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  1. "Both were cam girls (I know scammers right?)"

    Well. I see it as a just a warning sign, but NOT as a proof they are scammers.

    I know two a bit, NOT by being customer  :))  but get to know them some other ways.

    /One is very serrious  - but some lazy   :)   But she has quit webcam work and moved home to province and work with sell work.

    /The other is forced into webcam work, she did found only part time maid work earlier, which isn't enough salary to survive for she and her daughter (Father to daughter don't send any money).  She is/was a litle bit "scammer" but just trying to get customers to the webcam business, that's why I know she had that work  :)

  2. A half scientific/popular TV program tested different roof constructions with tiles and asphalt shingles mainly concerning hard wind resistance.

    An almost flat angle was BAD because it made lift power as an aeroplane wing.

    A higher angle was best pressing DOWN the roof making it stay IF the top material was connected good enough to not let the wind in to much under the top material. So needed both good fastening and cover the wholes in the bottom of tiles.

    Asphalt shingles could be good at handling strong wind if fastened good, BUT they said in warm sunny places the SUN DESTROY such material much faster than tiles.

    But that test only included them two materials..

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