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  1. The other day we was driving and this large twin wheeled one past us ,nothing like the one in the picture but still large, and yesterday we past it parked in a opening right between the trees and the river. The back end had been raised on these blocks and the sat dish was up and the tables and chairs was all out,it did look nice and being able to sit out all night and do what you want when you want without bothering others and others bothering you must be good. I have looked into half heartedly the cost not just buying but running it , parking it and if you are not using it storing it. A friend has one and he pulls a small car behind it when they go anywhere and nearly every weekend they are away in it, anywhere up to 50 miles away for the two days and the annual holiday they will travel around the country but have never ventured abroad with it. Another family member has just spent over £35000 or over 2.5 million peso for a 2nd hand VW day van, it’s god a small fridge and cooker plus a sink and fold down bed no loo and they have to stay on sites so they can use the showers there, so much money and in my eyes a waste of time, but never ever trying it ,it could be the best thing since slice bread.
  2. Some great replies there, but like jack says the pout comes out and then before you have realised you are on the way with them. Its very rare I will say no unless I will be the only bloke there then it’s my foot down on the accelerate to take her there and the foot down bringing myself back home. But I must add if I have been fooled and I am the only male there I am well looked after by the other ladies, more tea and food then I can eat.
  3. Still in Scotland, only for a day or two, then it’s back to Derbyshire for a few weeks then it’s Austria and Italy, then it’s France and then Spain and then the Philippines, and now breath..
  4. Very nice indeed, being on a touring holiday up in Scotland the amount of motorhomes you se Ed is amazing, from the small day vans to the twin axle larger vans all look great and it does make you think it would be nice just parking up anywhere for a few days then move on again, but there are that many signs everywhere you go up here ‘ No overnight camping’ .
  5. Listening to Emma speaking Tagalog is beyond me one minute it’s a bit of this and that and next minute it’s a English word thrown in. I must add Emma speaks very good English, much much better then me, but there is getting a little slang thrown in nowadays.
  6. That’s another moan from us brits, we expect everyone to speak the queens language, even though we can’t speak it ourselves properly.
  7. stevewool

    The other half

    Could it be just me but I have noticed while talking to Emma about nothing important she will never hear all of what I am saying she will either just catch the last few words or hear something that I have never said and then tries to tell me a different question. I know sometimes if I am concentrating on something else I may miss the first few words but I will try to say ‘what did you say’. The other day we was out and yes there is the road noise and I may have spoken softly, but her answer was ‘ You know best’, I am sure there was a little sarcastic in that answer, maybe she is becoming the ferfect Philippines/British only hearing what she wants and then being sarcastic about it, bless her.
  8. There are some good ones on there and like you say some very old ones, number one I quoted in another thread already, all I can add ‘ for now’, is it’s a good job we can laugh at ourselves.
  9. You lot moan just as good as us brits , it’s just that we cannot understand a word you are saying.
  10. Being out in deepest darkest Scotland Jack, the signal was lost or was it, or is it my age.
  11. It can happen anywhere fall out with family and neighbours and being dragged into something. I don’t live there yet and I have seen the side of the family that for some how Emma does not see, where money is concerned most families are like it I try to say , we live and learn .
  12. Hang about I just moan about the weather and my work colleges , hold on I have no work colleges now so I just moan about the weather.
  13. Hang about I just moan about the weather and my work colleges , hold on I have no work colleges now so I just moan about the weather.
  14. Funny you should say that Jack, I have been losing weight but it’s going back on now, it’s muscle.
  15. I was told once to “ Pull my neck in “, I am not telling you that but you have given me lots of advice , I will be sorry to see you go.
  16. Even here in England the sizes can change, I buy XL and the other day I brought this top knowing it would fit me and did not try it on, got home and yes it was to tight so I took it back and even the sales assistant said it’s a small XL what’s that about.
  17. I know it may sound stupid to some, but the fears and uncertainty you feel from leaving the comfort of the safety of the 7-5 shift, the monthly cheque and knowing what you are doing and have been doing for the last 30/40 years to doing none of those. But it feels great I can assure you, and that is the feeling I have after a few days of freedom.
  18. Could be worst Jack,look at the price of this. 578 peso, I wonder if it tastes 23 times more better
  19. At this moment I act like a big kid ,it makes me feel great and happy plus if it makes others smile then I am doing something good.
  20. What a busy day I have had, first of all the exercise routine and I am getting use to this and it does feel good and hopefully it’s doing something good for me, then it was DIY. You know the jobs you have been putting of and saving for the day you can remember to do them, well it was moving shelves and making new shelves too , so out comes my battery operated screw/ drill driver and yes both batteries are flat, that’s a good start I thought, anyway after a 30 minute charge I was away,. A few hours later it’s all done and even had time to sort out some cloths for the box to send to the Philippines as Emma has told me, somehow I don’t see them getting there but it makes her happy. Hopefully a day out tomorrow , but there is the Kitchen to decorate , no rush for that in my mind , I’m retired I have all the time in the world.
  21. Emma seems to love doing my feet and nails and even my hair, I can be sitting there happy as Larry and all of a sudden out comes the clippers ,twissors and even the bowl of hot water for my feet, then after all this I ask her what is it she wants.
  22. There is not much out there, I will have a lump some this coming month and I will just put that in a 1 year fixed rate.
  23. Yesterday we was in town to get a few things and for Ems to get her nails done, and after going into a thousand shops we finally ended going back to the first one. After parking myself in a seat and then just watched what was happening, Ems face was a picture having extensions put on then having them reduced in size and all the other stuff that they seem to enjoy, well after what seemed like forever she was done , shinny nails and a big smile and I was down £25. Right is that it I asked, no i need my eyebrows done, off we go again and this time straight into the first place and that was it, again sitting there watching this lady with a Cotten thread in her month and between her fingers going at Ems eyebrows, it was amazing really, then it happened and I was not ready for this , “ Would you like your moustache doing “. Now i know there was no Jason King sitting in that chair and I have never notice a gringo moustache before and I hear emma say yes please. Ok maybe there is the odd fair hair but when you hear someone say that it did take me back. I did miss the little tickle when our lips met last night , but give it time they will be back sooner. By the way £7.50 for the eyebrow and tash sort out .
  24. I am learning too, my retirement is going to be enjoying doing everything and nothing ,keeping all our hard earned cash in the bank making nothing but it is enough to outsee us both. Its great reading what others are doing and have achieved and I wish everyone all the luck in the world , but it all seems like hard work, and lots of STRESS, I am happy with my camera and a view and to watch the world go by for now.
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