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  1. This is wonderfully helpful, thanks all. :)
  2. Hey nothing wrong with a guy getting his nails done. :dance:
  3. I really hope you're not that brash to strangers you first meet in person. :unsure: Anyhow, I'll respect boss mans wishes and cease on the subject. There really is no need for this to continue.
  4. It's "you're", before spouting your patriotic BS how about you get your own grammar correct first. In case you didn't pick it up, i found that incredibly offensive. Also, my ancestry does lead back to the UK. Not that i'm exceptionally proud of that fact at this very moment.
  5. Hey i tasted that UK hersheys rubbish. Stuff was like cooking chocolate. :lol: :bash: Although.... I'll kill any day for a galaxy bar.
  6. Oh perfect! Thanks mate. All good. >_<
  7. I'd rather have a hard time and show them respect, they're just trying to make a few bucks. :unsure: I should i have mentioned though i mean't for a specifically tagalog expression. I have no problem with them trying to sell me things/services, and my past response is just to offer everyone a cigarette and say no thank you. I just wanted to know how to say it in tagalog. :P OooOo.. Whats this one mean?
  8. Hey all. So i intend on moving to the Philippines very soon and i was just going to utilise the tourist stamps every 60 days like many of us out there. But alot of expats i've noticed are older/married and may never have pursued this avenue. Is there any visas which may be available to young full time students, i will be doing an IT course via a government certified online agency while living in the Philippines. Just wanted to know what my Visa options are? Thank you kindly. :) Matt ALSO! With a working visa. In theory could i be sponsored by a company for employment on a casual basis, do
  9. WOAAAHH... This is the first i've heard of the ECC, i was under the impression it was as simple as a stamp every 60 days? Whats this ECC business. :unsure:
  10. Just want to know what the phrase for something like... "With respect, i'm not interested." Need to master that one. Just want a very polite local way of telling someone i really dont need that taxi/perfume/stungun/massssage....
  11. Oh bob, you mean a Kebab? Haha, we can do amazing kebabs what are you talking about? I'm pretty sure i spied a kebab shop in the philippines too. Well see. :P My dad travels to canada every year for months at a time, ill have to ask his opinion. Though food is a tender topic after his last trip where he ate squirrel and got some serious bever fever. :unsure:
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