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  1. I wonder if it may effect flights in and out of Hong Kong in the next days ,weeks or months .
  2. Yes it’s finely sinking in, she tells me it’s getting to her but still finds it hard to tell the people involved to do a better job, but it’s a start.
  3. Well it had to happen and maybe my moaning did not help a long the way, but I have become quite good these last few days . Emma has finely snapped and said those magic words ‘ Why am I bothering ‘, yes has she finally realised what I have been saying or is it just a smoke screen and she is angry at them but is going to take it out me. Cleaning , no one cleans like a woman I know that but you can try and this is where they don’t , it’s cleaned there way and and nothing is moved , but today Emma went through the downstairs and years of crap was found , I could see it in her face she was angry and listening to her voice and afterwards I asked what was there reason , ‘ we may need it’, yep old tins and solid paintbrushes I understand , then it’s the cigarette butts just thrown on the floor I hate that but again she commented. Well after all this it’s gone back to some sort of twilight zone and the downstairs of the house does smell nice , so all I could add to help her out was to say, Ems you have to tell them what you are wanting and don’t let them make it a laugh and joke thing, we shall see.
  4. Was it windy on there wedding day or was his hair meant to be that way
  5. Another week has gone by and some more progress, another day to finish of the room on the roof, and they will start at the side of the house building the canopy , I have asked them about the window in the outside wall , I want that filling in with blocks but they say it could just be covered with cement, so that’s a must because someone thinks that’s going to be his Sari sari store and it’s NOT. Anyway onwards and upwards
  6. I’ve Eaton guyabano fruit and that to me was quite slimy and a sour taste, may be it was off and someone is trying to poison me.
  7. Yes I have heard that too , but the taste they say is wonderful , have to look for that at the market, I wonder who may have tasted that on here.
  8. I thought back in England and smelling those stinky fish Emma use to cook and the smell was like my socks after a long days work in safety boots , but yesterday I smelt something from a Hammer Horror Movie set , FERMENTED PRAWN paste , I had to go around opening the windows and doors , the air was so thick with the smell , and then they all was saying try some . I just made sure I gave Ems a kiss goodnight before she started eating any of this, is there a worst smell I wonder .
  9. Pay day for the workers and at 5 pm we gave them there money and it was thanks mam thanks Sir and see you Monday and off they went, the next minute they was back , Mam Sir you have paid us to much we had half a day the other day. We both had decided to pay them the full week as it was our fault the material was not on site for them to continue the work, but it was nice that they did come back to say we had overpaid them , I knew we had very good people working for us .
  10. I think his own rebar might be the only thing holding him up
  11. Had the rebar cut off the side of the house today , to say it was interesting would be a understatement, in the end I had to intervene and go and tie a rope around this lad and hold it really tight just in case he slipped , but as soon as the camera was pointing I had to let go and wave or thumbs up.
  12. I wonder what will have changed once I land back in England late February, bugger all is my guess .
  13. Thanks Jim , Emma was about to get me painting these before they are up, now it may have to wait for weeks or years .,
  14. I have not seen bamboo for sale here other then the so called garden supplies , I am hoping to get a few lengths for some sort of feature design .
  15. Having just brought some new corrugated sheets and they are just silver in colour , can I just prime these with red oxide paint then paint them using the boysen I brought, or can I just use the boysen without the red oxide .these will be on the roof under the baking sun and all weathers .
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