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  1. LOL, the orange white ones are small but tasty. Also the black white striped one they both have that black dot "eye" on dorsal fin.
  2. Automated members message This topic is now locked awaiting the admins review. Once the topic has been reviewed it may reopen as is or to the admins discretion.
  3. Tom, I would be curious how the Cacao plants do. If ever we move to Philippines having a few coffee bean bushes would be interesting.
  4. I did not deleted the first one but deleted the second post. Shady, please copy text to topic post it's a simple rule and for a reason as in this case the article is not accessible to some forum members. Thanks for understanding.
  5. Exactly. The ccp absolutely depends on exports from manufacturing to keep power. What they fear most are when the good People of China will realize they would be better off without the ccp criminal syndicate.
  6. That's great news Brett we can only imagine how you both miss each other. It's not going to be long now things will start opening up.
  7. If it's found the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab the ccp must be held accountable. Would it be reparations for damages or should it be seen as a biological attack on the world? Could it be this was a planned calculated attack on the world? We know from the start WHO and the ccp lied and desperately hid facts. But so far there are few facts implicating the lab. The past weeks more information is slowly coming out. Also this week ccp and dictator Xi stopped the failed Wolf Diplomacy program and started a "Friendly China" diplomacy. Coincidence or they know the lies are falling apart?
  8. It doesn't help when the country of origin hid the outbreak and continues to lie and hide facts to this day.
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