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  1. It’s good that the person can walk away from spending so much money on a property and still live comfortably, not to sure about being fooled , maybe he just wanted to impress the neighbours and the family .
  2. All depends on what you are wanting for yourself , once the family gets involved the price will double and maybe treble too, look at some designs in the area and on the internet and go from there, just over 1 million should get yourself a nice house , good luck
  3. A good few years ago we stayed at Fairways at Bluewater on the island , it was beautiful.
  4. Well I had mine and Emma has had hers too, my next one will be late May and Emma’s will be June
  5. Yes definitely between sisters as it seems no one is speaking to Emma since early January because I refused to lend/ borrow/give or gift them the money they was asking for .
  6. When i met my future wife and had the holiday romance , a few pictures taken of us both plus lots taken of her by myself , I had one picture on my mobile phone as a screen saver which I thought was a very nice one , anyway Emma saw it and straight away went quite on me and I had no idea why as I said the picture is lovely . A few hours later I found out the reason why she was a little upset , while the photo was fine on my mobile phone my service provider was written right across her forehead VIRGIN, that’s what she did not like , it took me awhile showing her virgin trains , virgin planes and yes virgin Mobil network .
  7. Fred ,What’s the difference in price doing it this way compared to building with blocks plus would there be more noises coming through the hallow walls compared to the solid walls too.
  8. We are both great thanks Fred , enjoying time together without that dreaded word WORK.
  9. Is that your chair to sit on inspecting the work Fred
  10. Ok this is about the UK Got the letter to ask me to make a appointment for my jab for coronavirus today and I will be going this Saturday to a place and time of my choosing , it’s just a walk up the road from where I live , when I booked the service I could also book the date for the second jab too , jobs a good un
  11. Many may know my stories about lending, borrowing and gifting cash to the extended family, now it seems they are not speaking to Emma , not a word since January 4th after I said no to a loan of 100,000 peso , after asking what this loan was for I did not get the right reply, i was told it was a unexpected bill, then it was school fees . This is a family who has been showing off there new American kitchen that’s just been fitted there new extension on the house and there half way to building a water station too. As I said the money was not sent but I did send them all the best .
  12. Looks very nice John , so when do you reckon you may visit the place .
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