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  1. stevewool

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    Now my daughter has told us she does not want the house, it has thrown different paths in our way, we dont need the cash from the sale just yet and renting it out later in a year or so , we may just keep it and just like you visit the Phils for a longer stay and then pop back here, that way there is no rent to pay at any place.
  2. stevewool

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    Not long to go to start our new chapter of our life, not sure when and where it shall be but we are going to the USA for a month or so touring so it will be like a big holiday at first, then its trying to find a place in Spain for a few months then its getting over to the Phils to see how that takes us, i must add it may not be in that order . The biggest change for me is no more work which is sort of my comfort zone.
  3. stevewool

    So She Said Yes!!

    Good on you Brett, we wish you all the best, plus when will the invites be given out.
  4. stevewool

    Ah! how times fly by and things get better

    Great to read things are going well.
  5. stevewool

    Eight years just flown by

    July 31st 2010 was the day that Emma landed on these fair shores of England and our life together had begun, 2 and a bit years before it was just chatting to someone from the other side of the world having a laugh and a joke and just seeing how we would get on, there was a few ladies that i was chatting too and even a lady boy " but thats another story". These eight years have gone by so quickly and i can honestly say i have found my true love, my best friend and the person i want to spend the rest of my life with. Soon we will be both retired from day to day work and we will both be on another adventure of seeing the world and hopefully settling in another country for how long who knows. So for the folk out there who are just beginning there journey of finding a partner , they are out there, just take your time and enjoy the days together
  6. stevewool

    Wanted abroad Filipino's

    Yes how times can change. There are plenty of people to do the work but not for the wages these people are paying.
  7. stevewool

    Living in the provinces, Do we really Know what this means?

    Interesting this maybe, but what is poverty and i am sure that many of us have never lived in poverty, yes we all have gone without things and maybe never having things that other folk have had but is that called poverty. Listening to Emma on how she was brought up by her parents in her provence , but not having much in material things in her early years made me sad to think this is how she lived, but as she says she was happy she ate and she new she was loved , its not until you see what other folk have and you cannot have then maybe you feel you lived in poverty, but you did not really.
  8. stevewool

    high blood pressure

    Thank you for your help in this matter, As long as her is ok and taking what ever he needs then Emma and i shall be happy.
  9. stevewool

    high blood pressure

    Not to sure where to put this and feel free to move it . I have just been informed that the father in law has high blood pressure and he is on medication for this, at what cost i have no idea and what medication he is on either, it was a message from the sister in law that for Emma to call her dad. He said it is nothing to worry about and he does not want any financial help . Can anyone shed any idea what he may be proscribed and at what cost too, that is if you know of anyone who maybe has high blood pressure.
  10. stevewool

    Second visit

    Sounds like a great time you are having .
  11. stevewool

    New Rental

  12. stevewool

    The weather, shoul i be worried

    Lots of good advice as normal, not sure about the kilt thing, what does the back look like .
  13. stevewool

    The weather, shoul i be worried

    Its different when you are on holiday, you spend more and stay in nice places, plus being close to the beach there seems t be a breeze , but if you was not near a beach or your budget was not a holiday budget, there could be a difference.
  14. Here in England its hot and sticky and no air and its bloody hot, and yes all i would like is a shower of rain to wash all the pollen and dust away so it may feel a little fresher . So should i be worried if the Philippines is to become my future home, you hear people say its a different sort of heat when you are in different countries its not like England where we are not use to too much rain, too much heat and i may as well throw in "too many leaves on the train tracks", but that another subject. So you expats who have come from these fair shores or places that dont get to much heat, is it something now you dont notice or its a case of you never get use to the weather.
  15. stevewool

    Second visit

    15 hours time i shall be in Northampton, fancy a swap .