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  1. Yup and got the high ground in 3 directions, very gentle slope up the other side. I've thought about that moreso since the riots and nonsense started. Also added the 5.56 long gun I previously mentioned. As for the Gorge, we camped there just before our fires started and as Old55 said, it's damn windy over there....hence your windsurfing exploits, but dry as a bone and gorgeous in it's own way. Great concert venue Gorge at George amphitheater as well. All this makes me wonder why I'd think of leaving?!....might be the $$$ and 2 prior divorces.
  2. Yep, Tom Bodette. And yep, "Rainier, the beer from here." Think I'd prefer a PBR from what I remember, but they do have great commercials. Now, we have so many micro brews, can't keep up. Don, Another reason to consider WA...Fantastic local micro brews and now incredible wines from east of the cascades. Former apple orchards are now vineyards. Numerous clear alpine lakes here where you can see to the bottom. For cheaper housing, and exceptional lake areas, rivers, etc Spokane is also nice, over on Idaho border...hot dry summers, cold winters. Lot of Californians moving to Idaho as w
  3. Small world! My first home here was Redmond 1992...got 1800sq ft house on Education Hill for 154K if can believe that! Same probably $600K minimum now and Redmond not the horse town it was then with MSoft just taking off. Then moved to the orig No offense to Californians, but the Libs who moved up here in late 80's into 90's in first wave to "escape" costs, buy house and for cash and rid selves of Calif taxes unfortunately elected same type leadership up here as down there and Seattle metro has never been same...Komo News documentary "Seattle is Dying" avail online says it all. All things ch
  4. Don, you can still get decent houses here in 300's as long as don't want to live In Bellingham. In summer here, it's much like northern CA..crystal blue skies, semi hot and dry as a bone. Other towns/areas to consider in county are Birch Bay,. Blaine (at the border) and Lynden. Public schools also are excellent so far. Had bud whose daughter attended the International School in Singapore when working there, and when they came here, were very pleased with high school. She speaks Mandarin as well and heading to dental school now.
  5. I would add WA State to the list (if not already; haven't looked at all replies), But not the Seattle metro area. No state income tax so far and I've mostly lived here since '92, and besides the 5 blue counties that tell rest of us what to do, rest of it is fairly conservative to very conservative in some. We love Bellingham/Whatcom County as good mix and still 80 mi or so from Seattle and even closer to Vancouver, BC. LOTS of Filipinos here all over Western WA especially, with a lot of Navy bases, plus Army/USAF down south of Tacoma. Also Pierce county isn't bad. Real estate still going
  6. Dunno, but when I did spousal visa for my asawa to get to US after we married and after I finished an A'stan deployment, we paid next to nothing in Philippines to get anything she needed, which may have been needed nothing, since we'd made it through the red tape for our wedding in PI, and even that did not cost us much. As for fiance visa, maybe that's a whole different ball game on greasing palms? I've no idea.
  7. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/08/05/immigration-cost-applying-u-s-citizenship-dramatically-increasing/3304675001/ Starting Oct. 2, legal immigrants eligible to apply for citizenship will pay $1,160 if they submit their application online, or $1,170 if submitting a paper application. Under the new fee, immigrants will pay at least $520 more to apply for citizenship. That is more than 80% higher than the current application fee of $640. Other fees are also significantly increasing; so, anyone planning for spousal or fiance' visas, as well as green card for thos
  8. Priest says, "You may unmask the bride." Then the screaming starts
  9. I hear ya and second all of that. Was at San Miguel and Subic 89-92, and went back few times in past 10 yrs, even by the old house up in Kalayaan...Nothing is same Nor nearly as nice and well kept as was back then. They just discard the junk or construction debris on a vacant lot on the main base until someone ready to build on That space and so on. All the remaining orig buildings are poorly kept for most part. Other than having maybe a little more peace and quiet of lease living on the "base", doesn't seem worth it over all. Still loving my beers and wines here in WA (Bellingham), But we
  10. All great and savy advice above and so much info you have not provided about the girl, her family, how long known, met?, actually "seen" her, etc. I'll add from my own experience, after now wife and I lived together for a while in Okinawa, that when I went to visit and stay with her family in Bagong Silang (large slum outside of Manila) where they had a decent house among shacks, houses, huts, etc...the whole gamut.....No biggie culturally as my Ex is a Filipino American and I'd lived/worked in PI back in 90's, plus host of other 3rd world locations, but Still it was very different when in a
  11. For sure in US, you could have any one or more of a host of terminal diseases, including stage 4 cancer of any kind, and even on one's death bed, but if you also have Covid-19 when you die, they are counting that as a Covid death period, as I understand it. No telling how many that entails. Likewise, the very large number of deaths in NY and NJ were in nursing homes where sick patients were sent Back into the nursing homes, where disease spread quickly among a very vulnerable population. I'm guessing in the end, we'll never know the true numbers, same as the true numbers of those who have/
  12. THANKS DaveB! Yeah, we are looking daily to see about any updates to the process while "hunkered down" in B'ham. If Inslee does not open schools, we may do a exploratory trip this winter for a few months and scout out areas we think we want to live, etc, covid restrictions allowing of course. I just hope won't still have to quarantine any length of time upon arrival. Thnx again.
  13. DaveB,, Will be following your adventure/posts with great interest, as we are up here in Bellingham and have a similar plan as your timeline, just big difference of having a then 6 yr old in tow who will be finishing kindergarten when we finally do leave. Had planned moving late Nov this yr, but the pandemic and slower processes have changed all that to a probable 6 month delay if lucky. Since schools will be important and some speech therapy services for kiddo, our freedom of location selection is a bit more restricted. OnMyWay was also a great host to us back in '16 touring us aroun
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