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  1. I know it’s about flights from the USA to the Philippines, but trying to get a flight from the uk is difficult too well that’s unless you have the funds just to pay what they ask you to pay. We have paid for return flights over the years anything from £450 to £650 each ,and that was not direct but just one easy stop over , now try to find a flight that cheap again , they are out there but with 2 , 3 or even more stop over and hours put onto the flight time . We have just had friends fly out and there cost was nearly £1900 each for a return flight using Cathy pacific ,I would never pay that sort of money, but still hopeful that one day we can travel again to the Philippines
  2. Wow, so in the five years you was there did the landlord pay for a complete air con clean, plus when does the system need a complete clean , just wondering .
  3. Just looking at prices for next year for flights to the Philippines that’s if we are allowed to fly . AnywAy what a shock I got the prices have more then doubled to what I have paid over the years , the most I’ve paid is just over £600 each for indirect flights from the uk , either flying to Abu Dhabi or Hong Kong , but now they are wanting over £2700 . I have also looked at getting a flight to Hong Kong then another flight from there to Manila but again it’s getting on towards £ 2000 with a stop over , looks like I better look into holidays in the UK .
  4. If I was younger I would love the chance , but being older and more common sense I would give this one a miss, here is my comfortable high nowadays .
  5. What about these soft stuffed toy Tigers , put one of these in the garden , it may stop the monkeys 🙈, then again it may not , in other countries you see them doing this but after awhile the monkeys gang up and rip the toy apart, be fun watching though to see what they would do.
  6. Thanks everyone for replying, the wife and I was talking and looking at places over there but the problem is maybe what we are looking at has either been sold or has been on the market for years , the estate agents don’t seem to work like they do here, boots on the ground maybe next year to have a better sense of prices.
  7. House prices and lot prices go up every year but have you noticed if they have gone up more since the pandemic, is there any members who either live around Bohol and the Laguna area and how the house/lot prices are.
  8. It’s good that the person can walk away from spending so much money on a property and still live comfortably, not to sure about being fooled , maybe he just wanted to impress the neighbours and the family .
  9. All depends on what you are wanting for yourself , once the family gets involved the price will double and maybe treble too, look at some designs in the area and on the internet and go from there, just over 1 million should get yourself a nice house , good luck
  10. A good few years ago we stayed at Fairways at Bluewater on the island , it was beautiful.
  11. Well I had mine and Emma has had hers too, my next one will be late May and Emma’s will be June
  12. Yes definitely between sisters as it seems no one is speaking to Emma since early January because I refused to lend/ borrow/give or gift them the money they was asking for .
  13. When i met my future wife and had the holiday romance , a few pictures taken of us both plus lots taken of her by myself , I had one picture on my mobile phone as a screen saver which I thought was a very nice one , anyway Emma saw it and straight away went quite on me and I had no idea why as I said the picture is lovely . A few hours later I found out the reason why she was a little upset , while the photo was fine on my mobile phone my service provider was written right across her forehead VIRGIN, that’s what she did not like , it took me awhile showing her virgin trains , virgin planes and yes virgin Mobil network .
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