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  1. The quality of plastic can vary wildly. I can imagine some politician's brother-in-law delivering substandard banknotes at an exorbitant profit.
  2. I was in jail in Cebu for refusing to pay a bribe. My future Sweetie had a hobby of collecting books and magazines for prisoners, which she delivered every week. I had read some of Dr. Jose Rizal's literature, which is among her favorite reading material. We had a couple of really good conversations, and she got her uncle, the only honest policeman in Cebu, to facilitate my release. We then dated for 2 weeks and were married in 3. Well, that's what I tell people, anyway. We've been together for 30 years.
  3. The Lonely Planet series of travel guidebooks is most excellent. You will find almost everything you need to know therein.
  4. I keep telling mine that I like "the natural look" when the topic is Visible Skin, but it does little if any good. The eyebrows are my choicest complaint. Eyebrows that are drawn on are not appreciated by me.
  5. "Policies purchased after January 24, 2020 do not cover this event for trip cancellations and trip interruptions. Coverage may be available for other benefits so please refer to your plan documents for applicable benefits, terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. . . . " So expenses related trip cancellations and trip interruptions due to Covid-19 are not covered. Treatment costs, and so on, are covered.
  6. Considered posting images, but they contain personal details. You'll have to take my word for it that my travel insurance covered many circumstances including accidents (without any modifying adjectives). Here is a link to coverage info for the policy I had: https://axatravelinsurance.com/ Read contents of box in lower right corner.
  7. The travel health insurance is good to have even if it isn't required. Traffic accidents are the reason why. In my opinion being in traffic in the Philippines is a far greater danger than anything else, with the possible exception of walking alone in Tondo at night and similar ill-advised behavior.
  8. My Filipina got over it after about 20 years of marriage. My saintly patience paid off.
  9. Do international passengers departing fromthe Philippines need this new OHP? Don't see why they would, but we are where we are.
  10. Typical juvenile-level attempted manipulation, seen frequently in Filipino family interactions.
  11. No one asked us for it on our arrival March 2?th. Only the OneHealth QR code was required.
  12. I wanted to use Nipa siding on our Winter Palace, so as to make it look native-like. Of course Her Highness wouldn't even consider it.
  13. The TRAZE app is not required. A good thing- you haven't seen invasion of privacy until you've read what you have to approve of in order to install it. You should delete it immediately.
  14. When entering the Philippines: Don't lose your boarding pass. They will ask for it at immigration. The PAL website implied that the TRAZE app is mandatory. It's not. Praise the Lord because you have not seen invasion of privacy until you read the BS you Need to approve in order to download and install the app. I nearly got ill while reading it.
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