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  1. I use Transferwise and continue to compare them to other services regularly. Transferwise (after all is said and done) always winds up delivering the largest in-Peso deposits at the best rates. Also, these days, 99% of my transfers are appearing in my PH bank accounts within 24 hours. So, there's that as well.
  2. Greasy bread with ketchup is how I would describe Greenwich's pizza. Of course, that's just my opinion based on only 2 or 3 experiences. But, for me, that's more than enough.
  3. Yeah, I am sure you're probably right. Even here, long relationships have their benefits.
  4. No, I am not a citizen here in the Phils. I was born here, but am an American citizen. American father/ Filipino Mother. I guess I could obtain Filipino citizenship easily enough, but I have never found any real need to do so. For what it's worth, both banks are aware of my citizenship status, and I have to complete all the disclosure forms for the U.S. IRS just the same as any other American citizen banking here. My wife is also Filipina, so I have permanent residency based upon that. You may be right that a permanent visa helps with getting accounts of this type. I have not thought about that in so long, though, that I really just don't know.
  5. I have a couple of Phils credit cards where I am the primary card holder (one RCBC and one BPI). Credit lines are relatively generous (all things considered) and the annual fees are not too bad (even free if you use the cards enough and just pay them off.) I keep them primarily for emergencies only, and if I do use them, they get paid off almost immediately. Interest rates for cards here are sky-high (about 3% of the outstanding balance per month.) Still, they can be useful in some situations where foreign cards don't always work with some of the smaller banks' terminal machines. I run into this at least a few times a year. Not sure why they don't work, but sometimes they just dont. For me applying was really easy, as I was just kind of pushed into both by the branch managers at the respective branches. In fact, all I had to do was essentially sign the app forms and the managers did the rest. I was told they would just get the other info from the forms they already had on file. That being said, though, I have been a customer of both banks for more than 20 years. So, that might help. Before I got the cards, I was never really interested in even applying (as the interest rate is indeed high.) Still, they have both come in handy on multiple occasions. So, if you can get one, it might not be a bad idea. If you have an existing relationship with a branch manager (or OIC as they are often called,) this is definitely the way to go about applying. From what I can gather, approval is almost guaranteed with his/her stamp of approval. Also, branches have quota pushes every so often. So, if you get approached by the branch OIC during one of these, the process should be really painless.
  6. Okay, so it's been about 9 months with the SDFCU account, and I have to say; it's been great. ACH deposits from my annuities and pension are painless and always credited to my account on time (and usually a day or so early). Moving money from the account to the Phils via Transferwise is really fast now and usually takes less than 24 hours (just have to time it right.) I have opened checking and savings accounts for the kids and also opened a couple of credit card accounts. I have even received pre-approval notices for personal loans and car loans that can be used here in the Philippines. I used the account to receive my modest income tax return this year and it was so easy and quick. I also received a check from someone in the US and used the remote deposit feature to deposit it with just an image directly into my account. Even with the remote deposit from here, clearing only took like 3 business days. So far, this account is turning out to be pretty sweet. Again, if you are in need of a US bank account, SDFCU is a really good option. Oh, and before I forget, customer service has been stellar.
  7. Well, it's that time of year again. Time to start getting ready to file if you haven't already. If you're from the U.S, how are the new tax laws affecting you as an expat? The new system is a little weird for us old-timers who are used to being able to claim individual exemptions for our dependents. Now, it's just one big exemption, instead of several smaller ones. For us, worked out about the same, but for some it will not be so I suppose. Filed a couple of weeks ago. Used TaxAct for the first time and was really happy with it. For my situation, it was a lot cheaper than TurboTax (what I used in the past) and seemed to be easier to use (to me anyway.) It won't be much but even getting a small refund this year. First time in many years that's happened. lol. So, how about you? Filed? Getting ready? Putting it off for as long as possible? Or, just forget about it? One way or another, Uncle Sam will get his!
  8. it happens sometimes to me with Express VPN. Just contact their support and let em know. or try another vpn server location. I can usually always access Netflix US with the 2nd or 3rd try. Express is pretty good about rotating servers and IPs, so blocking usually does not last long.
  9. More fish in the sea... More fish in the sea. Especially in this part of the world.
  10. This! Express VPN is the best. Not the cheapest, for sure. But the best.
  11. Netflix Philippines is P460 per month (or at least the plan we use.) You need a credit card. But, you can use a virtual card like PayMaya. Just download the app on your phone. Most banks here in the Philippines will allow you to send "load" to a PayMaya account through their online banking apps. So... 1.) Download and install PayMaya on your phone (gives you a credit card number to use) 2.) Log in to your online banking app and send money to your PayMaya account (your telephone number) 3.) Go to Netflix and sign up using the PayMaya credit card. Easy Peasy. PayMaya works great everywhere - even on Amazon.
  12. Really? Nobody owns a good dashcam they can recommend? I thought there would be more than a few. But, I guess not. Oh well, back to my research..
  13. Yeah I guess that's a possibility. But, most of the rear cams are hidden underneath the chassis or blend in well with the license plate. So, I don't "think" it will be much of an issue. A potential thief wouldn't be able to get at it at my home. But, when out and about might be possible. I guess could spot weld the cam bolts or something. But, I am not too overly worried about it where I am. Of course, having said that, it might get stolen the very first day I have it. lol
  14. Hi. I recently got a new pickup truck and am now shopping for a good Dashcam. I have discovered that there are a gazillion models available here and on Amazon. As a result, kind of in dashcam data overload mode. Too much info. So, I am looking for some personal suggestions from the experts here. I am open to any and all brands, models and price ranges. I do, however, want a few specific features, which include: 1.) Front and rear cam (rear cam waterproof or as water resistant as possible). 2.) Good HD video quality. 3.) Backup camera and sensors. 4.) Parking mode protection would be good but not essential. 5.) G-Sensor (or G-Shock or whatever the seller calls it) - The feature that automatically locks footage on an impact. 6.) Compatibility with large SD cards. 7.) Automatic overwriting. I am not sure if I want one of the rear-view mirror type units or a standalone camera product that fits under or near the rear-view mirror. Any suggestions or thoughts you could share would be much appreciated. I guess I should also say that the rear cam has to be mounted outside the vehicle, as the dealer installed some pretty dark tint for the rear window (thus I dont think the rear cam will display too much at night). Again, any ideas or suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. If allowed, links to Lazada or Amazon pages also appreciated (again, only if allowed here, though.) Thanks a bunch!
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