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  1. Michael, Your post was completely correct and proper in every way. You misunderstood. The "WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN IS TOTALLY VAGUE" is simply an add on that is included in all my posts. Many members have similar add-on phrases like "Retired and loving it". Its an option you may add as well. In my case some (or most) of my postings are less than concise so it's like a joke on me.
  2. By the way Steve sorry you have to deal with this. It's sure to be difficult for Em's as well. Over the years most of us have been in your situation one way or the other.
  3. Agree. It's an attempt to force Em's to choose sides and feel guilty. The foreigner or family? It's money related most likely.
  4. That's awesome Don. Hope it all works out for you. Good info on that phone number.
  5. This is a timely topic for us. We are about to lease a condo for a month. Never considered draconian petty restrictions could be in play. More fun!
  6. It's a good question Brett. Perhaps when Bong Bong becomes ruler things will change.
  7. Well.... one thing we know for sure is that "they" will change things around again. It's like a never ending train wreck.
  8. She was determined to get a flight early this year. I suggested she wait a few months for things to open up and more flights would be available. What do you think Don, should I say "I Told You So"? LOL
  9. My wife is flying Singapore Air to Cebu this July. She is furious. Her flight is Seattle, LAX then a 12 hour layover in Singapore a stop a at Davao then Cebu. Well over 24 hours. She's online at the Filipina air travel Facebook many there are posting nasty messages on the One Health web site.
  10. Fast food in our area is a mix of teens and Mexicans. Minimum wage is $15 to $20 an hour depending on the local city. Low level turnover is extremely high.
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