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  1. When I first started talking to Emma , her Looks was the first thing I saw, the dark long flowing hair and the colour of her skin and the smile showing all those pearly whites, yes I was hooked . Now living in England she has lost the tan a little but every other thing is the same and Ems loves not being to dark as she says, trying to say well that is what attracted me to you at first just goes over her head now , anyway just back from a holiday and she is a golden brown again and yes I love it, plus I keep telling her I use her silly soap whitening to wash my bum so hopefully her tan will last a little longer this time.
  2. Glad you are better, so the total for the stay in hospital plus medicine was 4000 dollars, sounds like so much money but our health comes first.
  3. Car hire in the Philippines, any one ever booked a car for a few days or weeks hire , looking for a company around Marikina if possible, I have read that you can hire a driver and car but I want to go where I want when I want plus stay as long as I want too so really it’s best if I was driving, but never having drove in the Philippines is it something where some of you may say don’t do it.
  4. Red meat I can go without and when it’s there looking at me I just think I cannot eat that, then when they say just try a little, its nice, yes it could be nice for everyone else but not for me, thanks for letting me vent my anger on here boys , I feel better already but now I am hungry , where’s the biscuits.
  5. This last weekend I took Emma and her niece to London to stay there for a few days , they was stopping at a cousins house and I was to drop them off and travel back home a hour or so later, I had already told Ems I don’t want anything to eat once there just a drink and I would be off. Well I may as well spoken to the brick wall, when we arrived those magic words was ringing in my ears ( along with the tinnitus) LETS EAT!, the table had been set and the lamb had been cooked, prawns was overflowing, Dauphinoise potatoes , garlic bread and NO RICE. All I wanted was a cup of tea, but Ems was filling my plate as I was asking for my tea, why don’t they just listen to us when we say I don’t want anything , well after chewing a little bit of garlic bread and those potatoes I was ready to go back home , why don’t they just listen when we say we don’t want anything.
  6. Have you sorted your insurance out yet for the time in the Philippines .
  7. What amazes me is the pricing , if you have just hand luggage and don’t mind where you seat that’s the cheapest price, but if you have luggage and chose a seat when you book your flight then it’s a extra £———, a few years ago the only extra you paid for was the front seat plus the emergency exits where the seat had a little more space , now every seat has a fixed price on top of the price that is advertised unless you wait until the last day then chose where you want but the spaces could be limited. I don’t fancy a long stop over between flights but sometimes you have to pay for the things that you are wanting .
  8. I have been checking KLM flights too, I was surprised that after flying from London into Amsterdam you then fly into Hong Kong then onwards to Manila and the price £771 WOW. Flying from Manchester my chosen airport with Cathy Pacific direct to Hong Kong then onwards to Manila cost just over £560 each, still have time to decide or told what flights to book.
  9. Not flying out until early/ mid November so lots of time still but the later you book the more it cost, never thought about flying KLM, I will look up there prices.
  10. Glad you are feeling a little better, It’s never nice when you are alone and are sick even worst when it’s the middle of the night too.
  11. With all the trouble that has been happening in Hong Kong would you still book a flight that is going from England via Hong Kong to Manila ie Cathy Pacific or would you book a alternative route. I do like this route as it’s a 12 hour flight then just a few more hours from there rather then a 8 hour then a 7 hour fight with the others, I don’t want to fly direct because of the price with Philippines airlines, what’s your thoughts ?
  12. Until the parents are arrested then the baby was kidnapped.
  13. A nice Volvo P1800E,111000 miles , £19950
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