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  1. Most hardware stores sell a rubber round drain cover, same that many use in a sink. We use on our basement shower here in US that a DIY prior owner did not properly vent. It works wonders to keep smell out. Not an issue when water running, but if sits a day, the sewer smell becomes bad.
  2. The buffing or smoothing out (I don’t know technical term for it) is removing/smoothing out the rough or jagged edges of the arthritic joint. I’ve only heard of it involving knees. Used to be big thing, earlier this century at least, when getting meniscus repair, till insurance said no more. I think used to also be done simply as a treatment for arthritis damage to knee joints regardless if no other reason to scope the knee. I agree on the different doc ideas and supplements. If it provides one guy relief, but not another, then good for the guy it does help. Costco sells a few supplements I use such as the Qunol liquid turmeric 1000 mg, the boron joint supp and the Mega Red krill oil supp That also has hyaluronic acid in it...they often don’t have it now, so I need to buy in line again. Do Any or all these work? I don’t know, as don’t know at this point how would feel if stopped. As long as I can afford it, will continue. Worry most about knees, hands and shoulders, since I’ve abused heck out of ‘em....as my older brother says, “This getting old crap suck the life out of ya!” Lastly, gotta stay as physically active when possible, since being sedentary only hastens the damage and breakdown. I did Keto and some version of IF for a bit too to get my weight back down to 175 and feels much better. Anyway, sorry for writing a “book” here! Good luck on the hip. If it works for you, do it!
  3. Don, I recently saw my ortho here inWA for knee issues, who used to be an ortho for the Denver Broncos during Elway’s Super Bowl wins. He said it’s now proven the noted supplements do not work via a large number patients studies using blind testing and placebos, as well as the buffing down of the joint surfaces they often do during surgeries; insurance companies quit paying for the later as a result . Said jury still out on stem cell injections, due to numbers needed to verify it works or doesn’t work. Said he’s seen apparent good results, but did not try sell me on anything. I had same meniscus issues as you in past as well, which this doc fixed before. In the end, since I still work out a lot, I quit leg extensions and keep on the squats, and the knee pain vanished. As for hips, only experience I have is nerve related as someone else mentioned. For sure a second opinion is wise, but at least hip replacements are much quicker to be up and going than knee replacements. Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. SM Fairview 3rd Floor Dental Breath Therapy Clinic Unit 106, Third Floor Dolores S. Aldave - DMD
  5. I know of a part time Expat, who both he and his wife got full implants done at dental center in newer Fairview mall 3 yrs or so back, before heading back home to US. He was very pleased with results. I believe paid about $10K each. I’ll see if can dig up the name of practice and add it later.
  6. From the courses I've attended in past on China, I'm confident They do believe exactly that. Gonna be one helluva fight some day.
  7. We'll be coming over from Bellingham next Spring, if not sooner.
  8. Thanks Dave. All the fees, rates, etc make my old Jarhead spin. I'll trust you all to know the drill far better than I; so, appreciate the input and guidance.
  9. Yeah, I can't figure it out either. I'll trust you and Dave to know lot more than I do about it all. Figure if we make it down to San Diego before we leave here, we'll try the BPI there to open an account ahead of time as well as bring fair amt cash when we travel . Lots to get figured out on all of this.
  10. Doesn't seem cheap .... $1,000 US = 50,,700+ pesos today and over $10+ fees. Wife uses Pangea to send money and the fee is cheaper believe ($3.95 ?) but in honesty, they do get you on the exchange rate which today is a straight 50.00P per $1; so lose 800P. So, is Transferwise a straight fee? Thnx.
  11. Mick, We are moving back next April and focused on the Antipolo/Taytay/Cainta (And Sta Rosa.). I’ll PM you as wanted to get some more insight to the area from an Expat. We have Filipina friend who grew up there, now in US; so, of course she loves it there and will show us around when back there same time. More in PM. Thanks, James C.
  12. THAT can never be good! Sounds like bottled H2O is the Only way to go! I still loved y’all’s place when we visited and will always appreciate your showing us around. Good luck 🍀 on the pipes!
  13. Goodnight all! I’m looking for some guidance/advice on home lease negotiation strategies in the bigger NCR area. Saw some prior topic threads with suggestions of offering around 11% under listing price or using the “hammer” to offer even 20+% less, noting the later risks shutting one out completely from Any counter offer due to “insult”. I realize those ideas might be better suited to buying vice leasing? We will need to lease a furnished home, of which are a decent number of those on line;, but not near as many as empty ones; so, that might weaken our position, But wanted to ask group for any suggestions on getting a lease price down. I’d prefer not to pay a full year up front, but we are ok with post dated checks for a year, etc. Any input is greatly appreciated. Hope to be there by April!
  14. Don, y’all’s water inside Subic is drinkable from tap still? If so, Guessing that makes a difference. I’m looking forward to some cheaper utilities there in RP for sure, although never having worry about clean drinking water 💦 here in WA is a plus. Our bare minimum bi-monthly water & sewer bill is $190 and in summer usually another $150 to keep the yard plants alive....sort of balances out with electric cut in half in summer here compared to winter. Can’t imagine California prices. Wish the Subic area had some good autism services available, as it would be high in my list!
  15. Now there’s a “loaded” subject! I simply don’t go for most part, and if I bow my head, eyes open, it’s simply out of respect for another’s faith or beliefs. I did agree and participate in my children’s baptisms and will leave to them to decide their own beliefs later. I’ve been at plenty of Fil-Am gatherings, where there’s always a blessing given before chow, and noticed a lot of Filipinas not bowing nor closing eyes, deliberately, which told me a lot. My Asawa is very much a non-participant in the church itself and often questions its policies, as she feels it does not help lift others Out of poverty, and she Knows poverty having grown up in Tondo, and later Bagong Silang. That all said, I have little faith in Man either, as seems we are pretty adept at doing a lot of bad things around the world regardless of beliefs or faiths. Maybe John Lennon has a good idea in this song, although not realistic, at least to me. Peace.
  16. And therein maybe lies the problem ...”multiple”.....but overall, you just never found the Right one in all those opportunities. I wish you better luck on the next part of your journey.
  17. Gotta say I do Not envy you one bit. Grew up with some bitter cold winters in western NC, but nothing out here in NW Washington like y’all both experienced in eastern WA. Did fair amount of work over there and Montana in 90’s, But no long term there. Worst heat experienced was the oven called Iraq. Anyway, reckon we’re all happy with a choice of the Philippines now or in near future. Cheers 🍻!
  18. Well, if you are ever over this side (Bellingham, etc), let me know and be glad to buy ya a beer, visit, etc. I'm looking forward to starting the journey sooner than later, just ned tie up lose ends here on few things and catch that non-stop out of Vancouver.
  19. It is nice up that coast! I lived at San Miguel Naval Comm Station back in the day (1990) and it was awesome! Lived right by the beach and backyard essentially was the beach...Carabao walking along beach with farmer every day, sunsets, etc and I was hooked...always knew I wanted to return after departed 1992. There was a fantastic furniture maker there, “Chen’s,” And his was the only one I found that never had any grit in his finish....bought beautiful Nara wood custom stuff from him, that the Ex now has ( but I got my sanity back!)...none of it ever cracked. Better though are Great beaches further north in Iba. Lots of stats at the then very peaceful Phil-Aussie Resort (rustic and fantastic) and we went back 2009 a different place, also great. Can’t wait to get back to stay next year.
  20. Scott, We are planning move next April, with your area 1 of 2 we are pretty much set on, reasons as set forth in my recent post, including LaSalle if I can get my nieces in there while living with us. Question is, How negotiable are rents in that area to your knowledge? I see some nice places in BF, but would like to talk down the rent if possible. Saw a prior string started, I think, by “Dr Shiva” and many said should be able get rents down at least 11%?or so, or go in with a “hammer offer” of way less and see what happens. Seems to have worked for a few, but those were all outside of the NCR. Your thoughts? Thanks, JC
  21. Thank you so much Intrepid! I appreciate the info and know as many say, gotta get boots on the ground. Last time Living (and working) there was 90’s, although have visited more than I can count in this century; so, no real feel for living there now. We will spend significant time in both areas of interest to see and feel the area, experience the rush hours, etc. Our budget is flexible and want to enjoy where we live house wise, since we are not going to be able to live the true beach/coastal dream once envisioned. Have seen some nice large, nice looking places down that way on line that appeal to us. On that note, I see other threads on here for negotiating Actual rent or sale vs listing price...thought seems be at Least 10-12% under or more. Does that still apply for Your area? I guess it’s all relative to time on market and other factors, but wondering how you worked your prior rental deal? I’ll seek out Scott H. as well, since he’s north of you and closer to LaSalle. Thanks again for the great info. I’m ready to go! JC
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