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  1. A rather disgusting commentary on the inhumanity of man [woman], and yes Bob, I totally agree that forgiveness would be difficult to summon in a situation like this. This is a person devoid of remorse and with malice in her heart. I can only hope that the child and her family can quickly recover from this horrible ordeal.
  2. Thanks for the link, I would never have thought to look there.
  3. Finally, the logic of polygamy.
  4. Bob, thanks for bringing this post to my attention as it is one I had not read. I must say that reading through all the comments gave me reason for pause and to give serious thought to the OP. So many times we forget the the real reasons we are either happy or sad. In my case My present happiness has a great deal to do with my wonderful wife, so I guess I can say my love affair with the Philippines began shortly after my love affair with my wife began. I was not an unhappy person prior to my marriage and quite frankly my life here in the U.S. was not bad at all. Overall I have been I have been blessed in my life. Although I had a couple of failed marriages, I had no bitterness as I knew the reason was my uncontrolable drive for more. Quite simply, I was a workaholic. Seventy and eighty hour work weeks were the norm for me. Being desparately poor and an orphan as a child taught me to take care of myself and that no matter what, always have a few bucks in my pocket. After my last failed marriage, I spent a lot af time alone and tried to answer that age old question, "what do I want to do with my life?". I decided to take a long vacation as I had not had one in many years and a very close friend {Filipino} suggested I visit the Philippines and have his family show me around. I thought this was a great idea and off I went. After a couple of weeks there, I found myself attracted to a lady much younger than I {30+ yrs.}. I thought, Mike, don't be silly, this lady is only being nice to a visitor. Well, sure enough, my host ask me if I would be interested in dating this lady and of course I said "yes". Once I finally realized that this lady was truely interested in me, the emotional flood gates opened and I fell madly in love and remain so today, some 12 years later. As I quickly became a frequent flier to the Philippines and met more and more of her family and friends, I realized what real true happiness was all about. I saw so many people with so little in the way of worldly possesions and yet so much love and caring for family and friends and , yes, strangers too, I soon knew this was the place I wanted to spend the rest of my life. Before we became married, I explained to Mai {my wife} that I already had grown children and so children for us was not an option. While she really wanted to have children, she accepted my position and we were married. As we were together longer and longer and I realized what a wonderful person she was and as I mentioned being an orphan myself made me think it would be a shame not to allow some child to have her for a Mom. In 2007 we decided to have a baby and we now have a delightful 4 yr. old son. As Jack said, "home is where the heart is" and for me that's the Philippines Mike
  5. Thanks for that info Jake, I believe it was Mark Twain who said, "never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel"
  6. Jack, I am aware of the one member barred, as I am the one who responded to his outrageous comments and quoted him in my response. I am not aware of the other member barred. will you please inform me. BTW, I am in total agreement with the forums action in barring the member mentioned above.
  7. I believe it is a beckoning call for a delightful evening.
  8. Stayed out of this long enough. Since I am Mike also, I have to say how can one not take your outrageous accusations as personal. You have maligned and defamed many of our wives here and apparently take some pleasure in stiring the pot. There are many other sites and blogs which no doubt appreciate your foolishness, I for one do not. I love my and respect my family and I not only expect, but demand it from others as well. While I know personal attacks are forbidden on this site, I will take my chances. YOU SIR ARE A POMPOUS ASS.
  9. nor cal mike

    Age ?

    Do you speak from experience? If so are you sure it was age that created the need?
  10. nor cal mike

    Age ?

    Do you mean that the ones who are unfaithful are the exception or vice versa? I believe that character not age determines one's faithfulness.
  11. You are correct in saying a good forum is made up of varying opinions, However, I think it was your blanket indictment of all {95% in your latest statement} Filipinos that has ruffeled the feathers of some forum members. I live in the Philippines only a few months a year for now and have operated a small farm for about 4 years. ALL of my employees are family members and I could not be happier. They have proven to be reliable,trustworthy,appreciative and very loyal. I doubt that this forum would reject anyone for expressing their opinion, as you can see many have replied to your comments in a respectful way which allows for an ongoing discussion. Again I ask if you think there are any redeeming qualities in the Philippines and is there anything that would change your mind.
  12. nor cal mike

    Age ?

    I'm not real sure what you're trying to say, as you're being very cunning in your remarks. However, if you're trying to say that the young wives will be unfaithful, I think you don't know of what you speak. Sounds as if you are somewhat unsure of yourself and looking for someone to blame for 4 your insecurity. Please correct me if I misunderstood your comment and please be more forthcoming so as to prevent any misinterpetation. In other words, say what's on your mind and don't make us guess.
  13. I think with more input from members and visitors from this site and other expat sites "expatistan" could become a viable tool for those of us who plan to live in the Philippines.
  14. I have spent a great deal of time in the Philippines over the past 12 yrs. and am planning to move there permanantly within the year. your post has certainly sruck a cord with me. I would like to hear more specifically what you are refering to and I think other potential expats would as well. Of course the obvious question for me is why have you continued to stay? Are there any redeeming factors, and is there anything that could change your mind? Please share with us all you can as the move to the Philippines is certainly the biggest change ever in my life.
  15. I sure wish these models were available a few years ago as I would probably have bought one. Anyone want to purchase a good 4wd dual cab multi-cab? [he-he]
  16. Sorry forgot to include url. http://www.expatistan.com/
  17. Found this great website for comparing cost of living all over the world. I was not able to search my precise location either in the Philippines or the States, so I simply picked nearby large towns or cities. I don't know how accurate it is, but would sure like to hear feedback if others care to try it.
  18. nor cal mike

    Age ?

    I know of two Filipino couples with a substantial age difference and I think the reason it is more prevalent in Asian culture is due to the fact that Asian ladies are much more practical in selecting a partner. My take is that Filipinas [Asian Ladies} find stabilty and security much more attractive than abs and curly hair.
  19. Thanks Phildiver, It's great to see a current price comparison on everyday items. While I live in Butuan City when I'm there, it's always good to know what goes on in other places. We do most of our shopping at the wet market and I think our prices are somewhat lower. Thanks again for all that work. Mike
  20. Dali, This is a very interesting topic. I think the comments from both sides have a great deal of merit. My advice would be to carefully consider the advice others here have offered so as to make an informed decision and then please keep us informed as to the outcome. Best of luck to you, regardless of your decision. Mike
  21. I have had my Suzuki multi-cab for about 3yrs now and find it fits my needs. We have a small farm outside Butuan city and the truck serves a double purpose for us. We use it for all our farm needs as well as our primary mean of transpotation. We are there 3 to 4 months each year and when we are here in the states our caretakers at the farm use it for work such as produce deliveries and getting supplies. We have the 4wd model as we are off the main road and we have the dual cab for more passenger room. I have found it to be reliable with virtually no repairs except tires and regular service. I will try and find out who the assembler was and post that info here.
  22. Speak for yourself Brock. I think you are way off base. While a lot of men are married to younger Filipinas, I seriously doubt the main reason is boobs. Who would want to be in an unhappy relationship just for boobs? Seems to be somewhat shallow. I think the reasons for most men I know who have married Filipinas have to do with loyalty, family and honoring their vows and commitment. I have never heard boobs mentioned before today. No offense intended, just keeping it real.
  23. You are so right about this Mike, however, from a strictly selfish viewpoint, it makes it all the better for those of us who choose to create a loving and caring enviroment with our partner.
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