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  1. Hi, we are looking for a South African hairdresser living in Metro Manila who would like to help out a South African family with hair needs. Any help appreciated. thanks
  2. under 21 they are dependants on my visa, but I will switch them to student visas. immigration agents are vendors paid for by my company - "santa fe relocation" I could not get clear answers off the gov site as to what rights dependants and students had. So was looking for the general feel from fellow expats
  3. Ah, they will be going to university - so on Student Visa's. If they can't work, then they cant, but it would be nice to know what their rights are etc.
  4. So they cant do say, make websites, english tutoring, mow the grass. I am not talking big stuff here. Just to keep em out of mischief
  5. Hi, I am being relocated to the philippines and am taking my two teenage sons - 18 and 20 years old as they are still studying. Will they be able to do part time or fulltime jobs in any shape or form? Same question for my expat wife - will she be able to work at all? thanks
  6. Hi, I have been offered a relocation to Manila by my work. My biggest worry is that I have tow teenage sons who are both about to go to university. Does anyone have any experience in this? Are the universities good? are they muticultural in any way ? Are they taught in english? Does anyone else have any experience in this area? :) any help approciated!!
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