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  1. Where have you got it from that's legal???That's "export business" WORK DONE from the Philippines = Can be owned 100 % by a foreigner, but taxed in the Philippines (if there isn't any deal between countries saying different.) Compare Call Centers and such. It's different if living in Phils and the work is done ABROAD. Then Phils DON'T demand any tax even when the other country don't demand any tax. It can be different for websites handle from ABROAD and PERHAPS it can be different for AUTOMATIC websites , owned by someone living in Phils. I know some countries have deals concerning LICENSES and such where the income can be paid to an other country and made their tax laws valid.
  2. Things used in crime can be foreclosed. I don't know the US law concerning evicting in such cases, but when it's just unpaid dept, then it can take some TIME to get the eviction AFTER it's decided too. But I agree with you, it can become much problems, which are much harder to solve - and NOTICE - when living in an other country. (I'm trying to SELL my house for a decent amount instead of renting it out. A done deal to rent it out became a mess by the tennant didn't follow the deal. (But just weeks ago I got approval from Swedish officials, they agree about the amount of my claim and they will handle it for a small fee, taking some money from the ex tennants paycheck each month and send to my acount.)
  3. OK Thomas I will take this on, How do you know they were Bad ones? Just how do you segregate the two, Good and Bad? What have these Bad ones done to you personally? or is this More Hypothetical Mumbo Jumbo More of some bullsh&t talk from you, although this was much smaller :) than the LIES you made up about me in other topic :bash: (=The one where you MADE UP for instance I wouldn't let my wife talk to anyone, although the TRUTH is I will teach her to be BOSS over WHOLE business, step by step so she can go on handling it without me in the future. And in general I involve employees much in the deciding asking for their oppinions often...) Do you mean they have to do something bad to me PERSONALY to be bad lawyers??!! :1 (103): It would be STUPID to let a lawyer handle things without checking him first... The solution with House owned by foreigner at leases land is surely NOT Hypothetical, because the lawyer talked about it too in the example I wrote in the post you quoted a bit from. A big part of "my" solution for business (which functions at two of my business ideas but not at any of my other favorites) ARE USED in Phils too, I have just some ideas how to IMPROVE it, puting some in Phil USED - legal - solutions TOGETHER to one... I have TOLD about the bad ones several times. /An example of BAD one I wrote about in the post you quoted from :mocking: (=The customer ask for the lease solution, he made them (at least the Filipina) believe they got that, then he made documents for something ELSE, which DIDN'T solve the problem they went to the lawyer to get assistance with. Even the Filipina found it BAD, although she got MORE by that, but she don't like it anyway, because it make it hard for her to solve the error in a fair way...) /And TERRIBLE lawyers: Haven't you read although I have written it several times?! All people - including me :mocking: - can make ERRORS, but I count the lawyers as terrible, who take pay to PUT UP ILLEGAL "solutions" with DUMMIES to get around the Anti-DUMMY law. (These lawyers do it both for businesses and for properties.) It's much harder to know who are GOOD lawyers. Some hints can be found in what they have done before. And a good TEST question can be for instance how they would do to make a foreigner get as much as possible protection and control of business/property. If they say the illegal dummy solution, then they are NOT good... :lol:
  4. No :) (Well. I did drink ONE drink once to avoid offending some Polish as "signing" of a verbal business deal, and then I drove home 70 km. If home had been in same town, I would have left the car and went by taxi.)
  5. Sorry. I have found a few seeming good concerning LABOUR (and part of family) laws, but concerning business and property laws I have found only bad ones :lol: (One lawyer TALKED about the lease of land with own house on solution I have talked about though, so at least the Filipina thought it was that she signed (=only geting the small land herself) but when I told her to check the documents concerning an other matter, she noticed she had got the house too!!! :1 (103): :hystery: (But she said she will pay all money to the foreigner anyway when the property is sold - which is hard because they ask to much, I believe.)
  6. Well. If you don't get caught :lol: because that's illegal...(=Income earned by work done in Phils has to be taxed in Phils.) Many countries have tax deals with Phils, so perhaps some countries have exception from that law, but the deal I have seen make exceptions only for a few PASSIVE income types e g patents.
  7. Its a filipina status thing, JP. The more Christmas lights you can show off the higher the status. I thought it was an AMERICAN thing, because no chance to do American level in Phils, because there aren't enough electricity there :lol:
  8. Sure there are some foreigners working through computers in HIDING. It's illegal though.Normaly it's a Visa PLUS work permit. Apply for a TEMPORARY work permit during they handle your application to get a normal one. I don't know if Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG) solve what you want. You can read about it for instance here http://www.dti.gov,ph or search "Barangay Micro Business Enterprise" and you will find several info about this.)
  9. I don't know if there is any difference for foreign companies. Whole house can be owned by foreigners at LEASED land. As soon as land is involved in the owning, foreigners can own max 40 % of such company even when foreigners could have owned whole if there weren't any land involved. To have foreigners owning any land through company, it need to be max 40 % foreigner owned as you say, PLUS: /the company has to have NEED of land for the BUSINESS (NOT only to get a home for the foreigner :) /Plus I claim - although some protest in other topics ! :) - it's NOT legal to do the "solutions" several lawyers do to make foreigners get CONTROL over the company/property using "Dummies" to get around the "Anti-Dummy" law !!!
  10. I have met women younger than me that try to introduce me to their daughters. That have happened to me too. One with look above average, they both have higher exams than I have, and they have rather much land. so I wonder why they want me :lol:
  11. I will sure NOT own any firearms. My question was if I could have a bow or such. I have NEVER said my plan is secure, I say it's LESS RISK than if doing the common way. Have you listen to them, who have done OPPOSITE to how I say? :) (=Put everything in girlfriends/wifes name, and then they were kicked out soon after that.)They are normaly not heared any much in Philippine forums, because often they leave the Philippines... I don't know how big part of old foreigner - young Filipina relations split, but according to how many write angry coments before they leave, they aren't few. And have you listen to he, who posted here a while ago, and had done same/similar how I say REDUCE the risk? :) (=He had the house in HIS OWN name, and when she kicked him out, he put up the house FOR SALE.) As I say - why do it UNNECESARY EASY for a missbehaving Filipina to just TAKE things by puting all in HER name? That's STUPID... :1 (103): That's why I will NOT partner with a Filipino as majority owner :lol: (Except possible in projects where it's small money invested.) But because several of you seem to find it wice to take UNNECESARY risks, according to your coments, I don't tell you how I will do to reduce the risk :mocking: (I HAVE done it "safe" (=reduced risk much, managing to avoid problems) when I made a production unit in the mafia dominated RUSSIA for a client, although all "experts" told me it was impossible there too :mocking: No problem in 6 years...) NOTE! I DON'T say my solution is safe, I only say it REDUCE the risk. (Significant reduced risk functioning in two of my business ideas. And if I start an "export business" I can own WHOLE myself, if anyone have missed reading that earlier.)
  12. With a 100k USD salary, I suppouse your pension will be very much higher than mine. (I have been to good at acounting :)And I suppouse your house is worth much more than my old remote house in Swedish forest, making you have a biger nest egg than mine too. The rest of me has been ready to move over 2 years now, just needing my injury to heal enough to manage the travel (but still problem to walk). I start geting frustrated at I can't go yet :( So you CAN move :)
  13. Right of way have to be given by someone (a short alternative) but it can cost much.
  14. Good for you. You are doing better than 2 out of 3 lawyers in Philippines. I say that because there have been occasions when I have asked 3 lawyers the same question and got 3 different answers. (Same thing with doctors, oddly enough). So I have learned that when someone TRULY believes they are "surely correct", when it comes to Philippine Law, then I take that person's information with a shaker full of salt. As to the reasons why the lawyers give different info, I can only surmise that they have a: not kept up with the latest law changes (and repeals) or b: not kept up with the latest court decisions as to how the laws are being implemented or c: misinterpreted what they read or d: tell the foreigner whatever they think he wants to hear or e: optimistically allow for laws that have not yet been 'completely' passed or perhaps these laws need additional laws before they can be implemented. IMHO, these are all reasons why it often takes decades for the legal system to work here. Well. You did cut WHAT I wrote I claim I'm surely corect about... :) And to conect to what you wrote about lawyers, I'm surely corect when I claim3. lawyers are surely WRONG when they "solve" geting around the Anti-Dummy law by using Dummies !!! :1 (103): And then they demand much pay for it... :bash: You are corect it's very hard to know if something is LEGAL, because some OTHER law can tell it isn't, but it's easier to tell when something is ILLEGAL because such can be told in ONE law. (As for instance in the "Anti-Dummy" law.)
  15. :mocking:I'm talking about what's LEGAL. Yes I know the foreigner can be forced away ILLEGALY, but why make it unnecesary easy :mocking: for a bad behaving Filipinas as many foreigners do by even put house in name...? And there you say YOURSELF, I told corect and you told wrong... :mocking:
  16. I suppouse you have proper ceilings. Without such sound can "bounce around" over the walls.
  17. :thumbsup: Assisted by double glass? Perhaps it's of security reasons, it's hard to be electricuted if not reaching :lol:
  18. Well. As far as I know I have been WRONG concerning TWO juridical questions: 1. When I STARTED reading the laws, I thought it was possiible to lease land from the wife signed after the marriage too. Now I believe that's wrong :) (But I have found a solution, which I have told in some topics.) 2. I had read about VISA, but I didn't know that part was REPLACED by a NEW law some months before I answered. That error I ADMITED directly. Yes. I have noticed some such claim I'm wrong about some things, when I'm surely CORECT:1. There ARE cells where the Police can put e g violent drunks, even if an expat claim there aren't any... :) 2. Some seem to think some things are legal just because they know someone who haven't been caught doing it !!! :lol: And they go on saying I'm wrong even when I posted QUOTES of the relevant LAWS!!! As I have said before, some living there surely know THEIR NEIGHBOURHOOD GOOD, but don't seem to know much about other parts of the Philippines. A guarded subdivision don't have much in common with most of the Philippines... -- I joined a forum about Philippine law with almost only Filipinos to LEARN things I don't know. (But I read the law texts often, NOT just trusting what they say although many of them are law students or even practicing, at least if I found it odd, or if it's something which can become very important for me. During I have read there, sometimes I see questions I can the answer to, so then I have answered them. Several FILIPINOS seem to find my answers good, some of them have thanked me in PMs and even asked me things PERSONALY instead of posting their questions in the forum !!! (But mostly I refer them back to the forum, because me knowing SOME laws, DON'T mean I can all :lol: After I answered a question, comenting I thought the "suprice" concern was common knowledge, a Filipino asked me where I live. He found it remarkable I know things about the Philippines, which some Filipinos don't know just because it happen at an other island. I concentrate at laws concerning business, tax and property looking for solutions I would like to use myself. Some forum member expats surely know BETTER than I about VISA and such, at least about the VISA type they use themselves. The labour laws I hope my future wife will take care of so I don't need to :mocking:
  19. Well. Many LOOK as landowners but are EITHER. They aren't realy owning the land, but have "use right". When same family have had that and paid taxes long time, then they have chance to become owner by titling the land./If they have had it since close after WWII, then they have RIGHT to get it (for a fee) if it's surveyed and the inheritance background is cleared enough. /If they have had it shorter, but at least 10 years, then they have CHANCE to get it by applying.
  20. Well. That's NOT corect. Foreigners CAN own: A/ WHOLE HOUSE at LEASED land. B/ Max 40 % of the TOTAL PROPERTY if land is involved, but then it has to be through a company. Some conditions need to be fullfiled though.
  21. :thumbsup: Yes. I remind Tim HE wrote Some of what he wrote later don't suit to that... :mocking:
  22. I suppouse not in "hot" areas, but some can rent out, because they want to sell but have problem finding buyer.
  23. Yes. Some sellers RAISE the price when they haven't manage to sell it in a long time :hystery: But there are bargains. /Some owners need to sell fast of some reason or get tired of not geting any offer. Except in "hot" areas it's realy buyers market. Perhaps many WANT to buy it, but few have enough money there. /And there are Foreclosed properties by they have been collateral. Some of them are very cheap. But look up! It's biger risks there are depts, which DON'T follow the old user, but follow the property when it's sold too! (E g property tax and electric bills.) Plus if you buy a Foreclosed property, other can buy it back within a year for a STATIC price, which is NOT related to what you paid for it.
  24. One more just STUPID coment... Why would I settle in the bush with no neighbours, if I would be scared of it?! It's MUCH difference between being scared and being some cautious... What "all" ??!!Hard to get in at the BOTTOM floor, plus something to defend with. Perhaps ONE dog just to have one telling me when someone arrive. Probably NOT camera for safety. NO iron bars at the windows at second floor (except perhaps covering a window reachable from the veranda.) =That's LESS cost than some other forum members have... Never being Trusted and No doubt not allowed to talk to anyone. TWO more STUPID coments...I have written in this forum I will make some precoutions BEFORE marriage. (Have the house in MY name, or have a solution through the business making most are mine, but automaticly more and more equal the more years we live together.) Then she CAN'T just take it as it has happened to many other foreigners, who put all in gfs/wife's name... So then I DON'T NEED to be suspicious DURING the marriage... :mocking: Why wouldn't I let her talk to people???!!! (The ONLY I don't want her to do concerning such is post things at Internet, which atract criminals.) IN OPPOSITE I ENCOURAGE her to manage more and more herself and become more and more INDEPENDENT aiming at she will manage to handle the business too before I die... (She has some related business education allready. When kids are small, she just do some in the business to rest from the kids :) and get some brain exersise. When the kids get older, she will handle more and more in the business the more she get knowledge to do and the more I retire.) Don't you know Swedes are known to be DEMOCRATIC leader??! Even in boss positions in businesses, much of the decision power are given to the employee. (For instance in one regular work when I had a PR and distribution business, I had just told when the job need to be ready, and show them how it CAN be done, then I let decide when and how themselves. The process went customer > illustrator > printer > chaufför > distributors WITHOUT I did anything. I just send the invoice and paid the salaries. And later one of "my" programmers, when I were develop boss for a client, stayed working for us 3 years, although Motorola offered him much higher salary, just because I let him decide much including leting him sleep late in mornings :) So why wouldn't I let my wife talk to people??!!
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