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  1. Just watch the 2nd part, the landing on the moon, very emotional, Houston the eagle has landed, Amazing
  2. Yes I should not have put the word white in my thread, now I am sorry for saying that, I could delete that word if that would make a difference and again I hope that people who knows me knows I am not a racist, did I say that what ever colour the people are here don’t pay any taxes or don’t work . I will edit my reply and take the word out,
  3. Sorry jack you are right, I should have just put British person, now I hope this says I am not a racist , plus as you say we have been a multi race country for many years , but these last few years have changed for the worst , WHY , who knows.
  4. Well I am still here in England and yes it’s my home, but it does not feel like home anymore, I just keep my head down, don’t go to places that I feel unsure about and yes that’s about 3 miles from where I live. Its funny the things that has been mentioned on here about crime and killings are not my number one thoughts, to some folk that might sound I’m all right jack but is it not down to our own survival, and many of the killings are gang or drugs related, I do keep your mouth shut and head down while I am living in my own country because you have too, it should not be like that, I am a British person born here , worked all my life here and paid every bill and tax all my life. I will be leaving England one day, will it be for ever I don’t know, but where every I will call home I am sure they will have the same problems but not published as much.
  5. There was two ladies doing this the girl friends of some sort of relatives to Emma, they had a room in there house where you was not allowed to go in and there they milked there victims, these two ladies was and still are very pretty and that is what they used and maybe a little more flesh, they was sent gifts and cash and the men the attracted mostly was Koreans . All this I was told about.
  6. 11 July 1969 , David Bowie release his single Space Oddity , I think that suits this week very well. Now how many of us feel old after reading this record is 50 years old.
  7. I’ve got to do this to prove to Emma I am eating well while she is not here
  8. Love to take a picture or 2 and what’s so great these days you can take hundreds and then delete most of them ,like some have said that’s all we have left of loved ones pictures. Now I understand about leaving the bloody phone at home but never the camera.
  9. Well it must have happened because in November the same year the tv series The Clangers aired on tv and they was from the moon, so Apollo 11 must have brought them back.
  10. Indeed , but with a carrycot a kiddies seat and a mad border Collier to transport around, 5 doors is better then 2 at the time.
  11. This was my second car , the first was a white 1966 beetle ,a little rusty but it got me to work and back, then I brought this one , lasted me years until I thought I wanted a bigger car as the family was getting bigger, one of the mistakes I have made in my life time.
  12. Yep, Emma is the same , it takes me ages first I go pink then red then I blister then I go All patchy , then it’s winter and it’s forget about it.
  13. Yep on both acconts, she did not use in, and I have the whitest backside ever.
  14. Bloody whiting cream, what attracted me to Emma was her colour, then once found she started buying this crap, mind you I soon put a stop to that after telling her I used it to wash my bum.
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