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  1. If you plan to live in Philippines being marred to a Filipino Citizen as others have pointed out a 13A visa is an advantage. Filipino Citizenship is impossible for an average Foreigner. Don't get into any financial obligations with someone online. If the person is asking money clearly that's a red flag. On the other hand many of us have met and are married to wonderful Filipinas. Good luck!
  2. What would happen If there were to be a large fire in metro Manila during those times?
  3. I agree Mike. Great idea but implementation not so much.
  4. First guess would be Venice Italy. Although the architecture near upper left appears similar to older Filipino homes? Can't be in Philippines because the water is reasonably clean of debris.
  5. Sterling up over 2%. Lawmakers will vote again Thursday. As an American citizen I have nothing to say in all this other than whatever takes place I hope it's best for UK.
  6. Kevin, I read your post aloud. My wife is laughing hysterically. That same laugh she uses (often) when I say or do something especially meaningful.
  7. Facebook has been down for a few hours my wife informs me (often). She and her friends are exchanging messages to do with this tragic event. The apocalypse worse than no free wifi!
  8. Good for you Onemore52. I truly believe what goes around comes around.
  9. Guys please lighten up a bit on the sweeping generalizations. Not all Filipinos are the same. Many Members here have had difficulties with help in their home. Others have done OK.
  10. We are thinking along the same lines as Gary. Not cheap but for us the best of both worlds.
  11. I agree with the others and Arizona that first travel around get a feel for different areas. You say "not near any civilization". If you mean not near a city or large town that can be done. If you mean without any nearby people that is going to be very difficult. Have you any ideas location wise? Near the sea, or at elevation for cooler climate or perhaps a nice view? You want a farm or in the wood lands? To live in a rural area is nice but could become boring. I love being out in the Provences myself. It can be quiet and often the people living there are more open and kind. You have a great adventure ahead!
  12. Steve if you give up your vote you have allowed elected officials become your rulers. If elected representatives refuse to follow the will of the people they have become rulers.
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