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  1. I silly question maybe , but driving around the Philippines and using a sat nav , do they work just as good as driving around the USA or even Europe , I know sometimes if you put the wrong postcode or spell the place you are wanting you could be driving many miles out of the way but as a experienced driver I have a six sense when I feel I am going the wrong way sat nav or not, but every bit of help may be needed for me to drive keeping my eyes on the road avoiding roaming dogs , mad bike riders and the enforcement officers .
  2. I must be lucky in this one , Ems is not jealous at all.
  3. Looks very nice plus the area where the house is, you have space . The house where we are is in a built up area there may be 3 or 4 trees in the whole area or are these overgrown bushes , that is why I am not jumping up and down saying how great it is , as a base it’s good but I want space I want to see a view and not a view of concrete just a few feet away, but each to there own some may like that.
  4. Speaking with Ems about the different sizes in tiles she still would like the big ones , but we shall see the difference in sizes once there , going on about the laminate flooring , I have fitted that here for a few friends plus in my old house too, and as explained you do need to leave the gap for movement, but with such different temperatures over in the Philippines and humidity will it be as good.
  5. I have watch a few videos of how these are fixed to the walls, and yes a few dabs of mastic onto the walls and then wait, you can buy the kit with the top bottom and side fixings .
  6. Never thought about the smaller size tile, have to look at those now, again thanks for everyone who has replied it does help people who could be making expensive mistakes along the way.
  7. Thanks boys for all your replies , I loaded the link what I thought I was looking at , yes confusing , so it looks like tilling is the winner this time, then again with so many rolls of black bin liners that we have sent over they may work too.
  8. Here is what I am trying to get URLhttps://www.diy.com/departments/bathroom/wet-rooms/bathroom-wall-panels/DIY1411676.cat
  9. Has anyone fitted or had it fitted to there walls in there bathroom shower panels instead of tiles , I have stayed in many hotels now where there is like a wet room with these panels fitted all around rather then tiles and I know you can fit them yourself too with just a little diy knowledge, but never fitted them or will they be available over in the Philippines too.
  10. Went into the local DIY store here in England and looked at the tiles and they had them all on show and I must admit the tiles that look like wooden lengths do look very nice , even Emma liked those but after looking around at all the others it may be to much having the whole floor done in these , so may have them in the bedroom , still fancy the big 60x60 some sort of white/marble tile for the main house, just looking back on what we paid for the ground floor of the house over there we paid 300 peso a square mtr , I wonder if it’s gone up since then.
  11. Thanks boys , that’s the name and company I was looking for Wilcon, like I said on my last trip I was walking around there like a pig in sh-t , it was even better when I stopped to look at things the most beautiful young lady was asking if I needed any help, beats a burly ex builder over here in England asking me anytime.
  12. Can anyone recommend a DIY store where you can buy everything , on my last visit there I had a walk around one of these stores near Marikina but I have tried to look for the name on the internet but alas I cannot seem to find it, so that’s why I am asking on here. It will mainly just to look and compare tiles , bathroom fitments and as a man I want to look around a shop I enjoy looking around. I know we will be shopping at the local shops too for items but if it’s all in one place that way you can see everything and compare the prices too.
  13. Well would you believe it, just popped into the local Aldi store and in the+middle isle I spotted these, so I had to buy them for my future products , and they have been reduced to £3.99 even better.
  14. Just pricing the drones up , for a poor retired person like me it’s out of my league, what do you have to look out for 2nd hand.
  15. Ken, what is quality like from the pictures you take with the drones, like I said I love my camera and I have the eye now of what could be a good picture, but some of the videos you see from the drones are amazing but is a still picture just as good .
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