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  1. Be sure you have done a thorough job of eliminating stagnant water where young mosquitoes develop. The concrete lids on my septic tank and roof gutter cisterns do not fit perfectly. Mosquitoes were seen emerging from the septic tank. I sealed the gaps with silicone caulk and my mosquito problem has abated somewhat. I'm hoping it won't be too much work to remove the lids when that becomes necessary.
  2. And if your ladyfriend won't agree to at least a 2 hour gap, give the relationship a really serious second thought.
  3. Yikes. Hope that doesn't happen to me.
  4. WELCOME Hector. Stay for at least 2 months before making a commitment. I sure as Hell wouldn't live in Cebu city. Air too dirty, traffic too slow. Visit the countryside and Bohol. Remember a most important rule of thumb is to live at least 2 hours away from your in-laws.
  5. I had no idea. I learned something
  6. Would you rather he put gas without oil in it?
  7. My wife's family is middle-class. I've been cheated by them. Mama's biological children are her priority, not the Kano who married one of her daughters. One of her brothers is a drug addict who will do anything for a high or a Red Horse beer.
  8. Some of the best, most succinct, distilled down to the essence advice I have ever seen. For a good read, get Playing With Water: Passion and Solitude on a Philippine Island. One subplot involves the author's efforts to get a water project accomplished to improve life for a Filipino village. It turns out to be an... ummmm... educational experience for the author. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=playing+with+water&i=stripbooks-intl-ship&ref=nb_sb_noss
  9. Another "freak accident". Motorcycle rider after dark vs reaper being pulled by a carabao. "Freak" accident Yea, right.
  10. He has the best words, too.
  11. Rabies would be a concern.
  12. That was around Subic I presume? I'll look for the same closer to here (Bohol). Thanks for the idea!
  13. At the Mactan airport stay away from the yellow cabs and use the white cabs- make sure there is a meter.
  14. Do they make one for roosters?
  15. Land titling has been suspended in in some touristy areas, including the municipality of Panglao (NOT the Dauis half of Dauis Panglao island).
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