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  1. And here is me thinking that was you with long hair.
  2. Another oldie , a Ford Anglia , 1949, yours for £6995. My uncle Jack had one of these .
  3. I had the avenger coloured green with the gold/ yellow stripe , and the mk3 cortina 2 ltr E that was a big car , never had a Capri mates did.
  4. Here is another nice car, BUT I don’t think I and many others could fit in it, and if we did can you imagine getting out of it. Austin Healey 1966 — £8500.
  5. I use to have one of these a long time ago, a Morris Marina ,here is one for sale now , just over £7700 and it’s done 65000 miles .
  6. I was looking for that word the other day, Gobby Gook , thank you
  7. I am thinking iTunes has something to do with it,
  8. Still no joy, so just a couple of more goes then that’s it until Emma gets back in 16 days time then it’s her problem. Thanks everyone .
  9. I am seeing my 9 year old grandson today, a boys outing and I shall ask him , but if it does not involve Mario or some raiders of the distant planet glog killing the voodoo gorillas, he won’t be interested, I am sure
  10. It all sounds Greek to me too, but I will look at this Dropbox or should I say I will get my daughter to. Thank you
  11. I have a iPad Pro and my mobile phone is a Nokia android , so can I download my pictures from my phone to the iPad, I have tried but somehow it just will not let me, I have even tried to Bluetooth them together but the iPad keeps coming up with cannot find, is there a problem with my phone or iPad or is it a case that you just cannot mate them together , thanking you for any replies
  12. Thanks boys for all the replies, I did not realise the cost of electricity , but it all depends on how much you would use. The drinking water you have delivered do you keep it refrigerated .
  13. I had a implant here in England but the thing fell out and they tried again and again it fell out after a time, not I have one tooth on a plate that fits on the roof of the mouth, I hate it, I cannot taste the food I eat but as it’s the front tooth on the top layer it looks better in when and if I smile. I may try to find a good deal once over in the Philippines but then again I may not, the only good thing about not having this tooth is I can stick a McDonald’s straw in the gap while keeping my mouth shut.
  14. If you have a few minutes spare and are bored can you spend a little time trying to answer this question, monthly costings, I do know everyone are different in what they are using but I am willing to read everyone who will reply. I know gas is by the bottle but not sure how long this would last , so electric cost plus water are these monthly bills or yearly or even quarterly , what about land tax/rates and is there anything like house insurance and content insurance. If there is anything that you know I have forgot about please add , by the way the property is in Marikina Thank you
  15. I have learnt the hard way, but I did LEARN, the father I would trust with my life and my savings and that’s why he is involved with the house build plus he lives in the bottom half anyway.
  16. I have Emma’s dad on hand and I will always ask his advice even though I may never use it , but he will be the one with Emma getting the best prices once I have had my influence then have stepped away.
  17. Like anything in life if it’s a great job and you are very happy then you pay what you think , but don’t take the piss .
  18. I am trying to do most of the work myself but that could take a lot longer , so if it can be done quicker and for not a fortune I may as well put my feet up and watch the workers ply there trade.
  19. Thanks Jack , as usual I am trying to run before I can walk on these matters .
  20. Not to sure when to put this one, if it’s in the wrong place please move it. Do workers in the building trade break up for Christmas and if so fro when to how long . We are planning our trip for being in the Philippines early December till very early March and are hoping to get the house liveable for myself , it’s just a shell with windows , so it’s the floor plus a couple of inner walls to be put up plus fixing lights and painting but as we have not been there for over a year or so there could be lots more . I do know it’s going to take time to know what we are wanting but it’s the Christmas and new year break when I believe many tradesmen will be on holiday so how long are they on break for or is it cash talks and if there is work to be done they will do it no matter what day it is.
  21. Good old British sayings , faffing ,means wasting time , and when your last third time is precious.
  22. On my last trip there was lots of cyclist about in groups ,looked just like the Tour de France many in there fancy gear and it did not look cheap either, but cycling is just to dangerous out there I am thinking.
  23. We have a store named ‘ Go Outdoors’, and they sell there own brand plus others too, and there prices are very good plus being a member I get discount , So is it a case of buying here or there and now all I want to do is by cloths that will wash and dry very quickly and are breathable material too.
  24. Yes I know that , I usually keep the box and throw the shoes away in that case.
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