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  1. The US is not a democracy now. It's an oligarchy, meaning a few rich people control everything. https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746 Neutralizing the influence of big money in politics would solve many problems. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has a solution that he calls "Democracy Dollars". Give each voter an annual allowance which can only be used for political contributions, so as to dilute the effect of lobbyists and ultrawealthy donors. https://www.yang2020.com/policies/democracydollars/
  2. You know what's said about men who have big feet.... We pay more for shoes.
  3. Once again, here is the handy dandy Philippine snake poster. 162_Philippine Snake Poster04-15-04.pdf
  4. A scaffolding-like platform about 6 feet in height was made from coco lumber for my place. Very heavy but very useful and lasted a long time.
  5. I doubt that better wireless service would result from living extremely close to a tower, as opposed to being a moderate distance away. It would still depend on how many customers are using the system.
  6. Clermont may be thinking of Chan Robles, a law firm which maintains a public online law library of PI and US law, supreme court decisions etc. I won't link to their home page but here is their library.
  7. I've heard of blue sewage/ice balls dropping from the sky. Don't think large storage tanks would be required.
  8. Yes. It's the flip side of loyalty, a desirable characteristic also prevalent among Filipinas. When I was in the USMC I heard that when in the PI a fella should not pay attention to more than one girl in the same bar or the straight razors would come out and blood would be spilled.
  9. In the future I will change that from 'veterans' to 'college grads'.
  10. Sometimes I think only veterans should be allowed to hold office and vote. I think unnecessary wars would thusly be avoided.
  11. For stevewool and TommyT: We would accept half up front to get you moved in and the rest in monthly payments over 5 years. Could extend payments to 10 years but would need to charge interest at 5% APR. Title would not be transferred until payment is complete.
  12. So robbing a bank is out of the question for you? Hoping I don't get a Korean or Chinese for a neighbor.
  13. The price is now P13.5 million, which is $267,857.00.
  14. This house is still available and the price has dropped to P13.5 million. It's too large for us. We love the neighborhood and plan to build a smaller house on the adjacent 500sqm which we also own. This really is the best location in Bohol for reasons detailed in the ad which that link goes to. A funny story for you- A neighbor whom we employ brought her Mom from Mindanao to live in the house and be the custodian. After 2 weeks she wanted to go back to Mindanao because the neighborhood is too quiet! No bars on the windows because they are unnecessary.
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