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  1. I got my ECC in Makati recently. I took the tickets but wasn't asked for them. She just asked when am I leaving. Waste of time getting an ECC imo, I had to go back after 3 hours to do the fingerprints, then 4 days later to collect it. If I ever need one again I'll just allow an extra 30 minutes at the airport and pay the higher fee there.
  2. I booked this ticket recently. Sounds much better than stopping off half way in the middle east. Just hoping the seats we get are OK (wouldn't let me choose online) and can get some sleep on the 14 hour flight. Booking on the PAL website wasn't very easy but we got there in the end after being on hold for 30 minutes on the phone. I did some digging and the planes sound very new. Apparently they had some extra new planes they couldn't use for the States so started this route. I doubt the legroom will be as good as with Singapore Airlines though.
  3. A local friend recently had one out for 10k which is the price I was quoted too (I think another said 12k), so I assumed that was about right.
  4. Awesome reply, thanks. Yeah it really doesn't sound like we got a proper agent so will try them again in future with more notice beforehand.
  5. How did you find Cypress Towers? Good enough to stay long term? I looked at that and Rosewood Pointe a few months ago and preferred Cypress as it was next to shops and we were shown better units. Were there always taxis waiting outside at night? We were shown around various units at both by a DMCI agent who was clueless, it was a big waste of time as he was opening doors with people inside or showing us units that were awful. We decided on a really nice unit in Cypress which turned out had been sold. In fairness we didn't give him anytime to prepare a list of properties as we just showed up. M
  6. I'm living in the Philippines and wish to take out travel insurance, a quick search on Google.ph brought up no results. I used to take out cheap annual multi-trip insurance from the UK but that won't apply here (I think it has restriction of 60 days out of the UK). Does anyone know where I can get travel insurance to cover one or two trips abroad a year and the same within the Philippines? Or do you get the add-on insurance for each airline you use and find that is enough? I just want to get covered for emergency injury or lost luggage. Tiger Airways lost my suitcase recently and it
  7. I had a quote to remove a wisdom tooth for 10k which is apparently far less than back home in the UK. There are a number of dentists on the top floor of MegaMall and the second one was able to give us a competitive quote compared to the first. I never went for it though as I have a fear of dentists and find that eating steak on my left side prevents aggravating the problem. At another place I think they said 600 Pesos per filling is the norm. It was 800 for an x-ray, 500 for a checkup or 1000 for a checkup and cleaning.
  8. In my experience it will cost you 500 Pesos more and maybe half an hour waiting. Overstaying once actually saved me time as I got to skip the main queue. Last time I just didn't have an exit clearance and had to wait an extra half hour in line as many Koreans or Japanese were in the same line.
  9. I'm from the UK and have still not got used to the humidity after 5 years. Aircon is a must for me, I literally never use my living room as it doesn't have aircon. If I think back to when I arrived I'm pretty sure I avoided cotton T-shirts for the first year and wore thin, baggy, button shirts instead. Nowadays I'm back on the cotton t-shirts so I guess I have got used to it somewhat.
  10. For Boracay: Getting there: I've found that it is reasonably priced to fly to Caticlan but high priced when leaving (to Manila). Anyway from and to Kalibo airport I recommend Southwest Tours which have nice buses with plenty of space. They have a desk inside the Kalibo baggage collection area. It is slightly more expensive than the mini vans but I really think it is worth it. They include the boat price. They also have a desk when leaving Boracay port. If you get a regular bus when leaving Caticlan they drop you off in Kalibo town so that is not ideal. The mini vans can be very cramped and o
  11. I sent a postcard once from Boracay at the beginning of December by standard post. It arrived in the UK next May :lol:
  12. Essential for me in the daytime here. I've got used to and now actually prefer it off at night with just a fan on (unless its a super hot day/night)
  13. You might have a hard time finding the speaker in the last post. Its easy to find a pair of usb powered speakers for 500 Pesos, they won't have much bass but will do the job just for watching some rugby. For 1k you can get a pair of speakers which come with a subwoofer, these will be much louder and will be suitable for music and movies too. These will be mains powered and plug into the headphone jack. Just take your laptop with you to the store and they will test them. If you want cheap go straight to CDR-King and if you want decent quality go to SM Appliance store or Abensons. Computer store
  14. I did this search recently for a trip in September (so I have no experience advice). I'm pretty thorough when I search though and this is the best one: http://www.miami-inncdo.com/miami-inn-rates.html No idea if the location is good though.
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