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  1. we live even little cheaperrent only 3500no internet, we go one time a week to caf
  2. whats the best hospital in davaofor consultations, but also for treatment of heart!
  3. i realised after one year dating, on her birthday, that she just become 25!!
  4. same for me, buy bottled water, and use the other only to wash or clean clothes
  5. is there a club already in davao, will move in few months to therewant to join therer there some people who live in davao on this board??
  6. it's not a cheap hotel, at starting rates for double room 1630P!!!
  7. Do you really like the color ? I will tell my wife. I was concerned about the color being pink, but it's not too bad now.looks like u made a house for paris hilton.... she love pink too!!!
  8. for me, the most and biggest problem is that neighbours around try to get money from me........ we have theater and need some money for tools........ mama become sick, need medicine........u know what i mean, the more they ask, the less they getbut i also think every time, when i see people on the street, how to give this one a better life, a job, a house, work for food foundation???
  9. I have an uncle who is a guard.. he works 12hrs shifts and runs a Sari-sari during the day. Havent been to see him at work but with working two jobs its obvious the results. Not his fault as his salary is so low. Really nice guy any problems on the house he is always first to do it and never asks anything in return. So would like think its the same for a lot of these guys they just need a bit more pay to make it worth the hours but its part of life in the Philippines. Cant comment too much but i would happily have him as a person bodyguard any day if ever needed one.. but then again would pay
  10. i want to have my own hotspot license, so that others can come inside with there laptop and surfwhere to get it, who's the best? what will it cost??advice pleasedo you know if a hotspot can have 50 laptops users in same time??,
  11. i'm always in crisisbut am i midlife now? or endlife???
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