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  1. This is true. The Mexican authorities were polite respectful and once they realized their mistake quickly returned to Mexico.
  2. Major part of that lifestyle is eliminating “stuff”. Same could be said moving to Philippines?
  3. https://www.newsweek.com/mexican-soldiers-question-disarm-two-us-army-troops-apparent-confusion-about-1401939 Fake Newsweek?
  4. Thanks JJ. We see nice RV’s parked around our area that never seem to be used much. I don’t get it having a huge investment just loosing value.
  5. Don that’s so cute!!!! Clearly it’s Jacks fault what with a the funny money he’s been printing lately.
  6. I can’t say for sure but I wanna think folks like you speak of are much more common. We simply don’t see it. What we see are misbehaving Filipinos who are far more obvious and we are more likely to comment about the negative. I am guilty of this myself. The opposite is true as well. Filipinos are more likely to notice Foreigners behaving badly than those of us living quiet lifestyles.
  7. When I first started visiting Philippines in the 90s it was very common people would openly stop and stare. Every day hear “hey Joe”. I was stationed in Taipe Taiwan 1973-1975. People there were very friendly loved Americans. When I would walk home sometimes school children would shyly walk with me younger ones would hold my hand.
  8. So Jack how often are you able to pass that fake money you’re printing?🙈🙉🙊
  9. Well said Brett. Thanks for mentioning that important topic. I’m sure no members here would be involved with endangering spices trafficking. On the other hand it’s possible some could have done a catch and release back in the day. 👌👈
  10. Years ago my roommate got a African Gray Parrot 🦜. He kept her in the cage all the time because he was afraid of her. We both talked to her and fed her fruit treats daily. Eventually I opened the cage and let her climb on my hand. Quickly she ran up to my shoulder and started to groom my hair. After a few days of this she would climb inside my shirt and poke her head out. Very affectionate and intelligent bird. My roommate was still afraid to get near her.
  11. IMO you should seek medical attention immediately just to be safe.
  12. It’s very important Foreigners follow the laws in Philippines. It’s equally important to be completely honest dealing with emigration officials. You don’t say what country you are from but would expect most to be very correct so if you attempt to provide fraudulent documents it could cause serious issues.
  13. Do a search for importing animals here on the forum. Department of agriculture seems like the department that clearly explains the process. Scott and others have done this without issues. You could contact airlines about service animals in cabins too. Could be it’s allowed? What place are you planning to live? Cebu?
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