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  1. Yes I am although I didn’t know this was one of his. Thanks for that bit of information.
  2. Unfortunately common sense is not very common anymore.
  3. I was not educated about investment strategy but quickly learned the hard way that the number one concern should NOT be “return on investment” instead it should be “return of investment”
  4. I’m not sure that greed or stupidity completely describes what I see in lots of the victims of these scams. The level of naïveté and unsophistication is mind boggling. I think most of those who are victimized have absolutely no idea of what 30% return means and what is necessary to achieve and maintain that level of return. I think it’s more like buying a lottery ticket to most. We notice that the couple of people who tried to borrow money have said that they got their money back but immediately change the subject and I think they are ashamed to admit they were scammed as they were warned and tried anyway. Sadly they will become victims again and I guess this is where the greed or especially the stupidity comes into play. This happens all over the world. “A fool and his money are soon parted”
  5. Mark, thank you for your efforts to keep things going smoothly on the forum. You should know that I also respect your opinions and I appreciate all the valuable information you have shared with us. I totally understand as I also have some strong political opinions and it’s oftentimes difficult for me not to express them. I look forward to enjoying your post in the future.
  6. There is a scam called “kapa” which is very popular around Mindanao currently. My wife has been invited to participate a number of times and folks are even asking to borrow money to “invest”. We know of one person who was willing to borrow against their house. I think we convinced them not to, but not sure. Unfortunately those who can least afford it are the ones who become victims. Glad to see authorities are aware and taking steps to protect the unknowing.
  7. Frog legs for dinner?
  8. Peace and love my friend.
  9. Seems like you’re the one who’s pissed simply because I asked for clarification on a comment where I agreed with you. Maybe you should take your own advice and let it go.
  10. Dave how about we also add a “ WTF is wrong with people” button:)
  11. I might be wrong on this, but I think Dave’s comment was “ tongue in cheek” and meant to be humorous and I found it quite funny. Might I suggest decafe.
  12. Some things are best unsaid !!
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