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  1. Not that I know of. I have in-laws in the Cebu police. I asked them about this and they said prosecutions happen but don't get into the news media. Don't know if I believe that. Here's an idea: let's all chip in to hire a lawyer or private investigator to gather some facts. If there's some support here I'll ask the management about starting a fund-raising thread.
  2. Guy F.

    Cebu info please!

    Never seen ANY land-based wildlife on Cebu. There aren't even any birds to speak of. Try Bohol or Palawan.
  3. Guy F.

    Memory and its Fallibility

    Obama was never accused of sexual assault (drunk or otherwise). He wasn't accused of being an aggressive obnoxious drunk either. So there. Eliminating the influence of money in politics would solve many problems.
  4. Guy F.

    Memory and its Fallibility

    If we let this accusation derail this nominee, what kind of message are we sending to people who have no business being on the Supreme Court? And everyone knows a woman's certainty is worth only 78% of a man's certainty. Credit to The Onion.
  5. Guy F.

    Memory and its Fallibility

    Traumatic or otherwise intense events stick in memory. People generally recall traumatic events with greater accuracy. Of course memory of extremely traumatic events is sometimes suppressed.
  6. Guy F.

    Laws Are starting to be enforced Negros

    I'm not there now, but the word from Bohol is that you can no longer leave your helmet with the motorcycle when you park it. The helmet will be stolen.
  7. Guy F.

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    Not a practical policy. In business school I was taught a system of classifying stocks in the stock market which I also apply to customers. A number of years after I first proposed applying it thusly the same idea was featured in The Wall Street Journal. There are "stars" who are responsible for for large but not stable profits. There are "cash cows" who are not big spenders but are dependable. There are "potential stars and cash cows" and lastly "dogs" which are undesirable and unlikely to ever be desirable. There are subcategories such as "dogs with fleas".
  8. Guy F.

    Should have gone to Specsavers. LOL

    I have a small click?
  9. Guy F.

    Car Service rip off - be warned

    You shouldn't need to check with the manufacturer. Scheduled maintenance should be described in detail in the owner's manual.
  10. That glass is twice as large as it needs to be.
  11. There are more choices. I'd follow the rest of the industrialized world in choosing politicians who understand negotiation and compromise. Of course no one who wants the job should actually have it.
  12. For a long time pundits have said automation will lead to increased unemployment. Somehow that hasn't happened. I expect the near future to be much like the recent past. Completely free markets are not the salvation of humanity. Greed is NOT always good. Regulation is necessary to save us from the insanely greedy.
  13. Guy F.


    That'll leave a mark.
  14. Guy F.


    Graphite is a great moderator.
  15. Guy F.

    Just thought you's might like to read this.

    No working link in the OP.