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  1. As I entered the immigration area I asked a pinoy airport worker wheres the office to apply for the visa extension? He told me to go to lane #1. I wasn't sure if he understood my question so I just entered the normal rope passport lines. As I got to the counter I asked where do I apply for the extension. She asked me do I have a outbound ticket from Phls and I showed her my itinerary. She walked me to the side desk and another official took my passport and P3000 and walked away. Less than 10 mins later he came back with my passport done and he told me to go to the now empty line #1. That was a relief because the other lanes were a mile long by now! Next trip I will go directly to lane #1 and get the ball rolling from there!
  2. I got stopped last year by immigration at the Mactan airport for one day overstay. Then guided me over to the head officials table where they verified the days and I was charged P3000 for the offense. Good thing I kept some pesos on me or I would have been in deep doo doo!
  3. If a international passenger arrives on Jan 1st at 10am does the 30 visa begin on the 2nd of Jan?
  4. I was late by one day on my visa at Mactan Airport and I had to pay for the whole month like P3000 + and not P500 penalty.
  5. When I was in Laurel Class I was putting my carry on in the upper storage and right behind me in the next four cubicles was a family of four. Mom and Pop and two preteens. I started adding up the fares in my head for a family of four in the Laurel Class and I gulped and sat my poor behind down LOL!!
  6. I just did my seat selection for my Sept to Nov trip and the economy exit row seats are going for $45 a pop. I think Gold Members get dibs on them no charge! LOL!
  7. You dont get NONE in PE! I got upgraded twice to the Laurel Class without asking. Once in Taiwan going to Houston and at the waiting area they called my name so I walk up to the desk expecting to hear bad news. The agent asked for my boarding pass 26A, then he was tapping on his computer and I saw 10A boarding pass which he handed to me. I said Hot Damn im riding in style!! The second time was in Houston as you give the gate agent your boarding pass she scans it and it beeps and you move on. When I handed her my pass it BUZZED and im like Oh Hell whats up??? She told me to stand to the side. I waited a few mins and she handed me another pass with a lower number in Laurel Class. Eva Air is alright in my book!!!!!
  8. I always go with the cheapest in Premium Economy. But it seems in basic economy the mileage added to your account is different is some cases with 50%,75%, and 100% so it seems you pay more to add more miles to your acct.
  9. Eva Air economy I can fly for under $1000 and Premium Economy from $1300 to $1500. In PE 100% or more of your miles go into your membership club. I wanted to hurry up and get the Gold Membership so I can board the plane with group A, the First Class flyers. Then I might go back to economy class.
  10. Now this is the way to fly for 16 hour flight!
  11. I fly Premium Economy with Eva Air for the larger seats and leg room which is helpful when you are 6 ft 6 inches tall. I didn notice any lumbar support but I didn check also. I have lower back probs sometimes so I just slide my pillow down my back and recline the seat and im good! Im getting very close to Gold mileage membership because the last two trips I was upgraded to Laurel Class without asking. But man traveling in those cubicles is the way to fly 16 hrs if you can!!
  12. Woah this work out program is very close to mine! When I retired a 55 yrs old in 2013 I was 6 ft 6 260 lbs. My doctor told me I need to drop some pounds for my health and to add yrs to my life. And I took his advice and enrolled in a gym in USA and went alternate days.Watched what I ate and was dedicated to working out. The only difference in my workout is I like to run the treadmill for 20 mins to work up a good sweat. Then cardio, free weights, circuit machines then im out. I live in Cebu City now for three yrs and I work out at AnyTime Fitness and my target time is 4am to beat the crowd. Today im 60yrs old and 206 lbs and feel great. I also go to Metro Gym on Salinas Dr only to do some shoot around basketball, which I cant get out of my blood!
  13. What fish sold in Phils comes closest to catfish taste? Or tasty fish with not a lot of bones in it sold here in Phils?
  14. I just flew out of the new terminal last week. Its nice and new but still not 100% finished yet. The walk from the curbside drop off over the bridge walkway to the main building will be a chore on a windy rainy day!!
  15. Im not sure, I havent check on the resale value of a 2015 Nissan Navarra
  16. its Its not the best protection for long rides,BUT its red and white and it matches my red n white scooter. Thats important hahahaha!! So short errands its cool enough to wear it.
  17. I paid P1,100,000.00 cash for my truck a couple of years ago! Damn I wish it was P53 at that time LOL!!
  18. I brought 4 helmets from USA to make sure they are approved correctly. I got one Filipino half helmet for shorts trips.
  19. TunaT, the rate lately has been P53 to $1 which is good for Americans with dollars!!
  20. Im here in CebU City and im on the hunt for either the big Dole or Chiquita bananas. It seems I have seen them once or twice around but certainly not lately. Anywhere I can buy them here in the city?
  21. Upon entry to Cebu mactan I applied for the 59 day extension which will end March 4th. When I go to renew my visa, do I have the option of one month or two month extension at that time?
  22. The founder of the Philippine mega-church the Kingdom of Jesus Christ was detained by US Customs and Border Protection agents at Honolulu's airport on Tuesday after piles of cash and a cache of rifle parts were discovered on board the private jet he was on. Apollo Quiboloy, 67, was preparing to depart for the Philippines on board the Cessna Citation Sovereign plane along with five other people when federal agents boarded the jet and proceeded to search it. According to court documents cited by Hawaii News Now, officials discovered $350,000 in $100 bills folded inside socks and packed into a suitcase. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5396571/Philippine-mega-church-pastor-detained-cash-found.html
  23. Las Vegas started out as a one horse town in the dessert. Over the years it grew to what it is today with one word takes major credit for that...greed. These guys that bought bitcoins for pennies at the start, now its worth thousands. Why wont they cash in a walk away? LET IT RIDE MAC!!!!
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