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  1. northtoalaska

    Another Million to One Shot

    Update... I’m now 90%+ sure it isn’t a mausoleum. A friend pointed out that it is very likely a Jose Rizal statue. It seems way back in 1904 they passed a law encouraging every town to create one. The majority of them depict Rizal holding a book. Which is the case with these photos.
  2. northtoalaska

    Another Million to One Shot

    A few years ago one of the regular forum members helped me find the location of a photograph that my father took during WW2 while he was assigned to a PT Boat that operated out of Ormoc. The pic showed my dad sitting in front of what turned out to be a mausoleum in the Malitbog cemetery. It was recognized by the forum member because it was the mausoleum of his wife’s, if I recall correctly, great grandmother. Now what are the odds of that? Well, I’m hoping lightening can strike twice. I have another pic of my dad somewhere, probably on Leyte. I’ve been thinking it was the steps to a bombed out school. But, now I’ve found a second photograph that makes me think it too might be a mausoleum. Maybe? Or, just a statue to someone? If these pics tickle any little brain cells I would be extremely grateful. Hopefully the pics will upload. Thanks so much.
  3. northtoalaska

    Manilla Visit

    Thanks, Arizona. I am aware of that Cemetery. I think I’ll add it to the list as well. A few years ago I was at the Normandy cemetery and got the bug. Turned into a super bug because when I visited Normandy it was winter and I was literally the first one in the gate. As I wandered about the fellows came out to raise the two flags that fly there. I got setup to shoot some pics when one of the guys, with an American accent asked me where I was from. Upon hearing the USA he then asked me if I would like to raise the flag. Holy s$&@. Would I like to raise the flag?!? He didn’t have to ask twice. It chokes me up every time I think about, including right now. So, I’m trying to visit all the overseas US military cemeteries. There’s a good website, whose url eludes me at this time, that shows where they are.
  4. northtoalaska

    Manilla Visit

    When you go to Corregidor, do you do the, I think it’s Sunshine Tour for 3,000+ or do you just buy a ferry ticket and wander around? For a first, and likely, only time visitor, what would you suggest? Thanks.
  5. northtoalaska

    Manilla Visit

    Perfect! Thanks so much. This is exactly what I needed to know. Cheers!
  6. northtoalaska

    Manilla Visit

    Hi All, I’m currently in Cebu but I’d like to fly to Manilla to visit the American Military Cemetery, Corregidor and maybe Bataan. I know nothing about Manilla in terms of neighborhoods, ease of transport, etc. I plan to spend a day visiting the cemetery and another day seeing Corregidor. I haven’t researched Bataan to see if there are any memorials to the “Death March” that would be worth the time to visit. Does anyone have suggestions as to which neighborhoods I should be looking in for accommodations? I’ve read Makati is good, but is it too far away from my points of interest? Thanks so much for any thoughts
  7. northtoalaska

    Doc or Clinic in Cebu?

    Hi Can anyone recommend a doctor or walk-in clinic in Cebu, preferably near the Ayala Mall area? I’m mostly looking for someone to get prescriptions from — antibiotics, scripted eye drops, etc. Thanks so much.
  8. northtoalaska

    Pick a Major?

    Thanks everyone. Some really good advice. I’ll pass it along. (Why I got asked for input I don’t know. Other than I’m a Kano and therefore all knowing...😆)
  9. northtoalaska

    Pick a Major?

    I’m guessing she’ll remain in the Philippines. I’m only tangentially involved. So, I don’t know the exact desires of the person. But, I got asked for my two cents. I said that I really didn’t know, but that I’d post the question on a forum with a ton of guys who know bunches more than me.
  10. Hello I’m wondering what, if any, degree from a local college/university is the most marketable? The potential student is in her mid-20s and looking for an education beyond what she got in high school. She lives on Leyte and would likely attend school there while living with her family. It seems like everyone and their lost cousin are majoring in teaching or nursing or hotel management. Is there any degree that offers a reasonable chance at employment in a career that would allow for middle class living? Or, is it all just a “who do you know” crapshoot? Thanks so much for any thoughts.
  11. In the States, if one marries a gal who has kids, you aren't legally responsible for those children after a divorce. (I believe this is true in all the states, but there may be exceptions.) In fact, I'm pretty sure you aren't legally responsible for the kids even while married. Unless! You have legally adopted the kids. Is this the case in RP? If one marries a woman with a child, what legal responsibilities does one have after a divorce? Are there legal responsibilities during the marriage? Thanks for any input.
  12. northtoalaska

    What's it Like in Your Neck of the Woods?

    My thanks to everyone who has posted. I've been to the RP 3 times over past 6 years. Each time I wonder if I could move there on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Coming from Alaska the heat gets to me, but that is what A/C is for. Reading descriptions like those above help a great deal in my "what if..." plans. Speaking of which, I'll return to the RP for trip #4 this coming winter, so now my "what if.." has expanded into real time. Cheers.
  13. northtoalaska

    A Filipina That Inspires...

    A Google is a terrible thing to waste.... http://drownedinsound.com/community/boards/social/4467125
  14. northtoalaska

    Guy on a bike new to PI

    An emphatic agreement to stay away from any drug usage, even if it "only" weed. Google Duterte and drug user/dealer killings. It is quite literally Open Season on ANYONE using or selling drugs. They, both the cops and civilians have killed nearly 4,000 people in just the last few months, gunning them down in the streets, no questions asked and no investigation as to the reason. You may not live long enough to see the inside of RP jail. Search on this forum for Mindanao and Safety. Pay attention to the warnings and dangers. Yes, the drivers in the RP are horrible. But, if you have biked around SEA, Vietnam/Cambodia, etc. then you should be well aware of the dangers of being a cyclist in these environs.
  15. northtoalaska

    Weird, do I know you?

    Just wait until someday when the s^*$ (typhoon, military coup, etc.) hits the fan. Then all the foreigners will flock together like geese.