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  1. I just got my 13A here in New Zealand. Had to do a full medical including chest x-ray. It is only good for 12 months. The Philippine embassy issued it but put all my documents into a sealed bag which I must hand to Immigration at Manila Airport. It looks like I will only have a probationary visa even though I got it in NZ.
  2. Hi Will I need a chest xray and full medical to convert a balikbayan visa to a 13A visa?
  3. I am married to a wonderful Filipina and we are thinking of buying a condo or small house in Tagaytay or maybe Batangas. I will soon be 65 and retire. If anyone has any good pointers for me it would be much appreciated. I have been to the Phils twice and found the people nice and did not feel scared at ant point of my visits.
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