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  1. There is a very old saying that a man is not complete until he is married and then he is FINISHED.
  2. I had a heart attack Jan 2015 and was treated at Cebu doctors hospital by Dr Francisco L Chio,jr. He installed 2 stents and a follow up at his clinic at chong hua hospital ,I returned back to Australia in the November and had the work checked out,was told that he did an excellent job by a well know heart surgeon at home. Hope this helps I wish you the very best cheers Cebu cardiovascular centre osmenaevard,cebu city boulevard
  3. I gave up also, the nearest I can figure out is that here in Cebu they speak visayan some tagalog throw in the Spanish and if they don't know the exact word they throw in English or just say kuhan,like I am supposed to know what that means. the best of luck to anyone who tries to work out what they are saying.
  4. I have no words that would comfort the both of you,other than to say we all feel your pain ,this forum is more than just a vessel for information it is in my opinion a family of like minded members who do there best to help fellow members and offer friendship that many of us may not have otherwise. god bless you both.
  5. Here in Cebu while walking around I have yet to see a trash can,people just throw there garbage, soda cans, plastic bags, discarded food wherever they want. Me and my wife carry our trash home with us and place it in our own bin .
  6. Trying to deal with the governments different departments and all the requirements [mountains of paperwork] and no logic to most of it. It appears that one dept does not know the other depts requirements are ,so you end up running around like a chook with no head,going from one to the other and back again to where you started . Frustrating to say the least.
  7. Its the only time I have seen osmena bvld that quiet ,I walked there this morning and people were already taking there seats mainly in front of the large t/v screens ,I guess I will just stay home.
  8. If someone said to me 10yrs ago I would be living in the Philippines ,I would have said you are out of your mind. I first came here in the late 60s on r+r,since that time I have been here 4-5 times and gradually coming to really like the people and the country .My wife was born in Cebu,but lived most of her life in AUZ . After witnessing the decline of my home country and the high cost of living and realising that my pension at home would not be sufficient to live a decent lifestyle ,we decided to move to Cebu ,its a decision I have not regretted .
  9. I think in php but always do rough calculation back to $au as Dave posted you need to keep an eye on your home countries currency otherwise you can blow your budget.
  10. I have lived in many countries all around the world,but without a doubt the Philippines has to be the noisiest country ever. :1 (103):
  11. Spot on Ron ,its the same in Cebu only the traffic moves a bit faster.
  12. IHMO come with your eyes wide open ,the phils aint for everyone .It suits me just fine much better than my home country ,sure it has its downs but for me its a small price to pay to be the happiest I have been since I cant remember when. I don't feel you will have much trouble finding a decent lady to have a lasting relationship with.cheers,
  13. I had been told many years ago that booze was invented so the Irish could not rule the world. As for the Auzzi accent I feel we invented our own slang so we would not sound like poms,no offence to our u/k members. :emostrongbow:
  14. Welcome to the forum Grace,there are many Christian fellowships in Cebu,I am sure you will be able to find what you are seeking.
  15. Mike take a look at Mr A, in Cebu its not too over the top outside tables have a nice view of Cebu ,food was pretty good ,its on the way to Busay past city lights and marco polo .
  16. I am back home here in oz ,came back for some medical work to be done after a heart attack back in January . Australia is not my home anymore,sure there is family and friends and things seem familiar but that's about it,the place just does not feel friendly ,people walk past with no eye contact no smiles or greeting of any kind . I just want to get back to my life in Cebu,I don't feel the need to return to Australia again.
  17. All of the previous posts I agree with, for me I love living in Cebu the traffic does not worry me I don't have to be anywhere at a specific time so I just go with the flow and enjoy my lifestyle . I am back home in AUZ at the moment having some medical check ups after a heart attack earlier this year,from the reports so far Cebu doctors hospital did an excellent job of stenting some arteries although the costs where outlandish .I cant wait to get back to Cebu and resume my life.
  18. I live and also ride in Cebu . I fully understand that my exit visa is a coffin . I have been riding bikes most of my life even as a small child,I have raced club level superbikes in my home country ,I use the bike most days mainly in the city and find it the best way to get around ,initially I followed the driving rules of my home country but found it was just as slow as a car so I just followed local riders weaving in and out of traffic,lane splitting ,they do anything they can to get ahead including riding the sidewalk ,it don't matter if the lights wont work or the tyres are bald the horn is the most important thing that must work. I have learnt to swivel my neck in both directions ,riding to the left of the centre of the road giving me a little more time to take evasive action knowing full well that that jeepny ,taxi ,car,pedestian is going to pull out in front of me without any kind of warning. I know my time will come to be involved in a wreck, of this I have no illusions ,you just can count on the idiot factor. I really enjoy the challenge of riding here .Also I never been stopped at a check point ,I slow down and they take one look at me and wave me on. Take care if you decide to ride its a whole new experience.
  19. Philippine red cross would be happy to take western volunteers ,there main office in Cebu is in Osmena blvd .cheers
  20. Sounds very cheap ,if its for real it would be a great buy ,as stated above just take it easy try and do without some of your appliances or introduce each appliance 1 at a time and let the gen set normalize . best of luck.
  21. When I told the folks at home I was moving to the Philippines ,many said are you nuts,why there. A few have been over and stayed with us,they don't think I am quite as nuts after enjoying there time here.
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