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  1. For both the 13a and my original tourist were / expired but my 13a application was in process. Despite being "terrified of the unknown nonsense" here I was told over and over again that as long as it's in process not to worry. There wasn't an issue in Intramuros just don't lose anything.
  2. Just my take on this as I have worked here for many years as an expat. Your travel agent is going to send a staffer to pretty much do what you see folks are doing here, going in standing in line, filling out forms, paying fees and that's about it. It's a convenience service/fee. Just want to advise you to be choosy as my company and myself (As I helped with the legal issues) had experiences with multiple agencies that price gouged. (I think they tacked on about 8K PHP to tourist extensions.) or even worse, the decided to skip going to to BOI and added the stamps on themselves. (i.e, fraud) which caused some major headaches and issues for our teams trying get it cleared up with the already disorganized government departments. Not trying to scare you just saying that you would save a ton of money on your own doing it unless you require the convenience and to be safe! Take care.
  3. Ok thanks. Seems like a wasted trip then if that's the case. When doing it at the airport I suppose it's simply telling them you plan to return and showing the passport and filling out a form?
  4. Anyone recommend doing it at the airport or going to BI to do it? (ECC-B) I will leave in about 3 months and they have said over the phone no issues can do it at the airport without all the hassles and such but I am not so sure lol. I would probably do it at an extension office in Taguig if I chose to get it ahead of time. How long is the valid once it is accomplished again?
  5. Hi there any updated tips for booking flights as of today? Going to be doing this soon. Or anything specifically that might relate to leaving the country I should worry about :) Thanks!
  6. Just got to make sure you bring enough money to the airport for all the "send-off rip-offs" :)
  7. Can't really complain here you guys are all over it and with this form there is **no** chance I should be unprepared to leave :) Anyway appreciate all the insights and thought.
  8. Let's hope they also clean up Intramuros right under Morente's office as they are scamming just anyone and everyone that comes in depending on how much they figure they can get out of them.
  9. Thanks Dave. We are only aware at this point of the one everyone mentioned on here for the trafficking safeguard however will be looking at it all to make sure so we don't get told to pound it at the airport for some nonsense I was too dumb to factor in :) Thanks!
  10. Thanks folks. Lots of great tips. Yes we already are aware and working on the seminar (as it will be required.) and such and will look at the flights though we already have budget allotted for that. Will be checking things out but just wanted to get a lay of the land before I start my research and you guys did that. It's really appreciated!
  11. Hi there. I know in some of my threads I discussed this but it does indeed look like I will be going to Canada for a few months in a few months. I know things can change but I want to get a solid idea of what I need to accomplish to ensure that both my wife and I don't end up blowing money due to missing nonsense and such. As of today I know I need: 1. ECC-B - I believe can do this 30 days or so before the flight and at the airport or an office that supports doing that. 1.(a) Travel Declaration Form travel declaration.pdf (philippineairlines.com) 2. Onehealthpass - Hopefully this might not be a requirement in a few months, but what is involved with this just hit up the website and make an appointment? I think I read some posts where people got rejected for this. 2.(a) Covid test. As of April 1st, Canada won't need this requirement. 3. Travel Tax- I assume will have to have this ready for myself and my wife. 4. Proof of vaccination - Currently we have the local government's card they provided us. Their database has us on their for first dose but due to logistics issues and we have escalated for months, still no update on that. (For the vaxcert.ph website.) The barangay that we did both our doses at does not have a QR code sit was highly recommended to make sure and we will do that as soon as possible. Any thoughts on this. https://vaxcert.doh.gov.ph/. 4.(a) Travel Insurance - I am reading on some websites that proof of travel insurance might be required. I will have this but was just wondering if this is a requirement to actually leave the Philippines since I will be covered by provincial insurance once landing in Canada. 5. Flights. Book now or later? I will start researching. I will have 1 luggage each and perhaps an extra bag so any airline thoughts would be appreciated. I suppose it's better to book the extra weight/bags ahead of time. How much extra should I look to pay for a "flexible" flight with minimal charges? At this point everything seems solid but it's my wife's first trip to Canada so we are being very cautious. 6. Anything else you guys can think of? I am not 100% sure exactly how long we will be gone but for at least 3-4 months but the plan is come back. I will maintain a residential address in the Philippines while I am gone. Just want to avoid any big issues. Thanks and more could come up based on your feedback. Thanks a lot :)
  12. I wouldn't say it's "waste of paper" though it needs to be backed up. If it was a waste of paper I would never have been able to get married lol. The right diplomacy / politics go a long way here even if it's really nonsense/insanity....
  13. Please take note of this experience because mine was similar as the document I was given from the embassy was rejected by two judges/courts simply because of the wording and it wasn't the "exact" one they were expecting. The third court/judge finally accepted it when I showed them email trail from my embassy telling me that was the "ONLY" document that would be coming or available so I was able to get married.' This was very frustrating when it all went down since we were doing everything the right way. Folks will need to be assertive and make sure that they won't have issues so this is a great thread to plan ahead for that scenario.
  14. Well said and I believe all of that to be the case and each and every "scenario' is afflicted with the general "more fun in the Philippines" nonsense and randomness that mean it could go smooth, could not go smooth, or no go at all :) Just the thought of how some folks might have had their "papers" put in the wrong pile during the correspondence and lack of technology is enough to make me shed a tear for some of the stories that might exist. Anyway take care and hope all works out for you!
  15. Hi there. I would say whatever is closest to yourself with a "sprinkling" of avoiding the main Intramuros one simply because unlike some of the satellite offices it's not a "pleasant, modern" building. It's pretty drastic to compare it to say, BOI Extension office in SM Aura. Just make sure that if you intend to do something outside of the norm to make sure wherever you go handles that sort of request as some of the offices don't accommodate certain transaction types. extension immigration office boi philippines - Google Search
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