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  1. You can rent a two bedroom condo type apt at Metro Park Hotel in Lahug, about 38000 all inclusive, Master has queen bed, other room has 2 singles. Monthly rental no problem
  2. $2100us is an adequete amount to live in the philippines and live well. I'd consider taking it and then finding a job over there to supplement that amount. 100000p per month and you can live the life and you most certainly will not find a job offering anywhere near that amount anywhere in the Phils. Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. Just my opinion, but $1200 Cdn a month to send is a ludicrious,insane amount to send to support 3 people in the philippines, no matter what the circumstances. That equates to 48,000p, about the salary earned each month by 3 teachers or 5 shop assistants in a major department store. How did you happen to arrive at such a figure? No matter what anyone may say to the contrary, $300 cdn (12000p) is more than enough for them to not only survive, but thrive.
  4. Hardy's Merlot at 711, but pricey, about 400p, also decent selection at the liquor store, Metro Department Store. lower level Ayala
  5. Lots of "old farts" to be found at Gilligan's, 3rd floor terraces at Ayala Mall every day. Cheap beer also.
  6. Maybe I am not understanding your math but at 337/day once you minus the deductions, I think you come up with less than 4000/month in the helper's pocket. But in a broader sense, I think we are talking apples and oranges here. You can't compare what is paid to a helper in your household to what a company pays an employee. Remember that when a company (in any culture) pays an employee, that wage is part of the cost of doing business. The cost is passed on to the consumer and is a large deduction in determining the company's profits and therefore taxes. This is true in any country. So I am not sure that most individuals can or should try to compete with the wages paid by a corporation, even in the Philippines where the wages are small. It's a tough call really. If everyone has to compete with the going wage for employees, many people will decide not to hire helpers or other unskilled workers. Does that mean the helper gets a better job or ends up with no job? IOW are those 337/day jobs plentiful and available to everyone? We know they are not. Even in my 1st world country there are similar examples. I have a handyman I found on Craigslist who does unskilled or semi-skilled labor for me at $20/hour. Is that the going rate if I hired a company for similar jobs? Of course not. If that was the standard I had to measure against, I could not and would not hire anyone to do such jobs. IMO, the guy gets work at $20/hour cash and I don't have to do hard or dangerous labor jobs in my old age. It's a win-win. But if I had to pay him the going rate, provide food, provide a place to sleep, pay his insurance and taxes - then it aint such a good deal. When I move to PI I suspect we will consider a helper. We will certainly pay the legal requirements and maybe a bit more. But if I have to compete with local companies, then I can't afford it and one person goes unemployed. Who does that benefit? Fair enough. To change it around to the traditional way of thinking I would do a compensation package of Full room and board, SSS and taxes paid and pocket money of 4000p per month, but that's just me. I would however be very particular in who I chose and would expect very high standards of work. This person would also have to be a good cook and shopper. The money saved from eating in, getting the best prices from the market etc would more than make up for the wages paid so everyone wins.
  7. What I actually was trying to convey was the fact that maids, housekeepers etc. seem to be paid much less than other unskilled workers here such as shop assistants. At 2500 to 3000 per month what is someone capable of doing to provide for relatives, their future, savings etc. Even the cebu minimum of 337 per day is low but at least some semblance of a life can be enjoyed or at least tolerated. Of course the downside of those jobs is no job security-5-6 months after you're hired you are gone. My way of thinking is if I can afford a housekeeper I should be able to afford to pay somewhat decently.
  8. If i was hiring a maid fulltime to live in my house and she was required to work 8 hrs per day I would pay the going minimum wage for a store clerk which is about 337p per day. She would get 1 day off per week. Out of that wage i would deduct 1500 per month for her accomodation and 100 per day for 3 meals per day. Then I would deduct SSS, taxes etc. That way she is being treated like others working in Cebu. Why people seem to think that maids are second class citizens worth only 2000-4000 per month is beyond me.
  9. First step is a trip to the dentist, get all cavities fixed and then a thorough teeth cleaning. Look at her tongue. If its all coated white that may also be a problem, a lot of bad breath bacteria is on the tongue so teach her to brush her tongue until its's pink, the whole tongue all the way to the back. Observe how she brushes her teeth, it must thorough, all surfaces front and back and everywhere, should take at least 2 minutes to do a proper job job. Next flossing, must be done at least once per day, preferably twice. If she is otherwise healthy her problem should be solved
  10. in my opinion $25 per day is too low. Budget for a minimum of $50 per day unless your comfortable eating in Mcdonalds or street food a lot, which btw i eat street food all athe time and love it. It is easy to live on 25 per day, but be on holiday for that amount, see sites etc will be a stretch.
  11. The Yellow taxi's are not flat rate, they operate by the meter. They do however have a higher rate at the start and tick over at a higher rate. Demand that the taxi use the meter or faxce paying double the normal rate. Regardless, at that time the nite you will pay no where near 500 to get anywhere in central cebu city like Ayalla area. I take a yellow taxi to Lahug regularly late at nite for about 300.
  12. Brett, thx for the info. Now I'm fecking Terrified of my upcoming KAL flight home. I do remember that on the flight here however it was an American pilot who was flying the plane and for a few seconds I actually felt some relief.
  13. I take Korean air as well. As for the 12 hours layover on the return leg to vancouver, ask for a hotel voucher and they will put you up in the hyatt right by the airport and give you a voucher for lunch as well. Call KA about a week before departure to set this up. Also with Korean I always request emergency exit seats when I check in and always get one at no charge.
  14. Thanks for the replies and sorry Jeff, i would have liked to have met up you but didn't bring a computer so just looked at your reply. In Puerta Princessa i stayed at Casitas D Az pension house. 900 per night, nice place with clean room, ac, hot water, and flat screen tv. The bed was a little hard because of thin mattress. Breakfast included, 1 egg, rice, chorizo sausage. They have restaurant with no stock so best to eat elsewhere. Also shuttle to and from airport. They booked me a room in an affiliate hotel, The Barton? which was 2000 per night. Took van to el nido, 6 hours and arrived to find that my reservation was not held, so pissed off I went to the apil suites hotels for a suite room 4200night. Real nice room with balcony ocean view etc, included buffet breakfast, but 4200 breaks the bank. did the usual tourist stuff fpr 2 days then fly back to cebu.
  15. arriving in puerta princessa monday and havn't booked a hotel yet. will stay 1 nite , then off to el nido for 2 nites then back to pp for 1 nite , then back to cebu. any suggestions for decent hotels under 2000 per nite much appreciated. thx
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