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  1. The road to dictatorships are usually trodden slowly, step by step, rather than at a gallop.
  2. I’ve just noticed the multiple postings. Not intentional. Each time I posted I got an error of some sort (503?) and thought the post didn’t go through. Mods, please delete all the other duplicates. Thanks.
  3. ...which is normal when it comes to the RP. 🙂 So, my friend’s little sister (18 yrs old) was out being an 18 year old the other night. Somehow she gets her head bumped and various cues and aberrations — crash of a motorbike I assume. 🤕 They take her to the hospital in Sogod. X-ray, CT scan, antibiotics some reason (or maybe it was just fluids..who knows...I’m confused ..). After two nights she’s discharged with ~9,000 hospital bill and a further 5k or so CT bill. Evidently, the mayor and brgy pay some portion or all of it. (As usual, I’m confused...) I haven’t been asked for any pesos (at least not directly. 🙃) and I won’t supply any — I’m strictly in the piggery investment end of things. But, here’s my question. Does anyone know how the RP “free” Universal Healthcare is supposed to work? I’ve read some posts herein and pieces from Google searches but, wait for it, I’m still confused. Are peopke supposed to be monthly premiums to the government? If so, what amount would they be paying for a family of five? Does this government health insurance cover care in both public and private hospitals? Are people better off buying a private health insurance policy? Thanks so much. Sincerely, -Confused 🤔
  4. That would be best. But I’m no longer in the RP. My friend is no dummy, but also has zero experience with banks. Thanks for the input. I’ll make sure to go over the process as much as possible.
  5. Yep. That’s always a risk. It’s one of the reasons I’d like to see her establish a bank account without a debit card. Of course, even that doesn’t eliminate the risk you mention. All you can do is play the odds and make such foolishness as hard as possible. But, I’m glad you made mention of it. Those with zero experience with the pitfalls that await them in the RP need to understand such risks. Thanjs.
  6. I’m pretty certain this is in the wrong sub-forum, but I’m not sure where to place it. Please move it as needed. Tx. Hello, I’m helping a friend and her family get started in the piggery business. (See pic — they are all named after me! 🤣) In a few weeks she’ll be going to market and we expect a payday of about 40—50k. The next batch of pigs will be double the current, so maybe another 80—100k when they get sold off in 3 months or so. The family is out in the provinces of southern Leyte not too far from Sogod. My question is, how do poor families handle cash flow? They’ll have to budget for the cost of new piglets and feed. I’ve not detected any sign that either mom or dad get their hands on the money or that dad goes off drinking etc. The few pesos I’ve supplied are all accounted for by receipts and pics of feed/pigs/etc. onsite. My friend pretty much runs the household in terms of money and it seems everything else. 🙂 My concern is if they just keep that amount of money hidden in the house it might go walk-about. But, do folks at this socioeconomic level in the RP even use banks? I’m thinking a savings account at Metrobank, there’s a Sogod branch, might be a good idea. Something with no debit card. So she’d have to physically go to the bank to get money. (Debit cards are fairly dangerous to use even in the USA, I can’t imagine they are any safer in the RP.) Or, are there alternative ways to handle cash flow? Thanks so much.
  7. Same type critter. MTB — Motor Torpedo Boat. Officially the US Navy designated their boats MTBs as well. Somewhere along the lines they also become known as PT — Patrol Torpedo. The Nazi versions were called E Boats. The Brits operated their own version of MTBs but there were also PT boats operating in the English Channel and the Med. I’m not sure if some of them were crewed by Brits or not. I suspect so, certainly by the later years of the war when the US was cranking out such enormous quantities of everything.
  8. Yes, they did some interesting things at times. One mission of my father’s boat (PT127) resulted in the captain getting the Silver Star. The rest of the crew got nothing — of course — as if the captain crewed the boat alone. 😂
  9. Win valuable prizes! (Well, one valuable prize.) So, I struck out this go round on finding the above location. But, hope springs... Thus, I’m offering a $200 USD reward if anyone can locate the place. Not a big deal for you guys, but maybe you’ve a teenage relative who could use some school/college money. Its most likely to have been located on Leyte or Samar. I’d say Cebu is a distant third. But, who knows? If I had to bet, I’d say Leyte. The top pic shows the statue in isolation. The bottom pic is a bit confusing. There appears to be a large multistory concrete/block/stone building some distance behind the statue. Anyhow, message in the bottle time. 🙂 Thanks so much.
  10. Good points Earthdome. As with all security it’s a matter of layers. The more you have the more difficult it is to get inside. In my case to get calls redirected to another SIM requires physically going to my provider’s store (only locations are in Alaska) and presenting ID. Can a crook do that too? Sure. But then they risk being caught on CCTV recordings. But, it’s a matter of volume and low hanging fruit. Ultimately my objective isn’t to stop all possible ways to steal my ID and money. My objective is to convince them to steal someone else’s ID and money. 😁
  11. You laptop “address” is called it’s MAC address. (Not related to Apple compute.) Everything that connects to the web has a unique MAC address. Now, here’s the fun part. It’s easy to spoof a MAC address. A semi-sophisticated theif can use a Man in the Middle attack to grab your userid and your pw and your MAC address. Tada! He’s now you as far as your bank is concerned. Buh-bye money! Now, if your bank is sophisticated they can “address” your computer by using more than just your MAC address. I have no idea if any or all banks do so. Depending on how you are connecting to your bank or broker (to return to the topic 🙃) it’s a good idea to use a VPN (dirt cheap to buy) and if the bank/broker offers it, two-factor authentication. I have an account with Fidelity and I can’t login from my computer until I get an authentication code sent to my phone. If you are using your phone, tablet, phablet (😁) to connect besides a VPN and if applicable two-factor always use the app for the bank/broker rather than a web browser. Again, another layer of security I’m aware of the supposed limits of liability. But! One, has anyone every read every single line of that legalize? And, two, even if you qualify for reimbursement, how long will that take? 🙃
  12. Absolutely. Connecting from any public (hotel, etc.) Wifi has a degree of risk. One example is something called a “Man in the Middle” attack/scam. There are others. Using a VPN greatly decreases that risk. So, when I’m on the road and away from my home network I always use a VPN. I think Wells Fargo meant well, but they realized that not allowing routing through VPN servers defeats the entire purpose of VPNs — ie, greater security.
  13. Depending on the sophistication of the brokerage you are connecting to it is possible for them to see you’ve connected via a VPN. For a while, Wells Fargo, a major American bank, was denying access if they determined you were using a VPN. I, like I’d guess thousands of others, complained and they’ve ceased doing so. So, check with your broker on their VPN policy.
  14. Update... I’m now 90%+ sure it isn’t a mausoleum. A friend pointed out that it is very likely a Jose Rizal statue. It seems way back in 1904 they passed a law encouraging every town to create one. The majority of them depict Rizal holding a book. Which is the case with these photos.
  15. A few years ago one of the regular forum members helped me find the location of a photograph that my father took during WW2 while he was assigned to a PT Boat that operated out of Ormoc. The pic showed my dad sitting in front of what turned out to be a mausoleum in the Malitbog cemetery. It was recognized by the forum member because it was the mausoleum of his wife’s, if I recall correctly, great grandmother. Now what are the odds of that? Well, I’m hoping lightening can strike twice. I have another pic of my dad somewhere, probably on Leyte. I’ve been thinking it was the steps to a bombed out school. But, now I’ve found a second photograph that makes me think it too might be a mausoleum. Maybe? Or, just a statue to someone? If these pics tickle any little brain cells I would be extremely grateful. Hopefully the pics will upload. Thanks so much.
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