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  1. One would hope this would get some off their butts and get vaccinated. Recently in our State one must be vaccinated to enter some establishments.
  2. Me too...... My well educated and intelligent wife is absolutly convinced rain causes common cold and flu.
  3. Snowy, I seriously did not believe this to be a "real' news story I figured it was a parody of some sort. Well it is a parody but in real life.
  4. We've moved a fair amount back into Boeing stock. Spirit AreoSystems Holdings also looks great just now.
  5. How reliable are those figures? Not trying to start an argument just asking.
  6. Do Filipinos tend to be hypochondriacs or is my wife's family "special"?
  7. The mindless cronies of the thug in power presently have no clue. Did it ever occur to them they are spiking the ball on their own complicity in the many crimes of the regime? Filipinos want to be seen as more than a failed third world dictatorship. This is not a good look for Philippines.
  8. Sorry bout that Clermont. I got the link from Mikes post. https://www.onehealthpass.com.ph/
  9. Reading this will somewhat clarify the procedure. https://www.onehealthpass.com.ph/
  10. Ken, I'm sure you can find a condo or apartment that allows your dog. What's it's name? What area are you looking?
  11. Have you contacted the bank? My wife says if the account has been dormant for more than a year it may be forfeit. They have some "interesting" banking regulations. Good luck, hope you find a way.
  12. I'll be receiving my booster Tuesday. According to Washington State DOH all over age 18 should get a booster shot after six months of a two course inoculation. Or two months if J&J inoculation. The vaccine may be "mixed" you are not required to use the same type vaccine as your initial shots. Those that have been infected by covid should be vaccinated and get the booster.
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