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  1. Thanks. Thing is I need to leave soon. It's a critical situation. So I don't have the ability to do it before that :( We tried to call. It's too bad I don't have a "friend" in there lol..
  2. I am currently temporary so on the first portion of the 13a but now have to travel back to Canada to be there for my mom. It's activated and fine but I might not be here to process the conversion to permanent and we called today to see if we could expedite or start it now, but they said not for another 3-4 months. I have no clue yet how long I will be in Canada.
  3. Hi there. Just had some things come up so wanted to run it by you smart fellers :) My mother is sick in Canada and I will need to return to Canada for at least a few months not sure exactly when but my 13a will expire in January and they said they need 2 months at least to process of I will have to start over. Yuck. Oh well. Next up is the Travel Pass. I am reading conflicting information on that you need one with 13a but not if you have ECC. I called and found out that you can get ECC at airport with 13a but am worried if I don't end up securing a travel pass might be denied b
  4. Woops lost access to the forum for a bit and actually forgot about it LOL. Glad to see you guys helping people from this thread. I will post some stuff later as will at some point try to do the permanent one and I am sure that might bring along it's own nonsense :)
  5. They put a liquor ban back into QC for some reason. I mean I can understand perhaps restos and bars but wouldn't it be a good thing if i stayed him always getting drunk :) ?
  6. Yeah just like lots of things, the "rules" depend on who you talk speak with lol. I bet the answer might have been different with an extra 2K included in your details :)
  7. I second this my friend here just recently got 6 months also. I am not 100% sure which office it was at. Chances are it was a mistake or someone just not trained properly or corruption...
  8. Applied: October 31st, 2020 Approved on BOI Website: January 14th, 2021 Implemented: March 9th, 2021 (Could have been sooner, but needed to wait for online appointment) ------------------------------------------------- Hi there :) I wanted to create an update to a thread I started in October when I applied for the 13A with my experiences, with what has transpired since and the news is great as I was successfully implemented this morning! I wanted to simply go over the particulars just in case it might help some folks with their own applications or interactions s
  9. Just sucks you were sorta "dumbed" out of your BB stamp but then again I guess it's better that they let you in lol. That's insane that they wouldn't have this sort of thing as a priority to make sure their staff is up to date as some of this stuff is big time life impacting. Oh well it's the Philippines and welcome back :)
  10. Sounds expectantly ridiculous. I guess in the province you can't check the status yourself have to wait for them? Geez, because of their delay you had to do all that extra. Feel for you. Was told on the phone (Oh oh) that if your 13A is approved before the expiry date of the current visa whatever it is then you are good but yeah if it's going to be not be approved before then you will need to do the 1-2 month extension. Solid chance you will get called and approved like 2 days after you dump some PHP into the extension. So much fun.
  11. Hi there. Well one thing to think about is that my current visa is and was valid on the date of the approval of the 13A. If your visa will be set to expire before you secure an approval; I think it's a different ball game and you would need to secure an extension of that tourist visa unfortunately.
  12. Thanks. Another bit of advice for everyone who is applying or waiting. Book your online appointments ASAP even if you don't know yet. I am going to end up probably going in with an expired Balikbayan visa despite being "approved" in January for the 13a conversion. Although we have been told it's fine on the phone and whatever; it's still a risk/uncertainty based on how things go here. So book ahead so that you don't end up with that anxiety like myself lol..
  13. Kinda struck out so far with email. Got a note back telling to call the general extension where I had originally gotten the feedback/information from in the first place. (And this was summaried in my note lol) Oh well. Will ponder it over the next few days as to if I will go about your other suggestion. Appreciate the tips/ thoughts though Thanks!
  14. Thanks email's a good option and I like how you think :) Crazy as they have a gmail email account for their help support emai LMAO...
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