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  1. I'd really prefer squatting. Then the Purple Helmet Warrior wouldn't touch the bottom of the bowl.
  2. My Cebuana wife won't tolerate combing hair in a restaurant. She won't tolerate stretching at the table either. She says it's disrespectful to the food.
  3. The Taoist Temple is one of the very few tourist attractions that I've been attracted to more than once. I want to see the Temple of Leah.
  4. Males peeing in public is an all too common sight. I want to know why I never see females peeing in public.
  5. Guy F.


    Stay in a hotel for a while and get a competing super-loud music system. That'll show 'em! I think no one would come to their disco if there are two unsynchronized bass lines playing. Start a piggery. You won't be able to live there but you may drive them away and have your revenge. Then you could dismantle the piggery and move back in or sell the property without having a spoiler of property value next door. Come to Bohol, where NPA means Nice People Around!
  6. Guy F.


    Only until 2AM? Lucky you. And that's really not much of a rant. It doesn't seem like your heart is really into it. Come back when you really mean it.
  7. A few years ago one evening at Park Mall in Cebu I saw apparent undercover cops collar some very young children (5-7yo) while some early teens who were probably accomplices looked on from a distance. Friendly advice: line the bottom of your backpack or butt bag with chicken wire. This will cause great frustration to modern-day 'cut-purses' who carry VERY sharp blades and lurk in crowds for the purpose of cutting bags to see what falls out. Shirts that have one or two pocket which button are better to keep wallets safe. We will frequently give to old beggars.
  8. Cars are available to rent as well. I wouldn't be so cautious about driving at night in a car.
  9. Rent a motorcycle from "Hey Joe Motorcycle Rentals". Don't try to drive at night and wear a helmet and shoes, not sandals. Let me know how it goes!
  10. Visiting Cebu during Sinulog (3rd week in January) is not something I'd do. Getting from place to place is slow and frustrating in the best of times. During Sinulog the public transportation system breaks down entirely. Sometimes the police shut down the cellphone system to eliminate the possibility of remotely triggered bombs. The cost of accommodations increases radically.
  11. That would be a valid concern at most locations. Not at mine. It's 50m above sea level and slightly above the surrounding land.
  12. Get on the "Expats in Bohol and Panglao" Facebook page and search for recommendations. I recall Sunshine Village being mentioned favorably. Good internet is hard to find. I like the Icebear Restobar and Tourist Inn.
  13. How would these solar panels fare in a typhoon? The ones I've seen would not survive in a 200kph wind. I'd want them to be easily removable so they could be securely stored.
  14. I believe so. It was never in the news, but that's what we heard. For certain there has been a severe shortage of loud motorcycles since then.
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