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  1. An awful lot of good advice here and I will add my .02 cents. ”an ounce of prevention “ comes to mind.
  2. If you’re a poker player this also puts new slant on the term “dead mans hand”:)
  3. “It’s more fun in the Philippines”
  4. Don’t think I can offer any water, drilling or piggery advice but I want to join others in saying I have enjoyed many of bj’s post and will welcome him back if he so decides.
  5. Some good information from JJ. and others. I found some very good financial news by googling “ Philippine national debt”. There are a number of excellent articles outlining current conditions and future economic outlooks for the PI. I might add it’s quite an eye opener.
  6. Speaking of a 3 story house, I remember hearing that you know you’re getting old when your sweetheart says, “honey let’s go upstairs and make love “ and your reply is, ”can’t do both “ :)
  7. I believe strongly in the power of persuasion. If unsuccessful, I believe in the persuasion of power. it’s amazing what a few hundred pesos can get done. only because he’s a foreigner. Would not suggest with a local.
  8. Often referred to as “mindless T.V.”
  9. Yes, she would be the only wise one in office.
  10. Steve, sounds like some salesmanship might be in order. Maybe touting the quality of your plan as opposed to the extra travel time of the other.
  11. Jack you’ve touched on something that’s often a topic of conversation in our home. We constantly have an abundance of leftovers in the refrigerator. When I open the refrigerator it looks like a Tupperware distributor. The refrigerator is always jammed full of leftovers. You would think we could estimate the amount to cook but my wife always wants to make sure there’s enough. I thought that’s easy to resolve, get a larger refrigerator. The only thing that did was create a need for more Tupperware. Until today all I’ve learned is to eat the food in front. However, Bob has provided the answer, a smaller refrigerator. Thank you Sir
  12. Sorry JJ, can’t go political. Hope your trip went well. Looking forward to your insightful post.
  13. My goodness Jake, you’re at it again. Is this your sparring partner? :)
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