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  1. For the past 3 years I have used CreditKarma's free tax software and filing service. It's easy and reliable. I believe it's equal to software that one must pay for like Turbotax, at least for uncomplicated tax situations. You should try it.
  2. "Psycho Chicken" to the tune of "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVhlQ0wDOT8
  3. I used Xoom 7 years ago when we bought a house. It was reliable and among the best deals back then. It could be different now, but it was the best back then. Edit My mind is starting to go. It wasn't Xoom, which Mrs. F uses for small transfers. It was Transferwise.
  4. Do you already have an employer arranged? It's very difficult for a foreigner to work legally in the Philippines. It's nearly impossible to find a job that pays what a Westerner would consider to be a decent wage.
  5. I know a Pinoy couple who returned to Cebu from the US recently. My wife says they had to quarantine for 2 weeks and were put up at a 5-star hotel at government expense. I find that hard to believe. Anyone know if the gov't pays for the hotel?
  6. I won't be responding to Explorer any more. In my humble opinion he's doing this just to provoke a reaction. Saw where the Governor of Bohol is trying to standardize travel rule and quarantine procedure throughout the province. This is very worthy goal, as it is a chaotic and tremendously inconvenient patchwork currently. He's getting opposition from mayors of lesser municipalities.
  7. I am compelled to fight ignorance. I don't expect to change Explorer's mind, but others reading this thread could benefit. My daughter and her boyfriend got the 'rona before Christmas. They both had mild symptoms and were better after only a few days, but he has lost his sense of smell and she doesn't have the energy she had previously.
  8. Wrong. What doesn't kill you can leave you crippled. Between 10% and 30% of Covid-19 survivors have long-term life changing problems. Google "long covid". I recommend the article from the Mayo Clinic.
  9. Same here in Big Wonderful Wyoming. The governor issued a mask mandate after resisting it for a long time, but it isn't enforced. Free Dumb! I'd hate to give up my Winter Palace in Bohol, but I couldn't tolerate the existing restrictions. Even though I'm vaccinated I could tolerate mask wearing indoors or in crowded outdoor situations. I could not tolerate quarantines or ridiculous rules like wearing masks in cars with only family. If the current regulations persist beyond the end of this year we will start trying to sell the Palace. Whoever we sell it to probably will not be as generous
  10. I share that hope. If travel restrictions in the Philippines are not largely eliminated for vaccinated people by the end of this year I will start thinking about packing up my balls and bat and going home.
  11. That's a good read. I would also blame Mark Burnett for the rise of Cheeto Mussolini. As the producer of The Apprentice he made Cadet Bonespurs look like a charismatic, competent decision maker. The education system deserves a healthy share of blame. People are not being taught to think critically.
  12. Or Bayot in Visayan, and I believe Tagalog as well.
  13. Another thing: how many of those DC protesters on Jan 6 would have been shot if it was a mostly Black mob? My guess is-> more than a few. Edited because it's PC to capitalize Black in this context.
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