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  1. That's a reason why I want something for defence if needed.Yes, I aim at living in "edge" of the Jungle or planted/thined forest. I hope I will afford to build making it very hard to get in at the BOTTOM floor to give time to defend with height advance from second floor. Well. It isn't sure it was I. Perhaps my wife will say it was her. And perhaps is was her :)Depending of business idea I will chose, some of them will need a guard. Mainly I think of one just calling me to warn me, when he see someone going towards the business or my house. Depending of who that is, not sure I will want to give him a gun, because some guards have killed the one they are suppoused to protect... (E g a Swede in his diving business and a German just being outside his house in a subdivision!!! :boohoo: Perhaps one of the brothers to my wife suit as guard living at the connection to the public road, he seem both tough and reliable. But then I will need to treat my wife good enough for sure :lol: That can be interesting. With the height advantage making it take time for them to get in, I thought it can perhaps be enough to make some scare shots showing we can hit them if we try, but yes sure better if they can be made to leave without we have anything to shoot with. With what? Teargas? Poring toilet over them? :mocking:
  2. Thomas, Steve is married so he can't lease from his wife or will they change that Law just to suit you Who said it has to be from his wife?? :) (I have written different types of LEGAL alternatives, including how some control of the LAND can be got too having it as collateral for a loan.)
  3. So now you don"t believe a Lawyer here in the Philippines. Thomas I give up with you OK! WHAT?! Do you expect I would believe what a Filipino lawyer say ONLY because it's a lawyer??!! :lol: although many of the Filipino lawyers LIE to earn money???!!! Haven't you noticed any of the times I have written about Filipino LAWYERS making ILLEGAL "solutions" to earn money for THEMSELVES...? WHAT?! I DIDN'T say what's "your" lawyer say is wrong, I ONLY ASKED which part of the law he/she base that at... On top of that I LIKE it - if it's true - so what did you get that NOT SUITING coment from?... Because I don't trust all lawyers? :hystery: To tell it straight - a STUPID conclusion... :1 (103): I hope you just had a bad day :)
  4. And think of HOW you want the owning to be. (I don't like to put WHOLE in gfs/wifes name, because that make it unnecesary easy for her to just take it. I think owning the house and a long time lease of the TITLED land is simplest.)
  5. What I would like to know is where your planning on living? Sabah? Why do you think you need a distance defense? Are you going to clear a perimeter around your property and keep it lit all night? With guards to watch it? Are you planning on living in such opulence that you are going to make yourself a prime target for thieves? Frankly I believe you are over thinking this a bit. In my professional opinion, the best defense is not to be armed to the teeth, but to make your home (for example) 1.) not appear to be worth breaking into or 2.) Make it so difficult to access that it is not a target of opportunity, examples, bars on window, lighted yards and windows, sturdy gate and wall, trees or garbage cans kept away from walls (so they can not be used to hop over the wall), wire or glass on top of the wall. The vast majority of break ins are just that, a thief sees an easy in and out target and WHAM, he is in. Now having said all that, if a person has such a business, or such a personality that makes people want to get him or what he has, well no matter how many guns, dogs, electrified fences, claymore mines, moats filled with alligators , ballista's, trebuchet's or nuclear weapons will keep them out. They will just bring more guns and people to make sure of success. The trick of personal security here, in my opinion, is a quite life, don't antagonize people, don't show off, and don't break any laws. But if you really want to build a secure place, give me a call, I will set you up with a 1st class defensive establishment. I work cheap I'm planning to live RURAL with no neighbours in sight with at least 3 hektares (=30 000 sqm) to get some control over not geting neighbours with disturbing sounds to close :) which make they don't hear break ins in my house either (if they don't hear when the thiefs pass them driving to my house.) It's more or less impossible to avoid being noticed when settling rural and being a foreigner :mocking: Extra hard when having business and need a some biger house (200 sqm) to get space enough for the family, office and business storage. Depending of which business I chose to start, but it can need a simple but rather big house for production too. I hope I can afford a two storey house "impossible" to get in at the bottom floor except through rather strong doors, but possible to break in at second floor. This make an important defence advantage when being home. But if not having any useful defence against guns, then it's just a question of time until they can get in... You are corect, I don't understand if that law definition include bows or not. But YOU don't seem to understand why I'm asking... I try to check what weapons are allowed to HAVE at home, so it is there if/when some criminals arrive and try to get in when I'm at home. Who said I will USE any weapon? :mocking: In threatful situations it's often possible it's enough to SHOW access or just a tough face to make them chose an other target. If that don't help - I'm good at aiming with both riftles and bows - I can perhaps convince them by from distance put a shot between their feet. I DON'T shoot good enough to shoot a cap off without hiting the head :lol: (I grew up in a rough neighbourhood, so I have AVOIDED many threats by make them understand they better not bother me or them I care for...) I remind you of (ex ? *) members of this forum, who told they live rural and were SCARED AWAY from their home in the Philippines by men armed with guns... I'm not easy scared but I want to have something useful to defend with if the SAME threat will happen to me... (In Sweden I live rural. Here I have a compeeting bow and a few throwing knifes. Once two criminals arrived with a covered pickup to make a burglery/robbery in my house, but I managed to scare them away WITHOUT showing any weapon. They got so scared so they broke some of my bushes when they tried to turn the car to fast. But it's easier to show a tough face if having defence resources :mocking: I don't believe they were members here, but one couple living in Negros Occidental was MURDERED a few months ago at their RURAL home. *A (ex ?) forum member told they were scared away from their rural home in Bukidnon, Mindanao, by some men with guns... There are much different big risk in different parts of Phils, but there are risk with criminals everywhere, so better be prepared. That's why I'm checking possibilities... :)
  6. OK Right so before this gets to a Stale mate and ends up going around in Circles, can I just tell you that I have had my SIL ( A Family Lawyer) look into this. She tells me that the Law you are Quoting is based on Family Living in the Family Homes on the Family Lot. Any Filipino that has Chosen to make homes of their own outside the family Dwelling on a different Lot not owned by the Parents become Part of the Law appertaining to their own Situation only. In other words any part of the law that may or may not apply is for their Home only. Anything that can or may happen is without this law, at the family Home. With the Exception that is, where the Mother and/or Father are left alone at the family Home ( And I think will never happen.) So basically the Law is saying that, anyone Living in OUR house comes under this Law not all and Sundry but she added that she feels a Foreigner would not be brought to Book on things as it is aimed at the Filipino, So our wives will be doing the necessary, with our Money of Course. But Only in Her House not the Family Home. Mama will always get Looked After no matter what! The others well, They will not be coming to live here. That would be nice if it's corect - except the part saying No responcibility to old parents just by move away... Which part of that long law do the lawyer say make it possible to get away from support responcinility just by moving elsewhere?
  7. A Bow is considered either an Attack Weapon as in Hunting and a Target weapon as in Sport but Thomas it is not a Fuzzy law and they should be Licensed. As a defence Weapon useless at Night don't you Think? (not sure they have night sights for the longbow yet) Who is going to attack you the Sioux or just the BIR & BI Matey, I think you are living in a Dream World. :lol: or are you that rich? Jack :thumbsup: ( Still in a good mood) ??? Why do I need to be rich to have a bow??? My second hand old compeete bow did cost less than 100 USD including arrows... UNDEPENDING of if someone come with guns at day or night, it better to have a bow and arrows than don't have any distance defence at all. It's seldom totaly dark anyway. At nights can a bow be BETTER than firearms, because when shooting with firearms others see where it's shot from, while bow shots are invissible :) Do you mean this part of the law is clear? Is a bow similar to combustion or not?...
  8. Not Quite about Hunting but........ even so Thomas, you have me (Certainly) & I would hazard a guess, baffled here, can you explain exactly what you are trying to say. When did a Lawyer ever get less? I don't know how much different lawyers charge to make the documents for the illegal and the legal solutions, but /in the illegal - I call it "Dummy" - "solution" they demand start payment for documents plus fee EVERY YEAR to the "dummies" /while e g the legal - "Lease (and Loan)" - solution is just a ONE TIME payment for writing a few documents. So I asume the cost is much more for the ILLEGAL solution. It's MORE documents for the ILLEGAL solution. What a WASTE... :mocking:
  9. Yes Thomas Agreed as long as that is all. Well. I want something for DISTANCE defence :) It's bad the law is so Fuzzy concerning if it's legal to have e g bow or such.
  10. The copied text talk about supporting PROPORTIONAL to capacity. The law DON'T make difference between if the husband is foreigner or a Filipino with more assets than the family-in-law.(An other part of that very long law talk about support from husband to (Filipina) wife, but it's risk the forum break down if I try to copy whole that very long law :mocking: The copied text is only one of the many sections of that law.) But note the part telling we DON'T need to support LAZY under retire age... :dance:
  11. Yes, but I will have Forestry/Farm :) (Well. Part of through business.)I suppouse I would get problem if I have such in my BELT, because foreigners aren't allowed to do Firestry or Farm WORK :lol: but I can have reason to have such in my home and sometimes transported in the car "for the workers".
  12. That's not the only.A COMMON "solution" made by LAWYERS to make foreigner get "control" over business we are not allowed to have control over, are surely NOT legal. The law even say it's (5 ?) YEARS prison for being involved in such, but many lawyers do such - and take money for their work. I suppouse that's why they make such "solutions" :mocking: I have seen offers for "solutions" for property (other than Condo) "control" too, which I didn't bother to read proper, but I suppouse they have made similar illegality there, because they talked about "solving" it through a business. Even for business types, which foreigners are allowed to own 100 % of (e g export business) it's reduced to max 40 % when the business own land... It's remarkable lawyers make such "solutions" rather often, when there are LEGAL solutions* But in such solutions the lawyers get less... *The two legal solutions I have found/made :) are not 100 % safe/full cover, but they are legal, and make it very hard for someone else to take it legaly.
  13. Copy/paste Thomas, with out a reference, its just memory. Which at our age is fallible :hystery: But I did copy/paste - from my memory :) I have read all more than once. It's very booooooring, so I don't want to read all again :) That law is about much more than support e g separate owning of property. The part about Support is a "small" part of a veeeeeery long law Executive order 209 = "Family Code" . As you can see - if anyone want to read all :) - what need to be covered, there are sibblings included, how to split if more than one can contribute ... Here can all be seen http://www.chanrobles.com/executiveorderno209.htm#.VmTLrZcy08o
  14. Now if I was a lawyer, and I really wanted to prosecute someone, it could be argued that compressed air released is a form of combustion. Add to that the last bit "any other similar instrument or implement", which a lawyer could spin just about anyway he wanted to. For me, and me alone, unless I have a rat problem, and I just kept it at home only. Its just not worth the hassle or risk. Yes. So my "rocket gun" is surely NOT allowed, not even slingshots (?) but as usual they make FUZZY laws... With that subpart they can include bows - or not... :unsure: Well. JJReyes learned us Machetes and bolas (corect name at the grass cutters?) are FARM EQUIPMENT, so you have much biger chance to get away with carrying such - although they aren't allowed to be used to cut people :)
  15. Perhaps - beside the culture - it depend of the LAW :) It say the children HAVE TO assist OLD parents (and sibblings in need IF they have done their best to solve their problems themselves.) Yes Thomas it does but we are not talking about the Indigenous people are we, there is NO law that says we, as Foreigners, have to Support an Extended family Jack :) Yes it is such law. I have read it proper (over a year ago) to see if there is any lopehole :mocking: Well. The law say our Filipina wifes have to try to assist her parents and sibblings, IF they are in need and them in working age ONLY if they do their best themselves = The lopehole in many cases. NOT endless extended family as cousins and such. If the Filipina wife don't earn enough herself then the husband have to support her... :) BUT it DON'T say the one with most assets need to pay ALL, other close relatives are suppoused to contribute too if they earn more than to their own basics. The law is FUZZY concerning which living standard though. I GUESS it mean enough for the basic FILIPINO living standard. So many foreigners contribute MORE than the law say, specialy to LAZY relatives... Correct. (E g it's possible to BUY drivers licence.) But that don't change what's legal :)
  16. I like to be prepared with BAD people :lol:
  17. I don't know about fishing rods, but chain saws has to be registered, but that's NOT of weapon reason, but to try to stop illegal logging. I read only at Palawan they have 600 CONFISKATED chain saws in storage after they were used for illegal logging.
  18. Perhaps - beside the culture - it depend of the LAW :) It say the children HAVE TO assist OLD parents (and sibblings in need IF they have done their best to solve their problems themselves.)
  19. Yes. But on the other hand bad behaving men make it much easier for us to be found good in comparing :lol: I know and agree with what you`re saying Thomas but I would prefer not to be compared with a lot of the people here or in the UK. I like to think that being compassionate is not a sign of weakness and if I am compassionate to somebody a simple thanks will do for me. People who sit on their azzes all day and moan that they have no money make me angry. How do you avoid people compare you with people??? :) I don't bother about the lazy ones, except when they live together with and make it harder for them who try. There are very good Filipino men too. For instance a poor Filipino WITHOUT kids married a poor Widow with SIX kids many years ago (and got one child together.) Perhaps I will marry his youngest stepdaughter :)
  20. I have been invited to Rotary, but I found most of them being some snobs. It's no problem for me to dress and act so they find me suiting there if I want to - but I don't want to :lol: so I will not join such of social reasons. But I will join such in Phils, if I find I better be some in such "tortoure" of business reasons.
  21. canadamale asked this is an other topic, but I think it's worth an own topic. I put it in other section, because it can be both a SECURITY and a hobby question. . Anyone knowing what's the DEFINITION at weapons we are NOT allowed to have AT HOME? For instance I have a decription how to make a homemade "rocket gun", which DON'T break metal, but can make serious damage a few houndred meters away, made rather easy by common stuff. I wonder how criminals would react if they come to my house with pistols and I stand at second floor and point back at them with a 12 cm caliber "rocket gun" :lol:
  22. Well. It's a country where e g drivers licences can be BOUGHT from the "tester". That DON'T make it legal... If they have power LOCALY, then they will perhaps let you have it THERE, but that don't make it legal elsewhere anyway. I think that's worth an OWN topic. So I will start one :)
  23. Not if they expect someone ELSE pay the bills :lol:IF you SHOW you live a more posh lifestyle, which get higher bills, and they see you afford to pay your bills, then it's risk they think you can afford to pay theirs too... I plan to try kind of an OPPOSITE tactic = (Basicly offer them small jobs if they ask for money.) Show the home to as FEW as possible, and try to make my living LOOK as CHEAP as possible. =Good functioning but rough looking car, NOT painted OUTSIDE of the house (at least the front side :) Rough looking not painted bottom floor where it's possible to have biger gatherings if I have to have any inside at home. Dress as a poor farmer myself :) mostly.
  24. Oh you think of breeding them first and THEN shoot them! Why don't you hunt some cows then? :mocking: :thumbsup:
  25. The question is why is she doing this? To me the answer is very clear, she wants money, Yes, OP said the problem started when he didn't bought her a 200k property.
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