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  1. Taking those long overnight ferries in the Philippines always had me a little nervous. I would picture everyone in the ships wheelhouse sleeping like the security guards in the Philippines at 3am LOL!
  2. I heard some people are using whats called "Rent a Ticket" which is a legit flight itinerary good for 48hrs to use at check in and Phils immigration. The ticket is auto cancels after 48hrs. They running 20 bucks or so. Cheaper than throwaway tickets for sure.
  3. I'm not sure if I remember seeing whole wheat pasta for sale in the Philippines grocery stores, is it for sale there? If not, I will bring my own on my next trip to the Phils.
  4. I bought my airfare last week. Lax to Singapore to Cebu leaving Feb 22 for $1250. Returning March 20th. Getting PCR covid tested 48hrs before the flight is gonna be a bish.
  5. "They choose tall single male" but thats not always true. I asked the check in clerk for an exit door seat. Im 6ft6 and she said,,sorry sir, no vacancy. I get on the flight and as I walked by the exit door seats..I see a female next to the exit door!!! Of course I was annoyed but I held my tongue.
  6. You paid 1.5 million for 1700sqm a few years ago...I just paid 1.5 million for 170sqm near Cebu City! You got 1000 sqm more for the same price!
  7. Hahahaha...no man yall didn scare me. I just dont frequent the forum everyday thats all. I read all the advice here and I will proceed with caution. My GF is haggling the price currently down from the P6500 the seller listed price to P5000 for 200 sqm in Minglanilla. I have seen several YouTube vloggers in the Philippines that have built small to large houses with little or no problems. So if a guy does his homework building a house in Philippines can be done with minimal problems. Search in YouTube: xxxxxxa..this guy built a huge western style house in the Phils!
  8. What are some pertinent questions to ask a building contractor you thinking about hiring to build a single family home in the Philippines.
  9. Nice place,congrats! Whats with all the trikes lined up on your street?
  10. How about days when the work crews show up and start to work and then it starts to rain all day. How is that handled?
  11. Do you have a YouTube channel chronicling your home build?
  12. Back in February when the covid got going and shut downs starting happening and people starting hording in cebu city, she could not find them in Pharmacy and online. I went out and bought them thinking I was headed back to cebu city in April. Corona virus stopped that so I been holding on to them ever since. I thought I could send them a little easier now since quarantines are lifting. I will see if she has checked around lately there and I will just hold the vitamins til I can get back.
  13. My first trip to Cebu City was back in 2005 and the rate was P55 to $1 and Im not sure if thats the highest its ever been or not. I thoroughly enjoy it back then LOL!!
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