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  1. Kind of like the blackjack dealer to Chevy Chase "Griswold" in Vegas Vacation movie: "How about you just give me All your money now and I'll give You a good kick in the nuts, and we call it even."
  2. Get some rubbing alcohol and put in spray bottle if ya wanna "hold my beer 'n watch this" entertainment, and get a good splash on one. They start melting or something and saw a couple flip over on back squirmin' and dyin'. It apparently destroys their exoskeleton and causes a slow painful death, but Die they do! Yeah I get bored sometimes when staying at family home in barrio in Caloocan.
  3. Now ya Really gotta be a good friend and get him back "in the game" asap! There's a definite cure for what he's got, and it's not back home!
  4. So True. As the one Springsteen song lyric goes, "I found living proof." And as the other fella said with friends happily married to Thais.... Yes, There Are a Lot of good, kind hearted loving girls in the third world
  5. I'm pretty sure no man can save another man from himself when the little head comes into play, But if you could get him to try another brand or diff cup of tea, it might make lightbulb go off for him. lol. Still, we all know there are good and bad ones, whether in the bar, the mall, the store, the church or the internet. Without going into details on my situation as to how came to be , we are very happy, married and with a son 10 yrs later and she waited through hell and high water for me for 5 yrs, to include me "running off" to Iraq and A'shita'stan 2009-11, with short break between, and got married week before I flew to A'stan... before I got her to US. And her family has been relatively low maintenance for most part. Anyway, I wish your friend much luck as I had!
  6. Was wondering if you had any luck in setting up shipment Out of the PI for your boxes? trying to figure out for us as we move To the PI, but with an exit plan if needed later on for kid's schooling, etc. thanks.
  7. Hmmmm, shoes or a car? Decisions, Decisions.
  8. Great answer (and question)! problem solved. My other thing would be That is what the car allowance is/was for; so, you sis made Your choice. I know, more easily said than done, but my wallet would be Closed for biz on this one. Up to wife what she does with her own earnings I guess. Other issue becomes paying it back?....Seriously?...what are the odds?
  9. Yep gotta have Good cilantro (and garlic, along w/ some Good peppers)
  10. The International School over near "The Fort" Most embassy kids go there and some who were in Singapore, which has one of best in the world, say it is comparable. NOT CHEAP! Think high school runs about $14K per year, little less for lower grades. www.ismanila.org Have "heard" decent things about The Brent School, but I have no other real info on that.
  11. Good to know. I've read other places that getting stuff, furniture, etc Into the PI via container, etc is easy enough, but getting it out and shipped back if one decides to return to wherever is next to impossible. Any truth to the "getting it out" part? Thanks.
  12. Man, more I look at Dumaguete, on line at least, and spent weekend looking at Ned's YouTube channel vids, the more that appeals to me. Houses to rent or buy are still very cheap for some great looking places. Looking forward to boots on the ground soon! Snowy, I'm pretty sure my Asawa will cut off the sausage and accompanying twins if I were to venture down that tempting road and found out....And I'm pretty sure she's serious! lol It's like the Springsteen song, "You Can Look, But You Better Not Touch". I was a "bad boy" for a number of yrs, but I've settled down since we got serious and then married. Still, I'll be cheering for ya! Good luck.
  13. Good to see you on here Steve! you nailed it on your longer reply above about we aren't gonna change a thing and change is inevitable. Look forward to a beer with you in our both soon to be future "home" country. R/James
  14. Yep, something along those lines...did near 5 yrs in USMC back in 80's, joys of Beirut and that mess, and realized it's a lot more fun and freedom doing something similar on the Fed side working for one of the alphabet soup agencies. Should've pulled plug last yr, but my asawa and I also wanted to do Oki together married, as where we met in '07; so, here we are. So when all said and done will have about 35 total yrs and nice retirement. My Ex, a US raised Filipina, got the house in WA and most of the TSP, but we'll be fine with what's left and the pension piece, as sure you already know and experience. Anyway, heading to Palawan next week for vacation, then back here to start the countdown. We look forward to meeting you when we move down in the Fall! From a former Marine to the Master Chief, Semper Fi !
  15. Great news to hear as I've read through the 9 pages here on your adventure, and a happy outcome no less! Congrats! Nothing like the love of a Filipina, and having been married before to a US raised Filipina and to a Native Filipina now, can say you picked the best route I think. Best Wishes to you both back home and look forward to reading/hearing more about your future together and a future move back to paradise some day. Best Regards, James C.
  16. Dave, enjoyed reading over your blog and watched the vid just now. Dumaguette is also on our short list when we move down this coming Fall 17, along w/ Palawan, Zambales and a few other locations as maybes. We hope to meet you and Janet when we finally make it down to Dumaguette to check it out probably early 2018 depending on how things go. I'm struggling w/ the move of furniture (family heirlooms over 100 yrs old), while here on Okinawa, since my employer will ship 'em there or back to Seattle for me at retirement, where I could give to my daughter and son; just don't want to part with 'em. We'll see. Problem same as with you, is where to send or ship 'em to in PI while renting and looking around for where to live. Not like they have storage units down there! Anyway, look forward to hearing more about your move and experience!
  17. Snowy, are you now in Palawan/Puerto? Myself, wife and parents (and our 2 yr old) heading down Next Sunday 23Apr for couple days, then up to El Nido till Friday and a day back in PP before flying out. Would love to meet up for beer and talk about the area, your experience so far, etc. We'll be moving down in Sept and Palawan along w/ Dumaguette, Zambales and perhaps Baguio on our radar to try out for few months each before deciding. Anyone else on Palawan, would love to meet up for same. James C.
  18. Finishing up career in Okinawa, JP and asawa and I will then move back to PI around Sept '17, but we go back and forth to PI a lot now as I have since 2007, then we married in 2010 week before I headed to A'stan (just in case the worst happened and she'd be taken care of vice waiting any longer). Anyway, I see growth changes every time I go back to PI and as friend told me who moved into an Ayala development in Sta Rosa area in 2008, it's now just like Manila and over grown without supporting infrastructure. Since I worked at Subic at the base "back when" '89-'92, changes there are immense since then, some not for better. Sure more to maybe do and such on the "base", but it's much more run down since then and lots of heap piles and dirtier, etc. It was a mini paradise I think back in the day. As for going back to Seattle, which I do a few times per yr to see older daughter and son mostly, the Amazon and tech growth there has fueled massive growth, But I'm getting priced out of the market there for owning a house there anymore and the price growth there just fuels more price growth further out as more and more people seek the "dream" and are willing to start doing hellish commutes like they do in SoCal. Sure, lots of far cheaper places to live in US, like NC where I grew up, but PacNW beauty and fun is beyond comparison. So, with more diving in future, looking forward to picking a spot in PI to hang my retirement hat and be able live well on what I have and will bring in $ wise in retirement.....Other than getting older at 58, September cannot come soon enough!
  19. I'm sure if you search through here and other sites, you'll find lots of info on where to live/not live in Manila. Wherever you work, keep in mind trying be near where you work for any commute as traffic is horrendous and any public transport if not going to get you there any faster. Light rail is minimal and Beyond crowded. As for schools, most US Embassy kids go to The International School, which friend of mine says is comparable to same on Singapore, where his child attended and that one is rated as one of best such schools in world. Brits also run a school The Kings School also said as good(?) Near Mall of Asia. All are very expensive. You're looking at $14K plus for The Intl School. Either way, do your research and bargain with employer for education allowance and housing allowance. As for hubby working in PI, that' s a whole different topic, but lots of restrictions unless he gets a firm of some sort to hire him for a job there in advance. Again, cruise the expat sites for the questions you asked as lots of info and answers many times over. Good luck.
  20. Love reading the progress And seeing the pics. We will be moving down NLT than Nov18 and will be looking in several provinces for the right place and then the right property to buy and build. Thanks again and keep 'em coming!....I need to learn all I can from others' projects on building a Good one in the PI.
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