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  1. Old55

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    I'm very sorry to read this. I hope somehow it all works out well.
  2. What Dave says is true my family has a net protecting their koi. I asked my mother in law about mosquitoes she said they “sprayed”. Not sure what.
  3. Old55

    The realities of VERY low income living here

    Is she bunker friendly? Sounds like you’ve got a keeper.👊
  4. Old55

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    Dylan wrote All Along The Watchtower in 1967 I have that LP. Jimmy was a big fan of Dylan and his cover was on Electric Ladyland the following year.
  5. Old55

    The realities of VERY low income living here

    Not calling you out Capa (yes, I am actually) but that’s lite weight amateur consumption. Go kegerator with hose or go home. This topic has been covered to the past.
  6. My good friend Capa aways paid in doggie kibbles he was very kind hearted that way.
  7. I removed it Snowy, read more like an advertisement. Clearly the person who posted here did not take the time to look around or search for answers as they said they did.
  8. Old55

    Gimme an F!

    Evidently I’m not the only one who sucks at spelling.
  9. Old55

    Supreme court passes new legislation

    This is typical for many countries but considering the colored history of the judicial system in Philippines I find this troubling.
  10. Interesting that you read a number of posts and didn’t know Foreigners are unable (in most cases) to hold jobs in Philippines.
  11. Old55

    Cebu - Help!

    Welcome to the forum Craig. Expat’s living on the island of Cebu would be happy to answer questions. We would ask you to ask specific questions in a new topic. It’s difficult to answer a so general question. 😉
  12. Old55


    If your flight is late at night my wife says use the airport cabs.
  13. Old55

    fork and spoon

    Rice 🍚 is usually eaten with fingers. I never noticed a fork and spoon is all many places provide. Could it be they’re afraid giving others a knife? Edit: I haven’t mastered eating without getting something on my shirt. The nicer the shirt the larger the mess.
  14. Beer 🍻 prices up 10 peso! That’s crazy talk!!! Gonna be blood in the streets just wait and see. 👊