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  1. this is a stretch but maybe ask to house preppers that do the model houses for sub-divisions and condos, for the market...I my self would like to know where they get the furniture I see in the AD"s I like some of what I see. Anyone have the inside scoop or know where we can find them.
  2. I have been away from the forum for almost 6 months.. :3_8_14[1]: but still working on my move to Cebu. Recently while surfing I :photo-109: came across ADs for SDR Apartment rentals especially ones on Mactan .. I like Mactan from what I have researched and was wondering if any members have more insight on the place as well as the deal with the SDR Apartments (checked on line and contacted the office)need a actual users thoughts , experiences or knowledge ..thinking of renting one for about a year to get my feel of the land before thinking of a home purchase. Any members have knowledge on the
  3. here I am again guys!! after about a 6 month absence I like to know how much things have changed. I'm still planning to come to Cebu( not sure of my exact date as of now) but my new plans are to get a sdr apartment for about 6 months to get a better feel for the place my GF( yes I'm still planning on that) and I will live together for that time ( already did the "keep your family at bay" bit :bash: ) and will marry after that time :cheersty: . I have a good savings now low US$000,000K and hope to do some 30 day TD's with metrobank along with my meager pension to make things meet(living ex
  4. are ther any good physio-therapist located in Cebu? I will need to utilize one once there
  5. are ther any good physio-therapist located in Cebu? I will need to utilize one once there
  6. Thanks guys for all your inputs can or does anyone out there know the work-a- rounds as far as time consumption I am planning to rent for about a year first once on the ground and will for the most part be married by then weve been (my GF) corresponding now for quit a while but I still need to first live with her to confirm my opinions of her and the extended family..so far she seems considerate of my views on what is my desires and my mannerisms. ( hop I spelled that right) any way hope you all get my drift..been testing her on different aspects to see the reactions and thought processes.
  7. sorry about that your right ..looking at Cebu but not necessarily in the city but in the provinces which seems nice say for example Davao or there about
  8. Just throwing this one out there ...is it truly possible to buy a home( even if its tiny) for about 15,000USD? I know I'm reaching here but who knows. stranger things have been possible
  9. true true my bad choice of words( all he time it seems ) but at least you get my drift you are never too old to learn I believe . we are always learning even up to the point of our last breath ...however that's some thing non of us will ever pass on as a learning experience :tiphat:
  10. My thoughts exactly. Using Cebu City or Mactan island as the only 2 choices, Cebu City wins hands down. My personal prefernce otherwise is Palompon Leyte. I am only paying P2500 per month for a low class 2 bedroom apartment. However, I am looking to upgrade. I found out yesterday that my ex wife owns 3 apartments in Palompon. They are 2 story 2 bedrooms for P3500 per month. And my ex sister in law is paying P5000 per month for a 4 bedroom house with sari sari store, 5 minutes walk to the cafe's by the sea. 20 minutes walk to the beach.. tHIS SOUNDS Great RIGHT UP MY ALLEY(costwise) do y
  11. Any of you guys every eaten Good ole NY hot dogs taste great RIGHT ...but you got to see the process the meat goes through and how its handled before it goes in your gut..then you would probably think twice ..but what the heck ,right..you got ta admit..THEY F&^%ing TASTE GREAT!!!!!!! :dance:
  12. keeping it kool this post...just looking for suggestions on apartment this time..Looking to finally take the plunge but would like to come for about 6 months to may be a year and looking for an apart for that period any suggestions on staying in Cebu city or Mac tan.( what are the big differences) :541: (see no controversy) :cheers:
  13. ??? What furor? : furious or hectic activity b : an outburst of public excitement or indignation : uproar · I actually had to look that up but nope, saw none of that in this thread until your post. Its all fun and education friends after all the fact that we are responding amongst ourselves makes us all friends in some shape or fashion and friends do occasionally disagree with each other views..that's all part of what makes us human and social animals..thanks friends for all your responses.I really enjoy the interaction regardless. :tiphat: ??? What furor? : furious or hectic act
  14. point taken and its very hard to offend me or make me feel you were too harsh...water on a ducks back..I'm not in what ever that class you said..chauvinists. I love women its because of them that I'm here....probably love too many at once. (darn little head)... just looking for things that are on the ground there..always give enough rope then say "see I mention that,......diddddnt,...didnt I? :mocking: Love ya baby alls good.
  15. Thanks guys I knew this was going to be a hot tamale! beat me, kick me slap, me but be gentle .....I am Bob ..thanks for the support(I love this forum) after rethinking I should have thought before I typed but sometimes the foot in the mouth works too! :bash: . Guys remember the first time you saw the key to your heart...and said to yourself hummmm lets see if I can sweep her off her feet( well at least that was in the wild wild western world)...ahhh high school days brings back fond memories. :bedtime2: zzzz...yvonne santiago she stole my cherry before I got hers :dance:
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