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  1. You may be over thinking it. Many herbal remedy experts recommend lemon and honey hot tea for cold or flu. I prepare the water hot enough to drink and melt the honey at ~ 120F not boiling hot.
  2. Yes, we do. We drink it hot with honey and find it somewhat alleviates symptoms especially cough for awhile.
  3. We enjoy fresh Calamansi juice. Graham do you do anything special to care for it? Earthdome... Would you happen to know the variety your plant is?
  4. You mean the Rural Bank scheme someone we know was involved with?
  5. Rod, I may try cooking Chili Rellenos with fresh peppers next week. It will be my first time but with YouTUbe what can go wrong? The Old El Paso canned peppers are small but would work if you can find them over there. Or better yet as Tom suggested there must be some mild med-large fresh local peppers in the market.
  6. I was thinking of you Tom. Any Tomatillo salsa will do.
  7. Find those items at Robinsons super store Banilad Cebu or Rustan's The Marketplace Ayala mall Cebu City.
  8. Chili Verde Recipe All the ingredients should be available in Philippines. Two or three pounds pork butt cubed, salt pepper fry until brown only. Pork loin is a healthy substitute. A cup or more canned fire roasted Hatch Chili peppers mild. Or sub old El Paso canned green chili peppers. I've seen Old El Paso products in Cebu if you can get the Hatch its a step up! At least 24 oz can/jar of mild Salsa Verdi Chop one large onion with some fresh Jalapeños (seeded) to taste. Fry then add five or six mashed garlic cloves for the last 60 seconds. At least a pound of boiled waxy skinned potatoes cubed. More is better up to your taste we like potatoes. I put this in about 30 minutes before serving. 2 teaspoon oregano 2 teaspoons ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander Dried chili flakes or your favorite hot sauce to taste. Dump into slow cooker set at HIGH three hours of pork loin five or more for pork butt. Some salt and pepper to taste. Canned Jalapeño on the side and a cold one.
  9. Thanks HK, had no idea. I'm amazed the other players allowed that to take place.
  10. It could be a big deal but doubt the powers to be will allow it.
  11. Not being sarcastic but Graham do you think "they" even care? I don't. If that department can make a bunch of cash that's what they'll do and darn the consequences.
  12. It bothered or confused me at first but we live nearby to Seattle so..........
  13. And will once again end up with "white tails" or spin off into another airline.
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