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  1. Welcome to the forum. Gary’s exactly covered the important issues. Have you visited Cebu yet? Living well north or south of Cebu city with a water view is very doable. The farther out of the city cleaner air and lower housing costs.
  2. Yes, it is Don. I see Sirao garden to the west of the temples and then Haven Cafe`. The cucumber juice there is amazing.
  3. Fort San Pedro. Yes, Oslob is best done early morning. Depart 5AM? Two + driving hours south. Return trip 3+ hours. There is a falls near to Oslob driving north I forget the name worth a stop. Also 1/3 way back a large old Cathedral with interesting museum.
  4. No, she only needs a password you provide. Hobbit is correct she receives local content but it's all above board nothing special needed.
  5. Read your Netflix agreement. How many guest users are you allowed? The account we are able to use allows 5 users. Four in Washington State one in Philippines.
  6. The Whale Shark is worthwhile. The girls would love it and they have safety equipment for small ones. From Cebu City there is a road going over the mountains to the opposite coast. It's a fairly high pass near to the pass is a nice restaurant with great views and an easy walking trail. Nearby is a activity park with simple trails your family would enjoy also some zip lines and stuff too advanced for the girls.
  7. Welcome back! Yes, she can use your Netflix account but the internet connection must be fairly fast.
  8. Robert, I simply suggested Mr Lee could be dual citizen. I'm curious to know more about him but sadly we will likely never know the truth. As Tommy suggested Bruce Lee. Lee is a common Chinese name 10% or more Filipinos are Chinese-Filipino.
  9. I'm guessing dual Filipino US citizenship.
  10. I sure hope it all works out well Don. Can only imagine how frustrating this would be.
  11. The baby would be a Filipino citizen. The husband of your GF knows about this?
  12. Blondie is an English (I think) white brownie like recipe.
  13. Also keep in mind they take at least 200 hours to break in properly.
  14. First of all…. Fantastic speakers! Well done. Also a great choice IMO for typical Filipino cinderblock rooms. You need to have some stands made once you get settled in. I've owned early Harbeth LS3/5A for years then got KEF LS50. The LS50 are special! I've moved up to Harbeth full range now but wish I had kept the LS50's. I suggest you ship them in a box or better yet split them up into two boxes. Over the past 20+ years I've shipped a number of vintage and new/used high end audio equipment to Cebu. Mostly in boxes never ever had a problem. The only thing I ever listed was a wide screen TV in a custom wood box I made myself. Only once had a problem and LOL was at MNL flying back to Cebu we had some large single ended triode vacuum tubes with us. At first we thought they were looking for a quick bribe turned out they were honest and truly had concern the tubes could contain a harmful gas. PM me? I have some cable suggestions for those guys and stands too.
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