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  1. The SRRV deposit can be invested in some forms of property, but i guess you have to make sure you wanna live here first,
  2. The cheque was only £400, it was sent to me by snail mail from uk coz they have my address as here, obviously i can't pay it in here as it's drawn on a UK account, i guess i'll wipe my @ss with it, hehe.
  3. Just tried to send a letter via lbc but it was banned because it contained a cheque, wtf ?, even for the Philippines it seems ridiculous.....
  4. Ah another attempt at honesty falls on stony ground.... hehe
  5. "most foreigners who have this particular Problem have caused it themselves" "Not me", Just a warning that no matter who you are, if you have sufficient means to just allow your asawa to do as she pleases it will corrupt her, and if your thinking this is sour grapes coz my wife doesn't love me any more your so wrong, my wife loves me to death, however the feeling is no longer mutual, Ah i knew honesty would be my undoing... back to the salt mines i gues hehe...
  6. Ok i'm gonna tell it like it is, my wife is stunning and was a model of everything you want in a women, but she was a single parent, shunned by her family because she was a brilliant student who got knocked up etc.... when she met me suddenly she became talk of the town, all her relatives suddenly came back,(to borrow money etc) and all her credibility returned, we had a great relationship but as i was wealthy i just let her do what ever she wanted and slowly she's deteriorated until she's a shadow of her former self or at least the one i fell in love with, The moral of this story is... money and materialism corrupts, whether your Filipino or westerner, so be warned, we also need to realise that filipinas are not attracted to us because we are old or we have dazzling personality's or rapier wit's, it's because we offer them an out clause from the poverty trap, if you think otherwise your fooling yourself, Happy hunting hehe.........
  7. I only give to old people, coz i am one....., seriously though i don't give to able bodied or serial beggars,
  8. Jail time for infidelity, good grief the streets would be empty, hmmm... hehe.
  9. Let's just say it's a genuine enquiry and that i know longer wish to use a 13a to remain here, hence my desire to go back to my SRRV,
  10. Actually Bubba from memory i think that the ones that go sometimes flicker, as if it's getting some kind of residual current.
  11. Gotta be a dongle i guess, signal can be sporadic though, and sometimes it's hard to switch between software if your using Smart and Globe,
  12. Does anyone know if it would be easy/possible to transfer from 13a back to SRRV?.
  13. Sorry Okieboy but even with the salt i refuse, grown sort of attached to em over the years hehe...
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