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  1. Old55

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    Geoff, You got lucky. Great wife and family. Wise father in law. Mine is a gem too!
  2. Old55

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    It’s awesome you’re in a position to get away from your life and try something different like this. Frankly I’m excited for you. Filipnos are competitive as well but in a different way.
  3. Old55

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    Yes. If I were single and planned to live reasonably modest outside a large city $20k would be enough to live there for six months. You understand that you’re likely not to remain single very long?
  4. Old55

    MXQ Pro Android TV Box Review

    Thanks for sharing with us. 😎
  5. Old55

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    Welcome to the forum. Budgets are dependent on the individual needs and wants. We have members living on less than $1,000 USD a month. Others much more. $2,000 a month maybe enough for you depending on your activities and location. When you say “I’m bringing $20,000 USD with me” you don’t actually mean in your pocket I hope. Use an ATM card or other means don’t have a large sum of cash on hand that could get you killed. Generaly Foreigners may not work in Philippines. There are likely thousands of unemployed skilled Filipino welders looking for work anyway.
  6. Old55

    Very sick wife

    Thanks for sharing that Mac. Know how you must feel, many of us have been used and hurt in the past too.
  7. Old55

    Filipina giving driving instructions

    Mostly I politely ignore my wife "navigational help". If she annoys me have an effective cure.... Just turn off the traction control. She will quiet down. For a minute or two.
  8. Old55

    Very sick wife

    There are still today a large number of honest family oriented and faithful Filipino men and ladies. Yes there are also exceptions. Just a little commons sense and due diligence will sort things out nicely.
  9. Anyone else's partner like to give driving instructions as you'er driving?
  10. Old55

    Look at these beauties

    Used to be a time this was our main interest; Now a days those pasties have my undivided attention! Although if that young lady were to serve them to me.....
  11. Old55

    Newbie question

    No, It’s all good. 🤗 Dumb answers, that’s what I’m here for.🤔
  12. Old55

    Very sick wife

    It’s understandable. You’re going through a tough time. Slow down and work through all the challenges ahead. I would respectfully suggest you don’t start another relationship in the near future. You’re going through a lot of stuff now. We feel your pain most of us have been hurt too.
  13. Old55

    Very sick wife

    I share this thought. Or “he touched my little girl “. The list goes on......
  14. Old55

    Very sick wife

    You have a chance to start over and meet someone who will truly love you and make you happy forever. Many of us here have found that person you can too Bigmac. Best to leave this and move onto much better things.
  15. Old55

    Very sick wife

    Sorry to hear that. Frankly, from what you've shared things did not add up.