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  1. I wouldn't do it. Mosquitoes carry Dengue fever and Malaria. Mosquitoes in the PI are stealthy compared to the ones in North America. In America I can usually detect them as soon as they start to bite or even when they land on my skin. In the PI they are smaller and are usually gone before I know they have bitten me.
  2. No link is visible to me.
  3. Are they all doing exactly the same test? IIRC some are more reliable than others. Various tests have an error rate of 15% to 50%.
  4. There have been a few incidents of people drowning while using the new type of snorkeling mask, because of the mask (the type illustrated above). I won't be using it.
  5. About 24,000 OFWs are currently in the repatriation pipeline. That number is expected to grow to 300,000. Cite: https://trib.com/news/world/asia-today-philippines-trying-to-ease-quarantine-congestion/article_33b87ba5-59be-557f-92cc-4d9e29bcc8a5.html The obvious conclusion is that the economic situation will get worse in the Philippines.
  6. I tell 'em I have artificial hips. The x-ray machine that's supposed to detect anomalies on a body alert on a different part of me every time. That's what I get for working out. On a serious note, I don't think those machines that do a whole body x-ray are worth diddly squat.
  7. A video tour is certainly not enough to base a decision on. Like Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf, I put much stock in the smell of a place.
  8. I brought my balls of steel from the US. Got them on eBay. Can marbles be had in the PI?
  9. A Wrist Rocket slingshot can serve the same purposes. I like the model with a magnet on the wrist brace to hold extra steel-ball ammunition.
  10. Only the good die young.
  11. No. Buying a diamond is one of the worst things for you to do with money. AusExpat said it very well. Bought mine a small diamond after 10 years and she lost it after another 16. I'm surprised she didn't lose it sooner.
  12. Vinegar is effective in the battle against ants. It interferes with their system of chemical trail-marking so that they get lost. Spray or sponge it across their trails or dump a quantity of it on their nests.
  13. Youtube videos on how to make a face mask from a bandana and a coffee filter: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+make+face+mask+bandana+coffee+filter
  14. No. It was Amazon, with the goal of quarantining everyone and increasing demand for drone delivery of goods.
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