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  1. Well, it's that time of year again. Time to start getting ready to file if you haven't already. If you're from the U.S, how are the new tax laws affecting you as an expat? The new system is a little weird for us old-timers who are used to being able to claim individual exemptions for our dependents. Now, it's just one big exemption, instead of several smaller ones. For us, worked out about the same, but for some it will not be so I suppose. Filed a couple of weeks ago. Used TaxAct for the first time and was really happy with it. For my situation, it was a lot cheaper than TurboTax (what I used in the past) and seemed to be easier to use (to me anyway.) It won't be much but even getting a small refund this year. First time in many years that's happened. lol. So, how about you? Filed? Getting ready? Putting it off for as long as possible? Or, just forget about it? One way or another, Uncle Sam will get his!
  2. it happens sometimes to me with Express VPN. Just contact their support and let em know. or try another vpn server location. I can usually always access Netflix US with the 2nd or 3rd try. Express is pretty good about rotating servers and IPs, so blocking usually does not last long.
  3. More fish in the sea... More fish in the sea. Especially in this part of the world.
  4. This! Express VPN is the best. Not the cheapest, for sure. But the best.
  5. Netflix Philippines is P460 per month (or at least the plan we use.) You need a credit card. But, you can use a virtual card like PayMaya. Just download the app on your phone. Most banks here in the Philippines will allow you to send "load" to a PayMaya account through their online banking apps. So... 1.) Download and install PayMaya on your phone (gives you a credit card number to use) 2.) Log in to your online banking app and send money to your PayMaya account (your telephone number) 3.) Go to Netflix and sign up using the PayMaya credit card. Easy Peasy. PayMaya works great everywhere - even on Amazon.
  6. Really? Nobody owns a good dashcam they can recommend? I thought there would be more than a few. But, I guess not. Oh well, back to my research..
  7. Yeah I guess that's a possibility. But, most of the rear cams are hidden underneath the chassis or blend in well with the license plate. So, I don't "think" it will be much of an issue. A potential thief wouldn't be able to get at it at my home. But, when out and about might be possible. I guess could spot weld the cam bolts or something. But, I am not too overly worried about it where I am. Of course, having said that, it might get stolen the very first day I have it. lol
  8. Hi. I recently got a new pickup truck and am now shopping for a good Dashcam. I have discovered that there are a gazillion models available here and on Amazon. As a result, kind of in dashcam data overload mode. Too much info. So, I am looking for some personal suggestions from the experts here. I am open to any and all brands, models and price ranges. I do, however, want a few specific features, which include: 1.) Front and rear cam (rear cam waterproof or as water resistant as possible). 2.) Good HD video quality. 3.) Backup camera and sensors. 4.) Parking mode protection would be good but not essential. 5.) G-Sensor (or G-Shock or whatever the seller calls it) - The feature that automatically locks footage on an impact. 6.) Compatibility with large SD cards. 7.) Automatic overwriting. I am not sure if I want one of the rear-view mirror type units or a standalone camera product that fits under or near the rear-view mirror. Any suggestions or thoughts you could share would be much appreciated. I guess I should also say that the rear cam has to be mounted outside the vehicle, as the dealer installed some pretty dark tint for the rear window (thus I dont think the rear cam will display too much at night). Again, any ideas or suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. If allowed, links to Lazada or Amazon pages also appreciated (again, only if allowed here, though.) Thanks a bunch!
  9. We buy 70/30 Novolin direct from doctor for about $10 (P550) for 10ml vial. If have to buy from Mercury Drug pharmacy, we pay about $15 (P750) per vial. Need prescription for Mercury Drug sometimes, most of the time not though.
  10. Oh that's great. Glad to hear it went well for you. Let us know what you think after you start using the account some.
  11. Let us know how it goes and how long it takes for them to open the account. Like I said, mine took a while. I just sent in the app for my daughter's account, so we will see what happens with that.
  12. Just make sure to upload everything when you apply. If not, they might come asking for more. I uploaded passport, ss card, phils DL and proof of billing address. that's it.
  13. Seems pretty easy to open minor accounts. Just fill in their info, put yourself as joint applicant, and then both need to sign (or print or whatever). They will even give a debit card with the kids accounts and have a provision for turnover when they become of age. Interest is not much, but its something at least.
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