-peer network to deliver software updates faster to others, each person distributing a little bit of the files across multiple computers and helping everyone download updates quickly. But, this peer-to-peer sharing method offered by Windows 10 is using your precious Internet bandwidth, without hinting you about it, because the feature is enabled by default in Windows 10 Home and Pro edition. WUDO is also enabled in Windows 10 Enterprise and Education, but only for the local network. How to Disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO)? You can disable the feature, but the option is buried deep in the Settings menu for Windows Update. To turn this feature OFF, follow these given steps: Go to Settings in the Start menu Search for Update & Security Under Windows Update, open Advanced Options Under Choose How Updates are Installed, select Choose how updates are delivered Disable the toggle under Updated from More than One Place The feature is a good idea to speed up software updates, but enabling it by default without the knowledge of users is probably not at all a great idea. In a statement, a Microsoft said that the feature "helps people get updates and apps more quickly if they have a limited or unreliable internet connection" and that it "doesn't slow down your internet connection"because it uses a "limited portion" of idle upload bandwidth.
  5. Maybe once a month trip to the Big Place is called for as they have M&S there! http://global.marksandspencer.com/ph/ Just saying. JP :) Was in MoA this afternoon. Called into M&S for a look. Wine,biscuits,coffee,tea and a small selection of cereal and sauces. Then called in at SM Hypermarket and they are selling Tesco Finest.
  6. One just opened at the dasma side of Imus. That gives you about 1/2 hour to the highlands of tagatay and an hour to the beaches of batangas
  7. And if you use pingplotter it will show all ip addresses from the local machine to the server you are connected to. Pingplotter is running all the time my machine is on
  8. Not to be arsy or anything but if the poster is putting IP addresses as part of the question but cant see it locally then how the hell can he see it so then surely they are not public and can be renewed Globe last month stated in a press release that all IP addresses would be fixed to the type of service being purchase.
  9. and just to check do this https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~help/networking/IP_renew.html
  10. Isn't it because Globe have now fixed the IP addresses to the services they offer. DSL is 192.xxx.xxx.xx Tattoo is 112.xxx.xx.xx LTE is 168.xxx.xx.xxx. The numbers are not correct they are actually PLDT numbers which I use and they are for DSL, Smart and LTE plus another set for that new system which isn't available in Manila.
  11. Wow links I'm on windows 8.1 I use live tiles.
  12. When I go out for a stroll it is always alone unfortunately the family see it different. So I go out 2 minutes later I am followed. The game now is for me to spot the protectors and for them not to be spotted. Its getting quite boring so I've told them stop or I will leave not that I will I enjoy it to much. I have no worries about walking about here I also have no bars on my windows or guard dogs apart from the whole barangay seems to know who should be there. I don't know if anyone else has heard it but "its to difficult " meaning dangerous gets really boring
  13. I used the term protector rather than bodyguard as they are there to protect me from myself. They all know that if someone tried to rob me I would fight back. They are there to stop me fighting back and probably being murdered. The protectors when I spot them are females and kids. I go for a walk and I am followed by 2 or 3 of the family. I am worth more alive than dead as all my money is sat in the UK which they have no access to.
  14. which is why I don't agree with going 2 islands away
  15. Sorry Jack but no matter what your culture and values Honesty should be at the top. When you lose honesty then you lose everything.
  16. Kids are the future which sadly is why i still pay for the kids education for the woman I dropped. And they'll never forget you gave them the party
  17. I have just discovered how lucky I am. 6 months ago when I started to spend time here in Pasay two trike drivers decided I was a good target. Fortunately they mentioned their plans to one of the other trike drivers who is Grace's cousin. He passed it on and the two guys were spoken to by the family. When 25% of the barangay is the family I am now quite safe. Though I still have to walk about with my 3 protectors.
  18. A debut party is a 18th birthday party. I must have spent a fortune on making my kids 18th birthday parties a success in the UK so why shouldn't I do it here. The whole thing is do you want the kids to enjoy themselves
  19. Here's a sad story for you and you can tell me were I went wrong. I met a girl online early 2010. She helped me over a bad patch in my life as my wife had died 18 months previously. I didn't send money but said I would decide when I met her family. 7 3 to 4 weeks holidays later we get to august 2012. Now each of those holidays were with her and her family. Nice holidays they were as well. The August holiday there's another bloke there but her mother told me it was her oldest son. Yes the mother introduced me to her son. In January 2013 I moved to the Philippines. Now I moved because I was born in Singapore and had never been back. I was going to use the Philippines as a base to move round SE Asia and I had the cash to retire. I was a bit uncertain about the girl and this so called son but I still wanted to move. I landed January 2013 and was met by her and her two kids one 7 and one 3. I knew about the kids right from the start. Four days after I landed she disappeared from sight for 3 weeks. I sent a text to her saying it was finished and I was going looking for someone who wanted me. Got a reply but unfortunately to late. I had met Grace by then. So I texted her and told her it was over as I had met someone else. Up to 2 months ago I was bombarded with messages that she was going to kill herself and I didn't care. Well by then I didn't care. Then Grace and I decided we should get married and I put it on my FB page. Within a few hours I was invited to join another persons FB page. Same girl but married to the brother. So the whole time I spent time with her family they all knew she was married. The moral of the story is meet them online, meet their families but if it still seems strange walk away. And I didn't spend that much on her but it was still a shock
  20. But what about when the kids get to 7 then there is another big party Or maybe it just hit me
  21. you can buy the US marked imported beef at the US Choice level in most supermarkets in the NCR. Or that is what is marked on the packets I buy I don't like it that much as its been grain fed not grass fed like a true Aberdeen Angus cut. The place I used to shop at sold imported New Zealand lamb and imported American beef. The only thing I've missed is a proper melton mowbray pork pie
  22. Sorry I disagree with you Jack. And I've just spent the last two months on the phone with Inland Revenue. The tax free allowance is 10500 for those born after 1948. They say I owe them money which is why I've been on the phone. Never cash shares in when you're working it affects your tax code. With pensions the new rules will only affect those in countries who do not have the same rules as the EU and other countries who have agreements in place the philipinnes has an agreement
  23. This maybe should be a rant alert Now maybe I'm gullible but reading the rules document I see that those of you on 13A visas apply for both at the time of your annual renewal Section 10. Biometrics Capturing and payment of fees. – (i) Non-registered applicants shall be required to undertake biometrics-capturing, after payment of $50.00 ACR I-Card fee and P500.00 express lane fee; and (ii) Registered applicants with valid ACR I-Cards may request for biometrics capturing and issuance of new ACR I-Card with SSRN, upon payment of $20.00 and P500.oo express lane fee. Section 11. Renewal/Reissuance of ACR I-Cards. –Registered applicants for renewal/reissuance of ACR I-Cards shall undergo the standard ACR I-Card processing by the Alien Registration Division (ARD), before issuance of new ACR I-Card with SSRN. So to be sure I asked Bureau of Immigration and this is their reply Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines You may file said applications at the same time. Thank you! So whoever said you need to file the APR before the annual report sorry you are wrong. Now me being on a tourist visa pays 2930 every two months. 13a Visa holders pay 300 yearly. The new system will add 1300 yearly. The only people complaining about these new rules are 13a visa holders because they think they have to fill a form in in duplicate and it proves to them how corrupt the Philippines is. Us tourists just keep on whistling " Always look on the Bright side of Life" and enjoy our stay.
  24. Well I read it as a lot of those 1.3 million are those like me on tourist visas who have extended over the 59 days. We have never had our fingerprints taken. Though you would think being issued an ACR card and having it renewed would be classed as being registered. Correct me if I'm wrong but you normally have to register on the 13a visa once a year in March. So as you have a year to do this new thing wait till your yearly registration is due and fill in the form. There will probably be a catch somewhere.
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