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  1. Every airline that we use charges for any seat now and I just refuse to pay, I wait until the 24 or 48 before our travel time and then I try to get the seat I wanted and most of the time it works, Manchester to Hong Kong one way they wanted £150 for exit seats on top of the price I had already paid.
  2. Walking around the shops and down the streets it’s amazing how many people look at you, sometimes it’s embarrassing but most of the time I just smile back, the kids are the best, they look at you and start laughing between themselves and once you acknowledge them with a thumbs up that’s it, you’ve made a friend for life, but you can get that look from some folk where you think , he’s a angry bloke or is it because he’s not got his teeth in. Anyway yesterday walking back Ems decided she wanted a balut 2 in fact, so as we approached the seller on the street corner there was a few men sitting around talking then suddenly a few gets up and starts saying to Ems ‘ he is gwapo ‘, then it was a chat between us all in broken English, they was asking me do I know any Tagalog, a little I said and a few swear words , I don’t think it would have gone down well saying those to my new found strangers. So that’s twice I have heard gwapo said about me, yesterday’s blokes and a old lady in the wet market , says a lot about me don’t it.
  3. I do hope so on the first 2 accounts, the third well the people will have another say sometime in the future.
  4. How much did you transfer to pay that amount in charges , ok don’t tell but it must have been a lot.
  5. Nearly finished the wall tiling and the false ceiling are both up just need skimming over, one chap has started on the roof deck chipping away at the old stuff with his piece of plastic pipe with a 4 or 5 inch nail stuck through it tapping away with his hammer , hope the rain keeps off these next few days .
  6. It will be all over soon, well until they who came 2nd ,3rd and 4th wants a new vote because it was so close and people did not understand what they was voting for .
  7. No thanks Tom, change of mind AGAIN, the stairs are going to be tiled , well today they are , tomorrow the stairs could be open tread with glass walls, and then the next day it could be a spiral staircase .
  8. I am on Facebook back home buying and selling items , so I have just changed my address from there to here in the Philippines and looked on Facebook market place, so far had a few replies about fittings and the price too, interesting but I like to go and see it and before I part with my cash.
  9. Bragging are we, and who users a fly these days just flop it over.
  10. Nara wood, has anyone got this in the place , and is it worth the cost. It does look nice and Ems thinks it will look dandy on the stairs but it does seem like a lot of money to me , so any advice from those who as gone before me.
  11. I am going to show Ems this and I shall never have to go there again,
  12. When packing your case for a long stay in the Philippines or could even be a permanent stay the most things you think about are shorts and tee shirts, that’s what you are hoping you will be wearing all the time so you pack plenty. There are the things you think you had better take for the just in case happens, A Jumper, what a waste of space that’s taken in the suitcase, A Coat , ok it might Rain and yes it yes it did too, but everyone around you has a umbrella and no coat, again a waste of space, How many shorts , how many tee shirts, again so much stuff that I did not need to bring. But there are things that people said to me ‘ you are not taking them are you’ , and I am glad I did, long socks , not the sort that goes up to your knees ,and yes I have some of these trainer sock things but give me a pair of long socks any day, they stop the flies and Mozzi attacking my ankles , Hankies can’t have enough of these, great for your nose, wiping your forehead and cleaning your glasses the list goes on. Short Sleeve Shirts , if it’s hot open another button , if it’s too hot open every button, if it becomes cool fasten the buttons, it’s that simple, I should have brought more of these. A Belt because I am going to lose some weight.
  13. The other day we sat down to work out the financing , we have the house budget which is still doing ok and we have our everyday living and here is the problem getting use to the peso rate . Lets buy this and let’s buy that , wow that’s cheap only 48 peso for a gator aid , let’s buy 4 and this has been going on for a few days, silly me thinks wow only 48 peso but thinking only 48 English pence , I would never over spend on these items in England , I would never buy these items in England either, time to put my kuripot head back on , we have another 11 weeks to survive , so it’s going to be more visits to the wet market and lots of water too.
  14. No just some old paper she brought out of her pocket, maybe later down the street she could have threw it over someone’s wall.
  15. There’s only one person other then myself touches my tool.
  16. What election ,what brexit, I am to busy with Wilcon and Handyman to think about anything else, I will wait until the end of February to worry about good old England . We did our vote by proxy before we left and that’s our bit done , let’s hope for the best , prepare for the worst .
  17. Here are a few pictures of the bedroom ceiling and the bathroom. Plus the tile fitter making his holes.
  18. A trip to the house today and I was watching the builders working , we have 3 now on site to get things moving a little quicker, in by the 29th this month we are hoping , but who knows . Anyway they have started pulling the tiles on the bath/shower room and they look fantastic, I was watching the chap doing this and I could see there was going to be a few holes needed places in the tiles , well what a experience watching him first do all his measurements then he gets a small electric grinder and starts shaving the tile away skimming until he thinks that’s enough, then he turns over the tile and with a pair of pliers he tapes where he was grinding and low and behold a hole appears, then to make it bigger he just rotates the pliers into the hole , he then checks to see if it will fit if not he makes it bigger by chipping away again, I was amazed .
  19. You forgot to mention having serving half his sentence he would have been released under a new identity and rehoused too.
  20. I and others have mentioned about dog muck being everywhere and you just cannot walk in a straight line because of trying to avoid the stuff. Well today as I came out onto the balcony of the house build I looked into the street and there was a lady just standing near to the gate, I had not seen her before so I watched her and next to her was this little dog having a crap right where our walk in gate is, well I was not happy about this and as I watched her and just about ready to shout , the dog had done it’s business and she bent down and picked it all up and off they both went. I did not expect to see that, just goes to show there is good and bad in many folk.
  21. Just come back from there, 330 peso for the kit, and it’s mine and will be under lock and key once it’s been used for the 3 doors. Again cheers Jack
  22. At this moment in time and only being here for a week or so, when they shout between themselves the voice is raised how do you tell the difference from normal shouting to angry shouting, because at the end of the shouting they all seem to laugh, maybe better then a few punches flying about.
  23. Supersave stocks lots of Tesco brands but not at Tesco prices I must add,
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