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  1. Nickleback99

    My journey to finding a Filipina girlfriend...

    Welcome RF! Hope it all works out for you. Your situation sounds similar in some ways to mine (age), particularly that my Asawa is 33 and I'm now 59; met in '07 when I was doing some work in Japan, and stayed in touch along with my frequent trips to PI to visit when I could. We married in 2010 just few days before another trek to "A'poop-a-stan" right after some other work in Iraq ( I was USMC for 5 yrs early on, but left that to work for an "alphabet soup" agency with lot of overseas "stuff" that also landed me in some of the same $h!tholes you likely had pleasure to discover since 9/11.) I too am divorced, but from an American raised Filipina (long story, lots issues, with main one being hoarding...yikes!) Anyway, my asawa arrived US in 2012 after I was able to get back and settled here, before we later went together overseas to another location where I could take my family, just before I retired last fall. Anyway, it all worked out and we've a great marriage and a 3 y.o. son, now settled in Bellingham, WA. We do help out her family some, but nothing excessive. Keep the faith and I'm sure you will find the Filipina "love of your life" as many of us have. Best of luck and Semper Fi, even to a Soldier!....We are all on the same team. Respectfully, James C.
  2. Nickleback99

    when do i give up my business and start chilling

    I’m simply speechless....well not really, but I’ll not say anything else, or I might start twitching. Seriously, you Soundclike you are ready to stop, or partly stop, working. In that case follow your heart and head on to that beach you mentioned doing the part time gig. Plenty to live on and Manila is not going to do much to improve your health other than having the better hospital when you need it. Good luck!
  3. Nickleback99


    Just don't cross the little fat NK boy with the bad haircut, and will be just fine. Really wish the Chinese would dispose of the turd.
  4. Not sure about the tech specs, but I have Game Pass here in Japan and usually no problems. But another, although less favorable, option is if you can get G-Sat for TV coverage as they show a lot of NFL games and other sports on something I believe called "Sports Illustrated Channel"....whether it has any relation to the magazine, I have no idea. I watched a bunch of playoff games last yr with a bud down in Sorsogon City on his big screen Tv and it was excellent. Lucky for me, one was Seattle Seahawks, but I have no idea if they show all the season games on delay/replay, etc like I can get here in Japan on AFN, although I use Game Pass for some games, which is usually awesome (some tech glitches once in while).
  5. Nickleback99

    Holidays, vacations

    That's one of the things I look forward to the most, the ability to go when we want in relation to when the promos, etc come up and allow cheap travel. One fella I know in Sorsogon even got a RT tix to Seattle this yr for under $500, flying Asiana in Mar-Apr timeframe. Very much looking forward to traveling the PI and around Asia....I'm too much of a rolling stone to do otherwise. Soon!
  6. Nickleback99

    What is the deal with responsibility for lazy family members?

    As the saying goes, more or less, I'm all about "Helping those who help themselves." As for the OP for the thread, it clearly sounds like the friend has done exactly that by sending the now leech (or termite since he's eating away at the husband-wife relationship foundation) to school, not once, but twice and even teaching the fishing angle. It sounds pretty simply like the leech does not want to Work and he's got a free ride courtesy of his sister who does not have her hubby's back....THAT is not forgivable in my book. Tough choices ahead for the friend, but I could not live like that. Sound like all of us here have experienced some version of the same mess, whether it being them moving in, or constantly needing money. We are currently sending the only brother in the immediate family to computer programming school and he KNows he has to then get a job Somewhere. Fortunately he, my wife and her youngest sister all learned from watching two of the older sisters screw up their lives by dropping 4 babies each, at least to a same father of the babies, with no means or plans to support, etc, and they did not make the same mistake. My Asawa and young sister consistently drummed it into Jr's head Not to do what the sisters did and so far, so good (Fingers crossed!) On a flips side on that younger sister, she is leeching some off the monthly money we send Mom to clothe, feed and school all those young nieces and nephews, even though we sent her Twice as well to school, first being architecture, which I begrudgingly went along with, and she failed out 2nd yr, then to beautician school which is does do some of that (paid) at the house, but still not anything meaningful. We even brought her to Japan for 6 months this yr to expose her to outside world and pushing her to OFW...lot of manufacturing OFW jobs in Japan...but still nada on doing anything more. But, hey!..she did get to tour Osaka and Kyoto, plus Oki, and a freebie to Universal Studios on us! One other sister did work and her hubby works full time commuting into Manila, And they planned out their two kids...one reason, besides being Godparents to their first son, we built their little 2 room house for them...They work and first help themselves. All of the issues and examples cited throughout the thread are one of the reasons my wife is hesitant to move back next yr when I retire because of what she calls "the expectations"....and We All know what those "expectations" are, which I've firmly told her are Not MY expectations. And the sister who's been smart enough to age 30 now not to get preggers needs to get off the duff and truly go work, vice planning to "work" for us. In the end, I can afford to help and like to help Those who help themselves. The "friend" in the OP has some tough choices ahead, but I could not tolerate it and would simply give the ultimatum at this point And watch my back if in that position. I wish him luck...Ain't gonna be easy!
  7. Nickleback99

    What is the deal with responsibility for lazy family members?

    And the sad thing is then as teens and then young adults, those same "boys" remain spoiled and can do no wrong, while they make babies they cannot support over and over, don't work and expect the female and mother(s) of their offspring to also go out and work to pay the bills and pay for their smokes and booze. I say that having seen it in two BIL's who don't do jack squat for most part, despite having 4 kids, etc. The merry go round of this cultural aspect never seems to end, sadly.
  8. Nickleback99

    What is the deal with responsibility for lazy family members?

    Tough Love is exactly that TOUGH.
  9. Nickleback99

    Foreign national shot dead in Naval, Biliran

    Thanks Jack! Suffice it to say I do not plan to buy or invest in any land, or complain about someone else's land then; can't say same for my Asawa, but I'm not even getting involved or showing my face if she does. Moreover, not going to piss of anyone in authority, down to the lowest Brgy Captain.
  10. Nickleback99

    Foreign national shot dead in Naval, Biliran

    Wow, saw the video. Never saw it coming. Talk about needing head on a swivel! Good grief!...walking along minding his business, then boom!. Main thing I want to know is the "Why?" or motive. As many have said before on many sites as well, when you are still worth a decent amount of $$$ dead, much less if worth More dead, then other assorted "other" family members whom you refuse to support that do nothing to help themselves can sometimes be convinced they can put enough pressure on the Filipino spouse to then share more $ and help support them. Just wonder what back story is on this one.........
  11. Nickleback99

    Then and now.

    2007 and 2017
  12. Nickleback99

    Trying to have the last say

    Like Liam Nieson's character said in movie "Taken"......"Good Luck"
  13. Nickleback99

    NFL options ?

    I use NFL Game Pass Here Japan and love it. Gotta have my Seattle Seahawks games. Can watch Any games live or on demand anytime you choose, the later being commercial free, but the whole game. You also get NFL Network and can do the radio game broadcast of your choice (home or visitor). Your internet described is no problem. I'll be using Game Pass in PI 2018.
  14. Nickleback99

    Five (or Ten) Year Plan

    Reedstar, Welcome! I too am a Die Hard SEAHAWKS Fan...GO HAWKS!..Glad to know there are others on here. Having lived a large part of my adult life in greater Seattle area since first moved there From Philippines job in '92, when Hawks sucked, but Huskies were national champs under the DAWG FATHER Don James, I became an "adopted" Huskies fan of sorts, even though grew up in NC and went to UNC...well before NFL was there. Absolutely love the PacNW and I know a few forum members live there now. I listen to KIRO's ESPN Seattle 710 podcasts every morning here on my iPhone for my fix, and will do same in PI; so, another plus for you. Anyway, to answer some of your questions...NFL? ... Yes! ...you can subscribe to "Game Pass on NFL's site at very affordable price (about same as DirecTV "Sunday Ticket") and watch Any NFL game Live and Replay on demand as you like....just need a good internet connection, which Some places in PI do have. If one has the program in US, one has to wait until after the live broadcast to watch a game on the site. Replays are commercial free. You also get NFL Network streaming live. I watched all Hawks games last yr from here in Japan, and if you get up and watch live, you can try to synch the radio broadcast (also part of the program) to the video. Another option is something a guy I know in Sorsogon has, which is "G-sat" and he gets great reception that includes something named "Sports Illustrated Channel" that shows lot of NFL and all other sports. I watched live NFL playoff games with him there last January, no problem, no delay. As for Huskies games, I'm pretty sure that Pac12 Network went to internet last year and you can buy that and get Huskies games, I Think. ESPN also has paid content, But if you share a cable or satellite service with a relative back home, you can use that subscriber info to watch a lot of sports/games live via internet. I have several friends here who do that....just have to enter the account info when asked to on sites like CBS Sports and ESPN. Also, if you are M's or other fan for MLB, the MLB site has same thing NFL has for watching games via internet on paid service. That all said, Like you, I'm often torn between our plan to move to PI later this yr or first half 2018, vs go back to PacNW, although I'm less tolerant of those long, dark & wet winters in Western WA. We Could "afford" to live back there, and may eventually for schooling (have a near 3 yr old son now), but we are committed for now to move to PI for 5 yrs and bank as much as we can so that we can then pay for a house if/when we move back to US and be set, or remain in "paradise" and the sun. My pension will be maxed out and retained by me after 35 yrs, but the Ex got 80% of the 401k And the house from 2010 divorce; so, we need save a little more to be worry free later, and PI seems great place to do that as long as the we don't let any $$ vampires suck us dry, and we want to travel Asia some, while I also want to get fully back into diving with so much free time available. Like OnMyWay said, if you can Afford to live in US worry free, and from all you said, then I'd opt for that and just have long visits here, but in the end, you all have to make your own decisions. If you Do move to PI, I hope to watch some Seahawks and Huskies games with you!
  15. Nickleback99

    Fat Maid

    Lol. So! I'm not the only one! My mom used "China" vice "Africa", but same thing. And man we Hated those nasty Canned green peas! Still do. Fresh or frozen are great, but those canned ones weren't even the right color!