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  1. Opposite attracts. No difference with 100 years ago where the royals and upper class would do anything to stay white. Dark skin was for the laborers working the land. And it is not limited to women. Even young men want to be white. It is a status think. I worked with Filipino techs on a project involving telecom cabinets along the streets of Metro Manila. Working in today's hot outdoors is not a pleasant job. One on the Techs said, "I need a promotion so I can stay indoors, because I'm getting BLACK".
  2. For most Filipinos, including the wife, the voter ID is the reason to register (and vote). If you need (government) paperwork done or move up the social ladder the voter ID can make a difference. Voting here is the village was quick and easy. And yes, Mar Roxas was the favorite for the rich and famous here.
  3. There is no competition. Globe and PLDT divide up the network. The smaller providers are dependent on the monopolists. On top of that average Filipinos (and expats/retirees??) don't like subscriptions. If they have subscription they pay only after getting a disconnection notice. Aussie Telstra is promising to develop a nationwide telecom network that will COMPETE with the existing telco's. Still waiting to see that happen....
  4. Ask for a quote here: http://www.royalcargo.com/pdf/ubag.pdf
  5. Why not try without aircon or only use it only for a few hours. This time of year should be cool enough at night. The first years in the PH I used aircon every night. Slowly started to use less aircon and more fan. Now only use during the hot summer nights when temps stay above 28C.
  6. Another site: http://www.lamudi.com.ph/
  7. That's the result of the brain-drain they accelerated in the 90's. No need to stimulate investments, Just send all the smart ones overseas... and leave the crooks behind.
  8. I remember a few (other) "forum" hangouts years ago. Don't know if still ongoing. A popular place was Handle bar http://handlebar.com.ph/# Or Heckle & Jeckle, just a few steps down. https://www.facebook.com/HjSportsBarAndRestaurantMakati/ There are always expats around in these places. The area may be the-red-light-zone (Burgos street), it doesn't mean all establishments employ hookers. No need to make a meeting arrangement here, just venture out and you might just bump into each other....
  9. They are easy on balikbayan visa if your filipino spouse has not been out of the country for 1 year. Not saying, giving out balikbayan visa to any arriving spouse traveling alone.
  10. Im not experienced at this seeking an extension exercise, but I take it for the very first extension you are arriving and seek the extension before going through customs, as for the further extensions, do you attend an immigration office and apply (therefore no requirement to leave the country) or do you have to leave the country and come back and apply for another 2 month visa? If per chance you can apply for the further extensions without leaving the country what questions do they ask before approving the extension. What about this Bailiko visa (not sure if that is how you spell it) which they are not obligated to give you (at their discretion) and is that for a 1 year? When you arrive in PH you have 2 choices: 1. Go through immigration and get a 30-day visa waiver. 2. Get a 30 day + 29-day extension BEFORE going through immigration first then pass through immigration with a 59 day visa waver. Before your initial arrival-visa expires go to BI office in the area that can process Tourist (9a) visa extensions. Ask for 1 or 2 or 6 months extension. Repeat this for max. 36 months or until you leave. After a stay of more than 6 months you need to an ECC at the BI office before you exit the country. The first time ECC application may require an Alien Registration with finger printing and picture taking. If you have latest Adobe Acrobat you can "fill" out the downloadable application form, print it (legal paper size) and safe it for the next extension.Saves a bit of time at the BI office. A balikbayan visa requires you to arrive at port of entry together with your Filipino spouse.But as stated it depends on the immigration officers discretion.Some even get a balikbayan visa arriving alone (with prove of being married to a Filipino?). Most of the time immigration is very lenient on balibayan visas.
  11. Works fine even for a non-US citizen. Have you configured a proxy server? Tried other browser; Chrome, Firefox,...? Checked for Malware?
  12. Can't comment on Subic situation although I'm interested what's available there, since I plan to move to Subic area in the (far) future. My experience in Makati: First had Destiny cable TV with internet. (year 2001-2007) Beside the numerous interruptions, and no connection, lousy speed. Then came Sky cable TV with internet speed up to 6 MB (3999 PHP/month). Was OK in the beginning but 2 years back started to sputter and more interruption over the year. Now have Globe Tattoo Fibre 25MB (3750 PHP) including Telephone line(VOIP). So far super!. and no interruptions for almost 1 year. (also no significant storm passed over last year). PLDT Fibr is also available here but decided against it. The price is kinda steep but I need a good connection to do my job. Company pays for it...
  13. Yep, if I look at my latest series of extensions: 16 May, 16 jul, 16 Sep, 16 Nov. 16 Jan
  14. Have you tried the delicatessens in the upscale hotels (Marriott ?)? It may not be cheap but possible more to your taste-buts.
  15. My contract of lease states repairs under 5000 PHP is for my responsibility. The landlord does any repair on the outside of the house. Roof is cleaned regularly. Outside repainted every 2-3 year. All I have repaired/replaced are a number of electrical switches/wall plugs and faucets over a span of 13 years. During that time the landlord replaced toilet drain pipes to the septic tank (the old stone pipes collapsed) and the drain pipes to the street sewer, Any roof leak is immediately attended to inside and outside by the handy men employed by the landlord at his expense. Recently the whole (tin) roof has been replaced and of course painted. So it all depends on who you are dealing with. This is a relative old house (I think build in the early 60's) with concrete ground floor and a wooden first floor. My previous rental was a newly build house with 5 bedrooms/bathrooms. After 3 months there was a leak in one of the bedrooms. Owner had to cut out the PVC pipe and redo it "properly". After 6 months another bathroom started leaking, even never used. Decided to get out ASAP.
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