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  1. Ok this is about the UK Got the letter to ask me to make a appointment for my jab for coronavirus today and I will be going this Saturday to a place and time of my choosing , it’s just a walk up the road from where I live , when I booked the service I could also book the date for the second jab too , jobs a good un
  2. Many may know my stories about lending, borrowing and gifting cash to the extended family, now it seems they are not speaking to Emma , not a word since January 4th after I said no to a loan of 100,000 peso , after asking what this loan was for I did not get the right reply, i was told it was a unexpected bill, then it was school fees . This is a family who has been showing off there new American kitchen that’s just been fitted there new extension on the house and there half way to building a water station too. As I said the money was not sent but I did send them all the best .
  3. Looks very nice John , so when do you reckon you may visit the place .
  4. So can I ask the folk that live over in the Philippines about there lock down. Firstly here in the England we can venture to the shops for your food and essentials ,plus hospitals and doctors and doing your daily exercise within the area you live, if you do work you are allowed to travel to and from work also, but there are the rule breakers who will do what ever they want too until they are caught then they will come up with some excuse. So back to yourselves , what can you do where you are living .
  5. It’s a good size lot you have there , is there going to be room for a pool one day too.
  6. Do you think they may add a tourist tax for a dose of the vaccine for the foreigners
  7. Well spotted John, I took a selfie the other day and this is how the picture turned out, it must have been the rest of her shadow
  8. stevewool


    Only the best for my Ems .
  9. stevewool


    What’s the saying , When in Rome , well this is Yorkshire and even Ems is getting in on the act .
  10. Well I would like to have my injection here in the UK before it is offered to go overseas and maybe sold or given to someone who is richer then me or maybe because they know someone who knows someone and that way get it ahead of those who it was meant for.
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