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  1. we are completely repainting our Patsada Cottage, inside/outside, wood, hamakan, concrete....Where in Cagayan de Oro do we find the best selection, the best prices and the best service for buying paints??Thanks for your help.Patsada
  2. I know these guys personally - I understand they run the one and only free-diving school in the Philippines.Every year, usually in May, they offer their courses on all levels on Camiguin Island!GreetingsPatsada
  3. 4 x 4, 4-speed, low speed differential,2.7l diesel, left hand drive, black with white canvas top, mechanically and esthetically overhauled, 2 new batteries, good all terrain tires, good driving conditions; location: Camiguin Island year of construction and actual mileage: unknown asking price: Php 275.000 - negotiable
  4. thanks for the information but, attention: You attempted to access:http://www.tribuneonline.org/metro/20111016met5.htmlThis is a known malicious web site. It is recommended that you do NOT visit this site. The detailed report explains the security risks on this site. Patsada
  5. ....much depends on WHERE in the Philippines you go....For example here in Camiguin, in June/July there is absolutely no rainy season yet which usually starts Nov and peaks in DEC/JAN...and even during the rainy season, we usually don't encounter floods, standing brown waters and landslides...so choose your destination well and you can avoid a lot of possible trouble Cheers,Patsada
  6. anybody covered by BlueCross?? experience? thanks,Patsada - still in good shape! :cheersty:
  7. well, it's correct that Camiguin is a province on its own, but it belongs - administratively speaking - to Mindanao, which unfortunately often leads to misinterpretation of "safety/security advises".The Australian travel advise, however, is a sign of ignorance and a clear offense against one of the safest and friendliest places in all of the Philippines! Cheers,Patsada
  8. ]Forget about all the pizza places I've mentioned, because the best pizza ever only comes from the Italians with their secret home made sauces and dough and their home grown herbs, spices, cheeses and cuts of meat and or sausages! 30 yrs ago I found such a place when I was living in of all places in Bell City, Arizona. There was this Mom & Pop Italian Pizza restaurant that made the best ever authentic home made pizzas! Other than that, all other pizzas I ever had are just imitation pizzas in my book! :dance: absolutely right, you are!Only and exclusively the REAL Italian pizza, thin, sl
  9. if I had not met my Filipina right at the moment when I was to decide my emigration, today - for sure - I would live in Panama (Pacific coast)! Patsada
  10. ...we are selling our pool billiard table - the only thing is, there comes the main house, the 2 cottages, the swimming pool....... all on about 8000sqm of breathtaking overlooking land, with it.....or let's put it that way: if you buy our property, the pool billiard table goes with it - gratis! :dance: irresistible, isn't it?! cheers,Patsada
  11. thanks, Jake!the place is really amazing but during the years it's resulted simply too big for the only 2 of us (aging...)Furthermore, we'd like also to retire from the cottage rental biz.Definitely, we'll stay on Camiguin, we already bought the land but before building a new and surely smaller house, we first have to sell Patsada estates.....
  12. Unique Overlooking Villa plus Cottage Resortdirect sale from ownerPhp 13.750.000,00 Lot size ca. 8.000 sqm Total floor area main Villa ~ 300+ sqmTotal floor area Cottage A ~ 60 sqm Total floor area Cottage B ~ 40 sqm A one of a kind tropical hillside estate in nicely landscaped lush flower, fruit and palm gardens, with a 3-storey main Villa and 2 self-contained guest cottages, built at the most desired location on all Camiguin Island, with an absolutely breathtaking 180° view over White Island and the Bohol Sea, with the island of Bohol on the North-Western hor
  13. Hi Jim, not quite right: they were supposed to start flights in March, but they didn't. The start of the scheduled flights was simply postponed.....
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