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  1. They have both similar set ups on Okinawa, although we've only done the water slide park, not the inflatable floating park. I think later is part of a hotel resort and when I've been to that beach , the Japanese kids seem love it. Everybody, locals and western, love the slide parks. Like most things in Japan, they are done Right AND Maintained well. Can't say I've ever seen anything maintained there long term, unfortunately. I'll look forward to the Subic Adventure water park soon, while still relatively new. My kid Loves one here and does all the slides at less than 3 yrs old...a good thing, but doesn't swim a hoot! Oh and the water parks here are anywhere from $4 to $10 or so for All 3 of us. Go figure.
  2. And I think It's really called The A.Venue Hotel and Suites when ya google or search for it. Send pictures of the adventure! Lol. Have a good one.
  3. Now That was dang funny Jake and Always Rt!
  4. Nothing better than afternoon delight. I'm not much a late night giddy up guy myself anymore either.
  5. Dang Jake! You fell asleep watching porn while the honey ko got hot? You are either gettin' old or that was some really bad porn!
  6. Last time we stayed City Garden in Makati was Dec09, the orig one I guess, and liked it. Yours might be the brand new one across street? Anyway We now usually stay at "The Avenue" or "Antel" suites which sits back off the main drag and has become its own cool little place of restaurants, outdoor plaza, live music, supermarket, etc. only 2-3 blocks from Burgos. Guests apparently no problem on my observation. Cost probably only around $60-70 per night for nice suite. Has pool and usable gym as well. Free breakfast avail. City Garden has a nicer gym if that matters. Can book it on most any major travel site. Have fun!
  7. "I miss those big year end bonuses and boxes of succulent Valencia oranges but don't miss the steamy porn shops and studios." Well if you ever get a Christmas card from Akira or Kira Kener, please share! Not that I'd know who they are....Lol
  8. I'm in the same boat, as son turns 3 this coming Oct, and since he's exposed to English, Tagalog and Japanese rt now on a daily basis, a little behind on "talking" or making sentences...even sounds like the Minions language sometimes! .... but thoughts are he'll likely be multi lingual by 4 like some of my friends here have experienced in Japan when kids were slow to speak either language early, and he seems to understand a lot of what we tell him already. As for schools in PI, we are thinking to add in some home school to supplement going to a private school of some sort in PI when we move down to Dumaguete in 2018 now, at least through elementary school, but figure by middle school, I'll be behind on truly helping him in algebra, etc; so, have a back up plan then for moving back to US if need be. However, I've friends who've had success in the higher priced private schools there in PI, except those may not be where we prefer to live, but then again, gotta do what's best for kids when time comes and will continually reassess the situation each year. I'm 58 now, so , no spring chicken and will be around 73 when he graduates High School.....I'm sure I'll hear "So nice your grandpa could come to your graduation" ! Decisions, Decisions.
  9. Welcome Poleman! We already met previously, but glad you made it to the fun and good times expat site, and I'll look forward to tossing down a cold one with you when we come to check out PP on our short list of PI retirement. Great write up by the way. Since Simi Valley is or was porn central for the industry, or maybe it was San Fernando Valley, no telling what all you saw down there from atop your perch! Have a good one. Oh! and great restaurant there, you may already know, is Badjao Seafront Restaurant ...the one set in the mangroves. We ate there on both overnights in PP in April. Great Place, Great Food.
  10. Congratulations Dave! Wishing you both Much Happiness! ...and we look forward to meeting you soon.
  11. Have used it and VRBO with happy success. Last we did was a Mission Beach town home in San Diego for vacation 2015 and it was great for us. Wanted stay extra night and since not rented, the lovely hostess allowed us to just stay free that added night...I left her with two nice bottles of wine. I believe we also used VRBO for a condo in Makati several times and were happy as well....ended up going to dinner w/ the owner on one trip.
  12. I was I Phuket in '91 doing some work along with great free time. It was Great!...so much more relaxed then. Can't imagine what it's like now, even post-tsunami.
  13. Except when ya throw us in the Tampo doghouse!
  14. Thing is for me, the Closer I get to retiring very soon and Being There, the more I find myself checking and reading on here multiple times per day, as well as checking other seemingly less active sites. ...All because it fuels the dream and keeps it going until the dream soon becomes reality. I also enjoy the wit and humor that's on display here daily. All Good Stuff!
  15. Yep, but hey, they still call it "eco friendly" ...all because the three story limit keeps it from towering above the coconut trees? Yeah we saw all that development and have some relatives who own land there where you noted north and that is skyrocketing in value; Good for them as they have worked their butts off the past 15+ yrs in El Nido down running a small Inn and such. We still haven't been to Coron; so, I'm looking forward to that next yr as well.
  16. It's been said above Kuya John, but for sure El Nido is spectacular, primarily Away from El Nido town. Still, it seemed much more quaint And Unspoiled (Uncrowded and Clean) when we went in May '09 than our 2nd trip back in April '17. Now it's much more crowded And still growing of course and certainly not the hidden jewel it was back then....Nothing that good and beautiful stays a "secret" for long, and like many things in PI risks being ruined. In '09, we swam in the bay which was Clean and decent then, but you could not have paid us to swim in what is now all gray water with gas/oil on top, and I was worried to even walk in out to our tour boat. Add to that, the wonderful aroma of poo along several streets in town now with semi covered sewer trenches. The outer islands were still fantastic, but were all crowded this trip on the same tour as last time. The Setting however, is still beautiful. One place I would like to go back to with just my Asawa for a romantic getaway next year is Ayala's very nice resort just outside of El Nido town, called "Lio". We visited the place this trip and it looked very nice and "self contained" and private. https://coconuts.co/manila/news/sneak-peek-heres-ayala-lands-seda-lio-el-nido-palawan/
  17. And it Never looks or seems as good the second time going back.
  18. All the more reason to drink some beers....Sign me up!
  19. Man, that is one thing I Do miss in WA State is the awesome micro brews and wines, although decent wines are here on Okinawa, and the beers aren't bad, But damned expensive for the later if you want microbrews on draft out in town. Looking forward to our "pre PI move" trip back to WA this Sept/Oct when the weather if Awesome, Football Season and at least one Seahawks game and a Huskies game (and over priced beers there) and being back in Seattle for a bit. If you are still around then, would love to meet up for a brew or two. As for micros in PI, there was some place in the new "mall" inside the Subic facility that I did some tasters that were pretty good. Guessing the Subic based pros can provide more info on that.
  20. Thanks. that sounds pretty good as well.
  21. Curious as to where in PI you are headed And why you chose that location. Asking As we are not far behind you ...about 6 months, and plan to likely start in Dumaguet. Safe travels and best of luck!
  22. MrT, how are schools for your 12 yr old? Curious as that'll be huge consideration for us once we move there with then 3 yr old and figure by age 10 we'll have decide on return to US or not for grades 6-12. Thnx.
  23. Just got theC.N. here on Okinawa for bout $5.50 a 6-pk. Pretty decent brew. S.M. Pilsner still about $4.50. Either is cheap by Japan standards where just a pint of local Orion draft sets ya back 500 Yen or $5 and micro brew drafts run about $9-10 !
  24. Lot of places in Japan have 2-3 hour, one fee all you can drink booze and eat appetizer type servings....Now that can be a real "danger zone".
  25. Tend to drink San Mig Light, along with occasional Tanduay or Emp. Light when down there. I usually will bring a bottle of JD, Crown or Absolut to share with family, and of course that's "gone" in one sitting no matter the bottle size or the booze. Up here on Okinawa, it's usually Orion or Asahi draft and the Okinawan sake "Awamori", particularly when we're out with the Japanese cops and counterparts. which can be good or be like lighter fluid, depending on distillery....the only sake I've ever seen mixed w/ water on rocks to tame it for many. My last rubber leg and rubber flap lips where they're moving, but not sure what language they're making was a such a night of all you can drink Orion and (good) Awamori, which was immediately regretted the next work morning. As my boss said, "Don't try to keep up with them. They're Professionals!" Good times!
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