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  1. Not corrupt just thirsty and in that case Darren would have the perfect place to negotiate.
  2. That's a lovely trellis over the table area. Could you grow some sort of flowering vines over the trellis to provide shade along with a retractable awning cover for when it rains?
  3. I agree Kawanor. For some medical issues it's necessary to return to our home country for procedures or care. Then we can return to Philippines once well again. Also if we live with meaning as you suggested in another message that could keep us healthy and happy I think.
  4. LOL, I know John. Maybe the person who wrote it was paid by the word.
  5. Let's all hope an effective vaccine is available sometime next year. If not carry on. Us human seem difficult to kill off. God knows history shows we've tried.
  6. I think we are all reflecting due to the virus and all the negative things around us today. 2020 has not been easy and its not over yet.
  7. World wide and guaranteed to be effective. Repeat if necessary.
  8. A pondering vaccine is available in 12oz bottles apply as needed.
  9. It's unnecessarily long. The link is found below. Washington Post 10-20-2020 Consumer masks could soon come with labels saying how well they work As millions of Americans adopted mask-wearing this year to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, they confronted a wild West of options, including artisanal products sold on Etsy, cotton coverings sewn by their family members and mass-produced items marketed by favorite retailers. The personal protective equipment industry is trying to inject some clarity into the mask-purchasing experience by creating a uniform
  10. Thanks for the update and congratulations.
  11. Jay, asking respectfully....... please lighten up. You are welcome to share your ideas and opinions that's what a forum is for. You may not attack other members. Please review the simple forum rules. Thanks for understanding.
  12. What a nice place. The balcony would be a great place to have morning coffee and watch the world wake.
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