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  1. Cebu City Apartment or room NEEDED! Need apartment or nice room in Cebu near Chung Chu Hospital up to 8000 pesos. Partial furnished preferred, clean, aircon, is a plus will pay separate electric and water .. Need your help to locate a decent place in a safe area! Your help is greatly appreciatted... Thank you! PM me or email cebunl@ gmail com Warlord
  2. Over 10 years I have sent a few things and maybe one time it has arrived um opened all the other times it was opened and resealed and things was missing especially if your mailed package is going to the provincial area since they contract that out to filipino's who work out of their home and for sure your person you ,ailed will recieve a package or mail that has been opened and resealed if they recieve it at "ALL" I have even seen them give it to a neighbor to deliver to the person who lives next door ..Simply put mailing anything outside Cebu City is a huge risk of ever arriving NO MATTER H
  3. This forum really isnt the proper place to discuss issues such as this topic and Im sure you can find more reliable information at a nightlife forum such as: or http://cebunl.com Both have wonderful insight into the nightlife in the Philippines! Have a look and Im sure you will find the answers you seek... Warlord
  4. IS there customs fees charged on the value of the items in the Balikbayan boxes as the same if you ship FedEx or UPS of Dhl or is it covered by the shippers/fowarders I have always wonered this queation... I have talked to a friend and he say that if you ship a container you can pay allot of shipping fees but he knew his brothers wife who knows everyone and wow she was able to get a really big savings for him... But she indeed is active in all things and knows many filipino in Cebu unlike many Im sure.. Can anyone clue me on shipping something into the Philippines IS EVERYTHING taxes at cu
  5. I suggest you keep it simple and get an Atom Netbook down on Colon last I checked they was selling for 12500 pesos and allow access to the internet and have built in webcam and if she gets a SmartBro plug in she will be able to communicate with you for a fairly cheap rate .. She really does not need more then that,, But if you insist a laptop is going from 28,000 p basic and on up to 64,000 and more! I suggest the Netbook for its small and easy to carry or store and less obvious for people to see and want to steal.. Its what I picked up for my gf and it does the job and more ...NO MORE INTERNE
  6. A second guest staying with you costs 300 p so 995 1295 standard room...But the 300p includes breakfast. Actually Im thinking about staying here my next trip in November.. Warlord
  7. To be honest my 1st thought was 40,000 hmmmm?Can get a new Kawasaki 130cc 48,000 Whats the milage/oops kilometers ?? 32,000 sound more right and a easier sale.. Just my 2 cents Warlord
  8. Live and Learn .... But if the shoe was on the other foot what would of happen if an British American etc robbed a filipino? Hmmm?Yah right they(police) be looking for you to and then they would want more of your pesos and your socks and shoes before they let YOU GO! :wt-hell: Warlord
  9. WoW!I read thru all the posts so far and I think everyone is missing the most important factor of expats who move here and its not the $1000 - $3000 they spend monthly.... Look around you I have been visiting the Philippines since 2001 and when I 1st came here there was very little observances of huge tractors and machines that built roads or hauled large cargo or highlifts or cranes all this type of machinery was basically none existent in the amount you seen.... So what happened?Well British Americans Koreans Chinese Australians etc etc came in and start investing mostly to enable them to h
  10. Soooo True Lee!!!Its funny how many wont take advantage of what others have learned before them.... Warlord
  11. WowOnly took me and hour of time to read thru all this when in the beginning my thoughts were and still are that bar girls pick up a knack of being deceitful and conniving maybe not in the beginning but over time! They never look at a man in the same light again after working in a bar! I can attest to the fact I have seen many many young new girls start in the bizness and I say hey I like to hook up with this fresh new face maybe I do and maybe I dont for whatever reason. They are shy and reserved but the mamasan pushes them or they want to be like their new bargirl friends and also see the la
  12. My xwifes sister did the exact same thing came USA on fiancee visa married and 6 months later claimed she was being abused and raped and used that statement to remain in the USA! End of story! Done everyday !!! Yah there are many good filipina woman out there and will love and care you deeply but there are many more who do nothing but plot on how to scam guys! 10 years now and I see the light !!!CLEARLY! Warlord
  13. Really now ho wcan a man who gets $20 million for fights and recieves $50 for the Big Payday fights be broke! Its all a ploy to hide his earnings he was just listed at the bottom of Forbes 100 richest Filipino's.. Give me a break! Go! Manny Go! Warlord
  14. I used to help my x filipina's nanay prepare chicken on stick and intestines from the pig and red hotdogs Now I would eat the chicken and hotdogs forget the intestines Ewwww!!!! But to but off a street vendor is asking for trouble! For Sure! Stick to what you know! Safer! and less painful if you get stomach virus! Warlord
  15. Best advice of all! Protect yourself till your married to her and then still protect your self lol.... Warlord
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