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  1. Old55

    Paying for Meal

    Gaga, you’ve made your point please be respectful?
  2. Welcome to the forum cadola. Not sure how to answer your question could you make a comparison to another better known location please? There are areas of Palawan I would not choose to visit or live in.
  3. Wishing you luck in this. I have some minor side effects from that as well.
  4. Welcome to the forum SJ. You should have little difficulty transitioning from Thailand to Philippines. Only you know best what location suites your needs. Make the move travel around and you'll be sure to find someplace that feels comfortable. Rural areas are call "Da Providence" you may find modestly priced lodgings and be on or close to a beach. Lot's of lovely ladies many who will want to become married so that maybe an issue.
  5. Exactly Gator. I love clams and oysters but am not about to trust their handling over there. Shrimp and crab alive from wet market they would be safe to eat?
  6. Thanks for sharing that Mark. There are many older videos on Youtube Philippines back in in the day. Not to judge Philippines but sadly things went down hill after the war. I'm not saying that just because I'm an American and we "ran" the place then. The war did hurt Philippines badly and Filipinos were unable to select quality leaders afterwards.
  7. I forgot, some places in Philippines have basic internet service. Anyway always enjoy reading others travels around Philippines. Thanks for sharing.
  8. A Chinese vessel stuck and sank an anchored Filipino fishing boat abandoning 22 Filipinos to their fate. According to AFP Western Comand Spokesman this was not an accident but a deliberate action. Fortunately a nearby Vietnamese boat came to their rescue saving all 22 fishermen. It will be interesting what the president says or not.
  9. Thanks for the update interesting to read your experience.
  10. It never happened with out pictures. 🏝🏖 Just teasing you.
  11. I remember this taking place and the one individual who was primping it the most. You’re right Dave they all were totally convinced of the soundness of those rural banks.
  12. I hope this is not going off your topic Mark. When my wife and I walk around Cebu we don't (can't) share an umbrella. I'm 6'2" my wife is 4'9'! It's physically difficult and looks hilarious. Not that we care anymore.
  13. It was thoughtful of you to post this Mark. Thank you sir! We each have our own opinions and way of expressing ourselves. All members are welcome to share here including you. The forum is mostly about our thoughts and experiences living in Philippines and helping others in that regard. Over the years as a group most members keep strong opinions about God, Guns and Politics to themselves. Is this restricting free speech? Yea it is for those topics. You have many experiences living and visiting Philippines to share with us and we welcome that Mark.
  14. Impressive details thanks for sharing this Don.
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