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  1. Bought tickets way back when I was sure quarantines would be history by Christmas. The most I could tolerate would be 3 days. It's probably a waste of time to worry about it until a week before departure.
  2. For people whose homes are on a different island than the airport, will they have to do more quarantine at a hotel? They won't be allowed to us a ferry boat when they're supposed to be in quarantine.
  3. Not going to do your homework for you. The fun starts on about page 5 IIRC. You have the same search function to use as do the rest of us.
  4. The search function on this board is not up to the task, but here's an example. Hope you have an hour or 2 to read thru it. https://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/32457-amazing-filipinos/
  5. I think he means "divisive", not "decisive". Seconded. I pegged GS as a troll months ago and said so. Some of his posts are knowledgeable and informative. Others are deliberately provocative and serve to provide their author with the cheap thrill of causing angst in readers. Good riddance.
  6. Someone who would buy a house without a thorough inspection deserves what they get.
  7. You should treat all the Plumerias proactively. This sort of thing can be difficult or impossible to see in the initial stages.
  8. He shouldn't need a chainsaw for Plumeria. But if it starts to spread to the other Plumerias and treatments don't work, eliminating the infested plants would be sensible.
  9. It's past time for him to retire from boxing. Wonder how much education he's had.
  10. Looks like a fungus. An agricultural supply store should have an appropriate antifungal spray. If you can't find that, try vinegar on a few leaves and see what happens. Hope you can save it. Plumeria flowers have the best and the most fragrance.
  11. That one would be funny if the wife wore it, but her sense of humor doesn't extend to risque behavior.
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