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  1. When are you hoping the move in date will be Tommy, by the way it looks great too.
  2. I have not got the time to be bored, Ems has gone to the south of France for a few months and she has left me a list of things that she would like to be done.
  3. They see a person who they may try to fleece, but not all of them I must add.
  4. Wow, as others have said just be very careful, but I wish you well in all you are trying to achieve.
  5. None of them. All I can say is I am so glad that the majority of these people carry mobile phones and then take videos or pictures of the few scum who wreak havoc and the post it for the folk that care can name them and hopefully they can be prosecuted.
  6. Stocks and shares are still going up, that’s good news , not where it was a few months back but I am happy.
  7. What I have learnt these past few months. Dont take nothing for granted Our plans to see and live in Spain is now on the back burner too. Plus it’s so easy to put weight on but so hard to take it off. Daytime tv is crap
  8. I tried to change the way folk had lived for years , yes in my mind it was going to be cleaner, safer and a better environment for them and also for me to live in , at first it was going to be wonderful and all was happy but it changed. My way was to clean it seemed, they did not mind the drains blocking ,water leaking , people just wondering in , other people abusing what was there. Now the only change is I have no interest in what I was trying to do over there and I have moved on now.
  9. So sorry to read your sad news.
  10. That’s going to be the most expensive crackling ever .
  11. Looks fantastic Mick, enjoy.
  12. Nothing worst then being tarred with the same brush,
  13. Seen that, I’ve felt that, but you learn and now I am standing at the back of the family queue looking over all there shoulders watching who moves first , then second and I will be third .
  14. Some do , others stand in the background knowing others will come forward, I must add this is from my own experience.
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