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  1. One of our first dates a large Jackfruit hit the tin roof directly overhead while we were eating out in 1998.
  2. I don't think anyone here can answer to your question. You both must have some kind of budget not sure why a mystery?
  3. Ahhh Rutabaga, yea it's good mashed or in a slow cooker with brisket or pot roast. Dave, wouldn't fermented swede actually be compost? But we don't judge.
  4. Kevin, is fermented swede Sauerkraut? Love me some Sauerkraut and grilled brats!
  5. Welcome to the forum. Your friend could best answer those questions but it depends. Some poor areas could be a challenge but overall you should be able to manage. Most likely you will enjoy your visit.
  6. Peter, I think like many of us here your wife is special. For the most part what she’s saying is she loves you and always wants to be there to care for your needs.
  7. Best of luck to you both in your retirement and move to Tagaytay!
  8. Most likely you answered your own question. Did you get receipts?
  9. RBM brought up a good question. How do you store cake bread or crackers in the high humidity? Tupper ware or?
  10. I've seen the no knead bread recipes one simply folds the dough good to know it comes out so good. Don maybe try this before buying equipment? I may try this myself thanks!
  11. Try contacting Don Papa distillery Bago City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The only smaller distillery in Philippines I know of. Very high quality Rum. Anthony Bourdain visited a backyard distillery in one of his Philippines shows. There are many local micro producers but not what you are looking for I would guess.
  12. Rust never sleeps……...
  13. All true except the sweating part. It's been darn hot the past two days!!!
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