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  1. “It’s more fun in the Philippines”
  2. Welcome Marvin, thanks for sharing, I’m enjoying your post.
  3. “Add more comment. And fixed a dangling participle” Thanks Tom, another inexpensive device that I will certainly consider. Glad to see you fixed that participle as you never want your participle to simply dangle:)
  4. Yes Tom, the device cost $99 and the additional monitoring is $99 yearly. However you don’t have to purchase the additional monitoring. If you send the ekg for additional scrutiny, I believe there is a charge of 9 or 10 bucks. I find the cost minimal compared to the potential for avoiding a problem such as Geff was able to do.
  5. Thanks to all who are sharing their personal experiences and knowledge gained therefrom. This is one of the most beneficial and informative subjects I’ve read. I would like to add my personal experience in hopes someone may benefit. About 10 years ago during my annual check-up I was found to have mild afib. I was prescribed baby aspirin and thankfully have had no recurring episodes. A couple of years ago I came across a device called “Kardia mobile”. This is a 30 second 1line ekg. It only cost $100 and there are additional monitoring services available at additional cost. I use mine 2 or more times daily. I also take a printout to my doctor for my annual checkups. So simple, so convenient and it provides me great peace of mind. I bought mine in the U.S. from amazon. Don’t know if this device is useful in an emergency, but for those who have this rather common anomaly this can provide an early warning that might prevent an emergency.
  6. Excellent post regarding an important subject. While I am only minutes away from the best hospital where I live, I am always concerned about evening and holiday staffing. I have seen 2 close friends suffer fatal heart attacks that may have been survivable had emergency care been available more quickly. I am eager to read what members have to offer.
  7. When it comes to spam, everyday is fryday.
  8. I've never seen a happier face on someone when we gave him the finished product. AK, you have certainly gained my respect and admiration. Don’t stop being you.
  9. Yes I am although I didn’t know this was one of his. Thanks for that bit of information.
  10. Unfortunately common sense is not very common anymore.
  11. I was not educated about investment strategy but quickly learned the hard way that the number one concern should NOT be “return on investment” instead it should be “return of investment”
  12. I’m not sure that greed or stupidity completely describes what I see in lots of the victims of these scams. The level of naïveté and unsophistication is mind boggling. I think most of those who are victimized have absolutely no idea of what 30% return means and what is necessary to achieve and maintain that level of return. I think it’s more like buying a lottery ticket to most. We notice that the couple of people who tried to borrow money have said that they got their money back but immediately change the subject and I think they are ashamed to admit they were scammed as they were warned and tried anyway. Sadly they will become victims again and I guess this is where the greed or especially the stupidity comes into play. This happens all over the world. “A fool and his money are soon parted”
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