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  1. Is this where the plug comes? perhaps yes :) let's hope so. anyway, many thanks to all who responded here, this forum is really rocking, i've never hoped to get so many answers :)
  2. Then you perhaps better apply for ABROAD jobs handled through Internet :) handled as OWN BUSINESS. That's seen as "export" and are allowed to be own 100 % by foreigner in different from almost all other types of businesses. Such need permits too, but has much biger chance to get OK from permit deciders, and much biger chance to give more than Filipino pay :) In some such outsoursing compamies it can be an ADVANTAGE to be foreigner to get employment, and be comparingly good pay, but normaly they want foreigners with English as father's language. Wow, thanks, also thought of that, would that also require the same AEP permit issued by DOLE? So as a conclusion: PH market labor is strictly controlled by laws in such a way that 99% of times the country grows in sustainability and reduces local unemployment rate. That's why, there are lots of head bangs to the work permit wall. Of course being your own boss in PH looks excellent, there are lots of foreigners doing this (web admin stuff, etc), but do i need those 5 filipino associates? Or am i considered a freelancer paying taxes, and most important "not stealing any filipino targeted jobs"? Because i think that is what it's all about. I was thinking, compared for ex to Thailand were you are forced to leave the country every few months (not sure if i am 100% right here), the Philippines suck your money away by extending your visa as long as you have the money to support yourself, it is a national interest that foreigners only get the chance to spend money in PH, not producing money on poor filipino backs. (well, under special conditions, but high risks come too) Actually i know web administration because i've been web admin in the past for over 4 years.
  3. to sum up an answer to your questions: we don't like Romania (it's turning into a corporate jungle of brainless monkeys running for money), and of course the materialistic view of European life where you need to work your life through just to add more junk and possessions. We have a cosy life in Romania, but after our last vacation in Indonesia, we've realized that life is simply rewarding for those who search for it. Happiness does not mean lots of money, houses, cars. We want another approach in life. Of course the irony that we citizens of "wealthy" nations want to live among poor people, while exactly those poor people dream to have our western lifestyles. I think my wife will like it. I know the sweat and the seeming impossible to breathe air, i know the mosquitos, i know the garbage lying around next to skyscrapers, i know that people might look at us like foreigners and show us a cold back, but if we manage to live on our restricted budget and extend visa every time, it should not mean one day we'll be denied a visa extension right? I am currently working in IT Support (wich is excellent payed here) but i saw on many sites hundreds of related jobs. It was nowhere written that Non-PH citizens can't apply. Does it mean that i, as a tourist, am not allowed to go on a job hunt to go to interviews and hope for the best?
  4. Hi tiger31, thanks for your quick response! Regarding the quoted text, i know the risks of working without a permit: fine and possible jail, also deportation. But i was wondering if i could get legally employed, are there cases where employers (such as multinational corporations, so non-PH companies) would arrange work visa for me? Until then, perhaps giving private lessons to students might do the trick? If it's low profile, and it's not like a real job, is it still considered risky to do that?
  5. Hi everyone on PH-Expats. This is my first post :lol: I am a new member, my real name is Otto (i'm German) My wife is Romanian and we have an infant boy. We currently live in Romania. I stumbled on this forum while google-ing around infos regarding cost of living in the Philippines, especially Cebu Area. So i wonder, for a non-PH family with 3 members what would be the ideal monthly income there in order to have/sustain the following: - furnished apartment (small house) in a safe area, with two bedrooms (mosquito safe), kitchen and a small courtyard - a second hand car or a new cheaper car around 7000 $ (gasoline costs, ensurance costs - if really mandatory) - electricity bill for AC - lots of water - fresh food from market - possible cleaning lady helping us in the house, but not necessarily living with us (clean once a week) - medical&dental insurance for the whole family I will not have a job there from outside PH, but i think chances to get legally employed are higher on the spot there than they are applying from Europe. Am i correct? I am thinking about starting with a budget of around 5000 USD to cover us for 4-5 months (also paying for visa extensions every 2 months) Every month i can have a 99% guaranteed income of around 1200 USD, so i think that should cover all costs mentioned before? Any input will be highly appreciated! If we manage to get to PH and for those pointing good insights i will buy drinks if we meet there :dance: Thanks! :541: Otto
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