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  1. Great game, and the Wales Ireland game was good too.
  2. Catch him Derry https://youtu.be/gN3Msg5DpEQ
  3. Ok I am not there, but I exercise in the house here in England, sit ups , stretching and jogging on the spot, then I have the cross trainer too, we try to get out and walk too, we have a bike but it’s a ball ache getting from the shed through the garden ,then through next doors garden then through the alleyway then into the street, I recon just getting the bike in and out would keep me fit. Where ever we will call home in the near future we both tend to be active doing outside pursuits , or just drive there.
  4. I have a cross trainer, but try to get in the balikbayan box would be tricky.
  5. That’s the problem jack, some won’t budge from what they see.
  6. I have nothing to say either, I have gave up hope, they have worn me down.
  7. Not to sure about the small print in repatrapiation back into the uk, but my travel insurance will cover myself and Emma for a whole 90 days if I am out of the country and visiting most places in the world, now that could be our winter here. The insurance on the house I think that’s around 30 days , but with my daughter and son still in the house paying there board for my cheap flights , and talking of flights I can fly out early December and back early March for the two of us for the grand total of £940. I do understand about the long flights and the older I get but being a spring chicken compared to others ,you never know it could work.
  8. Where there is a will there is away.
  9. If you have property in both places then you are free from paying rent , so it’s just the flight and you can go when the flight price is the best for you, sounds simple ,but with bills here and there it will take a little working out but like you and the others have said , could be the best all round.
  10. Yes I would vote leave , just like I did before.
  11. Summer in the uk, well that could be a few days , a few weeks or pushing it it could be a month.
  12. There you go, you learn something new everyday,
  13. Iam lost here so I have to ask what’s the 12 oz lift
  14. I do this too , but I get no sympathy from the wife, she just tells me to engage my brain before my mouth, I have learnt to count to 5 before I reply back to her like ‘ yes sweetheart ‘
  15. I am sure I have put this somewhere but I can’t find it, Anyway keeping fit, I like to walk and ride my bike and hopefully I will be doing the same over in the Philippines but only if it’s safe, I do lots of exercising at home like stretching and using the cross trainer most days too. But these last few days Emma has asked me to join her in Zumba she does this at home and talk about being shattered , I cannot control my arms and legs like they do or even Emma does , I am sort of like doing the robot dancing but very slow, the amount of sweat and body movements Emma can do , so I told her sod this ,I will carry on doing what I enjoy and just have to make sure I am looking the other way when Emma is shaking her stuff
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