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  1. It's surely NOT my favorite, BECAUSE of the volcano :)I had allready SKIPED whole that region as an alternative to settle in, because risk from close volcanos and earthquakes centers. But a big part of Phils has such risks. During the last days I have looked if there are any safe enough spots in whole Palawan, I doubt there are any. (Mountains shaped by earthquakes/volcano and hot springs are warning signs...) Not much better if it's low land with high flood risk instead :) Geeze Thomas......volcanos and earthquakes centers and low land with high flood risk. The Philippines is between two major tectonic plates, which produces the Ring of Fire. Where else would you consider residing? I would love to visit Canlaon City and perhaps campout in the surrounding national park. Of course, I would wait for a temporary dormant stage in between major venting. Yes, I know, but I suppouse there are different big risk in different parts. For instance I suppouse there are biger risks for volcano eruptions where there are volcanos :) For instance I guess it's less risk at the hilly part of NE Bohol.
  2. Agreed. Here in the UK, and I dare say in the States and in the Land of Oz, we would suspect police using "inappropriate restraint", but that seems less likely if he had been in the cop shop for a day. Yes. I thought similar. (If it wasn't internal bleedings after hits from police at stomach or kidneys.) (A technique to hold down fighting person AFTER handcuffed teached in some European countries EARLIER, can make the person CAN'T BREATH by the to hard pressure at the chest/back. But I believe that technique is skiped now after a drug adict died by that in Sweden during the transport to a police station. Of course he fought laying at the van floor, trying to get possibility to breath.)
  3. It's surely NOT my favorite, BECAUSE of the volcano :)I had allready SKIPED whole that region as an alternative to settle in, because risk from close volcanos and earthquakes centers. But a big part of Phils has such risks. During the last days I have looked if there are any safe enough spots in whole Palawan, I doubt there are any. (Mountains shaped by earthquakes/volcano and hot springs are warning signs...) Not much better if it's low land with high flood risk instead :)
  4. I believe it's economy related. The most jelous are the high and middle class being jelous at them, who have more than them :hystery:(PARTLY joking. Of course poor want to have enough to not need to worry how to survive and afford any motorbike, but in average I find people WITH assets, bothering MORE about geting more things NOT realy needed.) Well. It's common villagers see even Filipinos from an other village/island like that.It's similar in our home countries, perhaps some less nowadays when more people have transports and move around. From a "western" village: -Why are you hold me distant as you do? -You are an outsider. -But I moved here 7 years ago, -As I said, you are an outsider... :lol: I suppouse being allowed to integrate are different hard in different places, depending of how used the origin locals are with it, and what experences they have from people who moved there earlier. To some places in WESTERN countries they say people from SAME ethnicity need 2 GENERATIONS to be counted as belonging there... I believe Filipinos are MORE FRIENDLY than many locals in our home countries :) Realy? I haven't been there but several Americans say American villagers haven't given them a chance. Better faaaar away from people :) (I looked at a forest with own sand beach for sale for litle per hektar for being a beach. Very tempting, but no road within affordable distance to conect to. So it can be to remote even for me :mocking: I don't like when the only conection is by ocean because sometimes it's high waves. Better if kids can bike to school a km or so away themselves.)
  5. I forgot to tell. In between Bontoc and Padre Burgos is Tomas Oppus. When I mensioned it to a Filipina from the east part of S Leyte, she laught and said it's very sleepy. Even by her messure and she is from a mountain village to which it's possible to drive only a part of the year :lol:
  6. I suppouse this can be thought of similar to how it's possible to use ONE inside unit to HEAT several rooms. Heated/chilled air from ONE inside unit can be used for several rooms IF A/ the floor plan let air circulate between the space wanted to get effect in by it's open B/ OR have ventilation BETWEEN the rooms. If they are placed in strategic spots the air circulate good by the move the one unit make, otherwice there need to be fans in the vents. By fans and vent pipes it's even possible to use it for space elsewhere. (I have the type A solution in my house, one is enough for a 2 room and kitchen, plus some to a hallway. The rest of the house don't suit to have type A solution, I haven't done anything there.)
  7. I don't know much, but there is a decent busline. I don't know where it start (at ferry port in Hilongos ?) but it goes through Bato > Bontoc > Sogod > San Bernard > Hinundayan. A regular flight was SUGGESTED to Maasin, but I haven't heared if it started.
  8. I had the Airport Coning in mind when I read that, so I didn't read it "Aircon", I though it was an other Airport Scam :lol:
  9. Yes, but it attract more unemployed than there are work to get too.The article mension a bit AVERAGE income. I find that a better messure than counting TOTAL income in the region, without adjust for how many people there are. It's uncommon in province with street kids and situations as at Smoky Mountains in Manila...
  10. Yikes! I'm researching managed care for my old age, not warehousing! I'm thrilled that Mom has a lovely place to be, with all the activities she wants, and the privacy she needs. The reason my grandfather told was: -I couldn't stand to be among that old people. He was ELDER than most of them himself :lol: I would rather have 90 pretty healthy years than 95 years where the last 5 are miserable :mocking: (My grandfather was in very good shape, better than rather many 50 year olds, until he was 85, when he was hit by a car. By that he lost stamina and started to be some dement, but worked until he was 90, when he got fired, because he forgot to forward some big sellings. Until 90 he took care of himself, but then he started to be to dangerous forgeting stoves and such making fire risk. 90-95 was bad years for him, "storage" living. long memory still functioning, but lost short memory, not remembering what we talked about 2 minutes ago, so we needed only two subjects to keep conversation up long time.)
  11. Realy - or on purpouse so you don't need to do it? :)
  12. Legaly a lease contracts follow the LAND UNDEPENDING who is owner. That can be both good and bad :)/Good if they have a good reputation and are worth it /bad if they will try to scam you, because then they are stronger.
  13. JJReyes talked about there are plans for such in Talisay, Negros, including good health care. with customer target group being foreigners, who want good care cheaper than in their home country. (He compared to USA. In Sweden it's much subsidiced from taxes, but many places are more storage than good caretaking. It's feeding, cleaning and health care, but almost nothing for feelings and mind... The doctor subscribed my 85 year old grandfather to stay in such place two months to recover after serious foot break after being hit by a car, but he left the second day and went home to take care of himself, couldn't stand to be there any longer... :)
  14. That was my point Thomas so you do in fact It's NOT same. Perhaps I didn't say it clear enough. When I earn MUCH more, a spend A LITLE extra, so I KEEP most of it... ((Back when I earned as best, most months I did spend ONLY what's in Sweden is counted as "existence minimum" anyway. Some months I bought things, which cost to BUY, but cost (almost) nothing to USE, so if spreading that cost between all the months I use it, it's very litle per month, so per month I spend litle totaly anyway.)) It's left to see if I can make my future wife act similar economic :mocking:
  15. The best advice to such as the "Avoid-DNA-test" guy is:Go to one of the forums for such guys :mocking:
  16. I don't many enough of each group to be enough to be statistic, but in western countries it seem very rich are LESS happy than them who have just enough and a litle more (=lower middle class and the better paid workers). The very rich seem to more often use MUCH alcohol and/or drugs. In Sweden there are much MORE drugs where the rich kids party than the middle class... My THEORY is it depend of a big part of the very rich are very rich BECAUSE they give to high priority to earn more MONEY, although they have much allready, instead of spend TIME with their kids... I suppouse that's why many poor Filipino kids are happy, while many western kids are not. I mean the Filipino kids, who's parents aren't forced to move away from the kids to work to survive. I haven't :) (Well. I spend A LITLE more when I have more.)
  17. Not odd he ran out of money, taking home a lady from bar every night :mocking: If he had concentrated at ONE, he perhaps wouldn't be broke... As in most WESTERN caretaking places then :mocking: That's one of the reasons I want to move to Phils...
  18. That will make it EASIER for organiced SCAMERS :hystery: because then they can "LEGALY" claim 80 000p in bail to let people go, WITHOUT any OUTSIDE airport athorithy will check the evidience...
  19. That can be a business idea :) which can be combined with mine about handling "Kano prices".
  20. In most cases the custom didn't bother to take custom fee at private computers anyway, but if they had followed the OLD rules there were custom fee as such if bringing them in without taking them out again when left. BUT now is that CHANGED even for NEW IT products to no custom fee and 10% VAT by the "ITA" rule http://web.ita.doc.gov/ITI/itiHome.nsf/9b2cb14bda00318585256cc40068ca69/de1ea002117f656885256d11007369c1?OpenDocument
  21. Or ask someone in the neighbourhood, who you see have a gate you like.
  22. Yes, concrete forward some types of sounds to good specialy bumping something conected to the concrete.An other reason many Philippine houses are extra loud is it's common they don't build sound reducing CEILINGS. That can make even a whisper be heared from one to the other side of the house in worst case.
  23. Tell them you are from "New England". :hystery: You mean "Old England" :) I don't think that is what he meant. New England is an area of the US. I know, but he said it to Jack, who is from England :)
  24. For me is around 25 - 35 ok. Younger than that is to immature normaly, and if elder there will be harder to get the kids I want, spread some in age.
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