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  1. Someone commented that McD gives a discount all over the world, so I tried to look that fact up. Inside the USA: " Discount Restrictions: Not all restaurants participate in this discount offer. Some seniors report that discounts are available to dine-in (as opposed to drive-through) customers only." I could not find about other countries. Anyone know? The discount, by law, in the Philippines is required. In the USA there is no such requirement. Even the age someone becomes a Senior varies from 50 to 65 years old depending on who you are dealing with.
  2. The shoulder as Scott says is the traditional cut to use. Specifically, the upper part of the shoulder from the front leg and may contain the blade bone. In the USA they call it Boston butt or pork butt. You can use any part you like though. I used tenderloins last night to make pulled pork. Less fat. Some folks like more fat because a lot of the taste comes from there. Your choice! Some will claim that you need the fat to get the meat tender. Not in my experience; if you cook pork a long time on low heat it will get tender. History of the name and cut (from Wikipedia) In
  3. "On May 13, 2010, Pacquiao was officially proclaimed congressman of the lone district of Sarangani." On second term as a congressman. Ran unopposed for second term. Guess that lack of education doesn't hold him back any.
  4. I will save your life by taking all I can to the USA then.
  5. Getting ready to go back to the USA we are going to carry some foods with us. Mostly dried fish, canned goods, dried fruit and cooked packaged bread items. Looks like you are not cleared to carry any noodle type products if the spice packet, like in ramen, has a meat content. Fish is okay. Q: Has anyone had trouble at customs carrying items in? I looked here for my homework: US Customs and Border Protection
  6. I wish we were living there to get that "cheap rent ahead" benefit. We leave Wednesday for USA. Likely will have to stay there for a couple years. People here on Cebu Island are supposed to "fix" this for us while we are gone. Chance of that happening? Really? 20%, no 50-50 because I am an optimist. LOL Really, the ones we will count on to do the leg work are not very skilled at these things. They have already proven that. They are WILLING but just failing on the ABLE part due to their ignorance. (Ignorance is not meant offensively, just as an observation. They have not had the
  7. This is from an article in March 2016: According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), most parts of the country will experience lesser or no rain at all in the coming months due to the strong El Niño that continues to persist. READ STORY HERE Edit: The video says that it is expected to weaken through March, April, May. That doesn't look to be true so far. What we have here in Cebu City, Guadalupe is water flowing only half of the day. It seems less every day also. We are having to carry water from our lower faucets to other
  8. San Antonio, TX river walk gives locals a discount too for the boat ride. One difference there is that the local can buy all the tickets at that lower rate. Doesn't matter who uses them. So find a local to buy them for you and save $2 each. LOL There are many examples in the USA of treating outsiders differently and favoring locals. Florida tries it but has the sorriest resident discounts I've ever seen for the theme parks there. Edit: The whale shark issue is by law that they charge the higher rate. I still have not found out if that is foreigners or everyone that is not living
  9. First, clarification for Jack P. This is no investment, except for the one attempting to make my lady happy. robert k has a very good perspective on this one. Let's talk about this situation, add in IGNORANCE and lack of MONEY and see what happens. These are the culprits in my particular case. (NOTE: There is family involved and my wife wanted to help the person in need by buying this property or we would have never touched it. So, please, no counseling that I "should have known better", because I did. I predicted that we would end up where we are now. LOL Man, I hate being right.
  10. You, US Citizen or permanent resident, going through customs and entry with a Filipina are two totally different things. First, she must go through the foreigner entry line. It could be quite long and slow just for the passport check. That will depend if any other flights are landing at the same time. JFK will likely be a yes. They do NOT pass non-residents as quickly as residents. If you are traveling together go through the same non-resident line with her. Step to the counter together so they know you are a couple. Second, the paperwork gets processed by the border entry pers
  11. Don't jump Richie. I believe you are correct about the mother as joint sponsor if they filed a joint tax return. A really good place to ask questions about your situation is www.worldtheworldoffilipinas.com. You should get quick and accurate answers there. Ref: Richie said, " Most airlines do not allow you to fly after 7 months but if the doctor says it is ok then some women still do. It is not like the airline will ask for proof or anything." If wife is looking real pregnant they may ask for a letter from a doctor clearing travel or deny boarding. It d
  12. If you have no account with them yet get a link from a current user. It will give you a FREE transfer. Free is Good! [emoji12] Edit: Look at your overall cost and real exchange rate realized. Your $8 method sounds better if you are getting the xe.com mid market rate, or close to it, and transferring over $1000. The one time free is good, but maybe not worth setting up an account just for that. ? Every situation is different.
  13. I used the HSBC outside Ayala Mall in Cebu City. It is to the east side I believe. 40,000 / withdrawal in 2013. Have not been there lately but think it is the same.Edit: Yes, to the east of Ayala.
  14. My wife kept saying everything here in the Philippines is "so small". We were in the USA for just 2 years, but traveled a LOT being full-time RVers. She saw a lot of places and comparatively most were bigger in the USA. She was just so amazed by the stark difference she repeated it for the first week back. Her comment was directed at most everything, but the ones I remember now are the roads and the grocery store. I told her it is all just the same size as when she left; just her exposer to the world was bigger.
  15. 2:52 mag 3.8 I felt it also. It was quick but noted because I was leaning against the wall reading. Ground floor, also Guadalupe, Cebu City. It was 8 km west of Carmen which is about 40 km north of Cebu City. Depth was only 7 km. Makes it easier to feel ! ? EDIT: Philippines had 210 earth moving events in February. Earthquake registering 4.0 or higher = 23 WOW!
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