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  1. Guy F.

    Cabinetmaker in Cebu or Bohol

    I've never seen kitchen cabinets made from concrete. I don't think that would be acceptable for The Little Woman.
  2. Need kitchen cabinets made from something termites won't eat. The wife found a place in Mandaue where that is done but it seems too expensive. Does anyone have a referral for me?
  3. Guy F.

    Buying a car

    What "rules of the road"? There is only one rule- get there first! It's like they teach in fencing (sword fighting) class; to win you must "establish your right of way".
  4. Guy F.

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    I let the wife's faithful family servant hand wash my clothes ONCE. My underwear came back comically stretched out. Never again. I agree that the commercial laundries are an unbeatable deal.
  5. Guy F.

    Newbie question

    Didn't read the whole thread. Just want to make sure you've been warned about the air pollution and traffic in Cebu. I couldn't tolerate it. You've spent at least a few weeks there previously, I hope.
  6. Guy F.

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    Do a search or 2 of the forum. An impressive amount has been already been written which would answer your questions. And welcome to the forum. You have made a wise choice in picking this particular one.
  7. I have never been asked for a 'scrip for tramadol in Bohol. Last 2 visits I was I was buying them 100 at a time. Enough Voltarin to last me for 3 months would take up too much space in my luggage.
  8. Am coming to the Philippines soon for up to 3 months. Need to know about the availability of some medications and whether a prescription is required, specifically Gabapentin and Voltarin. Voltarin is also known as Diflocenac Sodium 1% Topical Gel. I can testify as to the effectiveness of Voltarin in relieving joint pain. It got me away from Tramadol, which is an opioid. Thanks in advance for any info.
  9. $75 in the US and $10 in the Philippines, eh? Despicable greedheads in the US pharmaceutical industry need to be tuned up. Where's The Punisher when you need him?
  10. Guy F.

    Thermal Massage Beds

    Sounds good but does it only do backs? I tried a hydrobed (no heat, just water jets behind a flexible rubber sheet) and it was OK but not great. My shoulders and feet need approach from the side as well. Is there some reason you can't have a massage service come to your home?
  11. Guy F.

    Very sick wife

    I'm very sure that Medicare covers only persons aged 65 and above. Not sure if one would need to be a citizen. Medicaid can cover low-income individuals of any age.
  12. Sibonga Construction is worth considering. They have a well-done website. There are other similar companies, one of which we employed to build the Dauis Demple. I'd use Sibonga if I had a do-over.
  13. At my house they found their way through concrete to attack kitchen cabinets and plywood ceiling. Gradually replacing the ceiling with HardiFlex. It's not hollow blocks but rather solid concrete with rebar. Either there are cracks in the concrete or they had wings.
  14. There's a reason why concrete is the usual building material. TERMITES. You have been warned. Only po' folks live in wood (or bamboo), because it's all they can afford.
  15. Guy F.

    Doc or Clinic in Cebu?

    Ask a pharmacist what you really need a prescription for. In some cases you might not need one. Especially if you are paying cash. By way of example, I need a 'scrip for Tramadol (the mildest of the opioids) in the US but never in the Phils.