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  1. Old55

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

    You sure you want to buy gas for it? 💵💵 One is enough for me. Am thinking of trading the SRT for a Hellcat. Too old for a midlife crises so must be a good idea. On a serious note a Redeye or Hellcat may actually be a worthwhile investment. All I know for sure it’s a blast to drive.
  2. Old55

    Very sick wife

    Thanks Mac, we know you’re trying to be transparent as some have made accusations. The forum is about Philippines and majority of members and owners live in Philippines. Because of the way laws are there it could be an issue calling out others as it were. Even though they are criminals we are the Foreigners.
  3. Old55

    Very sick wife

    "They" are just like how we were here in the US and other European countries many years ago. No safety net so family children mostly took care of Mom and Dad later in life.
  4. Old55

    Very sick wife

    You not being there did provide an opportunity. I don’t judge you Mac you may have good reasons not going more often but there’s truth in what Steve says as well.
  5. Old55

    Being used

    Great post Steve. It’s a confusing situation. If we give to one for any reason then there could be expectations all others are entitled. Exceptions to this may cause serious problems later. If there’s a clear answer to this I wanna know!💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
  6. Old55

    Very sick wife

    Mac, I edited (removed) the Facebook links of everyone except your own. I messaged JGF. IMO it’s his call to allow or not. Hopefully everyone understands. We know you intended doing the right thing Mac.
  7. Allowed to return Europe in 2013 and US 2014 for a number of violations including falsifying AD’s.
  8. Old55

    Very sick wife

    Mac, don’t take it personally. Yes, the majority here are suspicious 😱 something about Philippines I guess. 🐊 Also your story at first didn’t add up to me. I had doubts. Sorry for all your painful experiences and hope you’re able to put all this behind you quickly.
  9. QA and maintenance issues. I would avoid that airline.
  10. Old55

    Funeral procession.

    Not to be disrespectful to Filipino culture I have a few questions. Are paid professional mourners attending funerals common? The ladies in boots would be from a marching parade group or something?
  11. Old55

    Online Sales to supplement income

    Very unlikely. Most stuff comes from China today. Philippines has few exports but who knows once you get there you may become the one guy who figures an angle!
  12. Old55

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    Geoff, You got lucky. Great wife and family. Wise father in law. Mine is a gem too!
  13. Old55

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    It’s awesome you’re in a position to get away from your life and try something different like this. Frankly I’m excited for you. Filipnos are competitive as well but in a different way.
  14. Old55

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    Yes. If I were single and planned to live reasonably modest outside a large city $20k would be enough to live there for six months. You understand that you’re likely not to remain single very long?