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  1. https://youtu.be/cYORhSpXO44 I think I’ve done it , let me know if I’ve not
  2. Just have to wait for Ems to wake up to find it , the only links I know are sausages
  3. Spent half the day watching old films promoting the Philippines and the6 was all on YouTube. The first one was made 50 years ago and it was the coke a cola company that made it, I think they was promoting coke rather then the Philippines though, but it was interesting watching it, then a Us senator Rick Reed revisited in the 90s and he filmed Christmas in the Philippines. We managed another film on what seemed like just a American tourist who meets a surfer and they wanted to promote the Philippines as a tourist destination and that was very interesting and funny too, it was very i
  4. In my case I have shown Emma how to dial 999 and ask for a ambulance.
  5. Yes the house is in Marikina, Emma has no news from the family there , but as it’s a two story house the family should be fine plus the lodgers , the cats and the rats . I am sure the sisters would let her know if any funds are needed .
  6. Stay safe Jake, think of all the porn you can watch while in your lockdown .
  7. Up and down my share are , but all is ok for now. Savings well there’s very little interest out there, I’m still getting a little from the accounts and it all adds up . Been looking at other properties to see about buying but they are just to much or want to much work spending on them. I still think my plan is working right for us so we shall just carry on doing what we are doing for now.
  8. Lots of DIY or finding things to do, plus taking pictures for me.
  9. Every job is a messy job once the house in clean and completed , but it’s better finding these little problems sooner then later .
  10. If only I listened to that little voice in my head saying don’t do it , but hey we live and learn .
  11. Well Tom it’s been a long journey longer then you would have thought but you are so close . Its been interesting reading your story and I am sure you have given some folk some good ideas about what they may be doing in there future lives and other folk to think not a chance am I going though all that. Anyway I wish you all the happiness in your home and I am sure you will still have many months of getting the outside just as nice as the inside looks .
  12. Hate is the wrong word for me . On my visits to the Philippines as a tourist life was great and the places we seen was great too and I could see myself living somewhere in the Philippines, Bohol was my choice but not my partners as she would say ‘ I don’t know anyone there ‘, She wanted to be close to the family and reading and listening to how the family life in the Philippines is , it sounded something like my life growing up in England as a youngster was, I was so wrong . So while there are certain members of the family around In the Philippines , then it will not be my home
  13. Have you cut all you ties to your homeland and if not could you go back there. I know I could not live there permanently myself , holidays would be enough for me, and like you say out of the cities it’s a beautiful place to be.
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