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  1. stevewool


    My wife Emma does look after me very well, she can make a meal out off anything, she makes sure that all the fat is cut of any meat she may have cooked and her puddings are amazing , yum yum yum. Well the other day she decided she was going to make a pie , a proper steak and kidney pie , so when i came in from work the smell was wonderful just like coming in from school and smelling my mums cooking it was that good. She was so excited that she had managed to bake this pie and as it came out of the oven pipping hot and it looked fantastic, a nice brown coloured pie crust that had risen and the juices had just started to leak over the side of the dish and through the breathing holes in the top of the pie, out came the potatoes and carrots and a little bit of greens and it was all plated up. It looked amazing there in front of me , the heat was rising from the pie and the gravy was thick and the meat was so tender, it just melted in my mouth, then there was the pastry, the bottom had been soaked in all the juices and this too just was like my mum use to make and then there was the crust, ROCK HARD my knife would not even cut it, infact i had to take my false tooth out just incase it snapped while trying to eat the crust, after a little soaking in the gravy it was sort of ok to eat. As it was her first attempt of baking what could i say other then make sure you measure out the ingredients rather then guess them as that is what she did. By the way, the door crust makes a great doorstop.
  2. stevewool

    Brexit turmoil

    Well what a right mess it seems, and i still would vote to leave Europe if there was a 2nd vote or a peoples vote or any other vote for those who are not satisfied until they have there way. If the vote was for us all to stay in Europe i would have excepted that but it seems others cannot except it, there was that much crap coming from both sides saying this and that and it did and still is so bad that i have no idea what the future may have for the UK, but when you get politicians from Europe telling the UK we will not survive with out them and that we must be ruled by there rules well i am sticking my feet firmly into the ground and not moving in my thought, well that is until there is a vote and if the remainers win well i will just have to go along with the flow. Lots of changers for England and myself next year and how i see it i am lucky i do have a choice whether to stay in Europe or Asia .
  3. stevewool

    RANT- What cheese's me off

    Totally agree, Amen and a thousand blessings to you.
  4. stevewool

    Remembrance day

    The end of World war 1 is to be celebrated this Sunday and there will be matching bands and wreath laying all over the world. Here are some pictures of a local artist work who has made these wire soldiers and each one is standing over a grave of a fallen soldier of both great wars Very moving .
  5. stevewool

    Medical cost

    I know of a person whos family is going through a difficult time at the moment with the father in law back in the Philippines. His wife has had to fly back there to try to comfort him and it could be her last chance of seeing him before he dies. I know money should not come into it but if you are having to fund any sort of medication cost and you can see no end to this until that person dies it must be a worry to those who are finding it. So far it has cost this person over £8000 for the medication and the room and even the doctors and nurses, Phil heath will only cover for his radiotherapy I am told and was also told the hospital refused to put a chest drain in unless the money was transferred to themselves and was in there account. I know this is all coming from someone who is upset with his wife being there and he sees it as a big expense ,but it's real and it is something that I have to think about the what ifs. For now I have been sheltered living here in England where if anything happened like this you don't have to think about the cost. We all would like to live a long time without any major health issues but living in the Philippines permanent maybe will have to look at this again.
  6. Its very hard to comment on things like this, all i can say is its a good job he is back in the USA plus where and what is his wife saying in all this.
  7. stevewool

    State pension ( British )

    Best advice ever, yes it may be a little hard and long in getting to the right person, but once you have they do give out very good advice , i would rather speak to a person then read a page anyday.
  8. stevewool

    knife crime in England

    I think a lot of us was dragged up in deprived areas, but like you say we did not go out with knives, it was a good old boxing match then it was best of mates forever, how times change from wanting to kill each other literally.
  9. stevewool

    knife crime in England

    In most cases they know who are behind most crimes but in our nanny state they cannot do anything about it until the people are caught in possession of these items, and straight away we the people who are worried about what is happening are worried off being called a racist , it seems its easier to be arrested and warned by the police for having such thoughts in your head these days .
  10. stevewool

    That was a surprise

    Its is Emma's birthday this Thursday 8th and we was in town at the weekend buying her birthday gift after i got it down to what i thought i could afford , no GHD hair straighteners, no Ray bands and no more bloody shoes or handbags, it was perfume, how can such a small bottle cost so much i asked , but its what she wanted and it was gifted wrapped and yes i got a little discount so i was pleased with that. Anyway yesterday she was going out with a friend shopping and i asked is she going to buy anything and she replied i have no money, so i said here is £50 extra for your birthday go and get something nice while shopping, and here is the surprise , she brought nothing for herself but spent it on things for me . She still comes up with surprises my Emma does .
  11. stevewool

    knife crime in England

    Maybe a few have read or heard the news about the stabbings in England and mainly in the London area to date there have been over 250 stabbings and these can happen anytime of the day or night and there is a outcry that this must stop, but how . This morning on tv there was some sort of debate about who and what is causing this and it did get a little heated , the people who are being stabbed are mainly black youths and could it be drug related or gang related no one seems to know , it was also said that these youths have nothing else to do and live in deprived areas and most are from single parent families and all the other crap that they say, " this is no reason to carry a knife and stab people in my eyes" It was mentioned that there should be more stop and search on the city streets to stop people carrying these knives and this is where the debate got heated , if you keep stopping people and searching them they will become angry and upset and because it was mentioned that it seems to be more black youths being stabbed by black youths it may become a racist thing if you do a stop and search on these people. It is certainly a dangerous place we live in these days , i would not mind being stopped everyday and asked to be searched if it would make our streets a better place to walk down. It was mentioned on another thread is the Philippines a safe place to be , well is England, is anywhere safe this day and age
  12. stevewool

    State pension ( British )

    So true, if you can live on what you have saved and the pension you will receive i think its better that way,
  13. stevewool

    Bear does its laundry

    A very clever video an funny too.
  14. stevewool

    State pension ( British )

    And here was me thinking i was going to be rich.
  15. stevewool

    Shall we put the Christmas tree up

    I know many will hate that word and i may have opened a can of worms here , but how long have you had your Christmas tree up, yes i understand if you are living in the Philippines and as soon as there is a BER in the month up it goes, but what if you and your partner do not live in the Philippines. Its been a on going saying these last few months in our household , " can i put the Christmas tree up" and i think i may me lucky if its not up up by the end of this November, i shall come in from work one day and the house will be glowing and she will have the biggest smile on her face saying "what do you think" and thats when i shall count to three and then say " it looks great". Anyway is your tree up yet and if so show us a picture.