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  1. Cebu Island south of Cebu City has some nice small towns/cities along the coast. Will you have a SUV or car or a bike? If you wish for a cooler climate the central mountains of southern Cebu would be cooler. The mountain tops will be remote due to the roads and depending on raining or dry season may be a pain to navigate. Due to traffic the drive from the south end of Cebu to Cebu City can take several hours. South West coast of Cebu is nice but rural in a good way we like that area. It is a long drive to Cebu City though. Best if you visit the area yourself first.
  2. Welcome to the forum Alberta Donuts. I moved your question into a new topic in order to better get an accurate answer. The topic you posted in was six years old.
  3. Pleased you are happy in Cebu Queenie. I wish we could visit this year we miss our friends and family there.
  4. I would not argue what you say but for me I would always keep under the radar. Maybe I'm a bit of a coward but it seems common sense. How many activists, news media people and others have been murdered each year?
  5. Will it simply come down to money? Those willing to pay may get access to vaccine before a free government provided distribution is allocated?
  6. Great news and congratulations to you both!
  7. I think you are correct Jack. Now we know why the ccp was so quick to "donate" it.
  8. See Graham there is a bit of justice in Philippines after all.
  9. China admits their vaccine is not effective. Although the ccp don't give exact numbers it's said to be around 50% effective. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/11/world/china-covid-vaccine.html A senior Chinese official said that the country’s vaccines may need to be administered in greater doses or in concert with other shots because of their low overall effectiveness. The comments on Saturday by Gao Fu, the director of China’s disease control center, suggest that China and more than 60 countries that have approved Chinese vaccines could need to adjust their distribu
  10. Your in-laws have been living in the US? Perhaps it would it be best if they filed IRS for themselves? I would talk to your tax person for an expert answer.
  11. Some pre internet visitors found other activities to occupy themselves. Of course we were younger then.
  12. I'm sure you will never have future issues with Netflix billing.
  13. No, you don't. It looks like you are still on moderation. Will forward to forum manager and see what's up. Doubt it's about you this has happened before.
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