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  1. Make sure tour $100s are the new type and without visible wear & tear. Some money changers will reject a bill with even a small rip, or give you a less favorable exchange rate. Exchange at a pawn shop or a currency exchange at a mall will involve an annoying amount of paperwork. No paperwork at one of the street exchanges.
  2. I never carry my passport unless I know it will be required. A photocopy will do if you are stopped by the police. When using a credit or debit card my US driving license has always been sufficient.
  3. Two years ago the mayor of Tagbilaran ordered the police to go out and confiscate the first 100 loud motorcycles they could find. Then he ran over them with a steamroller. Haven't noticed many loud motorcycles since.
  4. Wow. I must be a freak of nature. Never could see the point of using painkillers or downs for recreational purposes. Never had a problem with quitting tramadol. I was taking 6 per day for more than 3 years. One day I decided the constipation wasn't worth it and cut back to 2 per day and had no withdrawal symptoms. Three months later a VA pain pharmacist introduced me to Gabapentin and Voltaren gel and I quit tramadol easily and without withdrawal.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/acebohol/ It's very prominent from the Dauis side. It's not visible from the main route between the 2 bridges on the Tag side. It's 1 (I think) street uphill. Turn at the same corner you'd take on the back way to ICM. Let me know what you think. I was there for a consult and and in very short order was talking with a doctor. Paid the same as I paid for similar service at Cebu Doctors Hospital 10 years ago. Also, was on the Expats' Tour of it a few weeks go. It exceeded my expectations.
  6. You don't need a 'scrip for tramadol. There is an excellent new hospital- the ACE Hospital between the 2 bridges on the Tagbilaran side. It can be seen clearly from the Dauis side.
  7. There is one butterfly garden in which the guides are comedians and they do some entertaining forced-perspective photography for you. Wish I could recall the name of it.
  8. Love that image. Saved it. I like to say I'm working on perfecting my hanging-out technique.
  9. I sympathize. I couldn't take that. Before we built we visited the property several times at all hours, so we could have some confidence that noise would not be a problem. The house has solid concrete walls, not hollow blocks, good double-glaze windows, a good perimeter wall and an insulated roof, all of which which helps to keep noise out. You are lucky to have birds. Wish there were more where I live.
  10. Bohol, specifically Dauis Panglao Island. Our house is in Dauis, 15 minutes or less from malls, hospitals and the nearest public beach. There is a new hospital which seems quite good and looks to be comparable to the best hospitals in Cebu. My neighborhood is relatively quiet and quite safe. It's 2 hours to Cebu on a fast ferryboat.
  11. So none of you have made a serious effort to learn the native language? When I'm there I try to learn at least one new word every day. It earns me some goodwill among the natives. It brings a smile to some faces, especially the kids, when they say "hello" to me and I reply in Visayan.
  12. A headlamp is very useful during interruptions in electrical service. https://www.rei.com/search?q=petzl+headlamp
  13. Ever hear of Dengue Fever, the band? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42OvUz3UhsI
  14. Facial recognition technology has been banned in San Francisco USA. "Although the tech is pretty good at identifying white male faces, because those are the sorts of faces it’s been trained on, it often misidentifies people of color and women. That bias could lead to them being disproportionately held for questioning when law enforcement agencies put the tech to use." https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2019/5/16/18625137/ai-facial-recognition-ban-san-francisco-surveillance
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