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  1. Have a safe journey, recharge and then get your ass back over to the Philippines! Respectfully -- Jake Thank you Jake and thanks to everyone who tolerated (barely) my deviations from proper forum protocol from time to time. My weary body will surely recover and recharge and be ready for round two.....it make take a while longer for the bank account to be so lucky.
  2. I will be in Taipai on Wednesday morning.... headed to Los Angeles. Glad it will over by then.
  3. Oh Dave.... please tell us you don't wear SOCKS with sandals?? White socks??.....ewwwww
  4. I have less than a week now remaining in the Phils and I thought I would note a few observations about this Filipina lady I am with. #1....I come out of the shower and my novia is there waiting for me, towel in hand. Not in the chair or ........couch mind you......directly outside the CR door.....standing up. ........She then deftly dries my entire body and then gets on her haunches and pulls my boxers on for me ........while I balance with a hand on her shoulder. #1.1...EVERY morning there are my meds and supplements waiting for me in a small plastic container ..........with a small glass of apple juice to take them with. #2....When were getting ready to go out grocery shopping or any excursion outside, before I can even .......make a move for my sandals, there she is, on her haunches again pulling apart the velcro closures .......and making sure they are not to tight as she slips them on me. #3....She opens the gates, the doors or any other obstacles for me. .......I complained once..."I can do that by myself honey".....she responds "Oh no, I will do that" #4...I tried to wash some dishes once......same reply....."oh no I will be the one to do that" #5...I tried to get in on the cooking chores...same reply......I tried to explain I wanted to help out....."oh .......no, just go and relax, I am the one to do this" #6...Not ONE complaint or whimper that I leave the toilet seat up. #7...EVERY time she wants something from the store....."Can I buy this honey"? I told her it was not .......necessary to ask me each and everytime. She retorts.."Oh no, I must take care with the money" #8...When I go upstairs to take a snooze, she turns off the fan below while she fiddles with this or that. I .......asked her why did she turn off the fan?...."Oh honey we must watch our electric bill" #9...We are staying in a 2nd story place with no CR in the 2nd floor. I had to stumble downstairs at 3am ........just to take a whiz. The very next day she came back from the market with a "pee bucket" for .......upstairs.....nothing else......just a pee bucket. #10.....I must have some coffee in the morning and I normally wake up very early. We have one of those ........electrtic hot water pots. EVERY morning when I go down stairs, that pot is full and ready to roll. #10.1...EVERY morning, a pack of 3-1 coffee is at the ready, right next to my cup and spoon.... #10.2.....She has an uncanny sense of the "right moment" to go from caressing to more simulating .........measures......that time when your thinking "now is the time honey"....she knows EXACTLY that ........time and never fails to fulfill. Who teaches these Filipinas this?...parents?...is this something that is inbred in them?... Lapu_Lapu, the long dead King pass these genes on? Never EVER has a white "west" woman treated me with such care and attention!!! On edit: the sentence structure changed on posting.
  5. My "knuts" are a real "sticking" point for me. No matter the position I sit in.....the "stick" just keeps on going and going. So now the novia lavishly applies talcum powder to my "jewels"....deftly I might add, and both of them really appreciate it. :10001: That "smell" first hit me hard on my first SE Asia tour. At the old Bangkok airport....as soon as you get outside....wow..here I am in another world... Tropical mixed with fishballs?...I will never forget that.
  6. Gwen might want to concentrate her efforts on how to increase the education level and employment scene in the PH. And start with trashing blatant age discrimination......."18 years old to 25 years old only need apply" (chrome pole polishers exempted)
  7. Yes but.....$230 USD bucks is equivalent to 10000P agreed? Now that were in agreement, what possible sense can it make to report the movement of $230 USD worth of pisos? 430000P (equivalent to $10000 USD) ok...but come on....10000p ($230 USD equivalent) is just ludicrious. The whole idea of reporting the movement of $10000 USD was to thwart, or slow down, the possibiliy of money laundering and other nefarious pursuits... Maybe the Phil government has other ideas....as one commenter suggested it was an old and antiquated regulation to keep the metal value of coins from seeking other climes. With all due respect.....10000p is not going to get you much laundry done, nor fund a network of nefarious activites. A hotel room, a couple of meals and a night out on Mango Road, supporting the chrome pole polishers is about it. But in the end.....the rule is the rule isn't it? From my cheap seat.....silly but the rule none the less.
  8. Indeed they are different but it still boggles my mind why ANYONE would care if your taking out or bringing in.....the equivalent of $230 bucks.
  9. Well I suppose the word is still filtering down to outlying airports. Just today...9-12-2013.. at the Caticlan (Boracay) airport, the novia and I were NOT allowed to enter past the security guard without a printed ticket. The novia explained that it was an E-ticket and we do not own a printer to print it out. No workie...."no printed out ticket.....your not getting in" So the novia hunted down the PAL express ticket office......some 300 meters walk and secured the printed out tickets.
  10. I am not one to 100% believe what a resort owner tells me....it would go against his personal interests to say otherwise. Bottom line is I just don't know the state of the water quality. I can only relate what was told to me by someone on the ground 7/24 and everyday. I did find it interesting that this particular owner said the pearl hawkers actually are selling REAL pearls. He went on to say, his Filipina wife had them tested and they are indeed real, albiet cultured. She even sells them in the USA and make big bucks from that. I addition, he said those pearl farms are mostly in Mindanao and belong to former rebels who turned in their arms for pearl producing oyster beds. Again....I just don't know.....just passing on tidbits for purposes of rumination and the ongoing dialog that helps this board remain active.
  11. $10K USD ok.....$235 USD a resounding no.....which 10K pisos are at the present exchange rate.
  12. Let's see here........10000 (ten thousand) Philippine pisos is equal to about $230 US bucks.... Chump change really....."pocket" money.... My response, if my bag had been searched (and never has been) and the over 60000 pisos I had in there found..... "I want to contribute to the Philippine economy officer.....and that money is going directly to my first night in a high end luxury hotel resort room" Bottom line:....absolutely ridiculous rule
  13. But but Bob ole boy........did you see the T-shirts @ 2 bucks each???? And.....emblazoned "I love Boracay".....how could you EVER go wrong? Bob......I could have swore it said "welcome to Boracay" .....it did....right on the pump boat it did. :bash: Hot scoop tidbit Bob.....you're only ripped off if you pay the price. We?....who is WE kemosabe?......I want you to know I am at top rung of the luxury ladder.......so what if $50 clams is my top rung? :hystery:
  14. So how is the weather? Still able to do everything you want? I will be in Boracay Friday! I would love to do a Cebu trip one day... soon'ish.... after a Subic dive trip.... Hey Ram.....it rained hard Tuesday afternoon and evening and it just finished a downpour this evening (wednesday) that drove us inside, from an outside dining experience. The "habagat" winds start midmorning and I like it.....refreshing. Seems the adventure crowd loves the parasailing and windsurfing also. The novia shopped till she damn near dropped today....1000p+ of trinkets and T-shirts. Try the "less expensive" shopping options called "E Mall" instead of "D Mall". Slightly better prices and enough junk to satisfy anyone. T-shirts were 2 for 170p at every stall and there was zero negotiations and I am pretty good at that. Fixed priced was the reply. 85 p each..or 2 bucks each...what's not to like? All is good....you will enjoy it despite the minor pitfalls and hoards of white skinned Koreans and Japanese folks. It seemed they hung around boat station 1 and 2 more....the high rent district. I am in the low and slow boat station 3 area. I thought I was a white boy.......wow some of those Koreans are as white as pure driven snow. Hope they have plenty of 50spf sunblock!!
  15. Bring money....lots of it. The Plantation Bay resort in Mactan wanted 2000p per person to just do a day pass.
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