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  1. Yep that’s me , also known as kuripot Steve
  2. I am a member of Marriott and yes I do get discounts but it’s got to be a very special occasion to spend so much money in there hotels these days, There time share is still one of the best things I even brought many years ago and we are still using now, booking. Com for a few days break I use and as a member you do get discounts and for a cheap place to stay around England travel lodge are good.
  3. Welcome back, Where’s the wedding going to be at.
  4. I don’t fancy any of that I said to Ems when she was cooking mixed vegetables and rice with some eggs, it’s not for you it’s for me as I know you would not eat it, all that pan full is for you to eat now I ask, well with her eyes rolling she said well you don’t want it do you. what about saving some for later and we can share it with something else I said but new I was on a losing battle here, so I got my cereal and walked out backwards from the kitchen. Now I do know lots of Filipinos love there food and over the years when holidaying in the Philippines what ever the cook they eat and it is never less on there plates but much more the better, I’ve have always eaton what is on my plate and maybe that is why I only put on what I can eat , but it’s the same with Ems she puts on what she can eat and it all goes in , god knows where , then she complains that her short shorts are a little tight, and she still insist she is a size 10. Thats where I do try to keep my big gob shut until I have written down my reply and read it over and over again to make it sound right, I may to write no comment it’s easier . Whats the saying ,you can take the girl out of the Philippines but you can’t take the Philippines out of the girl.
  5. You never know these days Jack, times change , I use to love watching motor racing at the time with Lauda, Prost , James hunt and our Nigel Mansell, Jackie Stewart was just a little before my time, these was great drivers , todays drivers yes they are great but the computer controls the cars the face and the driver these days , just my own thoughts said out loudly
  6. Just reading through the news this morning and it’s great sadness that Niki Lauda has died, he was seventy . I can remember watching him as one of the greats at motor racing and the crash he had live on tv , even seeing him behind the scenes in today’s racing he was a very outspoken person , but then again he new what he was talking about.
  7. Must be a new thing, ok it’s been that long since we was there but I never notice any dogs , but I did notice at the time a bloke selling in the morning fruits and sweets, then later on in the afternoon selling viagra and durex .
  8. You only can say so much until you know you are wasting your time, but I would rather have a friend who tells me how it is all the time.
  9. I’ve ask for his bank account details and credit card details and all the numbers needed to hack the account, sorry to deposit into his account , but heard nothing yet.
  10. Was there not a tv series about these little girls in America travelling all over to these beauty pageants, and yes I did watch a few and there parents was so pushing there children into posing this way and that way and the make up ,hair up and those costumes , I thought the whole lot was about the parents dreams not the children.
  11. Some relations in our family have daughters and they push her , in my eyes it does not seem right , but it’s been going on for ages it makes lots of money for the organisation and they may get there picture on a banner plus a few hundred peso, but it’s the parents who shine out the more, ‘ look at our daughter,’ we love you so much .
  12. are you thinking something like this happens in the bathroom.
  13. I can see both camps, yes a very pretty young girl , and like you say why the bed and off the shoulder dress, the beauty should be the girl not what they think people should like to see ie the bed and the pose, there is beauty in everyone if you get the right pose, I wish her well, I am sure there will be people around her paying for all this but what are these people expecting in return , just my own thoughts said loudly .
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