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  1. Don, Tommy vanilla extract is awful stuff but if it's all you got then… Have you asked some of the local bakery shops for real vanilla. They may know of a place that stocks it or can order it for you? Adding a small amount of Saigon Vietnamese Cinnamon Powder mates well to vanilla favor in some recipes like chocolate chip cookies.
  2. You know, RBM can really tell a story. It's like we were there our selves too Tommy.
  3. My thoughts are you have successfully advertised your property here for free. 👌Well played sir.
  4. Countries ally themselves out of self interest. Be it serving their fellow citizens or sugar for their family and friends.
  5. I'm not so sure Scott. You use the word "Developing" that's not the case with ccp China sizing territory of other nations by force. As much as we respect Taiwan if they sized territory of another nation by force that would to be an issue. China's ccp is a problem and it's directly threatening Philippines. Clearly they own the President of Philippines.
  6. My wife and I both feel aid to Philippines is not in the USA's best interest. It's time for Philippines to take care of itself and for the US to support reliable proven friends. That's not to say we would stop humanitarian aid in time of true crisis.
  7. I love the Philippines and truly wish the Filipino people the very best. As a US citizen and as a tax payer I do not support military aid or any other financial support to Philippines. In general Filipino leaders are not friends to the US they now embrace ccp. I say America should respect their choices and move on.
  8. In the Seattle Washington area most of the looters are highly organized and trained. Some are anarchists and or antifa a few are criminal gang members. The protests I have personally seen this week have been peaceful. In the US if a riot is taking place Police has the legal right to demand people disperse immediately or be subject to arrest. This includes so called media. There are forces at work to destroy the USA. Don't believe all you hear and see on TV generally there is an agenda.
  9. $$$$$$$ Same reason certain places in Angeles City operate.
  10. Like Viking we will wait until sometime next year to visit once things settle down.
  11. What you say is exactly right. In many cases a surcharge could be reasonable and fair. Often here in the States a surcharge is an underhanded way to pad a bill.
  12. Thanks for the heads up JJ. If a business were to increase prices to cover expenses I would understand and probably not even be aware but I find a surcharge unacceptable. I know it's essentially the same thing but the idea of a surcharge just seems sneaky, underhanded and wrong.
  13. Life sentence in a Filipino prison is much too good for that scum.
  14. Don is correct. It's true many poorer US citizens are overweight or obese. There have been a number of studies and findings that support this fact.
  15. It's all good until it fits your demographic?
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