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  1. Here in England we are allowed to go out for exercise a run around the local park , I take some bread for the ducks while I am doing this , maybe you could say you are exercising too,
  2. It’s good to keep busy and by doing all those little jobs we all have put off , and if you can get some one to help while giving them a helping hand too then everyone’s happy.
  3. I wish him and anyone else who may have this virus a speedy recovery
  4. Still on the up my shares , but any moment they could go down .
  5. Next year , I can’t get my head around this year just yet. I am getting older , I am getting fitter but I am getting more worried about what IF. But if all goes well and in a few months life is back to some sort of normality Spain will be high on my list of things to try out and live there a few months. And like you say ,a few face masks and plastic gloves in the car and wet wipes too.
  6. Here we have on the streets of Alenton this morning , I did not take the picture so I cannot say if they was there to enforce the gathering of no more then 2 people or they was parked outside Greggs ordering sausage rolls, but hang about they don’t look like there is 2 meters between them.
  7. They are being forced to close now according to the latest news this morning .
  8. Thank you for telling us part of your family history. I have never been to Iraq. My brothers was in the armed forces and was stationed. My father was in the forces over in Germany . My Mums father was killed in France . My grandad was in France And before that I am sure we had Butchers, Game keepers, Ships Captain and lots of labourers in our family tree.
  9. First casualty involving the corona virus concerning my family, my daughters boyfriend has been laid of for 3 months from his work , the only good thing about it he will be on 90% of his weekly wage for this time then it will be reviewed after that time, he will be on call and given so many days notice if they will need him back , but he cannot look for any other work in this time too, so it looks like we will have a lodger for a few months now what can I get him doing I wonder. He is quite a fit lad , he plays rugby so I may get him training me and Ems ( not for rugby ) and only in the garden too.
  10. Since retiring I have found certain times are better then others for doing some shopping and in the week it’s better then weekends plus mid morning or mid afternoon seems to be a better time to, also I am trying to keep a stock of food and cleaning stuff in for when it gets worst , I do try to keep my distance , I use the car to go to the shops and also wear my mask when walking around the shop and also have my wet wipes so I can wipe the handle on the basket I am carrying , I understand it’s better to stay in but if you do have to go out try to keep a distance from one another.
  11. Just been out for some bits and bobs to the shop Aldi and guess what they have everything on there shelves, loo rolls cleaning items , biscuits, sweets , tins of everything infact the only difference was there was signs saying only so many items could be brought of the same item .
  12. Was there a member from here doing this or already had a place with so many people sharing the land and produce, or did I dream it.
  13. You are right, we was advised to still go out and exercise but be at lease 2 meters apart from other folk which we do but it’s hard when you are in a shop but we wear face masks doing that, but watching what happened over the weekend it looks like that will be stopped , thank good we have a nice garden to sit it.
  14. I can see a lockdown covering the whole of England being implemented very soon, the amount of folk still going out to the seaside or into the countryside at the weekend was so stupid, yes you have to get some sort of exercise but walking down the streets side by side with loads of other folk, sitting on the beaches together and queues in shops and pubs , so so stupid. Yes I was out the other day and it was great but honestly I must have passed 20 people in the 4 hours we was out and then you made sure we was well clear from each other . Its funny when you still see the youth of today messing around outside like nothing is happening, yet a few months ago these same folk was blaming the older generations for ruining there futures , I must add not all youths are doing this . I am worried and frightened too of what may happen even though my household is doing what we think is right by keeping away from others .
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