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  1. awww! thanks alot, Sir!
  2. I wouldn't hesitate to seek for the wisdom of my "big brothers" here and that is for sure, Kuya Jake. To all my "big brothers" especially, thank you for making me feel so protected, too. Have a blessed Friday po! Sincerely, -Julia-
  3. I will keep these in mind, Sir. Thank you very much!
  4. Thank you! Just taking my chances, Sir. I think I will try considering firs a recommendation from Sir "S" ...
  5. I just found myself logging in to a dating site I had registered four years ago. It is a good thing that this site has a button of signing in using my FB account as the way to sign in as I totally had forgotten the password way abck then. I am opening my heart for a new beginning. I hope I'll be one of those luck few to find their special someone thru dating sites and not be a part of the statistics of scamming victims... Wish me luck!
  6. I guess I need to check first if there is nothing like that topic previously posted yet to avoid redundancy , Sir...
  7. "Rentals" should have been always a good business in the country. My elder sister and her Brit hubby had one house built solely for rentals ( for bedspacers only) . Ten bedrooms with two beds. The rent is actually affordable for P300.00 per heard per month. However, the location of the place was a little remote. Now they only have a 5 beds occupied. It could have been a good business had they considered the strategic location first and did a llittle feasibility study way back then. Now they are considering of selling the whole place. I guess the location matters alot. Just a th
  8. Enjoy reading, guys! ( a re-post. credit to the author of this article) How Smelling Your Husband's Gas May Help You Live Longerhare on Facebook Relationships go through a variety of stages, from the honeymoon period where everything is perfect and wonderful, to the first fight, to being so comfortable around each other that you fart in their presence. If your husband’s flatulence leaves you shaking your head wondering where the romance has gone, don’t give up yet! Your husband is actually doing you a favor. Yes, we’re serious! Researchers are now saying that smelling your husband’s fa
  9. thanks for sharing such nice photos of you and the love of your life, guys! and I am beginning to think that this will be like a photo album of pictures taken by all of the lovely couples here
  10. The best thing in the world is to grow old with someone you love. Nothing beats that! Happy Sunday to all! !
  11. Hello, Kuya Jake! I miss this site especially your funny and witty comments po!
  12. There is no need to apologize, Sir... I guess I understand what you really meant to imply then! It is only offensive to read if one chose to think it as one I guess. No offense was intended when I suggested against the idea of treating the family there though. But I really appreciate it when you take into consideration of how i might have felt about it. So thank you for that.
  13. While it is true that most Filipinas chose to marry foreigners for financial reasons, it is undeniably true, too, that some were lucky to find their one true love in a foreigner. I personally knew a few of my friends who were madly in love with their foreign husbands and who are happily married until now. But I won't elaborate on this matter as I would like to share my thoughts on the OP. It is certain that a traditional Filipino family is overly protective to all family member, especially the women, regardless of age or status ( single/married/widowed,etc.). The tagalog term "kila
  14. Rest in peace to all those who lost their lives and may all the survivors make a full recovery ... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3980974/Plane-carrying-72-passengers-including-Brazilian-football-team-crashes-Colombia-reports-say.html
  15. So true... President Duterte is God's answer to the Filipino people's prayer! - so it says in a local newspaper... I just don't disagree!
  16. oh I see.. thanks for that, Big Boss...
  17. I recently reside in Muzon, Angono Rizal... are you referring to this same place, Sir?
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