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  1. Awesome! An Anti-Woke shirt!
  2. As you noted DaveB, the rules and circumstances continually change. My Asawa and son just returned From PI to here in NW Washington and were lucky entering PI in Dec to do the one test only entering and only 1 day in hotel, as our 6 y.o. would lose his freaking mind if "jailed" for 6 days or more....he was bouncing off City Garden walls after just one day. Sure hope that things ease up by this Fall as we plan our escape back to the Philippines and hopefully Dumaguete when all said and done, as just can't see us hotel confined with the kiddo for any length of time. We've started the give away a
  3. Well.....Think I already found the answer at the elder law site. Your parent must be a citizen or resident of the United States or a resident of Canada or Mexico.
  4. I see OnMyWay's posts on ITN for spouse, but wanted to see if anyone here has experience with parents (Lola and Lolo) living with them and providing 100% of their support, AND listing them as dependents on income tax return as well as obtaining a needed US ITN for such? This would include them living in your/spouse's home in RP while you are going back and forth between two homes. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  5. Just quick follow up, more so because it emphasizes the need for expats to have a good medical emergency fund if gonna land in the PI long term, or maybe even short term. We got mom all fixed up for now, but certainly not cheap out of pocket and more than I would have paid out of pocket here in US with our insurance....$2K for the angiogram and about $8K for the angioplasty and stints and probably another $1K for all the hospital stays/expenses. Luckily we were able to get the $ transferred quickly and get it all done, as they guy with same symptoms and diagnosis as her at same time, same plac
  6. Will add one more thing....City Garden Hotel in Makati was Great to deal with and took good care of 'em while there for 24 hours. Good room service and they brought them extra bottled water at no charge.
  7. Don't have it handy, but there was a BI announcement on it, which confirmed. Son and mom landed Sat night, No problems entering since she had all over he ducks (paperwork) in a row, esp birth certificate, marriage cert for us and a notarized letter from me allowing international travel for them without me (only in case someone asked relative to custody kidnappings). The biggest hold up was the Covid testing as their flight was last of about 4 in a row and long lines. Even though pre-registered with Red Cross system with bar code, they still got routed to the local lab process at MNL since d
  8. I haven't worked in Thailand since the early 90's (didn't live there), but if i had that chance again, I'd be All Over It! Loved it then and from my friends who worked there later, it's certainly more modern than Philippines in lot of places. The Narc cops and embassy folks handled interpreter duties for us; so, getting around and working within the country was pretty easy as a result, at least back then. Had bud assigned to the office down in Songkla, married a Thai, and he Had to learn Thai on the ground as there was very little English spoken, but the former Atlanta cop became quite fluen
  9. Well, it's all worked out, for most part, since Phil. Govt removed the 9a requirement just in time for Xmas. Passport arrives this week and they fly out Friday via ICN. Used to be when paid for "Expedite Service" on passport, ya got it back in about 10 days. Now it's 4-6 weeks in age of Covid, etc. Son's will arrive at about 5 week mark since figure Thanksgiving short week slowed it down. Hopefully all goes smoothly once they land in MNL, get tested and quarantine.
  10. Thanks for running the gauntlet and sharing all your info and experiences for rest of us Dave. Can't wait to follow you before too long....sure hope before next June. Cray Cray world we are living in these days and no telling what's next. Just glad we have avoided election related violence and mayhem here....So far...but looking forward to departing for a long time or permanently.
  11. Thanks Graham. To add "insult to injury", Murphy's Law struck... we did not initially realize son's US passport literally expired just few weeks before all this hit the fan...5 yr passport only for kiddos. Anyway, new passport is ordered, then we'll get the 9a for now if wife still goes over, and either way, get his dual citizenship. Lola's treatment at least is proceeding and she now definitely needs angioplasty. At this point, looking forward to getting the whole family move done mid 2021. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks Dan and Don. After further discussion here at the casa, a calmer cabernet induced mind and scouring sites and forums on line and since too many moving parts on short notice, she may now go the 6-8 weeks with kiddo (it's kindergarten right now anyway), then come back and we'll get naturalization completed and dual citizenship accomplished, then make the more long term move if another world catastrophe, pandemic, asteroid strike(!), etc doesn't occur. After 2020?....ANYTHING is possible. Now I gotta go get some more ammo this weekend before Tuesday and the ensuing chaos! Have a good n
  13. Dan, looks like if she applies for a Re-Entry Permit, she can go out of the country for up to 2 yrs and return without issue. By then, we should know what we are going to do absent more curve balls thrown our way. Learning as we go and scouring government sites on internet all weekend along with grabbing some DHL type boxes. Thanks for all your help/feedback. Owe ya a few beers!
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