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  1. I seen a report on a news channel here in England, not to sure who was reporting but the lady was saying about the rain and wind and she was standing in the street but the rain had stopped, yes the street was flooding like ankle deep and she claimed when talking to a lady who was on the roof of a house and she said that these typhoons was getting stronger and it’s all down to climate change , now I am sure this last bit may have been added on by the reporter herself , they did not show us any people sitting on roofs , but you did see folk going about there daily things .
  2. The new why I can’t work since Covid is mental health , I’ve never seen so many thick looking odd folk with a few kids sitting in a dirty house with 2 pit bulls claiming they have mental Heath issues so can’t work ,
  3. The old folk have pride , I know my older brothers and friends who are now able to use a free bus pass but they don’t , silly really when it’s free after a certain age . There are the usually ones who knows how to get every benefit that they think they are owed , there seems to be a younger generation now who know that they can get more money by not working but by claiming benefits . Its funny when Emma first came here and she started to see the local news about folk claiming this and that , having more kids , it did make her angry , still does , this does not happen in the Philippines is what she says .
  4. No debate here,but I am sure you will get some media trying to get a story , yes you may get the young folk wanting something different , but ask them what and they will have no idea ,then you will get the folks who will say just like you have mentioned the family cost each tax payer to much and they would rather have the cash to spend on Sky, fags and a few tins . I do like what we have here in England compared to other places in the world but that’s just me .
  5. Well it looks like I was right about the utilities going up but not by what they was threatening us by , was this the plan all along , anyway it will still be more then I use to pay .
  6. You and I , and I am sure many many more people from around the world will be feeling the same way too.
  7. Bloody predictive text , next few days weeks
  8. I have them in my family here but I tell them to there face to swing it and get a job , but the family in the Philippines is so different the wives work so hard but there husbands don’t work at all ,then they have the nerve to ask us to help them out .
  9. There are lots of groups or movements , off course the best ones for advice is Facebook just kidding, they are not saying don’t pay but stop your direct debit and each month read your meter and give the readings to your supplier and then pay for what you use , but if the bill is to much then pay what you can and then pay the rest on tick . Im am going to stop my direct debit because they will take out of your bank what they think I will use over the year and that could be hundreds of ££££££ more then what I actually use , rather have the money in my bank then there bank making money , we shall see what will happen in the new free days weeks .
  10. That would be wonderful if it was true, those that choose not to work but can and these are mainly male sit on there arses expecting freebies , I must add not all people are like this , but I refuse to feed and support these folk
  11. Funny thing is Emma wants what’s best for me and I am sure where ever we land we will both be happy as long as it’s far enough away in my view , Spain springs to mind .
  12. I should have explained myself better, in the beginning I would have to rely on Emma of where to pay bills and what bills too if we are to make our future home there , just like she did rely on me over here , but once everything is settled then it’s a case if she wants to visit and I don’t , we’ll I’ll take her to the bus station or airport
  13. Nearly everyone says that you need to be as far away as possible from the family if you decide to move to the Philippines, but how does your partner feel about that really. As I’ve never lived there before I will have to rely on Emma for everything so she must like the place too, but I feel she just would like to live in the place she grew up in , I’m really looking for a place with a view , somewhere where I can walk out into the rice fields countryside but also have shops within a short drive , but that’s like living in the provinces is all I get most of the time , so can the city girl that you marry enjoy the rest of there life in a semi rural settings with family around 5 hours away
  14. It’s all a worry at the moment , I had my panic attacked the other week when my energy suppler told me what they was going to charge me each month by direct debit for what they forecast I would be using for the year ahead ,not what I will actually use, but I will put a stop to that by stopping my direct debit and send them a reading each month and pay only for what I use . Whos to blame , who knows but Putin is being blamed for every problem this country and maybe the world is going through , so myself I’m thinking it’s our government fault, are they trying to get as much money in by a way of tax from utilities to pay fir the Brexit, Covid, our Migrant crisis and any other crisis that seems to come every month , it could be worst I could be poor with loads of kids and out of work claiming benefits , hang about they seem to get help with everything and don’t give a dam.
  15. Thank you ,That looks like a great idea
  16. Are there any members who owns or rents a house where the rooms in the single storey house you can see the tin roof and wooden joist, in other words no ceilings in each room. Would this make the house so hot plus noisy if it was raining , so what could you do , put false ceilings in but could you also insulate the space between the roof and the false ceiling and what could you use to do this .
  17. The final hour , the new leader of the governing party will come in with some sort of plan to help the needed , but it will still go up not as much as the media and Facebook folk are telling us though , but as I’m not part of the needed or a pensioner it’s going to be difficult
  18. Well that’s the joke , they are claiming that bills could be going up up to 80% more then they use to be , I am thinking they just want to cover any extra usages, but they also can make interest on the money they have extra from all there customers which could be millions
  19. Well I’ve got a chance of fixing my electric and gas bill for the coming year and to me it’s a joke , I think I am very frugal with bills and I have been happy paying them each month ,my bills use to be just under 6500 peso or £100 each month I know my bills won’t effect folk living in the Philippines but I thought I would tell you what they said I would be paying by direct debit each month 22,630 peso or £348 English pounds , I may be moving to the Philippines sooner then I thought
  20. I like the grey colour we had it painted around the windows and doors plus I got carried away because the rest of the family thought it looked stupid .
  21. Not going ahead with this one , not what we thought was for sale , never mind onwards and upward .
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