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  1. Hope it works out for you. I set up Transferwise, but they havent debited my CU account yet. They said by the next day, but I guess it might take longer the first time.
  2. JeSsDaDdY

    Compare TransferWise versus World Remit

    Has anyone that uses World Remit done so with US ACH? If so, do you know if you can set it up without a US address? Thanks
  3. Oh, BTW, joining ACA is instant with a credit card.
  4. I hope this is in the right forum. If you're looking to open a US bank account while living in the Philippines, you may want to check out State Department Federal Credit Union. They are pretty easy to deal with and opening an account with your Philippines address is relatively straight forward. To join the credit union, you will need to be a member of an affiliated organization. You can sign up with American Citizens Abroad for $70 per year ($55 for seniors). There are other organizations that may or may not be cheaper to join, but I used ACA and can confirm that it works. The application is all online and is pretty straightforward. Just enter your details, upload some valid IDs and proof of residence. On the website, it says to expect a decision in three business days (but it takes closer to 10 days in total.) I think they do a hard Experian pull for new accounts but cant confirm that just yet. I just received my first direct deposit in the account and am now testing Transferwise with it to move a few bucks to the Phils. Again, this was all done without any U.S. address whatsoever. I dont think you really need to keep the ACA account after signing up, but the $70 investment was worth it to me to open a new U.S. account. I closed my other accounts there many years ago and have been searching for a way to open new accounts since. SDFCU offers debit cards (havent received it yet) and credit cards. Even allows for home and auto loans overseas. Best part though is that it is a true U.S account, which means no FACTA. Your mileage may vary, but so far they seem like an excellent option. Anyone else using SDFCU?
  5. JeSsDaDdY

    Diabetes Test Kits

    yeah, 5.2 is fine.. pretty darn good, actually. I wish I could keep mine that low.. :)
  6. JeSsDaDdY

    Diabetes Test Kits

    I should have added that they will do the test for you there at TGP.
  7. JeSsDaDdY

    Diabetes Test Kits

    Go to any TGP (The Generics Pharmacy) and diabetes glucose tests only cost P30. Strips are expensive here but the test kits are relatively cheap. I order mine from a chinese company on Lazada and save a fortune. I have scoured Amazon quite a few times and they are still 2x to 3x more expensive than what you can find on Ali Express or Lazada. Just curious, what was the result of the diabetes test? Hope it wasn't too high.
  8. JeSsDaDdY


    No it was closer to 2 months. The "Payment Confirmed" date for ShippingCart was July 29.
  9. JeSsDaDdY


    Okay, another update. My first sea-freight package finally arrived today. So, it was only 2 weeks late (original delivery date was scheduled for September 11.) As some of you may know, I ordered a lot of canned goods, and most arrived intact. Some were kind of beat up due to poor packing, but overall they're in not too bad of shape. Everything was there, though. So, that's something. Overall, I would give the whole experience 3/5 or about a 60% rating. Still, not a bad service if you don't mind waiting for a while.
  10. Yeah, Pure VPN is a bit cheaper for sure. So, unless you use it regularly, Express VPN is probably not an ideal solution as it is kind of spendy. But, with the ways I use it, it really saves me a lot in the end.
  11. Wow lot of difference the VPN can make I see. I am using Express VPN, and my test to that same LA server shows a pretty big difference vs Pure VPN. I am using the same type of PLDT 50mbps FIbr connection Los Angeles, CA with Express VPN .
  12. JeSsDaDdY


    Oh, I will agree their responses to inquiries have been stellar. They can talk really good and don't mind writing a book when doing it. That's for sure. Still, over promise and under deliver seems to be par for the course with them (at least for shipments outside the NCR area.) I know OMW likes their service so far, and I am not trying to minimize that at all. Just saying that my experience hasn't been as pleasant or satisfying. Overall, though, I think they're probably a pretty decent company just trying to do the best they can. Probably better if the revise their estimated delivery date system though. Better to deliver sooner than expected that to be late a lot.
  13. JeSsDaDdY


    haha. he might not like that too much. Hard core Mormon. Won't even drink coffee or dark soda. Beer? Never. Good people, though. I will tell just the same. He'll probably laugh.
  14. JeSsDaDdY


    Yeah, I know. MY brother in law works at the port in Davao, though. He said that even with the typhoon, container ships were only being delayed by a day or two. So, who knows. Anyway, I think for the provinces, balikbayan boxes are still the best way to go. For the amount I shipped, about the same money and mine get here faster than these two shipments are obviously taking. Live and learn. I might use them for air freight sometimes, but I am not sure if I will use them for sea freight again.
  15. JeSsDaDdY


    Hi OMW.. I chatted with them again today. They cant even tell me where my first package is. Only that it has been forwarded to a delivery team. But that's the same thing they said 10 days ago. So, I dont know. They said they would contact me again tomorrow with more information. So, we'll see what they say. I dont know.