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  1. Just a thought from someone who does not know much about the Philippines, is it not overcrowded everywhere unless you are on a mountain top .
  2. And don’t forget the wild mushrooms our dads use to find on there walks.
  3. Emma has always enjoyed cooking and she can make some great food dishes and now we are both retired she has started to try to make more dishes and now cake too. Well here is me trying to keep fit and exercise daily and I am doing very well, but these last few weeks it’s hard not to eat all she makes, home made pizza on Sunday, Scones was made the next day, then yesterday she was going to make rock buns but we had no raisins or sultanas so I thought I was safe , but later on she produced these cakes made with chocolate chips inside and once you had one or two well why not have three or four. We have raisins and sultanas now so I am either going to be a little fatter or have to get a bigger tin, jar to save them for another day, last night I had two homemade rock buns with custard, yum yum. Hopefully Emma is going to France for a few months very soon, that’s going to help my waistline lots.
  4. Many years ago we had chickens and sometimes we had to go and neck one then get it ready to cook, then we use to go out hunting for rabbits and bring them home to be cooked, but like you I think I could not do all that now, but if I had too who knows, but one thing for sure it would be cooked they way I would want to eat it.
  5. I am not a big meat eater and once in the Philippines the family went out and brought a goat to thank me for the holiday we was on. Well this poor goat was alive at first and it was down to me to cut its throat and then it would be skinned and the cooked, well I was very uncomfortable about this, but after a few minutes of being told from Emma what the family had done I agreed to help, I did cut its throat then went out and got the fire to burn of the hairs and then I left the rest to cut it up into sections. I thought ok it’s going to be like a leg of lamb or something like that as I have never tasted goat before, anyway after this and that I came into the kitchen and everything was being cooked but I could not smell the roasted goat, no we are making a stew with it , ok I like a nice stew back in England. Steve you are not in England anymore was my thought when I saw this stew, all I could see was lumps of skin and fat and even when it was put onto my plate it did not look like anything I have seen before, it made it worst by me trying to eat it with a spoon and knife and everyone looking at me, i was angry at myself and uncomfortable, in the end I did try my best and thanked them all , it was a good job there was plenty of vegetables or I would have gone hungry, the only person who seemed to be happy was Ems who was sitting next to me who helped herself once I said I cannot eat anymore.
  6. I eat everything I like but if I don’t like it I will not eat it, I have a very understanding wife , she knows what I like to eat and cannot eat so if we are out somewhere she makes sure the things I will not eat will not be on my plate, but sometimes the things she likes are placed on my plate knowing she has seconds without having to get up and queue again.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/127439507270196/posts/2738817279465726?sfns=mo
  8. Yes I have been watching on tv today , Amazing brave people and just a few left who was there and can tell the story. I have managed to walk on the beaches that these men fought on and I am trying to plan another journey with my brothers to visit them again this year .
  9. Not to sure where to put this either here or life as a expat, but if it’s wrong please move it. I am sure we have all heard the saying ‘through rose tinted glasses’ , but usually it’s about me looking at what I am wanting and thinking and yet some others are trying to tell you it’s not like that. So what happens when your partner sees there own family through these so called glasses but when I see them they are nothing like this , yet the more I try to explain the more they dig in there heels. We was at some friends house this weekend and they are going through a house purchase over in the Philippines and it was all going well until a in-law had her say, not a sister or brother but a in-law and it’s caused some problems and this is where I try to tell my partner about what could happen with the in-laws of my extended family, while she was chatting away in there secrete code to each other I knew she understands my concerns but is love blind or is it something deeper, has it been drilled into her that family is more important then anything. I shall keep my guard up and my favourite saying NO for the £————- we are being asked for not £— where you could afford , so do you have anything like this in your life through your rose coloured glasses
  10. Have you got pictures like these then ?..
  11. When you are trying to help the wife and saying something about something and straight away I get ‘ yer I know,’ knowing she has no idea , it’s like a episode of Little Britain sometimes, and sometimes she even beats me before I finished my sentence, then when I don’t say anything I get the third degree. After 10 years is this what’s to be expected.
  12. I did must be my age , thank you, your a diamond
  13. Yes I agree, the silent treatment and you have no idea what you have done said when where and how .
  14. https://www.facebook.com/happymagtv/videos/277175786387619?sfns=mo
  15. I usual sit there and listen and then someone may explain what is being said ,
  16. God help us if ever labour gets in. Just my thoughts said out loud .
  17. Emma loves to get dressed up when going anywhere and I am very proud when we are out even though I must admit she does where stupid shoes for walking, ‘ and after a few hours walking she agrees with me’ . But like anything-its after the fact. Anyway we was walking through the alleyways in Venice the other night and I was taking lots of pictures here and there and she was browsing into shop windows, there was crowds everywhere and groups of men and women coming and going and suddenly I heard Emma. We has passed a group of young men and I had wondered of to take a few pictures and I looked around and Emma was next to these two men who we had pasted a few minutes ago, I started to walk over slowly because I could hear what they was saying to her. They came back to tell her that she looked stunning and had to say it to her, she was talking back as she does and I just stayed away as she was ok and these two was not drunk plus we both did not feel threatened, but it could have been worst, if they was drunk and I had charged in who knows what could have happened, and this is where being over protective and common sense or as Emma says you should have been holding my hand. I know a lot of you have been married a long time but how do you deal with situations like this.
  18. There I was enjoying the time together and trying to plan some nice things for Emma in Venice and the next minute she is so excited, looks who’s in Venice at the same time as us, yes another 4 Filipinos who she knows and yes I do too. That was it , let’s meet them , let’s see where they are, we could do things together, we could meet them for dinner and on and on it went , hang about Ems we are here on our holiday so if we meet we meet if we don’t we don’t and don’t bloody text of FaceTime or what ever you do to arranged anything, and meeting for dinner NOT A CHANCE. Anyway we did bump into 2 of them while walking around had the chat and the 100 selfies but they had there plans and we had ours and so it all started well and ended well, well sort of, leaving Venice for the bus to the airport with cases and bags Sherpa Steve was struggling a little and Emma was too with her hand bag and high heels she could not managed her case very well and there they was the 4 was going on the same bus, well that was it she had gone kisses for all of them and chatting away and here was me on the other side of the bus waiting with all the baggage to load onto the bus, I tried to give her the look , she seen it but just looked the other way and laughing and joking with the 4, don’t you just love them.
  19. The simple answer to the question and I think a member has said already , if you don’t like what you have read, move on , if you don’t like the person who wrote it ,but have never met them , move on , we cannot all agree with everything but we all can be courteous Can’t we. Getting a dislike icon could effect the person long term especially if they only can see there views and I am sure we all don’t want to have that on our conscious or do we.
  20. When I was first married we lived from payday to payday and very nearly lost the house due to credit cards and bills, that has never happened again in my life, yes lost a few ex wives but I can live with that, budget I have lived on one for many years, and still do.
  21. Yep that’s me , also known as kuripot Steve
  22. I am a member of Marriott and yes I do get discounts but it’s got to be a very special occasion to spend so much money in there hotels these days, There time share is still one of the best things I even brought many years ago and we are still using now, booking. Com for a few days break I use and as a member you do get discounts and for a cheap place to stay around England travel lodge are good.
  23. Welcome back, Where’s the wedding going to be at.
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