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  1. Well I have a few things in mind but they'll stay there unless I come face to face with the a$$hole
  2. You are making me curious about Lipa City, John. What's so special about it ? How does the weather compare with Tagaytay ? Sorry I've gone off topic.
  3. I have a big one ( I think a certain person will comment about this) and I made a little trolley to cart it about. (the sprayer) I found the spray blew everywhere and killed stuff I didn't want killed. Now I use a watering can with half the holes covered. Much more control and easier to use. Mike J you can find another sprayer here. Pop by anytime, it's yours !
  4. Of course I don't.... Jeez..... But I'm in cold, cold Perth not in a hot country full of hot, beautiful, willing women. Until then my ipad air will have to suffice. It's quite sexy. It has a Logistics keyboard case you know. (Thanks Alby. It's always nice when somebody bites !)
  5. Nah now that the news is out there will be standing room only. Prices will increase 100% to lighten the wallets of new foreigners. :yes: Yeah, the man's right. Dumaguete is out !..........Possibly..........Maybe..........Perhaps :unsure:
  6. Well here I am sitting on the fence (again) I agree with most of what Becky has said though I think she could have been a little more circumspect. Most of you guys have wives or girlfriends and when you read Becky's post you think of them and bridle with indignation on their behalf. That is understandable. I am older than most of you guys here and have no girlfriend. In the event that this might be resolved in the not too distant future. (The girlfriend bit not the older than you bit) I will consider it my responsibility to do all that is reasonable to keep my girlfriend happy. This will be much easier if she feels the same. For myself I feel there's nothing I could do 20 years ago that I can't do now. This probably can't be right but its how I feel. Certainly my job keeps me on my toes. I can still go up against a man twice my size. (It's the fast little guys with muscles like cord that I'm afraid of.) My penis seems to be working ok, but I don't know how long that will last. Until I start to drool there's nothing wrong with my mouth and there's more than one way to skin a cat. When I can no longer perform to my own satisfaction she will have my blessing to go. Actually she will have that choice from the outset. You can stay with me or you can go. Your choice. I'm not a jealous type and I will not check up on you ever. but if you cheat on me and I find out, you're gone. However much I love you, however much I need you, you're out.
  7. Yesterday I became the proud new owner of an ipad air. Yep, thats right folks an ipad air. This for a man who gave up his abacus only last week (It seems) Now, to bring me up to date with the latest news, re computer stuff, I've been reading through the topics here in this section of the forum. Just as I thought, it's all gobbledygooks. You guys must spend some time sleeping and the rest of the time having sex with beautiful young ladies and fooling around with bloody computers. You need to get a life !!!! Having said that tonight I will sleep with my ipad air in the hope that it will imbue its new owner (maybe by osmosis) with computer skills second to none ! I'll get back to you.
  8. Dumaguete it is then ! ...............Possibly............Maybe.............Perhaps. :unsure:
  9. Help me I'm being seduced !!! Nope, nope, Back to the Philippines. You guys are making decisions very difficult for me.
  10. What I really wonder is why you would concern yourself. Why does the age difference matter to you ? I don't really understand your motives for posting. Is it to tell us something you think we don't know ? Are you trying to enlighten us ? Or do you just want to vent your opinions here ? (yes, you can do that) Ok, the age difference offends you, and you appreciate seeing a kano with a similarly aged wife. Why ? What possible difference can it make to you? There are situations much more worthy of your outrage, mate, just go live your life as best you can. " Maybe when you hit your 60's you just don't care " (quote) ........ I think it was late 30's in my case.
  11. It was probably only yesterday sonjack. Booze plays havoc with the memory. :hystery:
  12. My own definition of "good girl" is one who is thoughtful, kind, considerate, loving, generous, loyal, tender, sweet, calm, etc. ( Not in any particular order ) If you can find such a girl/woman " wherever " Grab her, because her history counts for nothing.
  13. Thanks for the detail Carl. I suppose the above is seductive. It's certainly a powerful incentive. The second home program has no interest for me. The only benefit would be the 10 year visa but that's not worth the over $100,000 investment required. A visa run to Sadao every 3 months would be easy. 2 hours by bus and might be fun. Sadao is just inside the Thai border and becoming like a mini Pattaya servicing Malaysians and Singaporeans. Now this is really scary and should be enough to frighten the bravest of men. I'll admit it frightens me ! To finish I wouldn't move anywhere unless I'd stayed there for 3 months and that includes the Philippines. Sorry last quote should be attributed to Papa Carl.
  14. Yeah well not being the least bit religious I find most religions a bit of a pain. But as long as I'm not personally affected I'm happy to let people get on with it. Some things annoy me though. Why, on the dating sites, are most of the filipinas god fearing ? And why are they so proud of being afraid of god? and why do they want to get together with someone else who's also afraid of god? (must be god fearing ) Truth is though I'm just playing devils advocate for all you Philiphiles ( Hey I think I just coined a new word) Yes I want to look at Penang. Also Nha Trang and some other places too, but I think PI is the place for me.
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