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  1. Old55

    RANT- What cheese's me off

    The average Filipino’s perspectives are not the same as most Westerners. I think sometimes we don’t understand just how different we are. Not judging just an observation.
  2. Old55

    Brexit turmoil

    As an American I have no say in this topic other than to respect the wishes of the people living there. Hopefully this will be resolved soon and U.K. Can move forward once again. Wishing the best for our members affected.
  3. I was thinking of posting this too Jack. Not to be negative but it’s simply a fact one should keep in mind. After viewing pictures of members homes over the years it’s easy to understand why they want to own not rent. Maybe someday Foreigners will be alowed to truly own property.
  4. Killer Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan seaside mall Cebu. Fed 12 hungry family members some who were reluctant to try at first once started it wasn’t long to order much more.
  5. Welcome to the forum Tony. Not sure what you mean by freelance work. Generally speaking NO a Foreigner may not work in Philippines there are some exceptions. If you were to be doing something online that would be acceptable if kept to yourself.
  6. JJ, just to be clear the premium seats were with Cathay or with PAL? I'm only through my first half cup coffee.
  7. Don we have done a two day Hong Kong stop via Cathay and EVA. Ask your travel agent for prices. Last time we did this was about six years ago it cost an extra $50.00 as I remember.
  8. Old55

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    How very Filipino! 😂🌴🇵🇭
  9. Please, the topic is deportation. 🇵🇭🌴 Guys, feel free to start a new topic like “murdered in Philippines”?
  10. Words were exchanged, most likely the cause of the mans murder. If he had walked away.... Avoiding drunk Filipino’s is always a good idea. Not unlike here in the States drunk people can make poor decisions.
  11. Mike, what a great reply! Very well said.👍
  12. Old55

    Why are so many men alone?

    I've walked Ayala Mall here in Cebu City often the past ten days sometimes with my wife other times alone. Clearly there are a number of solo foreigner men few if any gave eye contact.
  13. Old55

    The Long Wait Is Over!

    Congrats! 🎉