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  1. When we was trying to get anyone to come and give us quotes it was very hard , it was either I know a friend who knows a friend and so on, what I found useful was Facebook market place, just put in there what you are looking for and that turned our quite good for us, ok we did not go with any of there silly prices but when the came to look at the job they gave us advice on what we will need or may not need that I did not think off myself. Infact I am still getting messages from suppliers from the Philippines about prices being reduced , but I will give them all a miss .
  2. Are you there to see what wants doing or are you being told what wants doing. Gets a few quotes by asking around then go and price everything they are saying you want yourself , it’s surprising how a couple of tins of paint plus the odd tin sheet can solve the problem .
  3. That is a lot of money to find each month, when we was looking at moving to the Philippines and the cost of medical insurance for us was so much money for something you may never use, but then again it could be the best money you ever spent if you needed it.
  4. That is the problem with so many plans , the one which you could afford does not cover for what you may have in the future , This is where here in England I think I am very lucky not to have to pay for these things unless I want to go private, plus it’s a good reason to keep a home here too .
  5. Thanks Jim ,I am very lucky , I have been told by many that the house is lovely and Cosy ‘ a nice word for small ‘ is what they mean , but it’s home and yes a beautiful wife too
  6. Wow, They say health is wealth ,but in that case you have to be wealthy to get the health .
  7. I came, I saw, but they conquered me , so I left , but I may try again in the future.
  8. Can I ask , what would the cost be for healthcare for yourself and the family.
  9. Just wasted 7 and a bit minutes waiting to see you jump in and dance Graham, I thought it was you wearing the red hat at first .
  10. My answer to my wife when the sisters ask for cash because of this and that is , tell them to ask there husbands to go out and get a job to support there family , in all the time I have known Emma one of her sisters husband has never work ,they live in Abu Dhabi and she is a ward sister , the other sisters husband has not worked for 2 years his choice as he misses his family . I have worked since leaving school in 1974 till 2019 and Emma has worked 8 years and all the saving we have made is towards our future holidays, cars, gadgets and anything else we can think off, O yes I forgot also a house that was built in the Philippines too. By the way if they did ask myself for cash I would want to know what it was for ‘ The Truth’ and then I would think about it and maybe the answer would still be no .
  11. The thing I have noticed in my extended family over there is how they waste money on the kids eduction, all the kids are in a different stage of college and what they are doing for the future works, but it’s not what the kids would have chosen but the parents did. One families 3 children has changed there subject to others and so that means more expense and time , they have given up and worked in a store then have gone back to study something else, at this moment one of them is trying to be a airline pilot and the mother thinks it’s great , the other family well that’s another story .
  12. You are not alone in how you feel.
  13. I am sure many of us have story’s to tell about our partners family plus our own family too and I am sure we all go in hoping to be excepted for who we are and not for what they can get from us , but we live and hopefully learn everyday . My next face to face meeting with the family in the Philippines is around next February time and I am sure that’s going to be interesting .
  14. I don’t send any money to the Philippines since our return, I have made it clear to the wife also. With this COVID virus we have had a few messages asking for cash as the father cannot work and he needs food for himself and his son , but I just say I will give what ever you lot give and I don’t get a reply , the other day again the wife was asked to send money to her father as he cannot work ( he’s a trike rider) ,but the sister who was asking did mention she cannot send anything because she has to pay the school fees ,plus car maintenance for her daughters , again once I knew I said no. I have a friend over there who is also a trike rider and through our conversations he and others are working still in Marikina, so was asking for cash the way they did a lie . I know it must be hard on Emma but her life is here with me and as so many before me have said ‘ They managed before I was here and they will managed after I’ve gone’.
  15. Thats the problem if you have a heart and a kind person some folk will feed of that and rob you until you have nothing , I cannot understand to this day why family members cannot come together and share the cost of helping each other, but they just don’t seem to want to do that.
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