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  1. Why not living where it cost much less then? :) I mean somewhere where Internet is ok.
  2. Your talking about living in the hills, will you really get better internet? My wife lives in the province, no internet but can get phone reception sometimes dependent on climbing the coconut tree near the beach. :) Generator, is there a fuel supply? Depending where one decides to live and the distance to a more major center will depend on how happy one is in my opinion but that's only my opinion. :thumbsup: I want to live somewhere where there are nice view and no neighbours, so no roosters :) =Beside water, hills or some forest probably. /Internet: If build where there are open in the mobile pole direction, then it's common can get mobile Internet, but very slow. (E g in the mountains in west Bohol they have mobile Internet from at least two suppliers, but it's extremly slow. Can need antenna to get strong enough signal, but that don't change speed, only if get connection or not. When we westerners talk about seconds, then they talk about minutes loading time... :boohoo: :) I was told by a kano, who has build a house in east Bohol, it's planned to be installed soon an OK speed Internet cable following the highway, BUT same guy (?) told it's common Filipin Internet installers don't understand speed reduces much by distanse from contact point. So even if they install OK speed Internet in a province, they put only a sender close to the barangar offices, and if not being close to that yourself, then the speed will be crap anyway. (Where I live now in "kanoland" they say maximum 500 meters from sender to get ok speed.) /Electric: I think of some different businesses. In one of them I would get much waste material anyway, which can be burned to make electric. If so, I can get "free" electric. Electric production unit price around 3000 USD for motor and generator, but need some more parts. Information says 220 V, 17 hp. I don't know what that mean in Amphere or Watt, but it's biger in size than the common fuel driven units, which cost much less to buy. Or buy a diesel driven cheaper unit. Some pressed oils from common crops can be used as diesel, but better mix with common diesel than use 100 % crop oil. But if you have e g a car it isn't any big difference in access point of view if living some away, specialy if it's a huge city, so most of the travel time will be waiting in traffic jams anyway :)
  3. Not sure where I read it, but I believe it was said by a consultant in such subjects: It's some chance to get work permit IF having very special skills, WHICH THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH FILIPINS MANAGING =The main is it isn't allowed to take any jobs which Filipin citizens can do. But kanos can get work through own company. BUT look up concerning what own businesses types kanos can have. There are rather many rules, so I don't write all here :) But I don't know if it's allowed to give work to own family. Because of man and wife are seen as ONE in some other cases, I GUESS it's OK for both man and wife to work in one own company, but I would check before letting kids work there.
  4. Oh! I thought they wouldn't like melted chockolate :) (Myself I only buy and eat chockolate during the cold season here, after I got worms in a chockolate bar in a summer.) Yes, best of luck! Agree avoid to pay any money, but give enough things/food to not seem stingy. (I'm not stingy at all, but I'm very careful trying to avoid look as an ATM.). (I plan to move "part by part" each time I fly there. Haven't asked yet, they are very short of space, but I think e g bring some of my (doublet) tools, when I visit the family first time.) I can sing karaoke and even dance on a table WITHOUT being drunk :540: :dance:
  5. Yes, I believe she is a catch - which I suppose everyone think about their girlfriends :) - but some confusing she look as many different. A friend of mine, who think of follow me when I move, wondered why I had 4 girlfriends, but it was same one :lol: I ment having a lease of land with a fee. (Not decided yet if use any land they have already. (One of them she has inherited.) But probably I will want to build on a land they don't have.) Dependant in which direction can be a problem? OK if kano lease from parent-in-law? Any difference if they get more money than the lease fee? OK if kano lease from own child (Filipin citizen)? (But probably I don't want to wait building the house until I get a child :) But perhaps I will want to lease more land later for future business.) Yes, I know it isn't sure PI courts will follow the law, but I want to make law have to be broken to take the house. Oh so the foreigner sell inherited land, but don't sell it - himself :)
  6. Have noticed that last half of name too. - I'm Sanct Thomas, several places in the Philippines are named after me, so I don't need any nickname :mocking: .
  7. Thomas


    Several topics ask about living costs, so I put these separate. I found some links with "official" prices. Some of them can be interesting to see if they try to get "kano prices" :) http://www.boi.gov.ph/pdf/costs/costofdoingbusiness.pdf These are mainly for business people, who aim at high living standard. (I belong to business people too, but I prefer living some simpler in a stone house in province.) But it tell things like e g these too: http://www.bas.gov.ph/?ids=pwatch There they tell BOTH prices for several products in Malls (Manila) as well as Retail and Wholesale so it can be some interesting too, if you are interested in starting some type of such business. But it would have been nice if they had told same information for Cebu and common province prices regularly too, to get updates if the differences are Manila (almost) double compared to province with Cebu in between.
  8. How come many "city people" believe we don't have access to city things just because we live a bit away from one??? It's just taking the car/motorbike a while and then we are in the city :mocking: with the big difference we are there when we want to, and have the other advantages when we want to, which city people DON'T have. I haven't moved to Phili yet, but I live 15 minutes from a town now and one hour from a city and I plan to live similar after I have moved. Yes, go shoping and store, but I did that back when I lived in a city too, because I find it boring to shop :) Problems: /Internet. I hope it's better when I move :) /Electric. I will probably solve it by having own generator.. The rest needed is just done by going to city when need to. Other things I find BETTER in the countryside. How come many "city people" believe there are nothing to do if living in the countryside??? I have easy access to MORE to do than if living in a big city. (If you don't count get stucked in traffic as an interesting activity :mocking: You talked about beaches. Many province people have much SHORTER to the beach. (One of the alternatives I have looked at a bit is LIVING BESIDE the beach :no: But more likely I will live beside a damm/lake, liking that better, or in the hills.) Concerning kano friends, some of mine think of following me moving to the Philippines. Otherwice there are kanos in provinces too. Plus I plan to try to learn the local language. I don't have any big need of meeting people anyway, more likely I believe I will get problem to get it CALM enough. And I plan to build a "guest room" too, because I asume family and friends from here will want to come and visit if I live nice in a Phili province :) I want to sleep late, so I need to live far away enough from roosters :no: but I want to live some away from neighbours anyway. Then I can go and meet people when I want to. In the beginning I will have much to do with get to know the life there, language... (I can a little tagalog, but nothing of the local language. I haven't bothered to try to learn before I move there.) Having access to water can give access to having boat or such too. (Now I have a small sailing boat and a canoe, and I will have at least a canoe in Phili. = a kanocanoe :) Plus I have some other hobbies too, which cost some to buy the equipment, but (almost) nothing to use. It can be things as table tennis, billiard, play music instruments... Not even if I would do hobbies 24/7 I would have time enough to do all my hobbies :no:
  9. How high up is that? -- A good steward can spend much money/work to improve the forest, How about when it's time to cut down lumber? Any profit sharing or something? I agree! That very little seed of doubt planted in your head about what if anything goes wrong will eat the relationship somehow! Giving her a house and material possession is not a guarantee that she in return loving you as much! I often times wonder if all these girls who claim that 'this rich old foreigner is the love of my life" "we are perfect together" "I love him very much"..whatever, are true if they are not given that lavishness in life that they are enjoying at the moment. I am sorry but I am just being honest about it. I have seen several relationship who looks so perfect but without the foreigner's financial support, everything turned bitter and off she go for a greener and bigger catch!I hate to say this but every time I hear somebody said, "find me a foreigner" "you buy a house, your husband is a foreigner" I could see through the heart of that Filipina and never would I introduce her to any of my foreigner friends!Just build your relationship with love, trust and confidence and everything will be perfect for the both of you!!!! >Dave OK. Not wife. Is it allowed to lease from any other relative? -- My gf try to make me agree to move into the house of the recently dead grandfather, but I find that some to close. Or perhaps she ment building on that land. But when I said I want to build 150 - 200 m2 PLUS veranda, she found that much to BIG. So, if she true to scam me, she seem to try to scam me of less :lol: (Concerning economy she has only asked about types of jobs I aim at for relatives to her. I had told I aim at starting a business, make jobs for a few of them to start with.) But as I have understood it leasing contracts follow the LAND, undepending of who is the owner. Anyone saying other? (I mean legaly. Of course it can be threats and such trying to force house owner away.). But a foreigner can INHERIT land, but has to SELL it within reasonable time. I don't know how fast that is.. So foreigners can be land sellers. (But officialy perhaps the dead old owner stay standing as owner until it's sold?)
  10. And we are warned for Filipin people... :)) Yes, The HIGHEST income tax class starts at 500 000p per year (=41 700p per month).
  11. Do you mean just twist the vires? Or even worse - Just put the vires together and "connect" them by but tape around? Such connections oxidate and get worse and worse connection. Oxidations go faster in moist air as in the Philippines. Electric connections need to be preferingly soldered, but using connecting sockets is OK too. IF using tape at all, then only use it as issolation to avoid contact wid outside. Otherwise it isn't odd if electric don't function :)
  12. Yes, and what will happen with the next gereration after that "1 child", when most 1 children are men? China will have to "import" a lot of wifes, to not get a population shrinking to almost none... :)
  13. China gets $2 it never had. A rich US guy gets $8 from a poor US guy. What was the point again? Exactly. JJR and Dave. haha .. I'm just an amateur .. the I only took one economics course in college and that was 45 years ago .. but I like to read. The trade deficit is there because China doesn't purchase the a lot of the goods we like to export. We run deficits with Japan and Germany for the same reason. My point being that wealth is produced by buying and selling, not simply manufacturing. That buying and selling produces about $4 trillion yearly in the US. Chinese imports are about $400 billion a year, so a lot of money is made selling these goods. I don't see a direct connection between Chinese purchase of Treasuries and the ability of consumers to buy Chinese goods. China doesn't have to use their surplus (about $300 bill a year) to buy Treasuries. They could buy diamond mines in Africa -- they'd get a better return if they did. China bought about 4% of the Treasuries last year. So if they don't buy, somebody else would've -- maybe at a slightly higher interest rate. And even if that happened, I think consumers would still be buying Chinese goods and US retailers would still be making money selling them. Economists (who really know this stuff) seem to be split over whether it's harmful for the US to run large trade deficits in the long run, and whether like you suggest trade deficits enable consumer spending. Some say it will cause the sky to fall, some say it doesn't matter.. In my day (when the old Keynesians wrote the textbooks) the opinion was defects would be self-correcting in the long run. Who knows? Not me .. (I don't shop at Walmart ). Btw .. enjoy your up coming trip to the Phils. :cheersty: Well. As the others said above. It's good for the trader, but it's bad for the country, if produce to little itself. Easy to understand if simplifying it like this: Asume a rich country stop produce any products (and services they can export) and buy all from abroad. It can go on with that a while, but finaly the country will be broke, because it don't produce any additional worth, so finaly it will be empty in the "treasure chests." It's already a problem by unemployment cost much for rich countries.
  14. I suppose attackers at least would have a knife, I wouldn't want to defend against a knife with a stun gun. How about a stiletto baton in Philippines (=a baton which is short when carry it, but become long direct when swinging it)? Can get operated in less than a second, and good enough to disarm against a knife. Don't hit the head, that's big killing risk, but an average hit against an arm hurts enough to stop the attacker if he isn't druged.
  15. You will not see the 95 peso/UK(56p/UD$) exchange rate for at least the next several years, when the 1st world(EU&USA ) gets their economy back in shape & if the RP loses its current performance then would you see anythning close to what it was Yes. But I doubt EU and USA can keep the living standard, because in the long run things need to be produced there. A lot of low education demand production jobs have allready gone to low cost regions as Mexico, Eastern Europe and Asia. I believe within production jobs, EU and USA would be lucky if manage to keep even the high education jobs, because countries as China and India "mass produce" engineers and such, although China has the big disadvantage not having the habbits letting people think free, which is needed for creative developing. And people get older and older in average, needing retirement pay until higher age. In Sweden we have a high standard retirement age already (67) and the prime minister talked about need of raising it to 74 or so, so a biger part of the population are in working age. But what's the need of that when it's many unemployed already, if can't make them jobs?... :) So not sure there will be money enough for our future retirement pays from EU/USA... :unsure: President Obama talked recently about adding 1 million (?) jobs, but said nothing about how. The only chance I can see reaching that would be puting up high protection custom fees. If USA do it, then I suppose EU would do it too (against USA). Result: Add jobs, but if the salaries don't go down MUCH, then would the prises of products go up much, making people not affording them, ending up with LESS store jobs needed, so it would be many unemployed anyway. I DON'T expect such drastic changes suddenly, but in the long run I expect the rich countries has no chance stay up at nowadays level. Then the question is if the Philippines manage to get many of such jobs. Taking the figueres just out of my head, but something like this: In countries as The Philippines has the economic development been much better than in EU and USA. /The currency value change have already been talked about. /Not sure how much can be seen in the stock market change of the economic development, IF it's manipulated by rich Filipin families, but the development has been MUCH better in the Philippines. 2006-2010 up around 20 % in average PER YEAR!!! 2008 minus 40 %, but plus much all the other years, as most 63 %. Not nice average in the rich countries. /Inflation has been around 5 % in the Philippines in average in 10 years, while I guess it has been around 2 % in EU. (I have no idea about EU, but I guess it's rather close to Sweden.) But while the Gross Domestic Product (or what you call it in English) has raised just a litle, even regressed some times in EU/USA, it has gone up around 7.5 % in average in the Philippines. So perhaps better try to get a piece of the Filipin development :)
  16. I agree with most of what you wrote, but this part isn't true. Ask any of the mexicans, who try to get in, but are not allowed to :) I understand USA don't want to let all of them in, it can be a big problem, when a poor country borders to a rich country, because to many want to come. We have similar problems here in Western Europe, many East Europeans come here expecting to get work, although it's short of jobs here already. (Them inside European Union are allowed to come, but not them outside normaly.)
  17. A half scientific/popular TV program tested different roof constructions with tiles and asphalt shingles mainly concerning hard wind resistance. An almost flat angle was BAD because it made lift power as an aeroplane wing. A higher angle was best pressing DOWN the roof making it stay IF the top material was connected good enough to not let the wind in to much under the top material. So needed both good fastening and cover the wholes in the bottom of tiles. Asphalt shingles could be good at handling strong wind if fastened good, BUT they said in warm sunny places the SUN DESTROY such material much faster than tiles. But that test only included them two materials..
  18. I suppose TS is right about many things, because many kanos have talked about such problems, BUT some I don't agree with: And compared to poor country citizens coming to USA/Europe - if they get in at all... :) Exactly. I don't know comparings concerning possiblity for foreigners of buying land, but it isn't odd poor countries want to reduce such possiblities, so rich people can't come and buy the "whole" country. Compared to USA and Europe it's much EASIER in the Philippines for most foreigners to: /become citizen /being allowed to get into the country at all /being allowed to work AT ALL...(I mean normal jobs, don't counting aupair.)
  19. I haven't moved there yet, but I aim at moving to Bohol next year. To rural parts. Close enough to Cebu city, when need to go there :) (E g to an international airport.)
  20. Perhaps it can be a good business idea to import/produce combined bags and portable chairs :) (Private I don't bother much, but I get annoyed when bad handling efftects my business, specialy if it effects any of my customers.) Yes, very low salaries in the Philippines. A Filipina nanny working in HongKong earns similar to a doctor in the Philippines!!! But it's still more than the hords without work gets, so odd when some employed don't bother. But not odd they got tired with such many work hours and litle fun relax time. (I work over 100 hours sometimes as in startups, but it's often more stimulating and I have weeks of relaxing too.) I'm lucky, parts of my jobs is thinking, looking for solution ideas. Much of it I can do with closed eyes in a sun chair, so it's hard for others to see when I'm working or not :) (Actualy for most people, some types of thinking is much more effective when being very relaxed e g as just before falling asleep. That's why it's good to "sleep on it" before taking biger decisions, although the best thinking is BEFORE falling asleep.)
  21. Yes. Trying to get to know family is main. I'm invited first time to family in January, when all working in Manila will come home too. But then they will have fiesta, so not sure how much of their normal themselfes I will see :boohoo: :) It's extra hard to find a suiting wife in countries as the Philippines, because not enough to just find a suiting wife, need to find a suiting family too :) because of the daughter are supposed to follow what older family members decide. Often have older people harder to say OK to changes :unsure: and I don't want to work unmodern as it's common in Philippine farming, so some new things is needed, I'm prepared to follow many of their traditions too, but not much concerning work, because I think 5000 p (-15 000p) per month isn't so good... :)
  22. (The subject is in more topics, but specific case or only to satisfy kano needs, so I add this.) What's your experience concerning ideal distance to Filipin family? I suppose many would say "at the other side of the world" :) but what distance can be a good compromise between filipina wanting to live close to her family, and kano wanting some privacy and avoid many - fooling - beggers/"looters"? (Serious illness/injury reasons can be OK..) Asuming you have car/motorbike yourself, (but the family can't afford more than bicycles, at least not lazy ones), and the family is average or better, because of course longer distance are needed if it's a crap one, but who want to marry into a crap family anyway :) (The topic is ment to be general, but to get answers of what I try to find solution to, I tell what I aim at: Follow Filipin traditions partly concerning assisting family, but NOT just give away "all" money so my living standard will go down to theirs. They are 12 plus partners and kids to siblings, plus I asume more distance related want a share too, so it wouldn't be much each if we split equaly anyway. Actualy I don't want to just give away any money at all, except perhaps some to the parents to improve house or such, beacuse better try to avoid get reputation being an "ATM", But I want to help the family by trying to add (better suiting) jobs to them, so they can earn more money themselfes, Probably NOT by giving them starting capital to own businesses, because The Philippines have to many unprofitable sarisaris and jeepneylines already... :) Instead I aim at trying to combine their work skills, local knowledges and contacts with my experience of leading small and middle sized companies, and add some jobs by that to the region, mainly to the family. At the moment ir seem to become some refining of agriculture products.)
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