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  1. Kuya M; I sincerely apologize if it was my post. Please PM me if it was? If it was a post I recently made as humor this is a good example of good intentions gone wrong and offending another member. I have asked other members to play nice in the past the exact same goes for me. Eddie; Yes, Arizona made some strong statements. I edited that somewhat to fit within forum rules but ultimately every member is free to share within forum rules. Dave Hounddriver's post as usual simply nails it. Right on Dave! I'm a forum support individual because we live in the pacific standard time zone and I've been a long time member. I often get things wrong. For the most part members never see that because Tom cleans up after me. I'll often hid posts or edit posts wrong or most often approve posts with incorrect links. I am not perfect as you all know very well. If any members have issue with my being in this position please let Tom know I will gladly step aside. We are individuals each with unique ideas education and cultures sharing this forum. The fact we don't always agree or see things in the same way is a good thing it can make us think and even learn.
  2. i've seen youtube video of methane simply produced in useful qualities on smaller that your scale. That's a great idea. How would it work? You would compost and harvest gas once composted remove the fertilizer and start over. I guess you would have at least two 'cookers" or whatever you call them. I'm pleased this is working for you frankly I had my doubts from all that you shared. It seems as though you worked through all the issues so glad you proved us wrong!
  3. Impressive that you do the right thing. I am curious if you plan to somehow harvest the pig stuff for fertilizer?
  4. Not an Englishman, just a badly behaved colonist.
  5. Have a safe comfortable flight Paul.
  6. My family let their house keeper go recently after a number of things went missing.
  7. Arizona please play nice? If you read something you don’t agree with reply respectfully or ignore it. Thanks for understanding.
  8. JJ or Mark go ahead an make a new topic for this if you want to I think it's interesting.
  9. Has the crazy Lady moved on to another project now? Hopefully?
  10. Happy Birthday Jack! I'll leave the "trumpet" comments for Jake.
  11. This topic as I understand it is about the President of Philippines outlook on Expats (Foreigners) living in Philippines. Comparisons are made to how Filipinos are treated in Western country. A political topic, It's all good if everyone plays nice like Mark and Jack just proved.
  12. A political comment that directly pertains to the topic at hand is completely acceptable. Guns God and Political content is the major cause of discord. If those comments are polite respectful and on point it's all good.
  13. Yep, 😇 Notice the irony of my asking for on topic discussion? I’m usually the one who first goes off topic. 🤪
  14. Jack, the president of Philippines could care less about any Foreigners in or outside Philippines. The exception being Chinese who paid him off.
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