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  1. Wow this topic blew up :) It's just too bad that doing a "visa run" at this point is a massive effort and hassle with the quarantine and test requirement I bet someone high up is making some good cash on royalties from this "government quarantine hotels" lol :) Oh well hopefully my 13A will be approved and this won't be an issue for me at least.
  2. No doubt thanks. Hopefully my 13A will be approved by then anyway. Didn't see anything related on their facebook page yet either; unless it's buried in the mess of the other nonsense :) Appreciate the interaction. Take care.
  3. Not a lot of specifics but I guess this is good? The immigration website as usual is broken so some initial thoughts 1. Does this mean the Balikbayan stamp is back? It said regardless of who you are travelling with so can it just be the spouse? No stamp then I would assume? 2. If #1 is indeed back, then how would you even get on a plane since most of these airlines won't be updated so without an actual "visa" you would be denied at the airport of departure lol. Marriage cert, older bb visa ? https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1365467/welcome-back-filipinos-foreign-spouses
  4. Indeed. I did do just that. Having said that this sort of thing is one of the many reasons the country "is where it is" politically and why it has such a hard time moving forward in a lot of ways. Complacency and fear of what could happen to you, your family, whatever. Sigh but I guess it is what it is for now anyway.
  5. Yes thank you so much. I am wondering what fun and games await in the next visit. LOL. I wanted to take pictures, and bring it to the media, however my wife was scared if I did that sort of thing I might have some motorcycles follow me home... It was loud and cramped and we had those mask/shield contraptions on our heads which made it even more desirable to GTFOOT :) I am not even sure how to handle that but I do have a contact at Rappler. We shall see....
  6. Yes definitely at Intramuros BOI I called them fixers but I as noted they could have been travel agents. I guess the major difference is they just "legally" rip foreigners off, lol. Well sometmes :) But 100% took longer since they had multiple transactions going on and it seemed like at least when I was in Biometrics, one of them "knew" the guy at the window as he was able to go past me and a few other regular customers and delayed everyone haha.
  7. C Thanks will do. It's happening to all my posts after a certain time frame. Perhaps it has something to do with my access level. I sent a note to see what can be done.
  8. Couple of things maybe you guys can help me out with. I noticed that after a few hours, I am unable to edit this post to include more details, for instance the Onlymyway indication that the fixers might be travel agents. I was able to edit for a while but now it doesn't seem like I can. Anyway around this? I would like to keep that first post set up so I can keep adding to it and including new informations versus just responding with new posts, etc. Secondly are you folks currently getting a The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator. when you try to
  9. I was surprised as well. In covid times at least if you live around Manila, not much options. I actually inquired since it was difficult to get an appointment but all of the sites would require you to go through Manila pretty much; at least partially. We used the lady near the restos for some copies later and it was fine. But I read on another blog about someone who had to pay 450 PHP to duplicate their passport; so the assumption is that it was with one of notary services nearby since I saw those options when I was there. I really hope to hear from others and their stories after as
  10. I was really sad and kind of surprised to experience that I did yesterday. But in retrospect with the government and political situation here currently, perhaps I should not have been so much. How can there really be no "whiffs of corruption" when there's obviously corruption all the way up the food chain?
  11. Thanks. Just can really feel how it is to kind of end up "floundering" so I want to help people avoid that. And I don't know or think for sure I am out of the woods just yet. Need to get it approved and stuff and who knows what shenanigan's is to come haha :) I am sure that a lot of the fixers there would have been happy to be appointed as my "lawyer" :)
  12. Hi there. The purpose of this post is to give anyone reading an insightful, hands-on/modern experience on what to expect when they visit BOI, Main Office in Intramuros, Magellanes Dr for obtaining a 13A Marriage Visa. I will not go over the 13A Visa process but just focus on the experience and thoughts on what to expect and to help those trying or looking to apply. Appointment - We arrived at the big, old building about an hour before our scheduled interview time. (Interview is secured online, 3 working days before you want to go, but you have to be fast and book it within the first
  13. I will post in a separate thread on my experiences there yesterday :) Let me tell you even the small 3-4 hours I was there, the corruption is still very much alive and well and kind of "accepted" at least for now. I do agree with you though. Not only that, but who knows with extortion attempts and whatever. So yes, don't do it though in some cases they make it hard to avoid it.
  14. Highly unlikely he could do this "legit' or without a fix. If you have been to Intramuros lately, who knows there are a tot of fixers outside and some shady BI characters, LOL.
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