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  1. Ladies almost without exception buy into beauty aids, cosmetics and skin care products including Filipinas. Awhile back I noticed a bright red bar of soap sometimes left in our shower by my wife. Thinking nothing of it until ordering on Amazon what do I see.... Kojic acid SKIN WHITENING soap! What is it with that darn skin whitening crap? Shoes and face cream cosmetics. Is my wife the only one? What odd products lurk in your wife's cosmetic collection?
  2. My wife and I did the 30 minute sprint at HKG flying Cathay years ago. They had flight attendants with placards along the way to help find the Cathay gate, but that was a long hike. We made it but not sure I want to do that again. My guess is your taking the same Cathay flight from SEA?
  3. Old55

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    Steve, I would say that is wise for you guys. Spend several months in Philippines see how it goes. You may find living there part time is right for you. Whatever it takes we all wish you both the best it's a big step. In my case due to my wife Ann's medical condition we could not live there full time even if we wanted to. But spending several months once or twice a year maybe perfect for us.
  4. I brought a 12 inch bolo back from Philippines in my checked baggage I'm sure your friend would not have an issue.
  5. Triple that for local events for special days off. This is one of the many things killing Philippines economy International company's find production hours cut short by non working holidays.
  6. The street stalls will love that. Nothing done about the root cause yet though.
  7. Old55

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    Steve, I'm starting to think the same way. It's time to put the work grind behind. That would be a big step out of my comfort zone too. I'm looking forward to spending part of every year in Philippines.
  8. Old55

    So She Said Yes!!

    Congratulations Brett! 👍💍🌴🏖
  9. Old55

    Coming to Manila Sept. 14th...

    This question comes up from time to time over the years. As far as anyone knows so far there are no formal charter fishing boats in Philippines. I would think many small fishmen would be pleased to take you out (for a price) and allow you to join them in their traditional fishing methods. I would suggest sunscreen hat lots of water and a quality life vest. I bet it would be interesting and fun.
  10. Old55

    New member living in Philippines

    Thanks JB! 👍
  11. ABS-CBN August 14 0106 hrs I’m using my phone can’t direct link the news article. Frankly don’t hold much fear but I don’t know all the facts.
  12. Old55

    Metal Detecting in the Philippines

    Hi and welcome. I’ve moved your post into a new topic as the one you posted to is old. Metal detecting would be seen as treasurer hunting and is highly dangerous. I would not recommend this activity under any circumstance.
  13. UK, updated their travel warnings for Mindanao, Palawan and Southern Cebu up to including Dalaguete & Babian once again today August 14. I asked my sister in law about Cebu she laughed. What the heck is Southern Cebu on a risk area list for? We plan to visit Palawan someday soon.
  14. Old55

    Blessing our new Home?

    Jake, you are one twisted dude. That’s why I think of you as my brother! JJ, in Jakes case an exorcism would be the best choice.
  15. There is a huge security failure and the statement from Horizon's spoke person was ridiculous. There is absolutely no oversight on idle aircraft according to Seatac management. It would be easy for an extremist or crazy person to take an aircraft and do whatever as things are now. All they need is a job working on the flight line inside the security zone.