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  1. Yes, viral diseases are contagious before fever or other symptoms appear. For this reason thermal scanners at airports or other entry points are feel-good measures.
  2. Local formal wear is slacks and a Barong Tagalog. That's what I wore for our church wedding and that was a big deal, officiated by a Monsignor at Basilica Santo Nino in Cebu. She should have some pride in her own culture and not force you to suffer.
  3. Welcome to the forum. You have chosen wisely.
  4. It should make for some spectacular sunsets. Hope Smaal volcano doesn't start.
  5. Avast plus Malwarebytes has kept my compy healthy in spite of some very risky behavior.
  6. Accept the painkillers and save them for when you really need them.
  7. You may be planning to rely on air conditioning to keep your chinchillas comfortable. You should reconsider, given the unreliable electricity throughout the Philippines.
  8. According to Wikipedia " Visas may also take the form of passport stamps." Apparently also they may not.
  9. US citizens already get visas automatically upon entry to the Philippines, proving either that the article was written in ignorance or Duterte is ignorant. Imposing new requirements to get visas might be a problem for visitors.
  10. Don't know about Sweden. My wife had little difficulty becoming a dual US/Philippines citizen.
  11. Huh. I thought STOP stood for Spin Tires On Pavement.
  12. I've seen the effects of climate change here in Big Wonderful Wyoming in the American West. For several years Winters were not getting cold enough to kill Bark Beetles so large swathes of forest were killed. Until 10 years ago there had never been a tornado in the county I was living in, because of the altitude. It's more difficult for tornadoes to form if the air is thinner. Since the air has been getting slightly warmer there have been 3 tornadoes (in the last 10 years). There is more. I could go on, but have other things to do now. There have been widely scattered reports of coral bleaching in the area of Bohol where my house is. If coral bleaching ever becomes widespread there I am well and truly screwed, since the great snorkeling is half the reason I want to live there.
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