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  1. I HAVE pasted LAW texts I have made conclusions from. In SAME topic some said I'm wrong WITHOUT telling which LAW they base that at... And Btw - it ISN'T enough "experience" not geting caught (yet) by the justice system haven't bother or don't know you have broken the law. It isn't enough to say based on experience opposite to what I say break the law, before you have been in court and been found NOT breaking the law - without need to pay high bribes... :mocking: (For instance when we wrote about the "Anti-Dummy" law and what a Filipina wife to a foreigner can do legaly. I would find it very interesting IF there is GENERAL exception as some claimed in that topic, but no one ever answered that question of mine...) Now you MAKE UP things about me AGAIN... :bash:I have said I have FOUND some Filipino lawyers who are trustworthy (specialiced in family and labour laws.) Because I'm not stupid :mocking: of course I DON'T trust the rather many lawyers, who make DUMMY "solutions" claiming that get around the "AntiDUMMY law"!!! It isn't friendly to MAKE UP LIES about me...Some of YOU guys STARTED writing such LIES about me so not odd I don't answer back so friendly. (For instance the INSULTING LIE I wouldn't let my wife talk to anyone, although that's OPPOSITE to the truth !!! :bash: For instance the goal is the wife will lead more and more of the business HERSELF after kids get a bit older, when she learn more and more so i can retire more and more.) And it IS stupid to make it UNNECESARY easy for a gf to just take the property, or BREAK laws with possible high punishments... :mocking:
  2. Do you mean making exam tests WITHOUT having teacher, just study yourself? We have such in Sweden. Beside subjects I have studied without bothering to get grades, I have done such myself (Business Economy, Acounting, Society Sience.) I hope my future kids will do similar in Phils, but it seem there aren't any such in Phils. I have asked some Phil teachers, students and one at a rather high TESDA position (but she is at Elementary school level) and no one of them know of any such direct tests. I suppouse even less chance there are such direct tests in occupations which need licence. Nurses even need 1 year (?) unpaid practise after school exam before they get licence.
  3. Well my friend, I sit and Wonder why, you would even entertain coming to live in the Philippines & taking a Filipina as your wife if you Honestly think every one from the Government, down to the man on the Street is out to scam You. More crap writing... When do you mean I have said something like that? I know a bunch of honest Filipinos. But I know there are a lot of scammers too in Phils. Don't you know that? :mocking: But as I said - if you who write against me want to be STUPID and make it UNNECESARY easy to scam YOU, that's ok :lol: but I DON'T find it ok you guys tell WRONG about Laws which can FOOL Readers to take UNNECESARY risks.. We shall leave that up to the readers. How would they know who is right, without reading the laws themselves /you guys, who tell FALSE :mocking: /or I, who tell CORECT about what's ILlegal? By you live there it's biger risk they believe YOU = You FOOL them to take UNNECESARY risks... :bash:
  4. Which is most missleading:1. Me telling what's legal UNDEPENDING of anyone bother to catch you if you break it? 2. Them who say I'm wrong, although I'm right...? :mocking: That's NOT same as some of the situations some have said I'm wrong, when I say something is ILlegal for the FOREIGNER to do, and by that giving scamers EXTRA weapons...How come you and some others don't understand it's extra STUPID for foreigners to BREAK laws? As well as making it UNNECSARY EASY for scamers to just TAKE your assets LEGALY by the foreigner have put assets in girlfriend's/wife's/business parter's name? But it's ok for me if you want to be stupid if you want... :mocking: but I will go on telling when someone tell wrong about the laws, because otherwice READERS can be fooled by your WRONG telling... Your pink text is FALSE. at least in many cases. Them, who have been UNNECESARY EASY SCAMED at their assets by doing OTHER than I recomend, don't seem happy... :mocking: But we don't hear them as much in Phil forums, I guess because many of them LEAVE Phils and Phil forums much disapointed. And e g a Brit became so much scamed by his wife, he has problem affording surviving living in a shed, so I guess he has problem affording Internet...
  5. "Court Sentenced Dead Man To Jail" Oh. I thought I smelled a rat :mocking: 20 - 8 = 12 million LEFT to the scamers still !!! :1 (103):
  6. I'm not interested in tobacco, so I don't know what's usable, but/I know tobacco farmers close to the new airport between CDO and Iligan, but they have depts, so I guess they have sold the harvests to traders even before harvested and dried. /There is/was a producer in Carcar, Cebu of "Swedish snuff" = Similar stuff as made it possible to build some of the hardest sections of the American railway back when east and west coast were connected. As a building boss said back then when a railroad boss wondered if it was possible to build a very hard route: "Give me enough snuff, Scandinavian vodka and Swedes and I can build a railway to hell..." :lol: (But Chinese did build much hard parts at the west half.)
  7. Am with you 100% on this. I've only seen one guy in my gym who was on the juice. Its instantly obvious. I sponsored two young men out of my gym in 'natural' (I forget the exact term they use) body building competitions. I don't know how well, or even if, they test the guys, but if you've ever seen what steroids can do, you instantly recognize it and the users almost instant size expansion. Most athletes train just as hard, but don't turn into 'Hulks' overnight like these guys do. Yes. I knew both: /Conny Nilsson, who became World Champion in strength lift (or what's it's called in English when they compeete in lift from ground and some other where technique is much less important than in the Olympic type lifting). He used drugs much. /Ulf Larsson. Was in elite in body building, although he did NOT use drugs. He was/is even vegetarian. It just took him longer time to reach the elite than it take for the cheaters... Several world elite sportsmen drug cheaters have died young...
  8. Has anyone on this forum who has rented a place to live in the Philippines ever had to pay the LANDORD'S Tax to BIR??? I for one have not and I highly doubt anyone else had to either. As usual I'm talking about what the LAWS say. If the laws are FOLLOWED is an OTHER question... :lol: (Of course it's no problem not following this law IF the landlord pay the tax anyway, or IF BIR don't notice/don't bother.) ((Some of you have said I'm wrong in some other topics even when what I told are SURE corect!!! Concerning THIS topic I'm only 77.3 % sure :mocking: because this will not concern me any much, so I did read it just roughly, while some other things will have much biger effect at my situation so I did read THEM proper. E g the Anti-Dummy law concerning which I claim several lawyers bill for a common ILLEGAL "solution" they make using Dummies to get around the Anti-Dummy law!!!))
  9. Thomas

    Military Rule

    Once you have lived here for a while you will be nostalgic for the days when fireworks were controlled. We can't even drive down the street right now without some arse throwing a lit, LOUD, firecracker at us. And it will get worse we we are ready to come home later tonight. Yes. And with the risk bullets coming down have killed small kids being INSIDE home, even many POLICEmen are shooting in the air to make noice !!! :bash: :1 (103):
  10. I don't know if it need registration at BIR.but I know BIR demand TENNANTS to handle paying of the LANDLORD'S Tax to BIR for renting !!! :1 (103): I GUESS it's the same for leases.
  11. Well.1. They don't make the signal faster, BUT there are antennas and discs which can make signals STRONGER, so the connection isn't interupted often. 2. Plus there are some equipments which automaticly switch to the fastest available sender, when you have more than one option. I don't remember if it was such a member talked about when he had good result from a sender at Luzon, although he was in Visayas! "24th floor." Just a theory, which I have no idea if it can be true :) (=I have no idea if they send in all directions, up too, or if it just send to sides in "funnel shape".) Perhaps the close senders don't send that high up, passing UNDER you. Have you tested connecting from a low floor?
  12. There may be something to that if you spend all your time on the beach. I find very, very few mosquitoes in areas where there is a strong salt air. Or maybe they just don't breed in salinated water. Couldn't say. Sunny and with breeze/wind beach? Mosquitos don't like such (except tiger mosquitos don't avoid sun).
  13. Well. I suppouse much harder to make a HIDDEN solution, but make a NOT hidden is rather easy done with ISSOLATED TOOLS. And connect it is rather easy too if having ISSOLATED contacts which lock themselves (Compare common contacts at start cables for cars.) Yes. Extra low if having heart problem.A healthy person risk to die if the electric go THROUGH the body, but only HURT* if it just go thtough e g a hand. (That's why it's extra important to have safe electricity in kitchens, bathrooms, other places with pipes, because water itself lead electricity too enough to kill.) *I know because I tried to repair electric in the DARK once as a teenager :lol: (because it was the lamp, which was broken and no light available until it was repaired.) I disconnected wrong cable before I started repairing, not seeing which was corect. It just feel as geting a rather hard hit by a fist at an arm muscle. Make the muscle partly paralyced and hurting for a while afterwards.
  14. Rather many foreigners have executive positions in Call Centers and such. I GUESS it's much easier to get such for foreigners with English as first language though.
  15. I don't know what deal USA and Phils have. I haven't read any law, just what expats have said concerning USA demand tax at INTERESTS Americans LIVINGin Phils get. (Sweden don't.) I asked the Swedish tax office what's the "double tax deal" (=avoiding being double taxed) is with Phils. Perhaps US tax office has such information service for you too? ((IF the Swede is counted as living in Sweden (which we DON'T do - with some exceptions - if we live abroad more than 6 months per year, then Sweden interprete the deal interests and leasing incomes are taxed in Sweden, while royalty is taxed in Phils although max 15 % tax. If Phils tax the others anyway, then we can deduct the paid tax when Sweden count tax. Work is taxed in Phils if it's done there. If we live abroad more than 6 months per year and isn't any of the exceptions, then Sweden don't demand any tax from us. Perhaps I will MAKE so I will fullfil one of the exception rules :) as long as tax of my type of income will be lower in Sweden.))
  16. Are you going to pay taxes to Philippines on that income (reference your opinion on the other thread.) :) Yes, no problem if they let me deduct for the flight ticket costs when I meet the customer in Sweden :lol: (But more likely I will do the work when I visit Sweden and tax it there, because in the BEGINNING I plan to visit there around one month a year during the period when this work is done normaly anyway. In the future I guess I will visit Sweden more and more seldom, and then I will have to tax in Phils. Perhaps it will be "solved" by this customer quit having business, because he is fed up with Swedish tax people :lol: But I recomended he don't quit, just put it on hold, because otherwice he throw away some possibilities to pay less at his earnings. When they said one thing he had done isn't allowed, then I changed so he will get much tax BACK, but he is fed up anyway by their bothering him much :) If Phil approve me as a BMBE owner (not sure if they see it as I fullfil one of the demands) then the tax will be much LOWER IN PHILS anyway...
  17. Yes, but it cost more to have double living. (I plan to go to my birth country around one month per year to visit family and friends, but perhaps to do some work too if necesary. At least one client will be kept in Sweden from the business I have now before moving, but perhaps all can be handled through Internet.)
  18. You have answered your own question. There isn't any question in your quote if my text... :mocking: Work done abroad counted in PHILIPPINE point of view. The Philippine laws are written in PHILIPPINE point of view ! :lol: So if someone is here as a tourist, and wants to continue their work abroad while lying on the beach, that's ILLEGAL according to you. Does this apply if: a) you are lying on a Philippine beach and you make a phone call to your rental agent back in Sweden and instruct them to go collect your rent? b) you are sitting in a tourist bar in Philippines and you have suddenly remember you forgot to tell a client you were going to be away so you call back to Sweden and discuss business with him and then bill him for the call? c) Is it just the Philippines that this is illegal or can you not take your work with you when you go on vacation (travel as a tourist) anywhere? I am starting to think that 90% of the world is breaking the Thomas Law. (I refer to it as the Thomas Law as you are the only one I have ever seen mention it and you will not give a source other than what is in your own mind.) It's a HUGE difference between /a SHORT time VISITING tourist /and expats LIVING LONG time in Phils at tourist VISA... Have any of you asked Filipino officials if you are allowed to work in Phils without suiting VISA and work permit... ? :lol:
  19. Not in Sweden :) Here the government solve much if we just send corect letters signed. Some juridical things can even be solved through Internet. (As for instance the assistance of geting pay, which I wrote about. I did just send a letter plus the small start fee. Then the government will do the rest.) Thomas it took me 2 1/2 years to sort out something legally online(with my house) and the correspondence was back and forth many times try doing that online here and it will be a fail.I never said it cannot be done I said try doing it. I DIDN'T say it can be done concerning PHILIPPINE cases, I expect NOT. TS - and I - talked about if having renting out in our HOME countries, and I wrote some legal issues in SWEDEN can be handled FROM Phils through Internet... But NOTICING errors is hard from an other country :) That's why I try to sell instead of renting out my house in Sweden.
  20. On a post in a similar topic, member earthdome posted--- Thomas. You seem to have alot of 'book' (internet) knowledge about the Philippines but not a bit of "street" smarts about the Philippines--- But many "experienced" foreigners take UNNECESARY risks as making ILLEGAL solutions and/or puting all even in girlfriend's name, which have MADE they have lost all EASY. I don't count that as "street smart", more "street stupid" :) So for many it obviously don't help being in Phils long time... Have you dealt with lawyers here I just wondered Not as a client :) but I have studied what some of them say and do (as for instance the ILLEGAL Dummy "solution", which is rather common...) And as I wrote somewhere, I have found some GOOD law skilled Filipinos, who are specialiced in labour and part of family law. I have communicated rather much with some of them, started that to learn parts I don't know, mainly what to look up with concerning labour laws, but I have written myself when I have known something, which can be useful for any of them. In DIFFERENCE from some forum members here, these Filipino LAW guys DON'T disagree with me... :mocking: Thomas talking to a lawyer here is far different than dealing with them So what concerning what I'm talking about? A crap lawyer is a crap lawyer UNDEPENDING of if talking to them or dealing with them... :mocking: One thing you guys writing against me is missing is law texts are the SAME at Internet :lol: and UNNECESARY risks are UNNECERARY risks ALLWAYS.... :1 (103):
  21. Have you dealt with lawyers here I just wondered Not as a client :) but I have studied what some of them say and do (as for instance the ILLEGAL Dummy "solution", which is rather common...) And as I wrote somewhere, I have found some GOOD law skilled Filipinos, who are specialiced in labour and part of family law. I have communicated rather much with some of them, started that to learn parts I don't know, mainly what to look up with concerning labour laws, but I have written myself when I have known something, which can be useful for any of them. In DIFFERENCE from some forum members here, these Filipino LAW guys DON'T disagree with me... :mocking: (I don't believe they have ever disagreed, but sometimes they have ADDED some related info to what I wrote.) ONE of them has written some against me, but that seem to be depending of I'm foreigner not Filipino, because he has NOT disagreed against anything I have said concerning laws, he just wrote a disliking coment about I wrote about Filipino law, although I'm not FILIPINO lawyer. (I guess it was the Filipino pride talking.) An other of them found it funny I'm Swedish and know things about Philippine laws, which many Filipinos don't know :)
  22. Not in Sweden :) Here the government solve much if we just send corect letters signed. Some juridical things can even be solved through Internet. (As for instance the assistance of geting pay, which I wrote about. I did just send a letter plus the small start fee. Then the government will do the rest.)
  23. Imagine you are in Sweden, (should be easy to do), and imagine you are teaching English to Swedish students online. Now you come to Philippines as a tourist and continue to teach those Swedish students, in Sweden, via the Internet, while you are here as a tourist, and the money is being paid from Swedish students in Swedish money to your Swedish bank. Now tell us how that involves the Philippines and how it is illegal. We are all ears. I told you in the post you quoted from which basic law I got that from. Read again... What you write is ILLEGAL BOTH by not having work permit and not paying tax in corect country. Plus some more illegalities :) (I suppouse it's no problem to GET work permit in Phils for such as you describe, but it isn't applied for...)
  24. Yes I were normal ONE time 27 years ago :lol: Normal yeh so you still did it was that when you were in business ???! Although I spend much time preparing starting a NEW business in Phils, I'm STILL in business in Sweden. For instance a rather big economic consulting work for a client was finnished last Sunday... (=Trying to solve a big tax MESS in a company. One thing can't be solved. An other big thing the tax people said isn't allowed, I managed to change so it will be LESS tax than the level they complained at :mocking: (Back when I were 25 I started a DISTRIBUTION and PR business with rather many employee. Sold when I got bored of it. Since then I have a CONSULTING business within organisation and economy, which has been including e g conecting West and East European companies and structuring computer software. And after the move to Phils it's time for a PRODUCTION business. I like DIFFERENT types of challenges, specialy them many say are impossible... :lol:
  25. So you mean it's street smart to make it unnecesary easy to be fooled as MANY have done? :) I will start a business and settle rural so it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to chose the very SIMPLE solution people with no business and RENT in a city can do...
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