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  1. yup i think i will go for the worldremit option, the site gives the choice when in sending to show in gbp or peso, so i cud say i will send 10,000 peso it will then show how much that is in gbp including the sending charge, i will then be able to see if this is a better option than BDO ATM`s, i also send through debit card option Bob ! If you a permanent in Phils you should open a local bank account and then transfer the money to the account, rather than one of those public places. only here on vacation so will not be able to open a bank account, going forward i think the best option will be to send my fiancee my " spending money through worldremit, pay the 1 off service charge and can just withdraw my money as i need it throught her bank account, providing she doesnt do a runner hehe !! xoom not available in UK well wasnt the last time i checked, used to use it before then it changed its policy,
  2. thx for your reply. i withdraw 10,000 at a time as thats all my bank in the UK allows within a 24hour period, i guess that answers q1 also, i will try other banks here, another option what i`ve just thought of, would be to do a money xfer to myself would that work ? say through worldremit, im sure they only charge 2.99gbp for money xfers, use them when helping out my other half, can pick up at either MLullier or Cebuano but do they charge anything at there end ? and hows the rates ? thxx again for your reply Pittman !
  3. Howdi all, i was just wondering after checking my bank online, i`ve been withdrawing from BDO in manila & here in Mindanao, now i know the exhange rates do vary slightly but in Manila i withdrew 10,000 peso with a charge of 200 peso, i notice from my bank account i was deducted -155 gbp, 2nd time i withdrew 10,000 was -157 gbp, but here in Mindanao when i withdrew 10,000 it shows -160gbp now were talking 5 quid here of a difference, the exchange rate cant drop by that much, the BDO ATM here in Mindanao also charges 200 peso. any ideas or am i missing something here ?? oh and whats the best least cost effective method for me to get my money without these charges ? and for the record my bank charges for for each withdrawal also = 1.50 gbp so im getting charged 4.50 gbp EACH time i withdraw MY money, mutlitply that by 10 it soon adds up :( im thinking now maybe the BDO in Manila failed to charge me the 200 peso charge..
  4. pretty mild here in Mindanao, i like hot hot and sunshine ! big difference between say Manila and here.. think its because were situated near the mountains it keeps cool, although the sun has got his hat on today yeaheeee ! i read the sun online daily ( newspaper ) says they expect it to get -15 in the next few days yikes !! need to start sending texts to my m8`s back home hehehe :tiphat:
  5. I`ll be shopping around a few malls to see the difference in price hikes, i have only checked Guisano Mall so far !
  6. lol crazy Bob, now that you mention it, when we received the parcel i had sent it was stamped dec7th or so, so it did get to Manila in a few weeks, it was just lost there prob in some warehouse !!
  7. there is a lot of them at the top of Ramos street, actually caught 1 of them trying to slip there hand into my pocket on 1 occasion, there was about 10 of them round me, also there was 1 woman i used to help out there, she used to sit around a bus shelter with 2 kids about 3 & 4 years of age and she was carrying a new born, i learnt not to give money so i used to buy them some grub, got a bit much when they started following me to wherever i was going ..
  8. 500+ now here in Mindanao for 200 cigs malboro, was 330 last visit, but still a hell of a lot cheaper than in UK, 500 pesos would buy 20 in the UK lol was at the fiancee`s familys farm yesterday, 100 peso now for big bottle of devil juice - TANDUAY , i buy it for them but have a couple of glasses to be sociable.. :cheersty:
  9. ah never knew that, learn something new everyday eh ! and was referring to the tiger air promo ticket if it matters :P
  10. Hi there, in 2010 i sent my fiancee some xmas presents from UK, i knew it would take a few weeks to arrive so i posted the parcel mid-nov, once xmas had passed i called my local post office and put in my claim as the items were insured, i provided receipts etc to show the value of the items, they then carried out there own investigation, after few days they contacted me to inform me that my parcel was confiscated in Manila due to me sending jewellery or was it perfume, cant rmbr im sure i got 2 contradicting explanations thats why im maybe a little mixed up with what they deemed " on the ban list " so my claim was unsuccessful, i then went to visit my fiancee on feb 11 - april 11, it was around march 2011 my fiancee got a call from her parents ( the address i shipped my parcel to ) to inform her that there was something for her to pick up at her local post office, so we jumped on a trike, gave them the paper to pick up the item, and low and behold there was my parcel i sent her 4months earlier with all the items and the box was unopened, so to answer your Q, anythings possible with the postal service here in phills !!
  11. Bulad is the name in Bisaya, i think it was last year my fiancee and there sister cooked it, i ran out the apartment not to re-enter until every door window was open hehehe now i know us Scots eat something that most would find disgusting ( haggis ) but at least it dont smell someones cooking a zombie :P
  12. I suppose you can get "UV light therapy" by the SUN more often in Phils than in the UK :dance: I know many with psoriasis goes to Spain and such countries to lay in the sun for treatment. Exactly, but not when i was in pollution city that is Manila, im here now in Mindanao but not much sun since i arrived yesterday hehee,,
  13. im in Ozamiz city, maybe 3-4 hours from Cagayan on a bus, her family lives on a farm in the mountains, air is so cool and fresh and the views are stunning, they grow corn, coconuts (who doesnt ), limes and chillis, my fiancee and her sister have moved into a nice secure village in Ozamiz so they can have there own space etc, handy for my visits !! :tiphat:
  14. nor i Mark, mines is totally under control in uk, just few days in manila then its back with a bang, can only think of the pollution as the main cause, once mines does flare up its a sturborn strain ( so my doc says ) normally i go for UV light therapy treatment few times a week and its gone for 6mths or so.. anyways got my hands on some Dermovate ointment, like you says 5grams tube for 295 pesos, luckily my bodys not covered or it would last 1 night lol, got this from mercury drug store incase anyones interested..
  15. just check the baggage allowance though, prob 1 kilo and $20 per kilo :hystery:
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