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  1. Perhaps you could find a Filipino citizen willing to swap with you?
  2. Interesting topic please keep us posted. Price quoted including the pole and labor?
  3. There are gold chains specifically designed that individual links can be taken off or added. They come in many sizes. Geoff, I would think your suggestion is the safest. Known ingots or coins from recognized mints.
  4. The island of Cebu has all your asking for. An international airport also a large very congested city with okay hospitals. Honestly the only way you guys will know what locations are most suitable is to spend time there.
  5. May I suggest you stay at a nearby resort or hotel during this first extended visit? See how things go first.
  6. You ask a question then tell others how not to answer?
  7. WOW! What a frighting video that guy is lucky to be alive. I rode a panhead for awhile in the mid 80's never considered myself an experienced rider. I don't know how many times some B@*# looked me in the eye and turned left anyway.
  8. 48.198Mbps down load at work At home; 129.8 down X 10.9 up.
  9. Hi John. Good to see ya here again. I looked at bringing some frozen beef to Philippines and viewed the RP customs guidelines that require approval from department of agriculture. It was more trouble than I wanted to deal with. A simple search at Philippines Customs will provide the information you need. Good luck
  10. Old55


    I don't know if it's available in your location. I've seen it in Cebu City because we buy milk for my boys and I made buttermilk biscuits recently. I think it was from Hong Kong oddly enough.
  11. Old55


    Carefully clean and sterilize a glass jar and lid. Add three cups of quality heavy cream. Not the flavored type just cream. Then mix in five table spoons of cultured buttermilk. Cover with a paper towel or cloth and let sit for about 24 hours at 70 - 80 deg. Done! Quality ingredients will make a difference you can taste. The sour cream will taste different than store bought more subtle, it's buttery smooth and not too sour. Edit, I forgot you clearly said you and your wife like it thick. This is not like yogurt thick it's smoother.
  12. Simple things like this can cause serious issues. Even if they sort it out quickly you still don't know if later another delay may take place.
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