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  1. After trying to get more information about this condo and where it is , we have drawn a blank no more information coming our way, so can you buy a condo for 1.2 million peso ,plus what sort of monthly maintenance cost would there be , I don’t think you buy at that price
  2. That’s what I looked at straight away , but that is not good enough , not for the girl but for her mother .
  3. I’ve given up the thought that the house was ever mine in the first place
  4. Steveeeeeeeeeee could we loan some money to a sister , NO . Then I get a full explanation of this great idea the sister is doing but she has not got the funds to do it , she is buying a bargain condo for 1.2 million peso for her daughter to stay while she is going to college to save her from travelling the 30 km there each day , yes I know that travel in the Philippines can take hours but surely there could be other alternatives like sharing students accommodation for the time she will be there. Anyway 100,000 peso deposit is what they thought I would give them to help out , that’s never going to happen , but I am not that mean so I have offered our house in Marikina that she could use for free it’s about the same distance to this Patts college and I did give them the Facebook sites for house sharing around the college too, hope all this free information will help the family , but I don’t so , cash is still king in there minds not free advice
  5. Yep just like here , and it’s all down to the special operations or War ‘ depending where you live ‘ that is happening in the Ukraine so we are being told .
  6. At the moment it works out at 124 peso per litre here in the uk or £1.90 where I live but could be more if around london , so glad I got my diesel car .
  7. Well it’s been awhile since I was in the Philippines and Ems was getting the silly soap whitening stuff and other things but it seems now she is buying other stuff of the internet and most of it is from China, tablets to help your complexion become softer , creams to make the varicose veins disappear, and now creams to remove the leg hairs . Now I’m sure that we men love our ladies the way they look and I keep telling Emma her colour is beautiful, not so much her shin hair though that’s like rubbing your leg on a surform plane, anyway do your partners spend money on things that you think won’t work plus they don’t need it in your mind too.
  8. Went to a air show there once and they had a Vulcan fly pass , so funny when it came along the runway and all the parked cars in the area . alarms went off
  9. Here are a few videos for any members to watch and hear those merlin engines roaring . IMG_4713.MOV IMG_4714.MOV IMG_4710.MOV IMG_4711.MOV
  10. We have sorted out the money or allowance thing a few years back, but once the family found out Emma was working and earning then the emails , phone calls came mainly from her sisters , saying the kids are poorly , no school fees and so on , in the end I could see the stress it was causing Emma , so we both decided that Emma’s bank account was closed and we opened a joint account , she told her family that from no they would have to ask both of us , but it turned out they was either embarrassed or there English was not very good to ask for money . Yes I know Emma would send cash to her father and maybe to the family too, but it’s when they demand silly amounts I have to ask what is it for and if they can’t tell me well then they don’t get any .
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments and support, like I said we are fine , and I know Ems does suffer for her love for her family, I just don’t seem to see it coming back to her from them , being so many miles away from them plus me being in charge of the purse strings does help me I’m sure
  12. Well here was I sitting minding my own business yesterday evening and Emma was talking to one of her sisters and all of a sudden Emma said ‘ You don’t like my family’ , well where did that come from I asked , apparently the sister told Emma that . So where as all this come from I asked , her cousin who lives in London who has a partner and child was holidaying in Abu Dhabi and was visiting this sister and her partner told them that I don’t like them , but I’ve never spoken to this bloke , he’s not my cup of tea , anyway Emma knows my thoughts on the family and I am sure many of you know my feelings too, but nothing has happened in a few years that has made me voice my opinion to the family over there , I was trying to get to the bottom of this and told Emma why was my name brought up in conversation surely your sister had to ask about me and what her and his thoughts are about me , anyway me and Ems are both fine and I know where I stand concerning the family an outsider and I’m happy to be thought of that way , it’s just making me think if we visit the the Philippines again I’m not seeing the family but I will not stop Emma seeing them
  13. Thanks for all the replies , I’ve told Ems to find some land first where I think I would like to be before we go any further.
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