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  1. Went to a air show there once and they had a Vulcan fly pass , so funny when it came along the runway and all the parked cars in the area . alarms went off
  2. Here are a few videos for any members to watch and hear those merlin engines roaring . IMG_4713.MOV IMG_4714.MOV IMG_4710.MOV IMG_4711.MOV
  3. We have sorted out the money or allowance thing a few years back, but once the family found out Emma was working and earning then the emails , phone calls came mainly from her sisters , saying the kids are poorly , no school fees and so on , in the end I could see the stress it was causing Emma , so we both decided that Emma’s bank account was closed and we opened a joint account , she told her family that from no they would have to ask both of us , but it turned out they was either embarrassed or there English was not very good to ask for money . Yes I know Emma would send cash to her father and maybe to the family too, but it’s when they demand silly amounts I have to ask what is it for and if they can’t tell me well then they don’t get any .
  4. Thanks everyone for your comments and support, like I said we are fine , and I know Ems does suffer for her love for her family, I just don’t seem to see it coming back to her from them , being so many miles away from them plus me being in charge of the purse strings does help me I’m sure
  5. Well here was I sitting minding my own business yesterday evening and Emma was talking to one of her sisters and all of a sudden Emma said ‘ You don’t like my family’ , well where did that come from I asked , apparently the sister told Emma that . So where as all this come from I asked , her cousin who lives in London who has a partner and child was holidaying in Abu Dhabi and was visiting this sister and her partner told them that I don’t like them , but I’ve never spoken to this bloke , he’s not my cup of tea , anyway Emma knows my thoughts on the family and I am sure many of you know my feelings too, but nothing has happened in a few years that has made me voice my opinion to the family over there , I was trying to get to the bottom of this and told Emma why was my name brought up in conversation surely your sister had to ask about me and what her and his thoughts are about me , anyway me and Ems are both fine and I know where I stand concerning the family an outsider and I’m happy to be thought of that way , it’s just making me think if we visit the the Philippines again I’m not seeing the family but I will not stop Emma seeing them
  6. Thanks for all the replies , I’ve told Ems to find some land first where I think I would like to be before we go any further.
  7. Does any of the members live in a Nippa style home full time , Emma was showing me one the other day a 2 bedroom one and it did look nice too, but could it be lived in full time , so do any of our members live in one or has lived in them for many months before , I understand security wise they would not be very safe but adding a few solid walls here and there may help.
  8. I would not pick Dasmarinas , Sister on law , lazy husband , lazy kids/adults , spoilt Kids/adults , but that’s just my thoughts
  9. We have a friends birthday party this Friday so we shall see them face to face this friend and I am sure behind her back her husband will be filling his eyes when the ladies talk about this great deal. Thanks everyone for your comments
  10. I think that’s a great price for what you have and I would happily spend that amount living somewhere where I would like to be too, thanks Brett
  11. Emma has been approached by a friend who wants her to come in and buy a lot near DRT Bulacan , it’s 1,000 meters and the cost is 150,000 peso , apparently this friend has brought the same size lot with another friend and they are going to put a holiday house on there , now this friend lives here in the UK and her friend lives in Canada and one of there parents lives near the lots that are for sale and they are looking after all the details. Now after being bitten a few times from family I’m not interested unless I have seen it myself and then I have to think about it for awhile too, so is there places still that are cheap as this around or is this friend pulling the wool over Emma’s eyes
  12. Depending on how long you will be here plus your budget too, try to hire a car and travel further , if you can’t use the bus National Express its cheap and gets you from one place to another , so many places to see . Try to get friendly with with folk over in the uk before you visit, you never know they may be able to show you around and even put you up for a few days , you know what Filipinas are like once they start talking to each other they end up like family
  13. A tip , just spend a day or two enjoying the sites of London then see the rest of the United Kingdom it is truly a beautiful place to see.
  14. Funny that , you was only telling the truth
  15. There’s only room for one of those in my marriage and that’s me
  16. Life has been very good since being married to Ems , but sometimes you think why have I bothered saying anything, take food and eating for instance, eating home made soup and it’s great but what’s that funny taste , is this pumpkin in the soup Ems “no it’s ginger” I hate ginger Ems , yes but I thought you may like it , fancy a sandwich , yes please cheese will do, next minute it arrives , yes there is cheese, ham, onions , tomatoes, lettuce and loads of mayonnaise just too much that it all falls out , Ems I just fancied a cheese sandwich, yes but I thought you may like this , I could go on and on like fat left on my meat , can’t stand fatty meat but still I get it served , I’m thinking she is cooking and making all this food for herself knowing she will have the lions share . And now there is the listening to what I am saying , well she chooses to listen what she wants too, but it’s funny when you are with friends and as us men are talking together then the wives are all ears wanting to know everything , would I change her , not a chance
  17. I know it’s about flights from the USA to the Philippines, but trying to get a flight from the uk is difficult too well that’s unless you have the funds just to pay what they ask you to pay. We have paid for return flights over the years anything from £450 to £650 each ,and that was not direct but just one easy stop over , now try to find a flight that cheap again , they are out there but with 2 , 3 or even more stop over and hours put onto the flight time . We have just had friends fly out and there cost was nearly £1900 each for a return flight using Cathy pacific ,I would never pay that sort of money, but still hopeful that one day we can travel again to the Philippines
  18. Wow, so in the five years you was there did the landlord pay for a complete air con clean, plus when does the system need a complete clean , just wondering .
  19. Just looking at prices for next year for flights to the Philippines that’s if we are allowed to fly . AnywAy what a shock I got the prices have more then doubled to what I have paid over the years , the most I’ve paid is just over £600 each for indirect flights from the uk , either flying to Abu Dhabi or Hong Kong , but now they are wanting over £2700 . I have also looked at getting a flight to Hong Kong then another flight from there to Manila but again it’s getting on towards £ 2000 with a stop over , looks like I better look into holidays in the UK .
  20. If I was younger I would love the chance , but being older and more common sense I would give this one a miss, here is my comfortable high nowadays .
  21. What about these soft stuffed toy Tigers , put one of these in the garden , it may stop the monkeys 🙈, then again it may not , in other countries you see them doing this but after awhile the monkeys gang up and rip the toy apart, be fun watching though to see what they would do.
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