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  1. I drove and taught some with mine, but was too stressful, although it reminded me that most of Us grew up riding in cars, often front seat and no belts, etc back when, and our brains continually computed all that was going on, then on to riding GoKarts at age 10 and driving the family wagon down street at 14 before licensing and driving family car all over the place, etc. My wife had had not grown up riding in cars; so, had none of the spatial concepts when arrived USA in 2012, but we worked on it and got her permit. Then moved to Japan 2015 and paid for her lessons there and she learned to drive left side road and right side drivers seat enough to get around on short shopping trips once licensed. We returned to US late 2017 and once we got a Nissan Leaf elec car she could drive for size while I had my SUV, she started driving with me and increased weekly until got her license a yr later.....YEA! Freedom!!....I freed us both up to be able to get around without always joined at hip and well worth the $10K we paid for the Leaf with only 15K miles on it. She drives our kiddo to school and doc appointments and meets up with the gal pas some, etc while I work a post retirement gig. She still won't drive on freeway yet though. My point is all in all, worth every penny to get her to learn to drive and the independence that created for her and freedom for us both when needed. Now just need get her learn to drive the SUV and go back to 1 car some point. Funny side story is her mom in PI just wants to know if she can Park!
  2. I'll second that recommendation for The Avenue Hotel/Suites. We've stayed there multiple times on visits and always enjoy the stay and location. A couple others, depending on budget, closer to Greenbelt and Glorietta are Fraser Place and Somerset, which are more like serviced apartments. Embassy team put us up at Fraser on one working visit and I put family up there after a long stay in Iraq.....Was well worth it at the time. Have no idea now.
  3. Cool thing about Game Pass, despite the cost, is you can watch Any game Any time you want on demand. When I last had it in Japan, I could go back to prior couple of years and watch some old games if I'd wanted to.....No, I didn't want to, but an option either way. Good part for me is just being able to watch Seahawks anytime,. anywhere, along with a couple of other teams I enjoy watching in good match ups when I want to, since all the TV network contracts sort of isolate you where you live as to what games you get to see on regular cable. Finally, as I recall, I had to use a VPN in Japan to go to through to get the full package access to Game Pass. One Vikings fan, who just left PI recently after an earnest several years giving it a try, said he used Globe and it was plenty enough to get a good stream for Game Pass. Good luck. GO HAWKS!
  4. I figure This sums up Most (not all) Filipinas from my own experience now for 30 years and on my 2nd “Asawa”. Not sure it’s the temper or the fact they never forget something you said or did that gets us in “trouble” most.
  5. To include a serious butt whooping in my household I grew up in!
  6. Missed this thread earlier for some reason, but glad things seem to have worked out for you Don. Hope all mends well long term. This pics are not to appetizing, but real good reminder to us all. All good info from all the comments too. Take care!
  7. I thought you said it pretty well, but we all come in from different angles and life experiences that surely influence us wherever we go. I’d be first to say it “feels” different there in RP because it Is different, as are most all cultures different, both the good and the bad ....in the end, hopefully we’re all human. Deadly Events Here over the weekend were soul numbing. Posted on social media “I Fear our country has lost its soul.” ....But that’s a whole different topic.
  8. You are right about seeing what I’d describe as Grinding Poverty up close and personal; it has a deep somewhat unsettling impact, but makes one also realize just how lucky one is and Most Americans are. Many of us don’t realize just how good we have it. My eyes opened really in ‘83 in Beirut and the ‘89 onward in the Philippines and other 3rd world countries. It’s humbling.
  9. Suuuurrreeee they did! Admin note. Been said many times not to link to that site. Link removed
  10. And just Where does one find this particular Barangay Gary? Asking for a friend. 😂 Of course my Asawa would filet my steak if such were to ever happen.
  11. Totally agree if that’s the case. My response was just based on the OP, which maybe I read into too much and used that ol’ bad word “assume” even, that made me at least think he already has the means to move wherever he wants when he wants. If not, yeah a year would seem be a non-starter. Now reckon I need to read the rest of the thread.
  12. Yeah you need a very long stay as noted above. I lived in what I call “ PI Lite” 2.5 yrs back in early 90’s; means I resided on the Subic base mostly, but mostly worked off base; so, had that safe haven comfort zone to escape to when wanted. Of course a very different country then in many ways. I’ve been back around 25 times since from just a few days up to 30 days, including getting married there, and I’m still not properly prepared, But we are moving back there next Spring and look forward to what should be a much better lifestyle, travel all over, etc in addition to all the Expat annoyances and frustrations. If this was your first visit as sounds, ya got a lot more to figure out, although others like you have done it. If you have wealth already or an easy way to work on line from there making significant money, then you certainly have a head start And a way to give it a 1 yr test drive. Wish you well!
  13. Shower is huge, but private. I could’ve had a party in there last time when flew Asiana...Maybe won’t fly alone next time! Also, If one ever has long or overnight layover, plenty of free lounge chairs, etc on the same upstairs level to crash on, as well as a short stay hotel. I was told it’s best to make a reservation beforehand for the hotel. If in the lounging area, bring earplugs or noise cancel headphones, because all the floor cleaning is happening after hours.
  14. I flew them several years ago from Atlanta to Korea to Philippines in Coach. Seats then were comfortable and the service was very good. I did get the sense I was a second class citizen to the Korean flight attendants in relation to the Koreans on board, especially Korean men, but again, good overall. Best treatment I’ve had overall in an Asian carrier from US to RP was in EVA, but I’m not sure they even fly or originate beyond US west coast. Was I a 747 and the arrogant Chinese businessman man was all over me with his Big ass newspaper....attendant saw this and said come with me (Oh yes!...I wish! But she did take me to the upstairs deck with more room and Great service.
  15. When mine says, "Stop Talking", then I know I crossed some imaginary red line somewhere. Usually does not get visibly angry and almost never any tampo, But THAT LOOK! Oh, that LOOK! Shiver me timbers! It feels like that Neagan guy on Walking Dead holding his wire wrapped baseball bat, looking at you just before he whacks your head. Fear!
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